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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 332 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Although the summer was warm, the cool outdoor swimming pool caused the young kid who was covered in wounds to feel uncomfortable in the pool.

Like ice seeping into his wounds, his wounds ached. Due to Xu Nuo’s callous move, blood poured out of Ning Ning’s chest and abdomen wounds. As the searing pain and chilling cold met, Ning Ning felt terrible and wished he could stamp on Xu Nuo.

As the young kid looked at Xu Nuo standing by the pool in her fiery red dress and provocative cold gaze, he could not help but recall an NSFW website that Ye Wei had shown him. It naturally helped him understand Louis’ fetishes, and Ye Wei winked and said that she could give him a lesson on that.

While he started off not quite trusting his auntie, he still visited the website that Ye Wei suggested to him out of curiosity. An image on the website, of a lady in a fiery red suit with shining leather boots who had a whip in her hands as she stood majestically, left an indelible mark on him.

As he pieced the powerful image of a queen in leather boots moving her whip, he felt that Xu Nuo had some uncanny resemblance to that image. The young kid giggled as he wondered whether his daddy would want his mommy dressed like this.

As the image had left an indelible impression on him, he could not help but grit his teeth. Louis’ henchmen were all twisted.

“Ye Ningyuan, are you asking for even more beatings? Xu Nuo clenched her fists and looked at him as though she reigned supreme. “Shower!” She softly ordered him.

With the water from the swimming pool slightly reddened and stinging against his wound, Ning Ning wondered if his predicament was an affront to the image of men. Although he was young, his mental age was much, much older than his actual age. As he was never looked down upon by people before, he had an especially strong ego. As Xu Nuo stood by the side of the pool while he was on the beach, she seemed much taller than him.

As he had utterly lost out to her in terms of how tough he appeared, the young kid who was used to winning appeared stifled and beaten. He pondered how he could get back at Xu Nuo but felt even smaller when he looked up to see Xu Nuo’s face.

While he was a computer expert and had the smarts, Xu Nuo was one who used brute force to make her stand. As he looked at her despising gaze, he secretly swore that he would escape to Chu Li and think of how to deal with her years on.

That said, all due credit for the young kid’s future prowess had to go to Xu Nuo as she unearthed all his potential.

“Hey, why are you stunned like a rock?” Xu Nuo conveniently picked up a rock at threw it at the young kid. Ning Ning, having wisened up, immediately ducked into the water. Xu Nuo smiled at how scorned the young kid looked.

Her plaything was undoubtedly interesting.

After some splashes, Ning Ning floated up. “From now onward, I’ll call you a stone because you look the part,” Xu Nuo said.

“Then, you look more like a log.” Ning Ning could not help but rebut with a reddened tender face. How did he look like a rock?

“Say it again!” Xu Nuo arrogantly harrumphed as she had a look that allowed no dissent. Ning Ning had learned situational awareness from Cheng Anya extremely well. Men have to be able to give and take. He quietly bore.

When it comes to showering, Ning Ning realized that his clothing had been whipped into shreds by Xu Nuo. Although he did not want to consider himself unclothed, he had to admit that he was properly unclothed.

As he looked under the lounging umbrella, he saw a brand new set of clothes. The young kid secretly thought that she had prepared those clothes for him. Given the bloodstains on his body, he definitely had to take off his clothes. But…

“Why aren’t you moving?” The young kid asked. He was not as gentlemanly enough to feign politeness with Xu Nuo. To hell with all that gentleman etiquette. He did not have to put up a front.

He suddenly remembered something his daddy had taught him—that there will always be a girl who does not require you to be overly eloquent to her, so do not overplay your gentleman side. The young kid felt his world had become less innocent…

As his mind became twisted, so did his face.

Xu Nuo sat down as though nothing had happened and ignored his terrifying look as though it was a joke. “Since I released you, I have to make excuses if you disappear. Do you think I would let you out of my sight?”

“Tsk. So why did you release me then?”

“It seems like you enjoy waiting it out filthily in the dungeon, huh? That works too. Come and I’ll bring you down.” Xu Nuo’s face sank and the atmosphere suddenly became cold.

Ning Ning coldly smiled. “If you did not hit me, would I become filthy dirty?”

“If I did not hit you, you would become their easy picking. It seems like you really do not mind that. I must apologize for not granting you your wishes. Shall I call them over now and make your wishes come true?” Xu Nuo responded gently and as a matter-of-factly.

As she smiled with a slight hint of mockery, the young kid went silent.

Went it came to bickering, he had two badass parents who were not bad. However, when one is subservient to another, one had to keep their egos in check as one had to have the ability to back up their boasts.

His daddy was able to have his way because he was able to back up his boasts so that nobody would have their way with him. The young kid deeply realized that raw ability was very important to a man.

Since raw ability was the most basic of prerequisites that allowed a man to stand up tall, the amount of support he had in the background did not count.

“Stone, time to shower if you do not want to freeze to death.” Xu Nuo could not be bothered with his thoughts and only focused on achieving her goals.

“What can you do if I choose not to shower?” Ning Ning smiled elegantly.

“Does your shower have anything to do with me?” Xu Nuo emotionlessly rebutted him. “So you want to shower with me? Explains why you saved me these many times. Have you, as those teenagers said, taken a liking to me?” Ning Ning’s smile became even more charming.

As Xu Nuo smiled, the young kid felt the water become even colder. Ever since he woke up, that was how she looked at him. As she either appeared cold or arrogant, he did not see her smile apart from the moment she mentioned her name.

It was beautiful yet dangerous like a rose with venom. While it was touching and beautiful, it was as lethal.

“So, my dear stone, are you embarrassed?” Xu Nuo smiled beautifully as a pair of delicate dimples appeared on her cheeks. “Take a good look at yourself. Is there anything worthy about how you look? Since boys and girls around this age are not too different, add that to the fact that I look better than you, I advise you to take a good look at yourself in the mirror.”

Xu Nuo was sure arrogant and narcissistic.

Xu Nuo’s mental age was also normal years ago, but she knew a lot. After spending years on the island brought up and trained as an adult, her IQ complemented her other terrifying ability—photographic memory. She knew what girls should and should not know.

Ning Ning, from the start, did not treat her as a regular girl as no typical seven-year-old would be this terrifying.

As he heard her, the young kid felt his face become slightly warm.

“That said, I really do not take a fancy to you. Look at how fake your smile is. Most importantly, you are floppy and fall with the wind, not to mention not being able to return blows when you are hit. I, Xu Nuo, do not fancy such useless people.”

Useless? F***! The young kid took a deep breath and almost broke into a multilingual cultural F-bomb.

What a grave insult!

Xu Nuo describing the young kid as useless for the first time in his life wounded the young kid’s untouchable ego. Like a comet from the skies hitting him, his ego was crushed.

Calm down, calm down. Revenge is never too late.

He did not believe that Xu Nuo would talk him down for the rest of his life.

“Oh, stone, you look terrible,” Xu Nuo plainly replied. She sounded flat and without emotion.

“Please do not contradict yourself.” Ning Ning elegantly smiled in his twisted way.

Ning Ning wondered, in a twisted way, how he would dupe Xu Nuo.

The young kid graciously took off his tattered clothes and faced Xu Nuo naked. As Third Young Master Ye’s son, he sure had his twisted and rebellious streaks.

And of course, when necessary, he had Third Young Master Ye’s shamelessness.

To be able to take temporary setbacks!

Xu Nuo raised her eyebrows at Ning Ning’s body. She had lashed him countless times, each one a poignant reminder of how she spared no expense. With his tender body full of lashes, the water washing against his lashes would spread open the blood and turn them red.

Unperturbed, Ning Ning washed away the marks on his body as Xu Nuo lazily sat cross-legged and watched on.

As she watched, she was neither feeling awkward nor fazed.

Ning Ning looked up and realized that he was an idiot to challenge her toughness. He had made things easier for her, not to mention his foolish effort in guilt-tripping her.

As he showered and came up, Xu Nuo looked at him from top to bottom and said, “Dear stone, have you not seen the world? To think guys could be so squeamish.” The young kid was fuming.


He was squeamish? Calm down, calm down… Getting angry was not of help. He quietly took the clothes she prepared and had worn his underwear when Xu Nuo brought a vial of medicine over. “Rub this on before you wear your clothes.”

Would this girl poison him? Ning Ning secretly thought as he applied the medication on him. Once he was done applying the medicine, Xu Nuo brought some bandage. As Ning Ning was clumsy with the bandages, he could not get them right. Xu Nuo suddenly stood up.

“Idiot!” She beat the young kid’s hand off and expertly bandaged his wounds. The young kid thought, ‘She is really skilled at this as though…’

The things that one often did and the meaning behind them. He suddenly recalled what happened in the dungeon that day. Beneath the black hair lay a swollen face…

As the wind gently blew, Xu Nuo’s sagging hair rested along the tip of her nose. Ning Ning, who was about to raise his hands and brush the strands of hair off, suddenly stopped. He was speechless.

The shadows beneath her hair seemed surreal.

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