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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 351 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The few of them quickly ran forward. The woods were large and had a substantial overgrowth as nobody passed through it across the year. As sunlight slipped through the cracks in the canopy, slight shadows were formed. Cheng Anya could not help but hold Ye Chen’s hand even more tightly. The unease gripped her heart again.

Once they passed through the woods, a vast expanse of sea laid ahead. There were a few tall rocks on the silent beach. Cheng Anya had never come to this part of the island that was behind the mountains. Therefore, they were typically unguarded in a sense. There was an empty suspension bridge at the top of the cliff for the children who were training daily. Sharp rocks protruded out at the bottom of the cliff, which was lined with thorns. Third Young Master Ye held Cheng Anya’s hands and knelt in the woods. Everybody minimized their breathing and hence any noise they made.

A few youths on the beach, carrying guns, were discussing something loudly. Two of them were carrying walkie-talkies and spoke loudly and urgently to whomever that was on the other end.

The fierce waves and hot sea breeze carried a hint of heat with it. There was some debris on the surface of the water.

Black Eagle asked in a whisper, “Third Master Ye, what’s next?”

Third Young Master Ye gestured for them to keep quiet as he stared at the beach. The woods they were in were denser, a good place to hide. As they hid amongst the thorns, it would be difficult to make out any movement.

Suddenly, a chorus of footsteps in unison came over and was accompanied by the barking of several wolfhounds. Cheng Anya’s heart thumped and she broke into a cold sweat. There were over twenty men bringing more than ten wolfhounds toward the shore.

Third Young Master Ye squinted in danger, an alert written all over his delicate features. He gestured for them to quietly back off into the center of the woods.

The sunlight passing through the woods created patches of light.

“Black Eagle, bring all your men away and mess with them for the whole afternoon until nightfall. Can you do it?” Third Young Master Ye asked calmly. The six men he led were the Dragon Gate’s top assassins whose abilities were a notch below that of Ye Wei and Eleven. Leading those pursuing them in circles was child’s play for them.

Black Eagle nodded. “Two a team. Number Six and I will protect you.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Third Young Master Ye said in a calm voice. “I’ll protect her. There are many people on the island, so more groups to mess about with them will help. Remember, whatever you do, do not put yourself in danger. Just delay them.”

“Understood,” everybody acknowledged.

Third Young Master Ye nodded. Cheng Anya turned her head and saw him calmly instruct Black Eagle and company on their movement and how to mess with the enemy. She could not help but admire him. He was capable of a lot.

With sporadic sunlight in the woods, the excessive cold made Cheng Anya’s bones shiver. She could not understand their deployment and quietly waited aside and listened to Third Young Master Ye speak. The clarity in his deep voice was too calm. She held his hand even tighter.

Third Young Master Ye turned back to look at her before instructing Black Eagle on a series of items. A moment later, Black Eagle led his men away. She and Third Young Master Ye were the only people left in the woods.

“Are we really able to escape this place?” Cheng Anya asked Third Young Master Ye uneasily, worry apparent in her clear gaze.

As the occasional shadow landed on Third Young Master Ye’s face, his smile was somewhat dazzling. He looked exceptionally good when he smiled, and it seemed as though… all scheming men had absolutely charming smiles.

His seeming laughter looked more like he was scheming something. It was exceptionally charming as well.

She loved to see Third Young Master Ye smile.

“Are you afraid?” Third Young Master Ye asked gently. He really doted on and treasured her. She waited for him for over ten days on the island. Her drastic skinniness served as proof that she had suffered immensely. As of now, he could yet get her off the island.

The fear and worry were inevitable.

Cheng Anya shook her head and gently smiled. She was not afraid because she knew Third Young Master Ye would hold up the sky if it came crashing down. So what did she have to worry about? While she wanted to reply to Third Young Master Ye as such, she could not bring herself to say it.

Yes, she was afraid, not of what had happened but of implicating her Ah Chen, for him to suffer with her on the island. If he ended up in Louis’ clutches…

Cheng Anya shivered at the thought. She absolutely could not imagine what could happen.

She was unwilling. If that were to happen, she would rather he never came.

“Do you want a happy statement or the truth?” Cheng Anya gave her signature smile whilst Ye Chen tucked his lips and remained silent. She smiled and said, “Ah Chen, as long as you protect yourself, there is nothing for me to worry about.”

Third Young Master Ye looked at Cheng Anya deeply, and it seemed as though the world suddenly fell silent. Cheng Anya’s smile became the deepest yearning and goodness in his eyes, and like that ray of sunshine, it illuminated every dark corner of his heart. It was such a tender and warm love that made his heart ache and fill him with gentleness. His deep gaze carried with it an extremely dedicated passion that enveloped her and diffused the danger that approached. The chaos and bloodshed outside had nothing to do with them. There was no more trepidation in each step they took, no more bloodshed, and no more close calls.

There was just that warmth as the person he loved smiled in front of him. To him, her smile was the gentlest and most beautiful color the world had to offer.

“You silly lass.” Third Young Master Ye scolded her dotingly and lovingly.

What more could a husband ask of his wife!

His heart was clear.

As long as Cheng Anya was safe, he was willing to give up everything else, including himself.

“Dear Anya, I feel like kissing you.” Third Young Master Ye’s burning gaze stared at her red lips which glistened and seemed extremely tempting.

His gaze, so full of passion and lust, made Cheng Anya’s heart leap. That pervert.

“Louis sure played it extremely big.” Third Young Master Ye could not help but curse.

“What if this virus on me is incurable?” Cheng Anya asked. This was the worst possible outcome.

Third Young Master Ye propped his head and seemingly thought about something extremely serious. He then turned to focus on Cheng Anya and expected Cheng Anya to say something passionate and silly like ‘if you die, I will die with you’.


“If that virus is indeed incurable, you will die. If you have seven days left to live, I will do you for that whole seven days and nights. If I have to die, I want to die in you,” Third Young Master Ye said arrogantly.

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence.

Thinking about it sent shivers through her.

But looking at how focused Third Young Master Ye’s gaze was, along with that look of determination, she knew that he was absolutely capable of something so outlandish.


To think that he could even think of that! She was initially guessing that Third Young Master Ye would say something along the lines of ‘I’ll still do you before you die’. But the ‘for seven days and nights’ portion would mean that he would absolutely do her over before the virus would.

“Your small bran is really doing the thinking, huh?” Cheng Anya could not help but scold him laughingly. Why was sex always on his mind?

“Who told you to be this duplicitous and not let me touch you!” Third Young Master Ye said indignantly. He sounded as though Cheng Anya had deprived him for a long time and sounded as though he was accusing Cheng Anya of torturing him. “Now, look at this. Even if you allow me to touch you… I can’t.”

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence.


With no clear path ahead and enemies behind them, how could they discuss such unwholesome topics in these extremely dangerous woods?

Cheng Anya’s eyes twitched. She, indeed, could not have too many expectations of him. She was such an idiot to have gone mad with him.

It was just that they really missed this atmosphere.

Ye Chen gathered his countenance and paused. He said, “Don’t worry. I’ll get you out of here. I will.”

“Okay!” She believed. “I still do not want to die, and I also want to go to work at An Ning International. I cannot die in peace if I have not seen that place.”

“You could even think of that?” Third Young Master Ye could not help but flush. What she said was so smooth, and most importantly, it was heartfelt. But to say it to Cheng Anya felt unnatural.

“Deal. Stop acting like the girl next door. You were never one to begin with. I know you, hehe. Be nice and I promise I won’t laugh at you.” Cheng Anya mused as she saw him blush.

This was one of the sweetest comebacks she could pull off in her whole life.

It was such an honor!

Not too far away, gunfire rang out and Cheng Anya’s heart jolted. Third Young Master Ye calmly said, “It’s okay. They are experts at hit-and-run tactics. Louis’ men won’t be able to touch them.”

A few gunshots later, silence ensued. Tension filled the woods.

While Cheng Anya could also feel it, Third Young Master Ye seemed oddly calm. It was as though he was not in a hurry to get her through the woods and into the mountains where the woods were denser. The protruding rock faces also made for good places to hide.

“What was the explosion just now about?” Cheng Anya asked. She was guessing it was transportation, probably a yacht.

“Yacht.” Third Young Master Ye did not hide anything and explained. “Don’t worry. That was a bait. If they blew it up, so be it. I was expecting they did not discover it and we could directly escape. If they discovered it, it did not matter. This island is not impenetrable.”

“Louis definitely knows that I am missing and would have guessed that you are here. He must be excited that you have delivered yourself to his doorstep,” Cheng Anya replied extremely calmly to the point nobody could tell the hatred in her voice.

Like the last ray of light before dusk, it was gentle yet cold. Third Young Master Ye remained silent as anger coursed through his veins. Hating Louis was as natural as one’s basic needs.

“Anya, did he torture you?” Third Young Master Ye asked calmly.

He stopped, and his gaze burned with immense hatred. He could have guessed what had happened in those twelve days as he knew what Louis was capable of and how Louis had thirsted after Anya. Why would he not do her?

Initially, he did not intend to ask Anya about it. After all, if she were indeed violated, it was a pain that she could never recover from. He, naturally, would not bear to provoke her deepest pain, no?

But… he still asked.

Cheng Anya stood before him and looked down, her emotions in her gaze unclear. After a moment, she then asked, “If I were indeed violated by him, would you mind?”

“Definitely not!” Third Young Master Ye replied without thinking.

If he minded whether his woman was violated, he was no better than a beast.

To look at things slightly more objectively, he had a very strong possessive streak and would not allow his woman to be unchaste. However, when it came to Cheng Anya, he would bend all his principles.

As long as she was fine, her soul belonged to him. He would not mind.

He would, at most, dismember Louis.

Cheng Anya smiled. “Actually, let me tell you something. Louis’ manhood is… faulty.”

She described what happened to her on the beach that day, and Third Young Master Ye’s sinister face became happy. He was extremely happy and would have broken into a mad laugh had conditions allowed.

“Serves him about right!” Third Young Master Ye recovered from his twisted rant. “I should have cut that bit deeper years back. Severing it altogether would have been much better.”

Cheng Anya’s heart chilled at the thought of what Third Young Master Ye had suffered. She smartly chose to remain silent. Since he did not realize what he had said, she would naturally not call him out on it.

This was Ah Chen’s everlasting pain that he hoped she would never know.

Since that was the case, she would act as though she knew nothing.

As gunshots rang in the woods, the howl of wolfhounds grew nearer. Third Young Master Ye brought Cheng Anya to hide in a hot spring behind the mountain. They soaked their bodies in the hot spring as their heads were hidden in the thorns near the coast.

Disorderly footsteps quickly grew close and the howling of wolfhounds was accompanied by the loud and bright curses of men. Third Young Master Ye could understand Italian, while Cheng Anya couldn’t, so she only dared to hang around Third Young Master Ye and not move the slightest bit. Not too far away, a whistle sounded and a few men quickly walked past. After some barking, they went away even further. Third Young Master Ye intently listened to the footsteps. They had indeed gone far.

Cheng Anya then asked, “How did you know there was a hot spring here?”

Third Young Master Ye said, “Black Eagle and I scouted the area behind the mountains last night.”

Being unfamiliar with the terrain was a disadvantage. Third Young Master Ye then smiled and said, “Wait and see. The number of guards dispersed around the island is insufficient. If Louis mobilized all of them in pursuit of Black Eagle and company, I can guarantee you that they will pay in the hundreds for each of our own that falls.”

They were most capable of hit-and-run tactics.

To them, killing without attracting attention was even easier than killing an ant.

Louis was asking for trouble. Hiding people around the island was child’s play. The danger… laid in the traps.

That was why Third Young Master Ye threaded with extreme care.

“Ah Chen, how do we get out of here?” Cheng Anya smiled. She was not at ease as there were many people on the island. Besides, Louis was not one who would easily spare them.

If the IR beams started scanning, they would be quickly discovered.

“Helicopters,” Third Young Master Ye said.

“Where do we get these helicopters?” Cheng Anya asked. The helicopter crash that day left a deep memory in her as helicopters would be shot down before they even reached. “Hold up. Who died that day?”

“Those were remote helicopters without pilots.”

Cheng Anya heaved a sigh of relief. Third Young Master Ye then said, “Aren’t there many helicopters on the island?”

“You’re nuts!”

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