Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 415 - My Heart Would Actually Feel Hurt!
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 415 - My Heart Would Actually Feel Hurt!
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“You will!” Ye Wei replied resolutely before taking two steps back. She stared at Mo Jue’s evil face and tried to decipher his emotion from his purple eyes but she failed. She smiled, but her smile was faint like lotus light. “Mo Jue, you came all the way from Colombia just to tell me that you will not go easy on me?”

Mo Jue’s tone was even fainter than hers. “Do you think I will?”

He suddenly laughed, his tone even tougher, as if he had made up his mind on something. He was cold and ruthless. “Indeed, I will.”

Ye Wei threw her hands as if she did not care and chuckled. “You don’t have to tell me that you will. I am clearer than you how ruthless and cruel you are. Mo Jue, you asked me when I will go to Colombia, hmmph! What is there in Colombia waiting for me? The trap that you, Big Boss Mo, and Silver Face set for me? This must be your real motive and you came here because I did not go. Silver Face had a chance during tonight’s banquet, but you asked him to observe in the dark. After all, he had been gone for two years while Eleven and I had improved a lot. One can only win if they know about their opponents and it is all about the outcome. Therefore, you’ll rather lose the chance to get the chip.”

Mo Jue’s eyes darkened and his purple eyes were filled with extreme anger. He suddenly roared and opened his hands to attack Ye Wei. He was accompanied by a gust of swift and fierce wind.

Ye Wei was shocked as he attacked suddenly and swiftly. Luckily, she was prepared and her right leg took a step back and bent down to avoid his attack. Mo Jue did not stop and kept his hands open and slapped her. Ye Wei tugged onto his arm but he twisted her arm back. He was extremely angry and used a lot of force, causing Ye Wei to feel suffocated. She swept her leg and Mo Jue made use of her strength to get behind her. He put her hand at her neck area and pulled her ruthlessly, forcing Ye Wei to take steps backward. She looked at him and saw his purple eyes filled with a murderous look.

She did not know why he was angry and used her hand to hit against his chest ruthlessly. Her strength was so big that his rib cage would be broken if he did not avoid her hit. Mo Jue wanted to escape in order to minimize the impact of the hit, but Ye Wei hit his temple and she escaped as Mo Jue was hit. There was suddenly a gust of wind behind her and she immediately turned back and two fists bumped into each other.

There was a huge difference between the strength of a man and a woman. She went hard against him and her fist felt numbed. The noise of her bones cracking could be heard clearly against the backdrop of the sea breeze blowing.

He was ruthless, but she was more ruthless.

Mo Jue narrowed his eyes dangerously and both his hands attacked Ye Wei. Ye Wei retreated backward but the sandy beach was not like flat surface. Due to the friction against the beach, both their speeds were reduced. But, their punches were still powerful. His purple eyes went red, as if he wanted to kill her right away.

Ye Wei did not admit defeat. Her punches were fast, ruthless, accurate, and stable. She was not on the losing end after a few punches.

The skilled people needed to be very calm when they fought each other. They needed to analyze accurately and swiftly find out their advantages in order to win. It was obvious that the two of them were the best of the best and this fight was more intense than any other fights they had. It was as if they went back to before they knew each other and did not give in to each other.

Mo Jue punched her ruthlessly on the chest and she kicked his head mercilessly. Both of them were injured due to the fight and Ye Wei specifically targeted his face. Mo Jue was used to attacking her stomach, chest, and throat, which were all vitals. Both of them did not gain any advantage.

“Lunatic!” She suffered a punch and it was so painful that she felt that her internal organs were all tangled together. It was extremely painful and traces of blood oozed out of her mouth. Ye Wei rubbed it away roughly and could not help but scold.

“Yes, I am a lunatic!” Mo Jue was angry and hit her recklessly. Ye Wei did not avoid his punch and punched his face. Both of them punched each other.

Both of them put in a lot of strength and took a few steps back. Ye Wei was not hesitant to take out the gun but she saw his furious gaze and suddenly stopped.

Mo Jue saw it clearly and sneered. “Take out the gun. Why are you not taking it out?”

“I am happy!” Ye Wei wiped away the blood on the corner of her mouth and her voice was coarse. After all, she suffered a few blows from Mo Jue and was internally injured. He was nowhere better as his face had turned blue-black after being punched by her.

“Hmmph!” Mo Jue laughed coldly. “Ye Wei, thank you for letting me understand something.”

She was shocked as she did not understand what she said that made him so angry. Wasn’t it a fact? Mo Jue dared to do it, so why was he afraid of her saying it? What did he mean by showing this disappointed and angry expression now?

Ye Wei was angered too and coldly said, “You’re welcome!”

Mo Jue was angered again, but he suppressed himself. His usual expressionless face was so sinister that water could drip down. He laughed out of extreme anger. “You would have died long ago if I wanted to kill you.”

She did not say anything and kept the virtue that silence was gold. She sneered in her heart but did not make any comments.

The sea breeze was blowing and the waves were howling. Their gaze collided but none of them were willing to give in.

After a long time.

Ye Wei said, “Do you dare say that Silver Face was not around today? Do you dare to say that you did not reach an agreement with him? Silver Face has always wanted to kill Eleven and me so that he could replace us. The two of you could get along well and it was not difficult to make a guess. But, you’re acting like you’re angry as if I had wronged you. Mo Jue beauty, what do you want me to say? Your acting skills are really good. I have no choice but to admire you.”

Mo Jue’s eyes darkened and his purple eyes were cold. “Acting? Well said. You didn’t wrong me. Silver Face indeed wants to kill you and I indeed could get along well with him. You did not wrong me…”

He repeated his last sentence twice and his tone was scary. Ye Wei’s heart sank and she showed her smile slowly. She smiled in her usual seductive way. “Gorgeous Mo Jue, I always thought that there was a tacit understanding between us. No matter how we fought and wanted to kill each other, it was something between the two of us and would, at most, include Big Boss Mo and Eleven. This was something between the four of us and love or hate was not important. It did not matter who would win over whom or whether we really wanted to kill each other. But, you should not have included someone else into this. From the day that you collaborated with Silver Face, it also signifies that I have broken up with you. Well, it’s not breaking up as we were never together. Well, the two of us have not made a decision yet and you’ve chosen to work with him. At last, it saves us the trouble.”

The anger in Mo Jue’s eyes disappeared and there was no color in it. He regained his usual treacherous coldness and looked at Ye Wei in silence. He did not rebut Ye Wei nor defend himself and just stood there silently.

After Ye Wei finished talking, he said, “Do you care that I’m using someone else to kill you? You care that I really want to kill you, but you’re not!”

Ye Wei’s heart trembled. She could not understand why he could say such a thing so calmly. She smiled like a begonia. “Gorgeous Mo Jue, it is unclear whether or not I really want to kill you. The reason why I’m not killing you is that you have not harmed my family.”

Ye Wei walked closer to him and lied in Mo Jue’s arm and hugged his neck as she chuckled. “I know that the two of you are ambitious and not willing to just be the second in command. As long as you do something that harms the organization or Dragon Gate, I will definitely kill you. Unless you can kill me first.”

“Wei Wei, do you know what I’ve understood?” Mo Jue suddenly said as he held onto her waist and she could not move. He said slowly, “You’ve made me realize that no matter what I do, you will think that it is wrong and there is an ulterior motive behind it. If so, I shall make your wish come true. You’d better analyze all my words in the future to decide what is true or fake.”

Ye Wei smiled seductively. “Why do I have to waste my effort to analyze? I will take it as all of them are fake!”

Mo Jue increased his strength on her waist and almost wanted to strangle her waist.

Ye Wei did not care as it was not very painful. The two pairs of eyes stared at each other at such a close distance and Mo Jue slowly said, “You, good!”

She chuckled and did not think about what he meant and took it as he had a motive.

She did not know why they had become like this. Maybe what he wanted was different. Mo Jue and Mo Ye wanted power, but she and Eleven only wanted to protect their family.

Third Young Master Ye, Chu Li, Bai Ye, Jason, Black J and the rest were their family members. They would not allow the Mo brothers to harm them. The Mo brothers wanted to conquer the world and their family would definitely be killed.

It was destined that they could only look at each other in hatred. There was only the line between black and white since the start.

Black was black and white was white. It was so easy to distinguish.

Or maybe, there was no trust between them since the start!

It was a dead end between the two of them unless either one of them was willing to give in. She would not give up on her family and he would not give up on his power. It was such a simple thing and she was clear about it since the start.

“I really like the other side of you.” Ye Wei mumbled as if she was laughing, but it was also as if she was making fun of him. She laughed in a yearning manner. “I don’t know if I still have the chance to meet him, so I can only let you help me tell him that I really like Marshmallow.”

Mo Jue’s eyes instantly became cold and his purple eyes looked murderous. His fingers were ready to make trouble, as if he wanted to strangle her skinny neck. Ye Wei was not afraid of him and slowly said, “Marshmallow is innocent, cute, and at least, he was sincere. The most important thing was that he was innocent and I did not have to guess his mind as he would tell me everything. I did not have to worry that he would harm me or harm my family. You are different from him.”

“He doesn’t exist!” Mo Jue said ruthlessly, his every word was as if trying to crush her hope. “What you like is just an absurd bubble.”

“Maybe!” Ye Wei smiled. “The two of you are different and I have never mixed it up. Even if it was just a bubble, it existed before. What about you, Mo Jue? What do you remember?”

He stared at her and she laughed seductively. “You don’t need those memories, but I do. Luckily, you don’t want them. We can be clear-cut then. Remember not to let me have a chance to kill you. Gorgeous Mo Jue, you might be more skillful than me, but I’m a professional killer. I will not meet force on force with the person I want to kill. I will not even let him know where I am.”

Mo Jue tightened his grip and destructive vicious currents appeared in his eyes. Ye Wei smiled seductively and wanted to kiss his lips, but Mo Jue was taken aback and turned his face to a side and Ye Wei kissed his cheeks. The soft touch made people obsessed. Mo Jue closed his eyes and pushed Ye Wei away.

Ye Wei narrowed her eyes and sneered. He was adapting better than her and could draw a clear boundary between them. She took three steps back and said coldly, “I know that Silver Face is here. Ask him to come out and fight me if he wants the chip.”

He did not say anything and his eyes stared at her. Ye Wei saw Eleven standing at the attic of the mansion from the corners of her eyes. Silver Face would definitely not mess with Eleven. He had already joined the Mafia and would not act recklessly without Mo Jue’s instructions.

“I actually…” Mo Jue wanted to say something but stopped and sneered. Ye Wei frowned and he harrumphed. This was not his motive for coming here today and he did not want things to turn out like this too.

But, he understood that unless he broke her wings, this woman would never belong to him.

“Ye Wei, you have a lot of chance to fight with Silver Face,” he said coldly. “I will let you have your wish from now on!”

‘I will never be so stupid anymore!’

Ye Wei felt suffocated but did not say anything. She turned around and walked away.

He clenched his fists as he looked at her back view. There was a trace of danger and blood in the air. His black coat kept billowing and he looked like a sleeping devil that was opening up his claws.

Ye Wei returned to the mansion and Eleven was waiting in the living room. Ye Wei smiled and lied on the sofa, her long hair flowing down, and she looked tired. “Eleven, have you seen Silver Face?”

“Yes, he’s in the forest behind Mo Jue.” Eleven saw Silver Face through the see-through mirror. It was without a doubt that Silver Face saw her too.

“Indeed!” Ye Wei smiled coldly and did not speak anymore.

“Don’t be sad.”

Ye Wei smiled. “I realized one thing. I actually have a heart that hurts.”

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