Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 325 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 325 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya gritted her teeth. While her side profile suggested a tenacious fierceness, her gaze seemed calm. The contours of her tender face stood out, and her tender skin felt cool as the sea breeze blew against it.

Even more humiliation awaited her.

As the scorching sun bore down on her, Cheng Anya felt a coldness and jabbed her fingers into the sand. The sand stuck in her nails reminded her of the humiliation that she was going through.

“What a strong character you have there.” Louis smiled cryptically as he ran his slender fingers up and down Cheng Anya’s collarbone. With his emerald gaze somewhat darkened, the melancholic prince turned into a beast in heat that was about to pounce on her.

There was nary a person on the beach, which had its blue sky and white sand. Like a grain of sand on the beach, even a person on the beach was insignificant.

Louis, like Third Young Master Ye, was not somebody who would make life easy for people. They enjoyed the process of bringing people agony, specifically the over-the-top torture.

This would definitely satisfy him a fair bit.

Ah Chen… Ah Chen… She stiffened herself as her heart cried out for Ye Chen again and again. This was the only way she was able to endure Louis’ torture, suppressing the rage and indignation that built up in her heart and holding her tears at bay.

Cheng Anya had always believed that one was capable of saving oneself. As she was unable to even save herself, she extremely hoped for her knight in shining armor to come by, slay Louis, and save her from that insufferable pain and humiliation.

But she also clearly understood that it was her wishful thinking that would not come true. She had to endure what Louis did to her all by herself.

As Louis grabbed Cheng Anya’s chin and forcefully turned Cheng Anya’s head around, he saw a strong-willingness in her gaze. With the saying that one’s gaze speaks volumes about their heart, the same could be said for Cheng Anya.

When she smiled, she gave them an impression of radiance, yet people could feel that hidden intelligence in her. When she was tough, she was as tough as men and had a candidness that did not discriminate.

He liked people of such a character.

“Third Young Master Ye and you are extremely similar in character. And that’s why I am taking an interest in you.” Louis gently smiled as he suddenly went down and pressed down on Cheng Anya’s sides. “I wonder how you would taste. I sure can’t wait to taste you.” A hint of darkness flashed through his emerald gaze.

While Cheng Anya was no coward, him drawing closer to her caused her to fear. While her steely gaze did not betray her panic, her trembling hands did.

Louis was able to see through her pretense. As he was hell-bent on mind-screwing her, he ran his slender hands down her scapula.

“Afraid, huh? Show me your courage, Anya. That’s just plain sucky and will clearly not last.” Louis’ seeming warning was also a mockery and provocation. “For me to bed whomever Third Young Master Ye had bedded will sure be quite humiliating, but I’m sure that Anya can take it.”

He gently planted a kiss on the crook of her neck.

She seemed to see an emerald green snake slither across her neck, about to bite on it.

Cheng Anya almost broke down.

If she had a knife, she would rather bear the guilt of murdering Louis without the slightest hesitation and stabbed Louis in the chest, allowing his blood to cover her face.

She, however, could not do anything but yield under his oppression and fear… until she died.

‘Louis, you are sure vicious!’

“I’m weak? Louis, if you are as good as you think, stop the chatter and make me yours,” Cheng Anya coldly said. Since things had reached such a stage, her pleading for mercy would only make his mind even more twisted. Since escape was not an option, she had to choose to face it.

“It seems like Miss Cheng has gotten too used to acting strong.” Louis smiled as he teased her. “If Third Young Master Ye knows that his beloved woman was bedded by the person he hated most, don’t you think that he would shoot you dead and save himself that embarrassment?”

“Shut up!” Cheng Anya roared. Louis’ words hit home and Cheng Anya’s softest part was bloodied by him. Him mentioning Third Young Master Ye in the midst of her torture was unimaginable.

He hated Louis the most!

In today’s society, it was common fare that a woman may not give her virginity to her husband. Likewise, some also said that a man who was deeply in love with a woman would not care if she was faithful. While these applied, some things could not be talked about in the same light.

Although she could not guess what he did those years back, his twisted fetishes and mental trauma he inflicted onto Third Young Master Ye all these years created a deep psychological trauma that, even after seventeen years, sent Third Young Master Ye into madness whenever the latter heard his name.

If she was violated by Louis, how would her Ah Chen see her? Let it slide? Who was she kidding? If this were somebody else, he might not care. But… the person in question was Louis, and he would recall that she had been hugged by Louis before.

Not only was he tortured, but she was tortured by Louis as well! Louis, this sicko, would follow them like a shadow for the rest of their lives!

While peace could be maintained for a day or two, give or take a year or two, wouldn’t hate eventually take root and cause them to drift away from each other after a much longer time?

Louis, however sickeningly, called out Cheng Anya on what she did not even want to think about.

This was her first time meeting somebody so vicious beyond her knowledge.


“Ahh…” Cheng Anya screamed.

This pain… akin to bone being crushed was no less than being stabbed in the bones. Cheng Anya’s face paled as cold sweat beaded on her forehead, irritating her wound.

With an even more excruciating pain awaiting her, what could she do? Who could help her? The Cheng Anya who always believed in one saving oneself prayed that gods would help her. If gods did exist, she would rather Louis be struck down with lightning.

Under extreme pain and desperation, and impossible to save oneself, one could only believe in the gods that they had never believed in. This was, at least, a mental crutch, a beautiful wish that gave people the courage to face and bear the suffering that they were about to encounter.

To carry on living.

Cheng Anya was extremely uncomfortable from the pain. While she wanted to cry and shout as a catharsis to her excruciating pain, she could only bite into her lip after that one shout and taste her own blood.

I will not cry… I will not cry…

“You are sure stubborn!” Louis smiled as he clenched his fingers around her neck. “Do you think you are in a position to shut me up? And yes, do you see that camera there?”

Louis pointed at the camera in the distance and smiled with glee. “I’ll do you here, and then send the footage to Third Young Master Ye for his enjoyment. What do you think?”

“No… F*** off… Ahh…” While she wanted to hide away, Louis tightly gripped her neck. As he tightened his grip with force, Cheng Anya’s upper body was lifted up and it was momentarily difficult for her to breathe.

With her throat in a stranglehold, she could not help but open her mouth. Blood trickled out of the corners of her lips, slowly dying her mouth red. The traces of blood remained around her neck and seemingly blossomed into a twisted red flower.

As her consciousness left her, her terribly pale face went silent and the sky turned black around her. Would Louis really strangle her to death? No, he would only torture her and not give her an easy death.

Knowing that, Cheng Anya, for a moment, hoped he would be that bit stronger and crush her throat. She would then be freed from all that suffering and from facing Third Young Master Ye after all that humiliation.

When that thought flashed through her head, she really did not want to die…

With a person she loved and her son, she could bear to rush to her death alone.

Just as she was about to suffocate, Louis viciously threw Cheng Anya aside and she fell onto the beach. Her bloodied body contrasted against the white sand. Just as she got a gasp of fresh air, Cheng Anya could not help but cough for her dear life.

As she was lying on the sand and breathing heavily, fine sand entered her nose and throat. Her eyes stung from the sand grounding against her nose and throat, and her tears started to fall…

While this was a natural reaction, Cheng Anya could not stop crying. As her repressed emotions exploded, she could not help but cry them out.

One could not tell whether the sand or her desire to cry it out caused it.

As she continued coughing, she started to sound hoarse.

Her heart ached, and no words save ‘unbearable’ could describe it.

As Louis yanked at her wrist, she suddenly felt a huge force pull her up from the sand and twist her hand. A sharp pain spread through her. Cheng Anya bit her lip unknowingly.

When Louis saw Cheng Anya scorned—her wound covered in tears, blood, and sand—he felt an inexplicable excitement. As he ran his fingertips across the tears on her eyelashes, Louis’ smile became even more twisted. “Crying? How perfect. I was wondering when you would cry. Cry it out. Cry out as loudly as you can. For all you know, I might just spare you!”

Feeling doubly humiliated, Cheng Anya gritted her teeth and resisted crying. As the sand had irritated her nose when she was crying, she cried even more loudly and Louis seemed even more excited.

“Cry for me, damn it!!” Louis roared. As Cheng Anya looked around, she suddenly felt that something was wrong.

In that instance, Cheng Anya suddenly understood something.

Some men are unable to have an erection due to injuries, past hurts, or even due to twisted fantasies. Louis clearly belonged to… the latter.

Her eyes were wide open, and she kept herself from crying.

Don’t cry, just don’t cry. As long as she did not cry, he could not do anything to her. That was the reason why he slowly tortured her and then went berserk. It was because he simply could not…

Cheng Anya wanted to smile.

But a flurry of punches landed on her body, chest, shoulders, and abdomen. With each punch heavier than the other, Louis even started to slap her repeatedly.

“Cry for me, damn it!” Louis said sinisterly yet quietly, his handsome face becoming that of the devil.

In your dreams!

Cheng Anya coldly smiled. If he wanted her to cry, he could dream all he could. As she was numbed by the pain from Louis’ repeated beatings, she repeatedly coughed blood. Nobody could stand up to that kind of extraordinary pain.

Cheng Anya, however, opened her eyes wide as she bore the punches no women could bear. He had better be able to beat her to death.

Being hardy was not a solely male trait.

As Louis crazily beat Cheng Anya until she fainted, he did not see Cheng Anya shed a single tear.

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