Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 336 - : Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 336 - : Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya had been in a bad mood since Zhang Bo’s death. She was afraid of what Louis would do and did not want to provoke him for the moment. Otherwise, she couldn’t imagine what he would do to her. She was scared.

Pain hurts a person much more deeply than one thinks. No matter how strong-willed a person is, they wouldn’t be able to stand the constant torture of pain. Pain would greatly reduce one’s determination and willpower, which was why people would succumb to admitting the truth after being tortured by pain.

Cheng Anya understood this very well. Since she didn’t want to die, she wouldn’t dare to mess with Louis. At least, she could still have a few more happy days to live.

The virus in her body was not so tormenting anymore as Louis gave her a reliever. She didn’t know its specific ingredients, but she knew that it would make her addicted because every time the attack happened, it hurt more and more, and those drugs had made her feel more comfortable each time she was injected with it.

Cheng Anya thought that most of the virus might be addictive and Louis might be making use of it to control her. She had tried asking him for the antidote, but Louis’ attitude made Cheng Anya understand that these viruses were as he said indeed, incurable.

She only had less than a month to live.

Cheng Anya thought of dying as she wouldn’t have to care about anything if she had died and Louis couldn’t use her to threaten Third Young Master Ye anymore. She also didn’t have to worry about infecting others with her virus. However, she just couldn’t do it.

In fact, dying was easy. One would only have to break a vase and cut their wrist. Otherwise, they could jump down from the windowsill on the second floor. There was always a way to seek death, but she didn’t do it. Instead, she lived while counting her days.

She was not resigned to fate. She still wanted to see Third Young Master Ye at least once for the last time. She wouldn’t be able to see him anymore if she just died like that. How pitiful. Cheng Anya’s nose turned a little red and she felt bitter whenever she thought about it.

The days of being imprisoned were really hard to endure. Especially when she had to face Louis’ harsh words, it was really unbearable.

When she couldn’t take it anymore, she would recall the happy moments of their family and the memories created by the three of them. These were what kept her going. She smiled while reminiscing past memories, encouraging herself at the same time.

She would always have a way to endure. She must persevere!

She was in a dilemma as she had a virus that was contagious, which meant that even if she saw Third Young Master Ye, she couldn’t hug or kiss him. She could only take a look at him from afar to treat her lovesickness.

Otherwise, these viruses would harm him. She didn’t want him to come. However, knowing Third Young Master Ye, he wouldn’t really mind. Then, they would die together.

But she minded!

She didn’t want him to come, but she wanted him to come as well. She did not have the courage to give up her life if she hadn’t seen him for the last time.

Cheng Anya’s belief was never to commit suicide. She had led her life diligently no matter how difficult life was. She cherished her life more than anyone else and tried hard to live. But if her life would threaten the person she loved, she’d rather die.

Because Third Young Master Ye and Ning Ning were not in front of her, she could still enjoy the joy of breathing and not make any choices. She hoped that they could go out and someone could provide her antidote to the virus. Everything would be better then.

Cheng Anya knew that the chance was very slim, but she didn’t give up. She could only continue when there was hope.

If there was no hope, she might as well die now.

Missing them had become her greatest happiness when everything was silent. She always liked sitting on the windowsill, feeling the sea breeze, basking in the sun, and remembering every bit of their past. Even if she lost her life this time, it was worth it.

She had loved that man with all her heart and was loved by that man with all his heart. She had even left him a son. Although they could not be together until the end of time, her life was complete. There was nothing to be unsatisfied about.

Her memories were filled with sweetness. She felt that humans are weird. When they were together, she had always focused on his shortcomings. He was fussy, black-bellied, mean, vicious and perverted. This was what she felt about Third Young Master Ye. She was constantly making an effort to oppose him and the only time she was gentle to him was when he was in great pain. The Third Young Master Ye in her eyes and her heart was full of shortcomings.

But now, her frame of mind had changed. Maybe it was the last time that she would miss him avariciously. In her memory, it was all the merits of that man: the gentle care at the seaside, the awkward care between words, and the overbearing love in front of the reporters. On the day of her birthday, he had accompanied her to linger around in the small streets and ruined his image by cheating a little girl of her necklace and lying to the vendors, even if he was very reluctant. The moonlight that night was so gentle and she still remembered that he held onto the rose, just like a prince charming in the fairy tale, and walked toward her.

Ah Chen, Ah Chen…

She really missed him to the point that her eyes were painful. Even the moments when he flirted with her with that perverted expression and eyes of his, she found them very cute.

And he said, “Dear Anya, when can I eat you? I’ve been hungry for months.”

He said, “Dear Anya, I want you to the point that my arms are sore.”

That pervert. Only her Ah Chen could say such dirty words with no change of expression at all. Cheng Anya could not help but chuckle at the thought of him, and at the same time, her tears fell.

She vowed that if this time she could get out of danger, she would let him eat her to his heart’s content.


She was definitely affected by Third Young Master Ye greatly. She even thought of that matter herself. Her heart ached astringently. She wiped her tears and laughed at the same time. She didn’t know if she had gone crazy.

Ah Chen…

Ah Chen…

She couldn’t help but imagine a short drama in her mind. If Ah Chen came to her rescue and knew that he couldn’t touch her because she had a virus, he would go mad. His first reaction would be thinking about how he wouldn’t get to eat her if she died. What a pity.

Then, when she had only seven days left, Ah Chen would eat her regardless of the fact that the virus would kill him.

He was going to do her even if he was going to die.

Cheng Anya laughed and was impressed with her own imagination. Third Young Master Ye was someone who was capable of doing that. He didn’t wish to be born on the same day as her, but he wished to die on the same day as her. He was going to die anyway. He would rather die with his stomach full than as a hungry ghost.

Louis walked in slowly and saw Cheng Anya crying and laughing at the same time at the windowsill. The man clenched his fist quietly and his jade green eyes flashed past a trace of danger. Louis thought that she must be thinking about Ye Chen. This made him extremely angry.

The sea breeze blew gently and Cheng Anya sat on the windowsill with her long hair fluttering along with the wind, showing her perfect side profile. She looked very beautiful and Louis had always felt that Cheng Anya’s side profile was more perfect than her frontal face.

This woman had made him feel like a loser.

Detecting the presence of Louis, Cheng Anya quickly wiped away the tears from her face. She wouldn’t cry in front of Louis. It was not necessary. Besides, those were happy tears, weren’t they?

She wasn’t suffering or feeling sad.

Upon seeing Zhang Bo’s ashes that were placed on the cupboard, Cheng Anya’s gaze went cold and dull. Zhang Bo’s smile before he died flashed through her mind. Cheng Anya’s hatred was deep. It was her greatest regret in her life, a nightmare that she would never be able to get rid of.

“For you. You might want to see this.” Louis smiled and handed the photo to Cheng Anya with a smile. Cheng Anya didn’t want to take it at first, but when she saw the person in the photo, she felt as if she was struck by lightning.

Her baby Ning Ning, just like the photos that Third Young Master Ye received, was beaten up very badly. Every scene in the pictures was extremely cruel. Cheng Anya’s fingers curled up and her veins stood out.

She bit her lower lip tightly to avoid crying.

How cruel!

“I didn’t expect that your son is so impressive. The future successor of a terrorist organization. Humph, if Mo Ye didn’t tell me, I still wouldn’t know.” Louis smiled gently and looked at how Cheng Anya turned pale.

“Louis, you will receive your punishment,” Cheng Anya said in a deep voice. She was so angry that she started laughing. She didn’t lose her temper nor was she sad. Her son would definitely be able to survive. Ye Wei and Eleven had said that the Mo brothers didn’t tell Louis about Ning Ning. Why did they decide to tell him this time?

Her baby in the picture made her feel heartbroken. Those injuries would surely torture her ten times or even a hundred times more. Cheng Anya wanted to cry but there were no tears.

She tried hard to hold back.

“I wonder if I should kill him to prevent anything from happening in the future or show mercy to him. What do you think?” Louis laughed.

Cheng Anya sneered and gnashed her teeth. “You will also die eventually!”

“Are you sure?”

“Well, God is watching. Louis, you won’t be able to escape the punishment. Do you dare to kill my son? Do you have the ability to fight with the terrorist organization?” Cheng Anya sneered. “My son, Wei Wei, and Eleven. That’s three lives. It’s considered mild if your mafia headquarters is blown up. If you have the ability, try it.”

Louis squinted and sneered. “Are you sure? Anya, let’s not talk about your son. Do you want to know what happened to Ye Chen seventeen years ago?”

Cheng Anya’s face turned pale and said decisively, “No!”

She didn’t want to know at all. So, Louis, shut up!

“But I want to tell you.” Louis chuckled. Cheng Anya’s gaze turned dull and bitter. There was no point in saying no to what he had already decided to do.

At this time, a man in black came in and whispered something in his ear. Louis’ face sank suddenly. He looked up at Cheng Anya and walked out of the room quickly.

Mafia headquarters, Italy.

Under Ye Chen’s command, three missiles attacked the Mafia’s headquarters, making a loud noise. A huge mushroom-looking cloud rose into the night sky. Chu Li watched the video and ordered his men to start locating and search for the place.

Third Young Master Ye had lost his patience.

“Louis, don’t think that I dare not blow up your nest.”






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