Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 41 - Two-Faced Yang Zekun
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 41 - Two-Faced Yang Zekun
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“I’ve heard that Third Young Master Ye has a new female secretary who is really capable. I wondered who it was, and she turns out to be Cheng Anya. Congratulations. I tried to hire her for so long but was not successful.” Yang Zekun’s gaze slightly swept past Cheng Anya, filled with his unique doting look.

Cheng Anya felt a lump in her throat and felt a little guilty. To be honest, everything was an unexpected mistake. She did not expect this to happen either.

Ye Chen twitched his lips and said, “Master Yang didn’t know about this?”

Yang Zekun smiled gently. His forehead was pure like jade, as if portraying the selfless tolerance between a couple. “Indeed, Anya refused to come to Yao Hua so as to avoid arousing suspicion. I’ve lost a capable worker for nothing.”

This sentence sounded ambiguous, yet Ye Chen felt that it was irritating to the ear. Yang Zekun was obviously trying to say that Cheng Anya did not want to put her work and relationship together. Therefore, she went to MBS instead of Yao Hua.

Yang Zekun let Ye Chen pick up Cheng Anya cheaply.

“Miss Cheng is indeed a good secretary. She provides the best service, be it public or personal affairs. Right, Miss Cheng?” Ye Chen’s elegant smile had gone bad. Under the glittering lights, his eyes were tinted with an evil charm.

He heavily emphasized on the words personal and service.

You knew how to annoy me, and I might not be unsure of how to disgust you!

Yang Zekun’s eyes did not change at all, still as gentle as ever. It was as if Ye Chen was only talking about how good the weather was.

However, his slightly clenched fist revealed that he was secretly enduring.

Third Young Master Ye sneered in his heart and looked at Cheng Anya whose face was smiling like she was paralyzed as usual. However, her jumping eyes revealed the fury deep down her heart.

F*ck! Ye Chen, could you be any more pervert?

You made it sound like I had an affair with you. No matter how desperate I was, I would not fall for you! o(╯□╰)o

This girl had seemingly forgotten that she had indeed picked Ye Chen out of desperation seven years ago.

Smoke could not be seen during the competition between the two successful men. Every move was hidden under their elegant smiles.

Third Young Master Ye was very happy as he was successful in striking back. The corners of his lips lifted up slightly. “Master Yang, how about getting a drink together?”


Both of them placed their hands on Cheng Anya’s shoulders at the same time, the same tall and slender body, the same persistent and deep gaze, and emanating the same oppressive presence.

Cold, threatening!

Although Yang Zekun had always been gentle, he was also proclaiming his desire to be in possession with his action. When Ye Chen looked at him, Yang Zekun changed the direction of his hands and held onto her waist before walking to the bar counter.

Ye Chen’s eyes fell on their intimate back view and sank.

Cheng Anya felt very uneasy. What was senior trying to do?

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