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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 375 - Gorgeous Mo Jue Is Back
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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After dinner, Third Young Master Ye took Cheng Anya and the young kid for a spin. Su Man wanted somebody to be the tour guide, but Third Young Master Ye refused. Although Third Young Master Ye was not familiar with Riyadh, he had an all-able son and was not afraid of getting lost. He did not want somebody else to disrupt the warm family time they had.

Riyadh in the night was indeed exceptionally beautiful. The sand-filled city was littered with skyscrapers. The streets were wide and bright, and the city was well-lit at night. When one looked at Riyadh from a distance, it was as though all the lights in the city had lit up.

Cars slowly drove by and Cheng Anya found that there were many fountains in the city. One could find two fountains along the same street with differing designs and styles. The fountains added a hint of coolness to the warm summer.

A good effort was made in planting plants in the city, and Third Young Master Ye laughed and said, “Part of the Sahara Desert is within Saudi Territory, and all the plants in every corner of Riyadh have to be painstakingly maintained. The costs involved are substantial, and the presence of fountains helps regulate the temperature in the city.”

Cheng Anya nodded. She was full of admiration for them. She also felt that the temperature in Riyadh was too high. She had spent the day in Su Man’s mansion which was lined with ice jade, which was exceptionally cooling. Once she stepped out, the heat rushed at her and Ye Wei, giggling, told her that forty degrees is considered normal temperature, with the highest temperature of about forty-five degrees. She could understand why the streets of Riyadh were so empty. Nobody in their right mind would walk on the streets in the day where the temperature was over forty degrees instead of at night when the temperature was cooler at about over thirty degrees. Those who decided to walk in the streets in the day were undoubtedly asking for trouble.

The few of them got out of the car to take photographs when there were extremely few people around. Although they were sweating buckets, Cheng Anya was smiling very happily. What they did not know was that a storm was brewing in Su Man’s mansion.

After dinner, Su Man entered the research lab and completed his dossier on the antidote for the 1934 virus before continuing researching the virus. He was alone in the large research lab, and he was unsurprised when Ye Wei came.

“Dear Beautiful Su, do you mind if I spend my evenings with you?” Ye Wei smiled attractively and leaned her soft and nice-smelling body into Su Man’s embrace. Like the most flexible person possible, she hooked Su Man’s neck with one hand and smiled alluringly. She even preposterously kissed Su Man on the cheek.

Throughout it, Su Man did not wince or blink. Firstly, in terms of martial arts ability, he was way worse off than Ye Wei. Secondly, he had one too many women throwing themselves into his embrace and he was numbed to it.

The man whose black hair had a silver band around it looked high-above and cold. He slowly put down the folder in his hands and looked up and down Ye Wei with a cold and stern glance. He said, “If you want to seduce somebody, at the very least, dress professionally.”

Ye Wei broke into loud laughter and lecherously hooked Su Man’s chin and gave him a teasing look that was as teasing as Su Man hoped for. She said, “I was once naked in your sheets, and you were unfazed.”

“Good that you know that.” Su Man pushed her hand away.

Beautiful Ye Wei openly caressed Beautiful Su’s chest—it was firm and tough. Ye Wei lamented. “When would this become a soft mound? Beautiful Su, you are really mean. Why didn’t you tell me that you had taken a liking to men? You’ve wasted a year of my life chasing you.”

“You did not ask.” Su Man frowned and beckoned her to get up. He hated being this up close and personal with women.

Ye Wei just would not, and she hugged Su Man’s neck and petulantly smiled. She said, “Dear Beautiful Su, if you had told me back then that you fancied men, I would have changed my gender just for you and we would be the perfect couple. How dare you stop such a budding romance in its tracks? Can you face up to me?”

Su Man, faced with Ye Wei’s wild cards and convoluted reasoning that became truth when repeated, remained calm. He said, “Even if you become a man, I will still not like you.”

“…Dear Beautiful Su, how could you lead me on with your gender preferences?” Ye Wei was upset and angry.

Ye Wei was feeling extremely conflicted. Why was she unable to seduce Beautiful Su?

She was losing her cool!

“Stop fooling around. If you have something to say, say it. I’m busy.” Su Man coldly looked at her and his authoritative demeanor filled the room. While normal men would have been scared until their legs jellied, Ye Wei was unfazed. She had experienced even more shocking demeanors.

“You know what I’m looking for you about, so stop acting stupid, will you?”

“Just cut to the chase, damn it. If you still want to beat about the bush, you are not going to change your spots when it comes to fancying other people.” Su Man cut to the chase. Although Ye Wei clung around him for more than a year, it was more jokes than serious stuff that he could not understand.

He could see it as acknowledging Ye Wei and Eleven as friends. Otherwise, he would not have allowed them to stay at his place for such a long time. Even if they were strong, he was never short of ways to chase them out of his place.

“Yes, I like him. What about it?” Ye Wei indignantly admitted it. Although her matters of the heart were called out upon, she did not feel the slightest embarrassed or ashamed and openly admitted it. She tapped Su Man’s chest and said, “With him, does that count as two men, or one man?”

“What do you think?” Su Man asked in return. “Also, what the hell do you mean?”

“He belongs to the Mafia and is possibly the man behind Louis. What’s wrong with me taking a liking toward him?” Ye Wei said and then laughed with a few hints of self-mockery. “For all you know, it might just be a conspiracy.”

Su Man raised his eyebrows. Under the night sky, the man’s snow-white dress and clear eyes made him exceptionally elegant and proud, yet wise. “Are you afraid that he will scheme on you?”

“That’s a reasonable deduction,” Ye Wei said as she pulled her chair and sat down. “I’ve spent my life scheming against others, but never have others schemed against me.”

“Ye Wei, you are toast,” Su Man flatly replied, and his voice sounded a tad warmer like it had been soaked in water. “You have really fallen in love with him.”

Ye Wei smiled with some brutality and dominance. “Dear Beautiful Su, do you feel that I should murder him? That ends all possible worries!”

Su Man smiled gently. He said, “I’m certain that you can’t bring yourself to do it.”

“Please, that’s such a joke. Are there people in the world that I can’t kill?” Ye Wei smiled with elegant dominance. She was even more arrogant and it revealed her desire to have her own way.

“I’m certain,” Su Man flatly replied with arms akimbo. He asked, “Ye Wei, you forcefully gain what you want and destroy what you do not want. While you have been going about this all this while, allow me to leave you with an earnest piece of advice: your overly rigid ways will do you in.”

“The pot ought not to call the kettle black as you are nowhere better.” Ye Wei waved her hand. “Couldn’t the same be said for you? You, Eleven, Bai Ye, and I—aren’t all of us like that?”

Su Man looked at her and did not say a word. There was a terrifying piercing look in his pitch-black eyes and Ye Wei was flustered by them. “Do you really have no idea when he will recover?”

“I don’t know. Such a person is a unicorn and there are no precedents that I know of. Even if I have encountered a precedent, said precedent’s condition cannot be compared to Mo Jue’s,” Su Man honestly replied.

“Is there any way for him to remain as he is now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Let him remain like this if possible.”

“Ye Wei, this is impossible,” Su Man flatly replied in a cold and harsh tone. “You are expecting too much. His current character is temporary and it won’t remain as such for long. His original character is what really matters, so do not mix things up. What he is now is not real.”

“I’m not the most bothered about this. I just want to know whether there is a way for him to stay the way he is,” Ye Wei flatly said.

While they did not like the current Mo Jue more than the previous Mo Jue, she would not know until they tried. While the previous Mo Jue was the real deal, what Ye Wei was more worried about was when Mo Jue became his previous self. It would be game-over for them.

If that was so, it would be better off they remained this way.

“You’d rather stand by an empty husk of a person?” Su Man was surprised. This was not Ye Wei’s character. The Ye Wei he knew was easy-going and would not go to extremes for such a person.

“He is not a husk of a person and is quite cute as he is,” Ye Wei smiled and said. Her gaze turned cold, and she asked, “Is it possible?”

“No,” Su Man decisively replied. “If his other soul remains in his body for too long, it will consume him and he will eventually die.”

Ye Wei frowned.

He would die?

She slightly paused her breathing and felt that a rock was pinning on her heart. It felt heavy and vexing, like an omen.

“Su Man, I have a very bad feeling about this. Either he dies, or I die. What do you say I should do?’

“Do you want him to die or allow yourself to die?”

“What nonsense. I’m in my early twenties and do not want to die.”

“So, why don’t you end it then?” Su Man’s counter-question left Ye Wei breathless for a moment.

“Okay!” Ye Wei smiled and murderous intent flashed across her face. “I understand.”

She turned around and walked out of the research lab.

As she just stepped out, Bai Ye came in. Su Man’s gaze darkened and became cold and harsh like a knife. “What are you doing here?”

“The latest viral analysis from Rome just came in,” Bai Ye calmly replied. As he looked in the direction in which Ye Wei left, he asked, “Are you sure that you didn’t just split the couple up?”

“Couple is meant to split up.”

Bai Ye was speechless.

Ye Wei sat alone in the central atrium quietly and did not breathe a word. Had she knew what Su Man would say, she would not have looked for Su Man. Her heart was exceptionally heavy, and she never felt this conflicted in her life. As she looked up to the bright moon in the sky, Ye Wei felt even more conflicted.

Mo Jue, Mo Jue…

What should she do about him?

Ye Wei was, deep down inside, also unsure about what kind of person she was. If Mo Jue became the Mo Jue of the past, he would oppose them to the very end and a massive fight would ensue. Once she recalled the mortal combat they were previously in, her blood boiled. But she also felt helplessness come upon her. If he was always her Marshmallow, then this would be unfair to both of them. And as Su Man had said, even life would become a mirage.

This was something Ye Wei did not want to see, and she was even more unwilling to confront the possibility that her dearest Marshmallow was all but an act. Ye Wei knew very well how that would turn out. She would be utterly ruthless toward her enemy, even if her enemy was Mo Jue.

Kill him?

Have mercy on him?

Su Man had a pair of very clear eyes and was able to see everything clearly. If she had to fight with Mo Jue, she would give it her all. But if she really had to kill him, could she bear to?

The incident at the beach was a live example.

If she had to kill him, she ought to do it now. How he behaved in the past few days left her extremely worried, and if he became the Mo Jue of old, she could not kill him.

To kill or not to kill? Ye Wei tapped her head in frustration.

This was a convoluted question.

“What are you pondering so deeply about under a hot summer day?” Eleven tapped Ye Wei’s shoulders and sat next to her. “To kill Mo Jue or not?”

“You are that damn parasite in me,” Ye Wei smiled and said. “I am really undecided over whether to kill him or not.”

When she previously let him go, she almost set up her third brother’s family. The cure for the virus in Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya was still nowhere in sight, and although the young kid was safe, his heart ought to be dead as Nuo Nuo was dead.

If she had listened to Eleven at the beach and murdered the Mo brothers, all these would not have happened. Louis would not have been able to easily scoot them away.

As of now, she clearly felt that something was amiss. The ominous feeling in her heart became stronger, and all her fingers were pointed toward the Mo brothers. With Mo Jue just by her side, this perfect chance for her to kill Mo Jue was for her to lose and never get a second chance her entire life.

They had to end the sins that they started.

“Dear Eleven, if Big Boss Mo were like this, would you kill him too?” Ye Wei suddenly asked.

Eleven coldly said, “Whatever I say does not count. You have to decide for yourself lest I mislead you.”

“That means you will mislead me.” Ye Wei smiled and came to a realization. “This is such a tough question. How could I bear to lay my hands on an innocent Mo Jue?”


‘Wei Wei, you have indeed fallen too deeply in love.’

“With Big Boss Mo incommunicado for days, where could he have gone to?” Ye Wei murmured to herself. This was too extraordinary. “You said before that he almost lost his gun on the beach and almost gave his life up then. Now that Mo Jue is in our hands, he has instead disappeared. This is strange. Since he does dote on Mo Jue so much, there is no reason to forsake him.”

“I find it weird too,” Eleven coldly replied as she squinted. “It’s not just you that’s having a bad feeling about this. I am too.”

As killers, they had extremely keen instincts.

Ye Wei and Eleven looked at each other in the eye and did not say anything else. The two of them sat for a while and Ye Wei returned to the room.

Mo Jue was playing computer games on the bed and Ye Wei frowned. She had never seen Mo Jue play computer games in these many days. When Mo Jue saw Ye Wei come in, he broke into a smile and said, “Wifey, you’re back! Come and kiss me.”

Ye Wei smiled and kissed him on his lips. “What are you playing?” she asked.

“A game,” Mo Jue replied and showed Ye Wei what he had accomplished. “I KO-ed the monster in seconds.”

“Awesome.” Ye Wei smiled. It was indeed a video game image and her tense heart relaxed. As she looked sideways at Mo Jue, she wondered how this little idiot of hers had such awesome looks and such an innocent face as well.

Just like a child.

Who would be vicious enough to harm a child?

“Wifey, why are you looking at me like this?” Mo Jue felt Ye Wei’s gaze and stopped playing his game to curiously ask. He seemed a little lost. What was up with his wifey?

“Nothing,” Ye Wei replied off the bat. Her body was at ease and she slumped onto the bed.

Why did this little idiot of hers have such innocent eyes?

“Wifey, are you extremely upset?” Mo Jue scooted next to Ye Wei, his gaze a little vicious. “Tell Marshmallow dearest who bullied you, and I’ll dismember him beyond recognition.”

The angel instantly became the devil.

“It’s only your wifey who gets to bully people, not the other way around.” Ye Wei raised her hand. “Do I even look upset?”

‘Damn it! You idiot, do you know what ‘upset’ actually means?’

How could a heartless person even have a heart?

“Your looks said so,” Mo Jue replied stubbornly. “Wifey, do you really love that Su Man?”

“Yes, I do.”

“What about me? Your dearest Marshmallow?”

“You are different,” Ye Wei smiled as she replied to him and tapped his puffed-up cheeks. “Stop pouting. Why are you mindful about Su Man?”

“I do not want you to like him.”

“But I like third brother, Eleven, third sister-in-law, Ning Ning… I like lots of people.” Ye Wei raised her hand. She felt fun looking into Mo Jue’s angry eyes.

“Wifey, you did not mention me.” Mo Jue seemed extremely aggrieved as he grabbed Ye Wei’s sleeves like a pouting mutt.

“Got it. Let me wash up and talk to you later,” Ye Wei said as she leaped up from the bed and entered the bathroom.

Mo Jue pouted unhappily and tapped a few keys on his computer. The video game image instantly became another 3D-picture.


Why did his brother allow him to drink?

Mo Ye tapped on the keyboard: Your wife will love you even more after you drink.

Mo Jue was at a loss. Was such a thing even plausible?

Big Boss Mo: Be good and trust your brother.

Mo Jue turned to look at the red wine at a side. The two glasses of red wine were brought over by the maidservants, and his wife never allowed him to drink. He curiously took a glass…

When Ye Wei came out of the bathroom, she felt a change in the air. While the room was lined with ice jade and felt exceptionally cool, she felt her heart turn cold. Mo Jue was sitting by the side of the bed and slowly putting down the glass of wine.

When was wine served? Ye Wei was shocked and saw Mo Jue look up. His clear purple gaze became cold, and a sinister aura surrounded him.

Ye Wei paused for three seconds and broke into her typically passionate smile. “Hi, Gorgeous Mo Jue, you just woke up?”






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