Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 341 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 341 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya’s face immediately went pale and she was in a state of dullness for a few minutes. When she finally reacted, she was so angry that she pounced on Louis and wanted to fight with him. But, her hands were controlled by Louis and he twisted her hands. Cheng Anya could instantly hear the sound of her bones cracking.

It hurt…

Sweat dripped down her forehead. It was painful.

“Louis…” Cheng Anya was panting heavily but she endured the excruciating pain and looked like she was crazy. “You will get your retribution…”

Her body was in pain but her heart was more painful. This made her angrier and more humiliated than knowing about the dark period that Ye Chen went through in America. She cursed this devil to die a terrible death!

Cheng Anya wished that she was Ye Wei or Eleven and had their badass skills so that she could defeat Louis with one blow.

She hated herself for being so weak.

So much pain engulfed Cheng Anya to the point she felt suffocated. Many scenes of the humiliation Third Young Master Ye suffered in the past flashed through her mind, making her go crazy.

What did her Ah Chen do that was wrong? Why must God be so cruel to him?

Ten years old… Louis, that pervert. What kind of thoughts did he have to do such a cruel thing to a child? He should die and be cut into a thousand pieces.

It was something that any ordinary man could not endure, much less Ye Chen, who was so proud and arrogant. No wonder he would kill Louis at that time and become autistic. He was almost ruined. If her Ah Chen was not so strong, he would have died seventeen years ago. He would have died in Louis’ hands.

He was innocent and sad. It made her pity him.

Louis was so cruel and heartless. He did not even let his own brother off. Even if Ye Chen was a normal child, Louis should not have been so cruel.

Cheng Anya burst into tears as she could really experience what aching grief was like. It was as if her heart was dug out to heal the wounds on it. This feeling made her so hopeless that she felt suffocated.

‘Ah Chen… My heart is so painful that I feel like dying… What should I do?’

“Retribution?” Louis chuckled. His expression was filled with a twisted gentleness. “How would loving someone receive retribution? I did that because I love him.”

“You’re disgusting!” Cheng Anya said sarcastically. She wiped away her tears and the face that was so close to her looked so hideously ugly. “You are f**king disgusting, perverted, and filthy. No wonder you are impotent. Serve you right!”

Louis’ eyes darkened. He raised his hand and slapped Cheng Anya ruthlessly. She fell onto the blanket and he ruthlessly pulled Cheng Anya’s hair to the point she was forced to raise her head.

Cheng Anya endured the tremendous pain and smiled coldly. “Why? Are you angry due to embarrassment? Serve you right for being pathetic and detestable. You’re not worthy of loving someone.”

It was a serious harm to be impotent as a man. There were very few men that could endure having such a defect and it was absolutely not allowed. It would be very hurtful for their pride. Even though Louis was perverted, he was no exception and cared about it too. If not, he would not have beaten her up so badly at the beach that day in order to force her to react. He would not have any reaction if she did not react. He must be very angry and humiliated.

She was so angry that she lost her rationality and was, therefore, not calm. Her heart was in pain and she was so angry now that she could not care about her rationality.

There would always be times when one would not care about their life, pride, and humiliation for someone else. They would not be afraid of danger and would have no regrets even if they had to die. This was called love and faithfulness.

Third Young Master Ye was the one that she had the most compassion for in her life. If someone dared to hurt him, she would feel ten times or even a hundred times the pain on herself. How could she have time to care about other things?

“Cheng Anya, you got the guts!” Louis’ eyes looked malicious and insidious as he sneered. “Don’t you feel dirty when you hug him? Your man was touched by more than one man.”

“Shut up!” Cheng Anya yelled madly and her voice became hoarse. She took the antique vase beside her and smashed at him, hoping that he would be killed by it so that all the troubles could end when the main trouble ended.

Louis avoided it. After all, Cheng Anya’s body was weak and was not as quick as Louis. The vase dropped on the carpet and rolled very far away…

It hit the table leg and created a crashing sound before it cracked.

“You’re the dirtiest. I feel disgusted that Ah Chen’s name came out from your mouth.” Cheng Anya sneered and was in a state of madness. “You are the most unqualified person to talk about him. Ye Yukun, you are not worthy!”

Louis was not worthy of mentioning Ah Chen’s name.

Louis laughed coldly. “I don’t believe that you don’t mind it. Cheng Anya, any woman would mind, unless you don’t love him.”

“I know whether or not I love him. What right do you have to talk about it? Put it simply, you are just a perverted devil and should not exist on earth. Also, you should have died seventeen years ago.” Cheng Anya sneered. “I will only love him and dote on him more now that you told me about all these. I will remember that this man had been injured whenever I hug him. I will pity and love him more and will not let him get hurt again. Louis, you don’t know what love is at all. After all, there is a difference between human and beast. An interracial living thing should not exist in the same space!”

Cheng Anya was enraged and her nails pricked into her palms. It was very painful but could not be compared to the sourness in her eyes. She spoke on the spur of the moment and was prepared to die. Louis shouldn’t have hoped to use her to attack Third Young Master Ye.

He loved Third Young Master Ye? Hahaha! This was the best joke that she had ever heard of.

‘Ah Chen, should I marvel at your boundless charisma? It’s okay if you have boundless charisma, but why do you have to be liked by such a beast? You must have thought that this was a tragedy too, no?’

Thinking about how Ye Chen went crazy that night after knowing about Louis’ identity, Cheng Anya felt as if a knife was being twisted in her heart. It was such a painful wound.

Louis was laughing and did not seem to hear what Cheng Anya said. He was recalling the memories and smiled as if he missed those times. “Do you know how cute Ye Chen was in the past? You definitely don’t know.”

Cheng Anya did not want to continue listening. She had a presentiment that the following words were going to cause her to breakdown. But, other than death, how could she stop Louis?

“He was very small at that time and was obviously a child, yet he pretended to conceal his feelings. He idolized his brothers, yet he had to act like he was not close with us. His eyes always stared at us timidly and made our hearts melt.” Louis smiled as he said, “I loved him so much and yearned to have him. There was a night when I could not help but kiss him and he found out. He immediately told his mom that he wanted to go home. My dad was the most welcome as he did not want Ye Chen anyway. But, how would I let him do as he wished? Therefore, I abducted him…”

“Shut up, Louis. Shut up!” Cheng Anya screamed as she covered her ears. She screamed hysterically and her scream could be heard throughout the quiet mansion.

It sounded sad!

It sounded shrill!

Cheng Anya could not control her emotions. She was going to be crazy if she did not vent out her emotions.

The truth seventeen years ago made people break down.

“Didn’t you want to know about what happened seventeen years ago?” Louis smiled, but his face became malicious and insidious. He ignored Cheng Anya’s screams and continued. “Who knew that I underestimated this child? I was the only one around after they left. Ye Chen was like a broken doll, but he took a knife from the bed and stabbed me. He was smart and took precautions against me since then and took action seven days later. Too bad that I did not die and he caused his mom to die instead. Even God is on my side. What can you do to me?”

“You’re crazy!” Cheng Anya hugged herself and retreated to a corner. Louis must be crazy.

Only a lunatic would do such a thing. She could not understand Louis at all.

“Haha, yes, I am crazy. I want him so badly that I almost go crazy just thinking about him,” Louis smiled as he said.

Cheng Anya could not explain how she felt now. It was as if her heart was burning on a stove of fire. It was so painful, as if there were needles piercing through her heart.

“In your dreams! You have been dreaming for years, Louis. You’re really pitiful,” Cheng Anya said and sneered. “You’ve lived for so many years by taking someone else’s identity and you don’t know who you are. Therefore, you are so obsessed with Ah Chen in order to prove yourself. Just you wait, Louis. You should wake up from your dream soon and realize how absurd your life has been.”

Louis sneered, as if Cheng Anya had said a joke.

Cheng Anya smiled coldly and stared at him. “Louis, who else on this earth still remembers who Ye Yukun is? You have lived for so many years, but in the end, you are just a tragedy.”

No, it should be that Ye Yukun’s life was a joke.

“Hahaha…” Louis laughed crazily as if he was insane and he looked scary. “You’re right. Therefore, all of you have to go to hell with me.”


Cheng Anya looked cold. ‘Louis, you will be the only one going to hell in the end.’

‘I would rather be half-dead than be in the same hell as you.’

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