Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 384 - Detoxified
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 384 - Detoxified
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The next day, at the laboratory.

Cheng Anya saw how Bai Ye injected the antidote into Third Young Master Ye’s body. The transparent liquid flowed like cold spring water. Her heart was cold as well, to the point that her limbs were cold and her palms were sweating a lot. She watched the reaction of Third Young Master Ye, who was on the operating table, nervously.

This was not the first time Su Man and Bai Ye had developed the antidote. In those few days, they had developed three antidotes and tested them on mice. For the first two times, the mice were killed, whereas for the third time, the mice had no reaction.

However, there was a reaction in the mice. According to Su Man’s analysis, all the toxins in the blood had disappeared in an hour.

It meant that the antidote had at least worked for the mice.

Because Cheng Anya was pregnant with a child, they couldn’t guess what reaction the antidote would have on her. They could only test it on Third Young Master Ye first as the time he could live was very limited.

The antidote must be injected.

Ye Wei, Eleven, and the young kid were there as well. That day was the most critical. If the antidote failed to work, then they had to find another way to save them, which would waste more time.

For Third Young Master Ye’s case, he wouldn’t be able to hang on for that long.

The young kid and Cheng Anya both knew that this was their last chance. That day was the only day to check if the antidote would work or not.

After the antidote was injected into Third Young Master Ye’s body, everyone looked at the diagram on the screen quietly. The supply of tranquilizer had been temporarily stopped and Third Young Master Ye only had an oxygen mask on. The rest of the reagents had been evacuated too. It all depended on the reaction of the antidote.

Bai Ye felt Third Young Master Ye’s pulse and looked serious. Judging from his pulse, he was very peaceful. Because the supply of tranquilizer had just been stopped, he had no signs of waking up, which explained the peaceful pulse.

But half an hour later, he still hadn’t had a clear response.

The diagram on the screen showed that the virus hadn’t been defeated yet. Cheng Anya couldn’t understand the diagram but knew that the virus was engulfing his body cells through the device’s images of the inside of Third Young Master Ye’s body.

Bai Ye explained to them that the black part indicated the area where the virus invaded. From the diagram, Third Young Master Ye’s liver, stomach, and spleen were all seriously infected with the virus. His body was almost full of the horrifying virus, and they were all in a state of dissociation and variation.

After they had injected the antidote, small red bubbles appeared on the screen, constantly hitting the black areas. Cheng Anya and the others had seen how the antidote worked on the mice. After ten minutes, the black areas would gradually fade and disappear.

It meant that the virus was being eliminated and was disappearing.

But it had already been half an hour since the red bubbles had started to attack the black area, but there was no change in Third Young Master Ye’s body. It was like a fight between justice and evil. The justice wanted to kill the evil, but there was nothing that could be done.

Bai Ye looked at the screen with his arms crossed. It was the first time that his heart rate was this fast. Wasn’t the antidote working? He breathed in a lungful of cool air. According to his precise calculation, there would be a reaction after fifteen minutes. But why hadn’t there been any reaction?

The mice had only taken ten minutes to fuse the virus.

Something was amiss.

Bai Ye was sweating in between his eyebrows.

Su Man sat in front of the computer calmly and stared intensely at the screen. He looked very calm, not flustered at all, as if it was normal for him to have no reaction for half an hour and there was nothing to be worried about.

But Su Man’s palms were also sweating. He knew that if the antidote had no effect this time, Third Young Master Ye would surely die. Even if he and Bai Ye tried to develop another antidote as fast as possible, the results would only be out in three or five days. Cheng Anya could wait, but Third Young Master Ye definitely couldn’t.

Su Man’s noble facial features were solemn. He didn’t need to look back to know what expression the people behind him had.

Cheng Anya and the others did not dare to disturb Su Man and Bai Ye in case they might be distracted. Ye Wei and Eleven puckered their lips and waited nervously while the young kid accompanied Cheng Anya for fear that his mother would not be able to endure such torture.

The time waiting between life and death was the most torturous. In this case, most of them had given up on hope.

The young kid looked at his daddy, who was lying on the operating table not far away. His gaze showed pain and agony as he had just found out that they were related for less than half a year. He didn’t want to lose him. Just like what the fortune teller had always told others after reading their palms, one would lose someone they loved before they reached ten years old.

However, he later found out that the survey showed that most people would lose the people they loved before they turned ten. Some had lost their grandfathers, their mothers, or grandmothers. For him, he had already lost Nuo Nuo.

Hence, it was considered that he had lost a loved one already. His daddy must survive.

If he died, his mommy would probably turn into a walking corpse and never be happy again.

‘Daddy, you have to hang in there.’

He had always been confident with Su Man and Bai Ye and only realized how nervous he was at this critical moment.

Cheng Anya stood alone, supporting her hands on the edge of the table. She stared at the screen with her eyes like a torch, deeply afraid that there was any mistake. She prayed desperately for the antidote to take effect quickly.

“Bai Ye, increase the dosage,” Su Man said flatly.

Bai Ye frowned and injected the antidote without further questions.

In fact, the antidote was also a kind of poison. If Third Young Master Ye didn’t have the virus in his body, the injection of the antidote alone was enough to kill him within a minute. Hence, there was a certain risk in increasing the dosage. A little calculation error and he would be killed by the antidote.

“Bai Ye, what’s the matter? Why is he not having any reaction at all?” Ye Wei asked nervously. “Will it not work?”

“Wait,” Bai Ye said firmly.

Time went by slowly. Waiting was the most painful and torturous period. He had told them that he would wake up in an hour. If he didn’t, he would die. But they had waited for nearly an hour and he hadn’t woken up yet.

It was as if hope was slipping away between one’s fingers bit by bit.

Suddenly, there was a sound coming from the operating table. Third Young Master Ye’s wrist moved. He seemed to be struggling to get rid of the shackles, but he was stuck. He panicked and pulled hard, making big movements.

All of them were shocked. Su Man quickly analyzed how functional his body was on his computer. Third Young Master Ye groaned as if he was in pain. He shook his head and tried to break free. Cheng Anya and Ye Wei wanted to go over, but they were stopped by Bai Ye.

Suddenly, Third Young Master Ye let out a roar. “Ahh!!”

He had closed his eyes tightly for nearly ten days and opening them suddenly made his dark eyes full of blood, red and scary. His limbs began to struggle violently and he kept shouting wildly like a crazy person.

Upon looking at his state, Cheng Anya’s eyes turned red as well. “Ah Chen…”

She covered her mouth tightly and her heart felt like it was stabbed by a knife. She couldn’t bear to look and looked down at the table. However, she could still hear his wild roars.

‘Ah Chen…’


“Third brother, what happened to you?”

Ye Wei was also flustered. “Su Man, what’s wrong with my brother?”

“The antidote is starting work,” Su Man said calmly. “Since the sedative had been removed, it is normal for him to be in agony. In addition, the antidote is engulfing the virus and the two reactions are colliding with each other. This is a normal reaction that he’ll have.”

“Besides, we have increased the dosage, which means he would suffer more.” Bai Ye continued.

“Will Daddy be okay?”

“He won’t die since he had a reaction,” Su Man said as he busily checked all the indexes of Third Young Master Ye’s body while ordering Bai Ye to inject several kinds of test solutions into him.

So cold, so bold.

When everybody heard that he would not die, they were all relieved.

Cheng Anya and the others did not understand what was going on since they were not professionals. They only knew that Third Young Master Ye’s pain seemed to have been reduced. That wild roar that could only be heard from someone whose organs are being dug out was really scary.

Third Young Master Ye looked a little scary too. His features were ferocious and his voice was hoarse. His limbs had scars and wounds as he had tried to break free from the shackles, and they were all bloody. Some of the wounds were so deep that his bones could be seen. It was as if the shackles were going to be embedded in his bones.

Cheng Anya felt sorry for him.

“Daddy, it’s going to be okay. Hang in there.” The young kid clenched his fist and cheered Third Young Master Ye on.

“He can’t hear you,” Bai Ye smiled and said. Third Young Master Ye would not be able to feel anything temporarily, except for the pain and dizziness, which lasted for almost ten minutes.

The antidote began to fuse in the black virus area quickly and cleared the virus in Third Young Master Ye gradually. Ye Wei and Eleven were familiar with various modern technologies, but they had never seen such clear images of the whole process. They could clearly see the antidote cleaning Third Young Master Ye’s body and how the black virus faded and disappeared slowly.

At the same time, Third Young Master Ye slowly sweated.

His roar slowly softened and turned into an uncomfortable snort.

At last, Bai Ye injected him with serum and finished the last step of detoxification. Third Young Master Ye was exhausted and fell into a deep sleep.

Cheng Anya was anxious and wanted to go over but was stopped by Bai Ye immediately. “Anya, he has just been detoxified. Don’t poison him again. It’s your turn next.”

Cheng Anya paused for a while. “Detoxified? Really? Is he all right now?”

“Yes. It worked.”

“Great!” Ye Wei gave Eleven a high-five and everyone in the laboratory cheered. Even Su Man smiled.

After such a terrible detoxification process, the young kid was worried. “Will my mommy suffer as much as Daddy?”

“No,” Bai Ye said with a smile.




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