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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 316 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Third Young Master Ye was certainly that parasite in her.

How did he manage to nail this bar amidst the many other bars in City A? Hats off to him.

“Hi, Ah Chen, what brings you here?” Cheng Anya broke into her most elegant and charming smile that dazzled almost everybody! When she looked around, she was surprised as Gu Zhensheng was next to Third Young Master Ye.


Li Yun was in for a very bad time!

Ye Chen grabbed the fleeing Master Cheng by his tie and yanked him forward. As he wore a cryptic smile, his fists were cracking. “My plaything? Master Cheng sure has quite some guts to insult my wife that way, huh?”

“Third Young Master Ye, I was too careless with my words. Please be magnanimous and not calculate the score.” Like a rat seeing a cat, Master Cheng’s bravado instantly evaporated.

Him being shorter than Ye Chen further magnified his weakness, which Cheng Anya despised.

“When did you hear of me being magnanimous? Are you blind or what?” Third Young Master Ye flung a punch at Master Cheng’s eyes. Master Cheng broke into tears.

Cheng Anya frowned. How embarrassing that scene was! For a man to cry and moan because of a little injury… Didn’t he want face?

“F*** off!” Third Young Master Ye coldly harrumphed. As Master Cheng did not hang around or resist, he got away as quickly as he could. As Li Yun had a few more drinks, Gu Zhensheng, who looked terrible, grabbed Li Yun. “Go home!”

Li Yun, half-drunk, pushed him away and smiled coldly. “I am not related to you, so f*** off! If not, I’ll wallop you as well.”

With a complicated look on Gu Zhensheng’s face, Cheng Anya knew that things could go south. “Xiaoyun, you got to talk to him nicely. I’ll make a move first, and Gu Zhensheng will be with you.” She quickly added.

She coldly looked at Gu Zhensheng and said, “Don’t go overboard.”

This was the first time Cheng Anya saw Xiaoyun get this drunk. As she left the pub with Third Young Master Ye, Cheng Anya was not the happiest and was mum for most of the trip. As she drank for the kicks of it, she had not drunk much.

“How did you end up with Gu Zhensheng?” Cheng Anya asked calmly and was a little puzzled. “He called me and I decided to repay him a favor by getting him here. Why not kill two birds with one stone?” Third Young Master Ye smiled elegantly.

“How scheming!” Cheng Anya harrumphed. It was hence little wonder that a busy Third Young Master Ye would bring her home as he had brought Gu Zhensheng along. How scheming of him indeed.

For people like them, owing favors was taboo as repaying them became a headache.

“Girls like you should stay away from the pubs. It’s too dangerous,” Third Young Master Ye said. Third Young Master Ye and Gu Zhensheng were already there and wanted to see how the girls would defuse the situation. To think that Li Yun’s karate skills were so good that Gu Zhensheng got a shock.

Miss Cheng stood aside and cheerfully drank on as she watched the show. It was not surprising that she was certain she would come out unscathed. When did modern women become so badass?

“I know. Xiaoyun was not the happiest and I accompanied her. You brought me to this pub before.”

“You did not visit this pub before?”

Cheng Anya had a sudden realization and did not directly answer the question. “I was a good girl, okay?”

“How cheesy!”

As Cheng Anya did not expect Third Young Master Ye to recall anything, she smiled and her heart was at ease. The banter on the way back home was unexpectedly easy.

A few days passed peacefully.

As Third Young Master Ye was busy waging that commercial war, the young kid was busy at work, decrypting Mo Jue’s systems. Whilst Ye Wei recuperated, Eleven and Cheng Anya were extremely free. As they were able to get along, they worked on dishes for the other three.

While the young kid was still responsible for cooking, Cheng Anya and Eleven were responsible for what to prepare. Although Ning Ning felt very helpless, his mommy was still the biggest and he would try his best to satisfy her.

Despite the deep wound that the steel lotus inflicted on her, the rare medicine that she recuperated with allowed Ye Wei to recover very quickly.

When Third Young Master Ye was overwhelmed with business, Cheng Anya became his secretary and they faced the commercial war together. As what Cheng Anya knew and understood was unique, quite a few of her perspectives helped Third Young Master Ye.

As they were having a video conference, the fact that Klose and Cheng Anya knew each other from before helped Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin quickly get to know Miss Cheng.

The meeting was harmonious.

The lukewarm battle between the two sides came to an end. Once this buffer period passed, Klose, Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin gave their all in their battle against MBS International, with Third Young Master Ye commanding the battle from behind the scenes. The battle instantly heated up.

As the sluggish battle suddenly heated up, many people could not respond in time and there were countless enterprises implicated. Those who were sitting on the fence were forced to take sides. All the four major families in City A, the Ye, Yang, Lin, and Tang families, were embroiled in this commercial war.

Whether by choice or not, nobody could escape the encirclement as many supply chains were implicated in the background. Given Third Young Master Ye’s detailed planning, funding from Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin fell into place.

He knew that it was the right moment to strike.

About 80% of the loss of MBS International’s customer base could be attributed to Third Young Master Ye. As Third Young Master Ye and MBS International had a very good relationship and with the former privy to the latter, he started to secretly contact MBS International’s suppliers after he left. Whether by goodwill or by threat of interests, he slowly chipped away at MBS International’s customer base.

Although Louis was also prepared and managed to intimidate some corporations into staying through his Mafia connections, Third Young Master Ye, however, took great care in selecting his targets.

Those that Third Young Master Ye selected were able to influence others more, and Louis lacked the charm that Third Young Master Ye had.

With the loss of the customer base to Fourth Young Master Tang, Lin, and GK International Media, a transitional contract was inked. The four of them were working in cohesion.

With the loss of the customer base, Third Young Master Ye did not give Louis and Ye Zhenhua any more room to wriggle. He focused his efforts against MBS International’s core project: the Repulse Bay project.

After Third Master Ye’s ace team left, Louis’s team took over. They were firstly unfamiliar with the project, and each had differing interests. Progress on the Repulse Bay project was slow and eventually stalled due to technical issues.

Louis took a risk and started cutting corners. Third Young Master Ye had long expected Louis to pull that off because the Repulse Bay project was what was keeping MBS International afloat. If the project stalled due to technical issues, it was not too different from Louis ruining MBS International’s reputation.

Defeat would come.

This was long expected.

Louis and Third Young Master Ye were not ones to easily give up. They were both exceptionally smart and twisted. Third Young Master Ye’s willingness to fight was different from Louis’ willingness to fight.

A few days ago, Louis still seemed tough and was able to hold off Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin’s advances. He also knew that Third Young Master Ye was calling the shots from behind the scenes and wanted to fight against Third Young Master Ye to prove his worth.

Third Young Master Ye, however, would not allow him to. He endured the moment of temptation and avoided Louis’ attacks. If one were to attack relentlessly, burn-out was inevitable. The same reasoning applied to commercial wars.

While Louis wanted to completely eliminate Third Young Master Ye, he was well-prepared. Little did anybody expect Third Young Master Ye to defy his typical decisive style and agitate Louis. His construction team took on some minor jobs that were easily resolved. These minor jobs, which did little to boost Louis’ profile, left him vexed.

As their will to fight waned, Third Young Master Ye suddenly advanced aggressively. Louis’ team was unable to keep up and the unstable foundations started to shake.

Although the major corporations in the city jumped into the fray, everyone, save Yao Hua who led the southern part of the city, was aligned with Louis. Most of them were merely cheerleaders who did not join in the battle.

They were like the cheerleaders in a never-ending tug-of-war.

Things were different for Third Young Master Ye as there were many newly-established international enterprises in the east and west of the city. On Third Young Master Ye and Fourth Young Master Tang’s order, all of them rallied to the call and spearheaded the advance. Most importantly, Third Young Master Ye and Fourth Young Master Tang shared their spoils with their supply chains and were well-received in the marketplace. One look was all they needed to tell what kind of person Louis was.

After many years in City A, Third Young Master Ye and Fourth Young Master Tang had cultivated very healthy corporate images despite their styles. That was why MBS International and the Tang family enjoyed the protection of their supply chains—or rather, the blessings of their compatriots.

This was something the rookie Louis would never be able to achieve.

While Ye Zhenhua’s influence in politics and the marketplace came into play, Third Young Master Ye anticipated that and had Fourth Young Master Tang as the master of the Dragon Gate visit several high-ranking officials to seal the deal.

One does not differentiate between the marketplace and politics at times. Very often, whoever ruled the marketplace in City A would also rule the underground. With a plethora of contacts, Fourth Young Master Tang as the master of the underworld was able to control much more than Ye Zhenhua.

The higher-ups had to make a choice.

And hence, a brutal commercial war exploded into the day as corporations encircled and surrounded one another. It was a rotten fight that the government could not even intervene in.

The stalemate that was barely maintained in the first three days collapsed when Third Young Master Ye made a move against all of MBS International’s core projects. MBS International was routed despite Louis’ preparation as he was going against a Third Young Master Ye who knew MBS International like the back of his hand.

What was most terrifying was Third Young Master Ye’s unpredictable stratagem which could not be made out and did not play his cards in order. With many corporations behind him, Ye Zhenhua and Louis were not his matches.

Third Young Master Ye felt that Louis had already done a damn good job by hanging on for three days.




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