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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 315 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Keeping her promise, Cheng Anya brought Li Yun to the pub where she first met Third Young Master Ye. After she returned from abroad, she also came here to drink with Third Young Master Ye once. It was that encounter that she met senior and the tension around them caught her off guard.

Afraid to bring back Third Young Master Ye’s memories, Cheng Anya rarely came to this pub. As she was not one to frequent the pubs, she often pushed back Li Yun’s invitations with business at work as the main reason.

When her report earlier showed that she was okay, her heart was no longer in suspense and Cheng Anya was happy. While Li Yun was a little upset, Cheng Anya, who was her best friend, brought her to the pub out of a sense of honor.

With lights of different colors bringing out a loud yet mysterious atmosphere, there was a certain excitement and madness to the nicely furnished bar.

On the dance floor, couples danced the tango passionately. The women were beautiful whilst the men passionate and wild. The atmosphere in the pub was superheated.

The warm passion lapped at them like the waves.

Cheng Anya and Li Yun settled on a bottle of ’87 red wine. Li Yun, who was out to carrot Cheng Anya, chose the most expensive wine. Although Cheng Anya was in an especially good mood, her heart bled at the price of that bottle of wine.

“This bar isn’t too bad, huh? It’s stylish, sufficiently crazy, and not of the world.” Li Yun praised the place on her first visit. Most of the pubs were packed and the dancing carried with it an uncomfortable blend of passion, desire, and sweat.

Those were the pubs of the world.

An elegant pub with style and elegance, which only had a piano playing and people dancing a simple waltz on its dance floor were not for the modern men who were under stress and looking for relaxation.

Such bars that combined elegance and passion felt classy yet passionate and allowed people to relax whilst allowing rich men’s sons to look out for potential partners were very hard to come by.

While this place was bustling, it did not seem run-of-the-mill.

“It was already not too bad seven years ago.” Cheng Anya smiled as she took a sip of red wine whilst glancing at the dance floor. “Do you want to find somebody to dance with? Go unwind yourself. You’re the best at tango.”

“If I dance the tango alone, I can get quite mad. Come, drink, drink. For all you know, you might just be able to find a one-night-stand.” Li Yun smiled, tipped cups with Cheng Anya, and gulped down her drink.

Cheng Anya shrugged her shoulders and looked toward the sofa. That was the sofa where she had met Third Young Master Ye years ago when she, under a twist of events, entered his embrace. Thinking that he was a money boy, a campy story ensued.

Third Young Master Ye might not be interested in her, but she was able to stoke his desire to conquer her. As she was in pique and unwilling to be taken advantage of that quickly, she vented it out. Maybe Third Young Master Ye was bored, and she was at the right place to give him that relief.

Nobody knew that he was only twenty that year and in college in America. While he was young, he seemed to give off this alluring yet sad vibe. Although he was young, he had seen the world at its worst.

He had experienced the most extreme pain and suffering.

“What are you looking at?”

“Years ago, I met Third Young Master Ye there.” Cheng Anya smiled. She knew that Li Yun was the only person whom she did not hide her relationship with Third Young Master Ye from. When Li Yun first heard about it, she thought that Cheng Anya was pulling her leg.

“How dare you, and how lucky of you too to encounter him and fall in love with him,” Li Yun smiled. She could not tell that Cheng Anya was somebody who had the guts to pull that off.

While the things she did were nothing short of shocking, she was a conservative lady deep down. Li Yun guessed that she might have acted because Third Young Master Ye was too good-looking.

Cheng Anya smiled. It was perhaps so, and she too was properly surprised that she would look for a man out of passion, then be able to get out after a one night stand. Maybe that person was Third Young Master Ye.

While she had only been out of character once, it was a very fortunate out-of-character moment for her.

“Yes, I was lucky. Even Ning Ning and Ah Chen do not know about it, hehe. Ah Chen thought that we had Ning Ning out of love, whilst Ning Ning was smart enough to know that I was hiding something from him and he also did not mention anything about it. Anyway, to Ning Ning, Daddy and Mommy are all good, so he couldn’t be bothered.” Cheng Anya smiled. “You’d better pray that Ah Chen never remembers anything. Otherwise, I will get into very deep trouble.”

“Stop asking for blessings. Whatever you fear will come for you.”

As they drank on, Cheng Anya’s cell phone rang. “You damn lass! Where are you? Why aren’t you home yet?” Third Young Master Ye roared as she picked up the phone.

“Are you at the pub?” Third Young Master Ye said through gritted teeth as he heard the background noise.

“I was drinking with Li Yun and will be home in a moment,” Cheng Anya said plainly. He had called three times earlier and she told him on said calls she was with Li Yun. To think he would call less than an hour later… Aye…

“Which pub is it, you damn lass? I’ll come over to pick you up,” Third Young Master Ye said deeply. “What are the two you doing at pubs? Is it not dangerous enough for you, huh?” He then took a jab at them.

“I’m fine. Didn’t you say that it was my bad luck should I run into a pervert?” Cheng Anya smiled. “Don’t worry and keep yourself busy. If I had a drink too many, I’ll call you.”

“Be back before ten.”

“I know, I know. What a bossy man.” Cheng Anya coaxed him a while before she ended the call. “He is sure strict,” Li Yun smiled.

Just as she finished speaking, her phone rang again. Li Yun picked up the phone smiling, but her face changed. “Do what?”

Cheng Anya secretly wondered if Gu Zhensheng had called.

“Is my current place of your business? You are neither my husband nor father, so stop being so nosy. I am at the pub, looking for handsome guys, and do not have time for you. Go spend more time with your parents, damn it!” Li Yun cooly ended the call. When her phone rang again, Li Yun turned off her phone for good measure.

As Cheng Anya pouted and did not say anything, she downed a few more glasses of wine. Cheng Anya kept mum and downed a few more glasses with her. When Cheng Anya’s phone rang, Li Yun grabbed the phone and turned it off.

“How overbearing!”

“Don’t bother about him. Just drink.” Li Yun gave a sassy smile. “Stop drinking out of stress. Once you’re drunk, you’ll get into an argument at home. Go easy,” Cheng Anya said.

“We argue every day, so it’s nothing new. Don’t worry.”

Cheng Anya had to acknowledge that every family has its challenges.

As one of them had to drive later, she drank little. Had she drank more, their lives would be in peril as Li Yun was clearly wasted.

“Hi, ladies, could I treat you to a drink?” A handsome man in a white suit who felt he was gentlemanly came up and flirted with them. Cheng Anya was still trying to convince Li Yun.

“Go wherever you came from,” Cheng Anya said without looking up.

“Since you two are drinking out of frustration, how about I make things a bit more fun for you?” The handsome man smiled.

“I’ve seen enough men trying to hit me up. If you suck, go die and be born again. Don’t be an embarrassment,” Cheng Anya said coldly.

Li Yun and Cheng Anya were beauties. One was extremely attractive whilst the other was pure and touching. Many men looked at them and were hoping to have a go with them.

Li Yun slammed the glass onto the table with a loud bam. “Master Cheng, why don’t you open your eyes a little bit more? You really dare to trifle with Third Young Master Ye’s woman?”

Master Cheng’s face froze and he suddenly smiled.” Third Young Master Ye? Who is Third Young Master Ye’s woman? Third Young Master Ye is like a dog without a master. With MBS International in the hands of the Mafia, he has run the Ye family into the ground. Why fear him?”

Cheng Anya’s gaze sank as she grabbed the glass tightly, trying to recall who this Master Cheng was. He was the young master of the Cheng family in the northern part of City A who was well-known for his debonair ways and was involved with many women.

She took a look at him. While he had the looks, he was not as cultured.

Those rich men’s sons who were out to flirt with women were no good things.

“Your mouth stinks. Have you not brushed your teeth for three days? If you think that you are my type, f*** off.” Li Yun coldly smiled as she squinted dangerously. “If you don’t want your face, don’t be shameless.”

Master Cheng, who was never turned down before, coldly harrumphed as his face sank. “You are just Third Young Master Ye’s plaything. What is there to be so stuck up about?”

“What’s with plaything? Damn, you really have the cheek to call someone a plaything. Oh, I ran into Miss Chen at the hospital a few days ago. She was crying her eyes out and said she was there to get herself checked out for HIV. So, Master Cheng, surely you couldn’t have been so inconsiderate to infect some good girl?” Cheng Anya said with a cold gaze.

As Master Cheng said it plainly, the entire scene was aghast. Master Cheng’s face was flushed red, and many women looked at him with doubt and fear as though he was the plague.

“You… How dare you insult me! You will regret this.” Master Cheng coldly threatened. A few hot-blooded rich men’s sons gathered around.

They did not look too friendly.

Cheng Anya coldly smiled and got some popcorn. With Li Yun in a bad mood, their poor judgment had gotten them into some bad luck.

“I do want to see how you will make me regret this,” Li Yun said as she put down the glass, her arms akimbo.

As she finished speaking, a few rich men’s sons surrounded them. They were used to behaving badly. That, along with their backgrounds, made them lawless as heck. Such a scene was common at the pubs.

Things were, however, going to end very differently.

Li Yun cleanly took down five to six of them in a few rounds. As the man lay on the ground moaning and groaning, everyone was aghast. Cheng Anya secretly smiled. Li Yun had sure had her catharsis.

As she was very proficient in both judo and taekwondo, whoever crossed her was in for a bad time.

“Master Cheng, you want to take me on?” Li Yun coldly smiled. Knowing that he had taken advantage of the wrong person, he and his company ran away without saying a word.

Cheng Anya gently smiled as the lady boss of the pub gave them a bottle of top-grade wine. “This is for the two of you, and your bill will be on the house. Thank you for standing up for women!”

Cheng Anya and Li Yun looked at each other and smiled. “Anya, you are damn lucky today that they didn’t get you.”

“That was sure a lot of fun the two of you had!” Third Young Master Ye’s cold voice rang in the background. Cheng Anya’s goose bumps stood.


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