Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 408 - The Wedding (Part 3)
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 408 - The Wedding (Part 3)
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Some cruise ship on the sea

She flexed her wrists and realized that the handcuffs were extremely tight. Her legs were also chained with long chains that ran onto the floor and seemed extremely sinister. She looked across the room with a smile. This was a decent room that was luxuriously decorated and comfortable. She secretly wondered if she would still have a comfortable nap if Louis had chained her to the side of the bed.

She was pale and had a little difficulty breathing, panting nonstop. She coldly laughed and lifted her hands to knock the hatch hard. As expected, the hatch door opened in a moment and a slender person appeared at the door and strode in.

He was svelte with golden hair and black eyes. A wave of suffocating anger emanated from him. It seemed as if he was about to destroy the world. People shook at his aura.

However, Cheng Anya laughed and seemed calm. She smiled as she looked at him and said, “Louis, weren’t you in Colombia trying to kill the Mo brothers? What brings you to City A? You know very well there is no escape, so why bring yourself to your own doom?”

Louis had a sinister look on him. They only saw him sometime before. He was clearly much thinner. All the days engaging in firelights with the Mo brothers left him with little time to see to other affairs, and hence his loss of weight. As he did not have his colored contacts, his pitch-black eyes seemed exceptionally terrifying. He lacked the confidence and easy-going nature he once had.

Like a dog without a master who was forced to leap a wall in desperation, even a calm and amazingly talented person would become hysterical and mad when cornered. Louis was naturally no exception.

She could imagine how helter-skelter his recent days were, and that thought brought a happy smile to her face.

His eyes were slightly dark and were brutal and vicious. He slowly approached Cheng Anya and wrapped his slender fingers around her neck and used force. She felt her breathing become even more difficult as she was already panting from the start. The air beneath her nose became thinner, and her face grew even whiter. It had a deathly pallor to it. She, however, still smiled gorgeously and fearlessly as though she was telling him, “Louis, you are not going to escape.”

“Anya, do you think that you can escape?” He punctuated his words as he exerted more force through his hands. “I will destroy what I cannot get my hands on. If I die, I will make sure Third Young Master Ye and you perish with me!”

The man sounded cold and full of hatred. “If it weren’t for you, I would not end up in this state. You will die with me!”

Her cold laughter became a mocking smile. She was beautiful albeit pale and toughness emanated through her. “Louis, you have failed and pinned the blame on somebody else. Who was the person who came to City A with confidence, kidnapped me, and had the most convoluted dreams of wanting Ye Chen? Louis, you dug a hole and jumped into it yourself, so do not blame others for what happened to you. Had you not come to City A and took part in this battle, Wei Wei and Ning Ning would not have discovered that you were indeed Ye Yukun. Ah Chen, despite his dislike for you, would not want to murder you for no rhyme or reason. Had you not kidnapped me, Ah Chen would not have wanted you dead. If all these did not happen, the Mafia would still belong to you instead of ending up in the clutches of the Mo brothers. Louis, this is your own undoing, so why are you complaining that you will perish? Your defeat is beyond doubt, and it is so thorough that you even lost the Mafia. You thought that you were playing out other people, only for the Mo brothers to consistently play you out. Louis, you were too dogged and too ambitious, which resulted in you being exploited by people and hence your terrible loss. The people whom you should really go after are the Mo brothers. If it weren’t for them, the Mafia could have duked it out against the terrorist organization, and you perhaps could have dominated the world instead of ending up like some scorned rat on the street.”

“Cheng Anya, do you think that I will let you go just because you said all these?” Louis laughed sinisterly. How could he not understand what she said? Whose fault it was no longer mattered.

Most importantly, he wanted them dead!

This was his character. He would destroy whatever he could not get his hands on and perish with them. As he thought about Third Young Master Ye, the hatred in him brewed even more and he became even crueler.

Her incomparably pure smile could not be concealed by her thick makeup. The Rose Tear on her chest was so gorgeous and complemented her beautiful looks. They were one in a million.

He knew why Third Young Master Ye loved her so deeply—because he fancied her. But that would not do. He had to die, and he hated her for snatching all of Third Young Master Ye’s attention and love.

Since young, the only person he had a hard-on for was Ye Chen. He would absolutely not spare him and would never let him have it easy even if he was about to die.

His persistence was so deep-seated that it possessed him.

“All I have to do is to use force and you will be gone for good,” he said sinisterly. He really wanted to break her neck. Breaking that beautiful neck was such a pity.

“You can try.” She coldly laughed without the slightest fear.

He could not help but raise his eyebrows. “Anya, I remembered that you were extremely afraid of me.” He ran his slender fingers across her face. He suddenly released his hand that held her and looked on with deep eyes.

“What? You’ve become so much bolder and no longer afraid? If my information is not wrong, you have a child in you, no?” Although he sounded gentle, she could not help but tremble, a hint of panic apparent in her eyes.

Louis was extremely happy appreciating her pale face. She tried to keep up her smile and said, “I am not afraid of you. Since that virus of yours did not kill us, how can you kill us? Great blessings often follow great tribulations, and since you cannot kill me, why should I be afraid of you? Besides, Ah Chen is not here now. What should I be afraid of?”

“That I cannot kill you?” Louis laughed weirdly. “I can take two lives at once by killing you now.”

“What are you waiting for?” She coldly laughed as though she was provoking him.

Louis grabbed her throat tightly and said, “I am going to kill you mother and son right before his eyes so that he will witness your death. Even if I die, you will too. Anya, face it. Knowing Ye Chen is the biggest mistake in your life.”

She coldly harrumphed and treated his talk as a load of bull. Louis released his grip on her and viciously threw her onto the ground. He said, with a cold look, “Once the ship reaches the open seas, the show begins. Anya, wait for it.”

When he turned away and was about to leave, she called him and said, “Louis, you’d better not regret it!”

“Humph! I will definitely not regret it!”

“I am extremely curious though. How the heck did you even get to City A? My son’s computer skills are so perfect that it is impossible for him not to be able to locate you,” she coldly asked. “You were cornered by the Mo brothers in Colombia, not to mention that almost all your subordinates are KIA. I really do not understand how the heck you managed to get to City A?”

“You seem to be much more aware of developments. Anya, I remember you as somebody who didn’t quite understand these.” Louis raised his eyebrows and coldly looked at the woman in the white wedding gown with a slight mockery.

Her smile turned even colder as she said, “Having been forced to follow you for this long, how could I not understand developments like this?”

Louis raised his eyebrows and squinted. He replied a moment later and said, “Yeah, I had many alternative plans. I had my ways to tangle with the Mo brothers for this long, so how could I get to City A without their help?”

She seemed calm and she looked down to conceal the viciousness that flashed through her eyes. There was a slight vignette of elegance beneath her long eyelashes that had a hint of murderous intent. Louis did not notice that, and she coldly smiled and said, “So the Mo brothers did help you. They sure are… vicious!”

“Anya, whoever is more vicious comes out tops in the underworld.” Louis broke into a rare smile. “Since you are going to die, I might as well tell you that the Mo brothers are all behind it. In terms of viciousness, Third Young Master Ye, Chu Li, I… and everyone else are no match for those two.”

It was as though she had lost all her strength. Her fingertips trembled as she looked down and did not say a word. Louis said, “Third Young Master Ye will definitely rush here, and I will show him how you die!”

The hatch closed. She, who was trembling on the ground just now, crawled up as though nothing had happened and she did not seem defeated. She said, “Louis, oh, Louis, it’s time for your self-orchestrated fiasco to end.”

She removed the silver needle from her hair and plugged it into the keyhole. Moments later, her handcuffs opened and so were the shackles around her legs. She deftly stood up and removed the shawl overhead. She walked to the bed and waved her hair. Fifty silver needles dropped onto the bed.

She removed the cumbersome wedding gown and tight suit and a silver gun dropped. She changed her clothes as well as kept her gun and silver needles. She then flexed her stiff head and opened the Rose Tear and said, “Let’s go!”

There were only five people on the cruise ship, and Louis stood on the deck as he watched the surface of the ocean with a deep gaze. The murderous intent in him brewed. He ought to have killed her just so that he wouldn’t have sleepless nights.

When Third Young Master Ye arrived, stabbing her an additional time would work too.

As he thought about that, the cruise stopped. Louis roared, “What the f*** is going on?”

“Oh, nothing. They were tired, and I put them to rest for eternity.” A person in black leaped across the deck with flowing hair. Her black tight-fitting attire accentuated her stunning figure to the point it caught attention, but her eyebrows had an absolute coldness and insistence.

Louis could not help but say, “Anya, you…”

She opened her mouth, jiggled her mouth, and coughed out a voice-changer. She also removed the fake mask on her and a gorgeous face appeared before Louis. Louis was extremely shocked, whereas she laughed gorgeously and said, “My dear elder brother, if you can dress up as third brother, why can’t I dress up as third sister-in-law? How was my acting? Oh, I forgot to tell you that I still have another ace skill—imitation.”

Louis was shocked. Since Ye Wei appeared on the deck, it meant that she had killed everybody else. As she was a killer, she was extremely cautious by nature and would have searched the cruise thoroughly before going up to the deck.

Good, very good! She was indeed vicious enough!

He originally felt weird at how weak the defenses were and how easily he managed to accomplish things. He did not expect Third Young Master Ye to lay a trap for him to accidentally walk into.

Louis raged but quickly calmed down. “Didn’t you say that you didn’t know that I was going to come to City A?”

“That’s correct. While we did not manage to locate you before the wedding, that did not impede us from laying a trap for you to walk into. Third brother said that even if we failed to locate you, you would still turn up.” Ye Wei smiled. She was not the slightest afraid of Louis who did not have a gun in his hand. She nicely told Louis, “Your death is impending!”

Louis broke into mad laughter that resonated across the sea. He understood everything now. Third Young Master Ye deliberately broadcasted the wedding proposal on GK International Media’s TV station. MBS International’s TV station was the top domestic station whilst GK International Media’s station was the top international station. He had no need to let the whole world know about his wedding. Broadcasting it on MBS International’s TV station would have sufficed, but he deliberately broadcasted the wedding on GK International Media’s station to allow Louis to see it—to see how they lived happily and fortunately, and how he ended up tragically.

He deliberately stoked the hatred in him to force him to appear.

Third Young Master Ye clearly knew that as long as Louis was alive, he would be a threat to his family and must not be spared. Given how cunning Louis was, and how Louis could not be located despite how good Ning Ning’s computer skills were, he guessed that the Mo brothers played a critical role in it.

He hence actively planned the proposal and wedding and deliberately delayed the wedding to October 10 so that Louis would have time to come over and prepare. If Louis did not appear, he would be flushed out. That was the only way to end all complications.

Ever since Third Young Master Ye became drunk and proposed, he already had the perfect plan, which was to win over Louis’ trust. He expended huge amounts of money to let Klose and everybody know about it.

Wherever Louis was, he would definitely know about their wedding.

He was sure Louis would appear, and he was correct!

Ye Wei coldly laughed. Go laugh while you can. The young kid and third brother would have his life. If she took his life, her third brother would slaughter her.

“I do not understand. I saw you, Eleven, and Third Young Master Ye leave the room. How could you be the bride?” Louis roared sinisterly.

“There is nothing particularly difficult about it. Since last night, two women dressed like Eleven and me and hid in the lounge. Once we entered, I naturally dressed up as the bride whereas Eleven brought third sister-in-law to hide in another room, following third brother. If you did not show up, all would be good and third brother and third sister-in-law would successfully marry. Well, even if you discovered me, Eleven would be able to protect third sister-in-law and you could not kill me. You are too amateurish to think that such little anesthesia is enough to knock me out.” Ye Wei nicely explained.

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