Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 342 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 342 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Louis left after he went crazy. Cheng Anya felt dizzy and could not sleep for the whole night. There were too many emotions clouding her mind and her body was attacked by the virus. Her immune system was weak and she caught a high fever later into the night.

Her fever was not serious but she was not in a good mood. She felt uncomfortable and weak and she wanted to cry. She felt hopeless and tossed around in bed for the whole night.

She felt more and more suffocated and even had difficulty breathing. There was a tearing pain in her heart.

She did not want to think about what Louis had said as her heart would be in pain every time she thought of it. It was as if someone had stabbed her heart. But, Louis’ words kept repeating in her mind.

She could vividly remember every word he said. Those humiliating words tortured her again and again.

“Stop thinking about it…”Cheng Anya screamed hysterically and wanted to just faint and never wake up so that she could end her sorrows. But, her body was very strong and there was no sign of her losing her consciousness.

She kept tossing around before she finally slept when the sun was up. The sky was already bright when she woke up, as if she had timed herself. The breakfast was already served on the table. Cheng Anya washed up and looked at her ghost-like self in the mirror.

She smiled bitterly.

She almost could not recognize the person in the mirror. Although she used to be skinny, her face was radiant and looked healthy. Now, her face had lost all the radiance and even her eyes looked dull.

Her chin became sharper and the two sides of her cheeks had sunk in. The veins on her neck were popping out and she felt as if she had used up all her energy when all she did was to raise her arms. It was very scary as her body had been tortured until it was deformed.

Cheng Anya was cynical. It had only been ten days but she felt that she had lived for a lifetime. This sort of torture seemed to be endless and made people hopeless. Should she treat herself better?

She did not believe that Ye Chen was the one in the plane that crashed yesterday night. But, he should have known where she was by now and would find her within the next few days. His mouth would definitely be filled with negative words if he saw her in this state.

Cheng Anya thought about it and could not help but cry. She used cold water to wash her face and cool down herself as her hair was scattered around.

There were two types of breakfast, eastern and western. The maids did not know what Cheng Anya wanted to eat and prepared two sets of breakfast every day. Cheng Anya did not have any appetite in the past and did not eat much. Sometimes, she would even not eat for two to three days consecutively.

But, she was not like her usual self today and stuffed the food into her mouth. She could not taste the food and was just forcing herself to eat so that she could get the nutrients that her body needed. She did not want to let Third Young Master Ye see her in this state.

She was full after breakfast and her head felt giddy. She could not help but go back to bed and rest. She did not have enough sleep yesterday and felt lethargic. She wanted to have a good rest and not think about anything.

She had a dream after falling asleep for a while. She dreamed of a bunch of people torturing Third Young Master Ye in a place that was a vast expanse of whiteness. She could hear Third Young Master Ye yell angrily and she wanted to stop them. However, her legs were stuck to the ground and she could not move. She also saw someone using a whip to beat her baby and she could hear the young kid cry. He was shouting for his mommy and daddy to save him and Cheng Anya’s heart shattered. She screamed hysterically as she could only watch the young kid suffer.

Cheng Anya cried and screamed but nobody cared about her. After a while, Louis appeared and he was smiling gently. He clapped his hands as he admired the terrible state that Third Young Master Ye and the young kid were in.

Louis asked her. “Anya, do you like this show that I’ve specially made for you?”

Cheng Anya scolded and cursed him. She wanted to die together with him, but the air was like a net that trapped her and there was nothing that she could do.

She screamed and cried until her throat was hoarse. She could hear Third Young Master Ye and Ning Ning scream. She lost all her energy and kneeled down on the floor, begging Louis to let them off.

The wind blew and her whole body was cold. She could feel this piercing cold spreading throughout her whole body. Cheng Anya was helpless and could only cry. She disregarded her dignity to beg Louis to let them off.

Louis did not agree and held onto her face so that she could see how Third Young Master Ye and the young kid were being tortured. Cheng Anya cried miserably and almost passed out.

The scene suddenly changed and she dreamed that she was reunited with Third Young Master Ye. Third Young Master Ye rushed toward her and she was shocked. She immediately told him that there was a virus in her body and no one could touch her.

Third Young Master Ye’s eyes were wide open and they looked at each other. They were so close, yet they could not hug each other. They could only look at each other hopelessly.

He asked, “How many days do you have to live?”

She said, “Nineteen days.”

His gaze instantly became dispirited. He shouted. “Why is it not seven days? I can touch you if it is seven days…”

His voice softened and sounded affectionate but sad. “We can then die together. I want to touch you even if I die and I want to die inside you…”

She was shocked when she heard this. The sad atmosphere became more relaxed. It was a campy TV drama but was turned into a comedy. She was in a dilemma and laughed.

This was something that Third Young Master Ye would say. He was typically an arrogant and perverted hooligan. But, she loved him a lot and only wanted him. Therefore, she hated Louis and hoped that he could be put to death by dismembering his body.

The scene changed again. Cheng Anya saw Louis being tied up and tortured by a few muscular men. He was raped and his face was red. She felt very happy. Third Young Master Ye and Ning Ning laughed in a twisted manner and were in cahoots as they kept throwing out philter.

“Daddy, I want to take photos and put it up on all the websites and TV channels for everyone to see.” The young kid bantered. His big and beautiful eyes were as twisted as his daddy’s.

Third Young Master Ye’s genes were indeed good. His son did not inherit the good genes but inherited all the bad ones.

Third Young Master Ye touched the young kid’s head calmly. “Cut out the exciting parts and zoom in when you broadcast it so that Louis can enjoy it too.”

“Daddy is smart.” The young kid smiled. The father and son pair were discussing how to torture Louis and how to make sure Louis would not die from philter overdose at the same time.

It was very satisfying to look at the two of them who had the same smile.

Cheng Anya laughed out loud as she could not hide her happiness. Haha, Louis, heaven isn’t blind! Serve you right for falling into the hands of this pair of father and son. You will enjoy it more than Ye Yutang.

Their tactics would make you regret being born.

Cheng Anya laughed wantonly until her tears streamed down.

Her body suddenly shivered and Cheng Anya jolted awake. Her laughter seemed to echo in the room and Cheng Anya was depressed. It seemed like it was just a dream. There was a saying that what one thought in the daytime would appear in their dreams at night. She must have wanted to torture Louis for a very long time.

Therefore, she had such a perverted dream. She wished that she would not wake up from that dream if it was possible. If only the scene did not change and she could look at how Ye Chen and Ning Ning tortured Louis ruthlessly…

It was such a satisfying thing.

Her mind had become a little twisted as well, but she had no choice as people would become influenced by others. She always believed in not offending others if others did not offend her. But, if they did, she would return them ten times the suffering. Louis deserved it.

Louis said that God was on his side. But, one day, he would realize how terribly wrong he was.

When one thought that God was being nice, he would be so cruel that one would shudder. When one thought that he was protecting them, he would send them to hell. It was not that God could not do anything to them. It was just that it was not time for their retribution to come.

She believed in Buddhism and the theory of causal cycle. Louis would get his retribution someday.

Moreover, she believed that the day was coming soon.

Her head was in pain and it was already in the afternoon when the sun was the brightest. Cheng Anya could no longer fall asleep and left the mansion. The man and woman that followed her yesterday night continued to follow her around and she did not care. This made her more certain that Third Young Master Ye was really coming.

If not, Louis would not be so cautious and this news made her very excited. She jumped for joy as she waited for Ye Chen to come. Maybe, he was already on his way.

But, her excitement turned to dismal. She had a deep impression of the lights and missiles from yesterday night. Would Third Young Master Ye be able to dodge it even if he came? This island was equipped with the most advanced technology.

It was not easy for Ye Chen to enter.

Cheng Anya looked at the clear blue sky and her heart sank. Cheng Anya was frustrated as the two people behind her kept staring at her. She wanted to ask them to leave but decided not to after thinking about it.

She understood the logic that she had to listen to them since she was living under another’s roof. She was the one that would suffer if she angered them.

Her body was sore. It was comfortable to be basking under the sun. The brighter the sun, the more comfortable she felt as this scorching feeling made her realize that she was still alive. She walked along the beach and suddenly heard footsteps. There was a row of boys and girls running along the beach.

The child that was leading immediately kept a distance from her when they saw her. They did not dare to get near her as what had happened to Zhang Bo left a deep impression on them. The children did not dare to get close to Cheng Anya as they were afraid to become the next Zhang Bo.

They might not be able to live until they were grown up here, but at least, they tried their best to survive.

Cheng Anya looked at how the children avoided her and thought of the cute Zhang Bo. Her heart was in pain every time she thought of Zhang Bo and it was as if there was a knife cutting through her heart. She felt that even if the Zhang family forgave her, she would not be able to forgive herself.

The children ran and went far away very soon. Cheng Anya was stupefied and stood there for a very long time. The wind blew her long hair and contrasted against her skinny and pale face. Her frail body stood by the beach, as if she was about to be blown away by the wind anytime.

It made people pity her.

She suddenly lost the desire to bask under the sun. She came out for a walk as she felt suffocated in the room, but now, she felt even more suffocated. The good thing was that she did not bump into Louis.

She turned around and walked toward the mansion.

The man and woman followed her.

“She’s so baffling.” The woman sneered in disdain.

There was a big forest behind them. The man hiding behind the trees was looking at Anya intently. He pitied her but had to hide his feelings. He looked at her and was reluctant to leave, but he disappeared into the forest and could not be seen.

Cheng Anya felt that the gaze behind her was very scorching and instantly became suspicious. She looked back at the man and woman. The woman had never given Anya a nice attitude. Cheng Anya laughed coldly and went back to the mansion.

Lunch was ready when she went back to the mansion. She had woken up late and it was past lunchtime, but Cheng Anya was not hungry. Nevertheless, she cleared all the food on the try before going to sleep. She prayed that Louis would not disturb her again.

Soon, it was nighttime and the sky darkened. Cheng Anya went to sleep after dinner. There was not much entertainment on the island and she would imagine things if she did not sleep. Therefore, she decided to sleep, but her fever became serious.

Her body was hot. She covered herself in the blanket and felt as if she was being roasted in the oven. She was sweating profusely, but moments later, she felt so cold that her teeth were chattering. It was scary to experience both the hot and cold.

Cheng Anya turned off the lights early and hid under the blanket. She felt uncomfortable no matter how she lied down or curled herself up.

It was not a good feeling to be sick.

She did not want to seek help from Louis. It was too dark and he would not be able to see her suffer even if there were cameras installed. She would not be able to withstand Louis’ torture given her current state.

She suddenly heard noises coming from outside the mansion and her heart tightened. Could it be that the perverted Louis was here again?

But, she felt that something was wrong. The sound came from the rooftop. She could hear it clearly as it was quiet at night. Cheng Anya looked up and realized that the camera that was always lit had become dark.

At the same time, there was a familiar voice coming from the ventilation duct. “Anya, are you asleep?”

Third Young Master Ye’s voice.

Cheng Anya suddenly sat up and was agitated. “Ah Chen…”

She heard a long sigh. “It’s good that you can hear me. Don’t be afraid. Go to the place where you went for a stroll tomorrow afternoon. Can you remember?”

Cheng Anya wanted to cry as she nodded. She wanted to stand up but was stopped by Third Young Master Ye. Cheng Anya said hurriedly, “Ah Chen, there is a virus in my body, so please remember not to touch me.”

“Lie down!” Third Young Master Ye said in a hurry and Cheng Anya obediently lied down.

The camera was lit up again.

Everything became peaceful…

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