Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 387 - A Father-Son Conversation
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 387 - A Father-Son Conversation
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Third Young Master Ye took ten minutes to digest the meaning in Ye Wei’s words. When he recovered, Ye Wei and Ning Ning had long left to give them space. When he recovered, Cheng Anya already had two cups of hot tea.

Cheng Anya curiously pondered whether he was elated to the point of dumbness, or angry to the point of dumbness. The child sure arrived suddenly and out of their plans. Nevertheless, she was extremely elated.

What about him?

Looking at how he doted on Ning Ning so much, Cheng Anya secretly wondered to herself whether he would like this child. This father-to-be’s reaction was sure laggy, and she had to probe him whilst waiting so that he could show the slightest reaction.

Having looked emotionless for too long, she wondered whether his facial muscles would tire out.

“You’re pregnant?”

“Uh, yes, during the night in the desert,” Cheng Anya calmly replied. She suddenly felt a grip around her wrist tighten and she fell into a warm embrace. She felt a palm against her back, pressing her onto his chest. He leaned forward and his kiss landed on her, trapping her lips.

His kisses were overbearing, and he pried a space between her teeth with the tip of his tongue and explored the depths of her mouth. He almost reached her throat, sweeping every tender spot there was. He could not help but ravenously help himself to her mouth.

Held in his embrace, she naturally played along and did not resist his torrential kisses. Third Young Master Ye held her hand in a reverse scissor-grip behind her, manipulating them into an angle that was easy for him as he kissed her aggressively and hard.

It was not his first time kissing, and Third Young Master Ye was not gentle in the first place. This was, however, his first time kissing her aggressively and she even tasted a slight hint of blood between her lips and teeth.

She sighed. This beast would never learn what ‘gentle’ meant.

‘Even if you are excited, this is not the way to go about it!’

They kissed for a long time, and he almost took Cheng Anya’s breath away. Cheng Anya turned her head slightly away to avoid his fiery breath. He greedily kissed her cheeks and white tender earlobes while his warm scent lapped at her neck.

Embarrassed, her skin became a light shade of pink.

At that moment, Third Young Master Ye turned her face around and kissed her lips. He was much gentler this time. Cheng Anya’s gaze swept past him and she saw, under the white light, his passionate and gentle eyebrows. This moment felt serene and distant to her.

It felt as though it was an eternity.

She was content. Although their love languages were different, she directly admitted that she liked people, like Third Young Master Ye, who would express their affection through action. It made her feel sweet.

He undoubtedly liked this child.

If she would be able to keep the child, that would be perfect. She could not help but wonder how Third Young Master Ye of seven years ago would react to her carrying Ning Ning. Chances were he would coldly order her to abort the child as he did not want it.

The difference between affection and indifference is immense.

“Anya, I am very happy,” Third Young Master Ye released Anya after a long moment, resting his chin against her hair as he gently replied.

Cheng Anya smiled and said, “I am very happy too.”

Inside Ning Ning’s room.

In the past few days, apart from keeping tabs on recent developments along with Ye Wei and Eleven and exchanging information with Chu Li and developing counter-strategies, the young kid spent the rest of his time researching computer skills.

He had to admit that he was still some distance away from Mo Ye and Mo Jue.

The abilities of people are tested in the form of obstacles, and improving and leveling up is extremely difficult. It’s like getting a hundred marks in a test. There was simply no room to score more. The only difference was the level of perfection of the paper.

There were times even more effort had to be put in.

As Ning Ning was a genius, he was luckier than others and would always be a step ahead of them. This would allow him to overcome hurdles much more efficiently, albeit not at Mo Ye and Mo Jue’s level.

But he had, at least, been able to determine whether the information Mo Ye and Mo Jue gave were true. With a bit more time, he would definitely be able to defeat those two brothers. When it came to computer skills, he would have the last laugh.

When Third Young Master Ye came over, he was still busy.

“Daddy?” Ning Ning stopped his work and tilted his head to look at the clock. It was past midnight. “Daddy, why aren’t you asleep?”

“What about you? Don’t you need to sleep too? What are you doing?” Third Young Master Ye sat next to Ning Ning and he understood what was going on once he saw the computer. He gently rubbed his son’s head and said, “Don’t overexert yourself.”

“It’s okay.” The young kid smiled. “I am sparring with the Mo brothers and am not tired at all. It’s actually quite exciting instead. Daddy, I will be able to surpass them very soon. Once I surpass them, taking down Louis is child’s play.”

He had trouble sleeping as he would dream of Xu Nuo whenever he slept. Xu Nuo, in a red skirt with her soft whip, was like a fiery rose whose words were credible. She was someone he was unable to reach. When he woke up, desolate loneliness filled him. He was extremely afraid of this feeling and had problems sleeping unless he had the help of drugs.

As it so happened, he had the time to spar with the Mo brothers.

Third Young Master Ye smiled and said, “Daddy believes in you.”

“Why don’t you accompany Mommy?”

“She is asleep,” Third Young Master Ye said as he looked at his son. Ning Ning gently smiled and said, “Daddy, do you have something to tell me?”

If that weren’t the case, his daddy would not have looked for him this late in the night.

“Now that you will be leaving us, be careful in everything that you do, okay? I know that you hate Louis, but do not be obsessed with revenge lest you lose your compass.” Third Young Master Ye thoughtfully reminded him. He was always uneasy. Even Cheng Anya could sense that her son had changed, so how could he not? He, however, was unable to feel that the cute child in front of them had a drastic change in personality.

He was always worried that the immense hate in him would consume him.

He had an immense hatred for Louis and a huge desire to kill him. When he had fulfilled his wish, he would be so happy and… lost. To be too dogged about something would have negative effects. Once that was done, what else would keep him alive?

While it was impossible for Xu Nuo to come back from the dead, his heartache would never heal. He was afraid that his child would walk further down the path of revenge.

And eventually consume himself.

Their conversation revolved around his immediate concern.

For these many years, there was nary a single day he did not live in the shadows and nary a single day he was happy until he had both mother and son. He did not want Ning Ning to follow his path and remain lonely for life.

“Daddy, what are you talking about? I do not understand.” Ning Ning gently smiled and his slightly tender hands gently tapped on the keyboard without purpose. He was, however, looking out of the window instead of at Third Young Master Ye.

While he comprehended what was said, nobody could understand that mental burden in him.

Nobody, without experiencing loss, could understand his heart-gouging desperation. He would, at times, stand at the balcony and look up at the sky above Riyadh and fantasize about slaughtering the Mafia to relieve some of the hatred in his heart.

His heart had become vicious and brutal.

“Are you sure you do not understand?” Third Young Master Ye flatly asked. With an overly-smart son who had matured too early, the father and son interacted as though they were friends and family. He had never been so serious with Ning Ning in conversation and had never been angry at him.

His son was too perfect.

He would not provoke one into anger, was obedient, filial, smart, and adorable. He did not have any weaknesses that one could leverage on to educate him. His thoughts were even more meticulous and thorough than anybody else, and he understood things clearly.

Since he was extremely smart, his obstinate side was what made people worried.

Ning Ning remained silent, and his tender face was no longer childlike. The side profile of his face in the night portrayed the lack of the gentle smile he wore during the daytime and the adorable tenderness that showed itself in front of Cheng Anya.

His demeanor, cold and stern, accompanied the whirring thoughts in his mind. It was as though an aggressive ghost possessed him.

The room was extremely silent, and the rarely seen full moon above Riyadh seemed to have a bit of a corner chipped off. The moonlight seemed much colder than before and it pouring down made people feel cold.

“Ning Ning, have you grown up and will not listen to what I have to say?” Third Young Master Ye was suppressing the hint of anger in his voice.

Ning Ning’s silence confirmed his guess.

“Daddy, I know my limits,” Ning Ning gently said. There was so much anger in his reply that it was definitely not a good thing. He definitely had the intention to go on a killing spree. So what if he was brutal and vicious? It was just…

“Ning Ning, if you are going to beat yourself up like this, Xu Nuo’s death would be meaningless,” Third Young Master Ye flatly replied. “If it were your mommy who died, she would definitely not want me to become a vicious person who only knew hatred and not knew love.”

To not know love, huh? It was perhaps the case. Since he had heard so much about hatred, he had indeed not known how to love. It was afraid that Louis’ death would not quench the hatred in him. Who would he hate after that?

For the first time, Ning Ning felt that Ye Chen’s image in him became taller.

The hand on his shoulder felt even more powerful.

“Daddy, I know.”

Third Young Master Ye tapped Ning Ning’s shoulders. He sincerely and earnestly advised him. “I do hope you really know and could walk out of this shadow as soon as possible.”

As he finished speaking, he stood up and left.

Ning Ning looked at Third Young Master Ye’s silhouette disappear from the door and remained silent. It was the first time somebody talked to him about this since Xu Nuo’s death, and he did not know how to feel about it.

He was a little shocked and outraged, but he could not get angry as the person who raised the topic was his daddy.

He was slightly shocked. His daddy had remained mum throughout but saw through his mental burden.

He was also slightly touched as he could feel that as children, however old and smart, they were naked in front of their parents and their emotions were on full display.

He used to feel, in the past, whether he had a father did not matter as he was able to keep Cheng Anya free from worry.

Ever since he knew Ye Chen, he liked this daddy and pulled off all means possible to bring them together for want of a complete family. The actual significance of a father to him was an additional person whom he could dote on and be doted in return.

He was uncertain of that fuzzy feeling in him. Many years later, he would recall the past to realize in shock that fathers played an extremely important role in the lives of their sons.

His subconscious obedience to his father’s words prevented him from swinging to the other extreme of the pendulum and embarking on the wrong path.




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