Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 412 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 412 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei hung up the phone and Eleven took off her earphone. Ye Wei looked out of the window with her ever enchanting smile on her face, covering up the true emotions in her eyes. The evening wind blew in from the window and her beautiful long hair was scattered in the air. The chip in her hand seemed to burn like a fire, burning the palm of her hand as if it was about to be engraved in her bone.

She had mixed feelings and thought about what had happened in the banquet venue. ‘Mo Jue, do you really not know that it was me?’ If she was a second slower, the person behind her would have shot her.

She was bound to die. Was he too confident in her, or did he plan to kill her? She realized that she could not understand Mo Jue’s mind. He could have not said that he was his man. Why did he tell her?

Sometimes real, sometimes fake. She had to guess the meaning and intention behind every word and action. She hated to guess people’s hearts.

Especially Mo Jue’s.

Ye Wei closed her eyes and enjoyed the breeze. She hypnotized her memory and slowed down the scenes in her mind. What exactly did she miss out on? How could she not know that Mo Jue was there as well?

He was definitely there and he must have recognized her. It wasn’t true when he had said that he didn’t know it was her. Then, why didn’t he stop the waiter from shooting? Perhaps only he himself knew the answer.

Her mind was too disordered to concentrate on replaying the scenes in her mind, so she had to stop. At this time, it seemed that there was no point in finding out where he was hiding.

What could she do if she knew?

It was already over.

“Eleven, I realized that I have never understood Mo Jue,” Ye Wei laughed and said. She fixed the messy hair on her forehead and squinted. “How can someone be this genuinely fake?”

She probably didn’t know what she was trying to express too, but she knew that Eleven would understand her as they were soulmates.

Eleven said calmly, “You are also the same, so don’t talk about Mo Jue. Wei Wei, do you dare to say that you didn’t manipulate him when he was Marshmallow? We are all the same.”

“Right.” Ye Wei smiled as if she was relieved. She then said, “So, the person who is better at acting wins?”

“Continue acting then.” Eleven sounded indifferent as usual, but her tone had a hint of warmth. “If you can convince yourself that you are not acting, then you have succeeded.”

When they were training in the past, the Old Witch had said before that the most successful person putting up a fake front does not show it at all. They had kept those words in their hearts and were used to adapting to various looks on different occasions.

If they had to, she could smile enchantingly like Ye Wei even if she was a cold and ruthless person.

“Apparently, I have not reached his level.” Ye Wei laughed bitterly and soon became elegant and domineering again. “So what? It’s still unknown who would laugh in the end.”

That was Ye Wei. The Ye Wei who was carefree, always confident, willful, and nonchalant. She had the ability and was cruel enough to be able to go with the flow.

Eleven laughed faintly. “Actually, Wei Wei, have you realized? You are only funny when you are with Mo Jue. I couldn’t listen to the conversation between you both anymore. If not, I will laugh out loud. How could you stay so calm?”

Ye Wei smiled. “That pure Gorgeous Mo Jue was gone. He actually talked dirty to me? F***, I still remember the times when he did not know what to do after I threw myself onto him. He dared to talk dirty to me now? As expected, men can’t be pure.”

Eleven couldn’t help but laughed. “Why don’t you say that you have taught well?”

“Stop. I didn’t teach him anything. He might have gone back and learned on his own. What is his status now? He could have all the women he wants and understood everything already. It would be a joke if he hasn’t,” Ye Wei said coldly as if it had nothing to do with her. However, she felt irritated and furious. Generally speaking, Gorgeous Mo Jue had to be taught by her.

“About the chip, you have already made the promise. Do not back out if he really stole it,” Eleven said coldly and looked at Ye Wei, who was deep in thought. She felt that both of them were really funny after recalling their conversation earlier on.

“It’s impossible for him to get the chip.” Ye Wei stretched her arm out of the window and applied pressure in her hands. The chip was crushed into powder and flew into the wind. She smiled and raised her eyebrows. “Would I make the promise if I didn’t have the confidence to win? Let’s see how he could get another chip.”

“You are cheating!” Eleven pointed that out calmly while focusing on driving. Both Mo Jue and Wei Wei were people difficult to deal with. ‘The results are really unpredictable once they start to fight each other.’ Then, Eleven sneered coldly at the thought of Big Boss Mo and herself.

If Mo Jue and Ye Wei were difficult to deal with, then the two of them were like icebergs colliding with each other.

He had hidden his emotions too deeply. She couldn’t guess his mind and didn’t want to guess it either. The only way to do that was to avoid interacting with him.

“Don’t talk about me. What about you and Big Boss Mo?” Eleven and Ye Wei knew each other very well. Hence, she understood what she was thinking. “I’m not planning to have any interactions with him.”

“We are not related and nobody owes anyone anything,” Eleven said coldly. “To tell you the truth, Mo Ye is only suitable for viewing from afar and not suitable to get close with. I haven’t given my heart to him yet, unlike you. Mo Jue has stolen your whole heart.”

“Wrong, I only gave him half of my heart,” Ye Wei said with a smile. She glanced at the beautiful scenery outside the window and smiled bitterly. “Do you still remember what Rong Yan once said?”

“Whoever is in love first would be consigned to eternal damnation,” Eleven said. She remembered that when Rong Yan said this, despair on her face was unbearable to see. Such a strong person like her was like a broken crystal at that moment.

But Chu Li, who hurt her heart, gave all his love to another person.

“It’s better not to get involved in love relationships,” Ye Wei said after being deep in thought. “I don’t want to suffer all kinds of hardships like Rong Yan, just to win Chu Li’s heart. I’d rather be clear from all these from the beginning. Anyway, I have Eleven with me.”

“Okay, that’s what you said. Whoever regrets this shall go into the jungle of death.”

“No problem.” Ye Wei laughed and made up her mind. She was relieved. The heaviness that had been entangled in her heart seemed to have disappeared. Ye Wei laughed and said, “I have to get a fake chip. If Mo Jue would never stop unless he reaches his goal, then we shall just act according to the plan.”


When the two returned to the seaside mansion, they received a message from Chu Li, asking about the chip. Ye Wei told them about the chip honestly to avoid having a bad sleep at night. Bai Ye told Ye Wei to destroy the chip first as it was only a copy. It was not a big deal even if the data wasn’t transmitted.

Eleven said, “She had already ruined it on the way.”

Ye Wei went to the kitchen and brewed two cups of coffee before returning to her study room. Eleven was still on a video call with Chu Li and Bai Ye. The news of the arms dealer’s death had been spread out, and it was also said that Ye Wei and Eleven had killed him.

The Interpol searched for them everywhere in City A and had blocked all sea, land, and air routes out of the country. The enemies of Ye Wei and Eleven had also rushed to City A, as well as many experts who had wanted to challenge them. This time, it seemed that someone behind the scenes had instigated them to all go to City A. There shouldn’t be such a big movement at all.

“You said someone is behind these?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and laid on the sofa lazily with her long hair hung down straight. “Nobody could recognize me and Eleven even if we walked around in City A every day for ten years. We change our looks every day. Who would know how I used to look like? Whatever. It’s not like we haven’t encountered this kind of situation before. I’m curious to see who is against us.”

“Silver Face has always wanted to be the world’s top killer and he has been against the two of you for very long. I heard that he had returned after staying silent for two years. Be careful,” Chu Li said flatly with a serious tone. His long fingers knocked on the table. He said slowly, “Wei Wei and Eleven, I heard that his skills are stronger now. Nobody in the West Camp in Cambodia could beat him. He is not the same now.”

Bai Ye nodded. “That’s right. The news had just spread and I think it has not spread to City A yet. Come back quickly after you have received the news. Avoid him for a while first.”

Two years ago, Silver Face became devoted to martial arts and had been trying to defeat Ye Wei and Eleven to become the top killer in the world. He should have been the top killer after Golden Eagle had died, but he failed because of Ye Wei and Eleven.

Hence, he had always been holding a grudge and chasing Ye Wei and Eleven around for several years, sometimes challenging them.

Ye Wei usually didn’t fight with challengers. It was always Eleven who fought with Silver Face. Three times. In all three times, he had lost the fight within a hundred moves. The last time they met Silver Face was when they were in London. That year, they were going back to the headquarters when they happened to meet Silver Face, who came to challenge them again.

Ye Wei was in a bad mood that day. For the first time, she took the place of Eleven, fought with Silver Face, and got rid of him in only fifty moves. She kicked him into the Thames River and walked away after that. They thought that Silver Face was already dead.

He was beaten up badly by Ye Wei and had several broken ribs. The chance of him surviving after being kicked into the river during the winter was slim. Both of them didn’t expect that he would return two years later.

“This man will not give up unless he is dead.” Ye Wei chuckled, regretting that she didn’t exert more power and kill him directly then to save her troubles now.

However, Eleven was concerned about another problem. Killers usually moved alone, except for Dragon Gate’s killers. There were five killers from the Dragon Gate in the international ranking list of killers. The killers of higher ranks were usually ad hoc killers, but those from the Dragon Gate were not. The buyers mainly contacted them through the leader of the Dragon Gate. She and Ye Wei were also considered ad hoc killers. They not only served the First Terrorist Organization but also took on tasks when they were in a good mood for the money. Generally, there was no backing for ad hoc killers. Silver Face used to be an ad hoc killer, but now… Since he wanted to deal with Ye Wei and her, he had to find other strength to support him.

Ye Wei had obviously thought of it as well.

“Who did Silver Face look for?”

Chu Li and Bai Ye looked at each other as if they had exchanged some information. Bai Ye’s face sank and said, “The Mafia.”

Eleven was expressionless while Ye Wei smiled enchantingly. The answer was within their expectations. Only the strength of the Mafia could help him get rid of them. Silver Face’s approach was wise.

Very well!

Ye Wei’s mind was quick and intelligent. She had thought through it within a few moments.

She smiled. “Silver Face is already in City A.”

“What did you say?” Chu Li asked flatly. “Don’t fight him face-to-face first. Wait until you have found out his weaknesses.”

Eleven looked at Ye Wei. There was a flash of anger in her cold eyes. She almost banged the table and stood up.

‘Mo Jue is so cruel!’

“Are you hiding something from us?” Chu Li felt that something was wrong. Bai Ye frowned doubtfully and his handsome face had a serious expression. He couldn’t help but say, “Wei Wei, what’s the matter?”

Ye Wei was looking down all the time and went deep in thought. Eleven glanced at her and said slowly, “Today, both Mo Jue and Silver Face were at the banquet. We have got the chip, but we didn’t realize that both Mo Jue and Silver Face were at the scene. But, they were definitely there. After that, Mo Jue called to test us and their goal at that time was no longer the chip because they knew that they wouldn’t be faster than us. The most important purpose of Mo Jue was to allow Silver Face to find out our weakness so as to facilitate him in getting rid of us!”

After ending her speech, it was obvious that Eleven was so angry that she had gnashed her teeth.

Ye Wei smiled indifferently and her face was as beautiful as a flower. She hadn’t changed a bit at all. The more Mo Jue was like this, the more she wanted to see how cruel Mo Jue could be. Humph!

Chu Li and Bai Ye obviously guessed what was going through in Ye Wei’s mind. Ye Wei, who had always been proud of herself, would never back off once she was determined to fight.

“Wei Wei, Eleven, don’t stay in City A. Go back to London tomorrow.” Bai Ye smiled faintly. “We haven’t been together for a long time. Let’s have a drink.”

“Didn’t we gather in Rome?” Eleven said calmly. Apparently, she was thinking of the same thing as Ye Wei. The more he tested them, the more she wanted to kill.

“Not all the people went,” Bai Ye said and smiled nonchalantly as usual. “Both of you have planned to come back since the Ye family is considered peaceful now after Louis’ death. What are you going to do staying there?”

Ye Wei thought for a moment and said, “We’ll go back if they don’t pick on us within a day.”

“Wei Wei…”

“Stop. Don’t ask!” No one could hinder Ye Wei’s decision.

Bai Ye looked at Eleven, hoping that she could change her mind and persuade Ye Wei. Eleven spread her arms, gesturing that she was stressed out as well and she did not intend to persuade her. Bai Ye was helpless. He could only let them be.

“Black-bellied Chu, how did this information get out? We haven’t had such things happening in recent years. If this kind of core information could be spread, the thief seems to be very familiar with how we work,” Ye Wei said coolly. Cold, murderous air glided through her smile.

She had always been ruthless to whoever had damaged the interests of the terrorist organization, no matter who it was.

“I’m checking,” Chu Li said calmly. “We have been living comfortably these years and there is Ning Ning to do the security work. It is the negligence of the headquarters. This kind of thing will not happen again.”

“Is Jason and Little Iron in London?” Eleven changed the topic.

Chu Li looked a little tired. Ye Wei asked casually, “How about Rong Yan?”

Chu Li was stunned and his gaze turned cold. Eleven and Ye Wei looked at each other and Ye Wei looked at Bai Ye. Bai Ye made a gesture, asking them to shut up. Ye Wei was suspicious and kicked Eleven. Eleven received her signal and asked, “Didn’t you save Rong Yan? Why didn’t I see her? Is she injured?”

Chu Li kept quiet with a gloomy face. Bai Ye gestured for them to shut up again. Suddenly, Chu Li got up and rushed off. Bai Ye shouted in response to the loud door banging.

“Are you serious?” Bai Ye shook his head. He always had a good temper and was an extremely calm person. When Chu Li left, he pondered for a while. “Why do both of you like to touch his raw nerve?”

Ye Wei laughed wildly. “Since I’m hurt, everyone should feel hurt together with me. That’s called sharing our blessings and difficulties.”

Eleven laughed. What a guilty pleasure.

“Bai Ye, what happened to him and Rong Yan?” Eleven asked curiously.

“It was because of Fang Ying.” Bai Ye frowned. “Chu Li… I don’t know how to explain it. Fang Ying went there with him and she suffered serious injuries because of Chu Li. Because of this, Chu Li ignored Rong Yan while looking after Fang Ying. Rong Yan didn’t say a word then, but when she came back, she left after telling him that they were even.”

Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. “Damn it, why did Chu Li bring Fang Ying there to save Rong Yan?”

“Fang Ying followed him there on her own accord.”

“I knew this girl would cause trouble. How many times was Rong Yan hurt because of Fang Ying? When would Chu Li ever learn his lesson?” Ye Wei sneered coldly while Bai Ye shrugged his shoulders without any comments.

Eleven said, “Okay, let’s not talk about it anymore. We shall go and rest. We’ve been busy for several days and haven’t had a good sleep.”

Bai Ye nodded. Ye Wei pursed her mouth in displeasure. “Sigh, if I can’t eat the food made by Rong Yan when I go back to London, I’m not interested in going back anymore.”

Eleven was speechless.

“Don’t think about Rong Yan’s food first. If nobody comes after you tomorrow, are you really planning to return to London?” Eleven asked seriously.

Ye Wei fidgeted with her pen and let out a sinister smile. “Do you think a person as cruel as Mo Jue would let go of this opportunity?”

He and Silver Face had hidden in the event location and watched every move of hers and Eleven’s. The thought of that made her feel very uncomfortable. The wind chimes shook gently and the waves roared. She frowned deeply.

‘Mo Jue, let me see how cruel you can be.’

Ye Wei’s eyes darkened and she broke the pen in her hand. It seemed that something she was feeling in her heart was broken by her in an instant as well.

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