Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 417 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 417 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Jason took a glance at Chu Li’s expression and looked at the peeled walnut on his hand. Black J had peeled some walnuts and gave them to Eleven. Eleven took it and ate deliciously without thanking him.

Bai Ye sat there calmly and stole some walnuts from Ye Wei and ate too. Ye Wei looked at Fang Ying and smiled amiably as if she was Snow White’s mom. Her smile was as sincere as she could be.

Chu Li darkened his face and stared at her without saying anything. There was a storm inside his black eyes. His whole body was filled with evil tendencies and he was about to explode. But, Eleven suddenly knocked on the table and asked. “Wei Wei, which dishes made by Yan Yan do you like?”

“Reunion,” Ye Wei replied casually. Black J immediately echoed and chuckled. “I like the reunion that she makes too.”

He then put the peeled walnut into Ye Wei’s mouth to tell her not to anger Chu Li anymore. Scheming Chu had been very irritable for the past few days and whoever angered him would be in deep trouble. All of them knew about what Scheming Chu would do. In terms of fighting skills he might not even be in the top three, but in terms of tactics and scheming, if Scheming Chu said that he was second, nobody dared to say they were first.

Ye Wei slapped Black J’s hand away and complained. “Little Iron, I haven’t finished the food in my mouth. I will hold you accountable if I choke on the food.”

Bai Ye said calmly, “I like the white crystal jade cake that Yan Yan makes.”

Chu Li glanced at him, his black eyes seemed like he wanted to kill people. They were all very close with each other and would not hide their emotions. No matter how they stayed calmed and endured in front of others, they did not have to hide their feelings in front of their family members.

Just like how Ye Wei had obviously shown that she did not like Fang Ying and wanted her to scram. Jason obediently peeled walnuts for Eleven, obviously showing that he was on Ye Wei’s side.

Bai Ye and Black J were even more obvious.

Bai Ye threw up his hands in a dashing manner and continued to snatch Ye Wei’s walnuts. Black J’s blue-grey eyes looked at him. “Small White, peel it yourself if you want to eat.”

“You peeled so much and Wei Wei cannot finish it anyway.” Bai Ye narrowed his eyes dangerously as he hated the nickname of Small White. But, some people liked to call him that and Bai Ye’s eyes were fixed on Jason.

Jason immediately spat fire. “Why are you staring at me when Little Iron was the one that called you that? Small White, can you not wrong me?”

Eleven slapped her hands over and said, “Silent!”

Jason howled and sat down. He peeled walnuts for Eleven as he stared at Bai Ye grudgingly.

Fang Ying saw that Chu Li did not protect her and a trace of sadness flashed past her eyes. She looked at Chu Li in a silly manner but Chu Li was still angry because Bai Ye mentioned Yan Yan. Fang Ying looked even more pathetic.

She had a forced smile and said, “Wei Wei, Eleven, I can make it for you guys if you like.”

She could do whatever Rong Yan could.

She had been with them for more than ten years and grew up together since young. Why did all of them like Rong Yan but not her? Fang Ying could not be reconciled as both of them liked Chu Li.

Ye Wei smiled. “Little Ying, you’d better not do it as the taste will be different when the chef is different. Furthermore, why would I let you cook for me? Have you forgotten that I hate you?”

Fang Ying’s face became paler.

Ye Wei was not an aggressive girl, but she was always ruthless to Fang Ying.

“Little Ying, ignore them. You have not recovered yet. Just go back and rest first.” Chu Li’s voice was gentle.

Fang Ying looked at Chu Li, seemingly weeping and full of complaints. Did he not like it that she joined their gathering? Why? She grew up with them.

“Do you not like it that I’m here?” Fang Ying asked bitterly.

Ye Wei harrumphed in her heart. Who else welcomed her other than Chu Li? Eleven made a hand signal and Ye Wei smiled. Black J’s eyes were sharp and saw it too and kept quiet. Bai Ye was smart and remained silent as well.

If they were to talk about the dispute between Ye Wei and Fang Ying, it would go back to many years ago.

Fang Ying was Chu Li’s first love and Fang Ying was the one that accompanied him through the island for many years. At the start, everyone could get along well as Fang Ying was very gentle and everyone liked her.

Ye Wei and Eleven did not like her, especially Ye Wei. She could not get along with Fang Ying. But they were training on the same island and Ye Wei treated her as air since she did not like Fang Ying. However, Fang Ying played some tricks to sabotage her a few times and would act innocent to gain empathy afterward. Ye Wei’s character was not as well-received among the guys as compared to Fang Ying.

Jason, Black J and the rest did not like Ye Wei and Eleven and they got into fights often. Ye Wei even joked that her talents were forced out by them as she always lost the fight at the start. After all, Chu Li and the rest came to the island a few years earlier than them and they were already quite skilled. But, as Ye Wei and Eleven’s talents were more obvious, the situation started to change. The Old Witch liked Ye Wei and Eleven more, which also caused their status to be higher than Chu Li and the rest on the island.

The Old Witch knew about the dispute between them and deliberately split them up in the forest training. Ye Wei and Eleven teamed up with Chu Li and Jason respectively and they forged a bond during the fights. The disputes between them also slowly disappeared.

As they got older, the dispute between Fang Ying and Ye Wei became deeper. Ye Wei was seductive and it was obvious Chu Li was interested in her and Eleven. Fang Ying felt that they were a threat and treated Ye Wei as an enemy. Moreover, Ye Wei and Chu Li were always very intimate and Fang Ying felt unhappy about it. Therefore, the two of them slowly became more distant.

However, Jason, Black J and the rest chose Ye Wei this time and did not protect Fang Ying like when they were young. Things became more complicated after Rong Yan came and Fang Ying was slowly not liked by all of them except Chu Li.

“Little Ying, you have not recovered from your gun wound yet. Don’t come out,” Chu Li said calmly. Fang Ying heard that he was caring about her and felt sweet in her heart. She looked at him gently.

Ye Wei rubbed her arms and Bai Ye smiled. Black J was silent and Jason asked her as he felt that her action was strange. “Wei Wei, are your arms itchy?”

Bai Ye closed his eyes. Who could save this idiot?

Black J looked back at stared at him calmly. Would this brother die if he didn’t speak?

Ye Wei replied, “London’s weather is a little cold. I’m having goose bumps.”

Fang Ying’s grudging eyes looked at Ye Wei. Ye Wei smiled seductively and crossed her leg, comfortably enjoying Black J’s service.

Fang Ying said gently, “Brother Chu, I will make tea for all of you.”

She walked away before Chu Li could say anything. After all, it was not suitable for others to join their meeting. Therefore, he did not stop Fang Ying. Ye Wei threw the walnut up and caught it with her mouth.

Chu Li came over and smack her. “Can you not go against her all the time?”

Eleven said, “Since when did Fang Ying become the female owner of this palace? Why do I not know?”

She even helped serve tea, using the attitude of the female owner to treat them. Show off!

Chu Li was shocked and frowned. It was unclear what he thought of, but he kept frowning.

“Your heart is in pain now?” Ye Wei smiled. “Scheming Chu, where is Rong Yan?”

“She left!” Chu Li’s voice became cold as he sat on one side with a sinister look on his face. He snatched Eleven’s walnut and stuffed it in his mouth. Eleven looked at her empty hand in puzzlement.

Jason was angry and held onto his collar. “Damn it, I peeled it for Eleven! Since when is it for you?”

“Alright, alright, I’ll peel for you later.” Chu Li slapped his brother’s hand away.

Bai Ye smiled as he threw some walnuts for Chu Li to peel. The walnuts were their favorite snack and they would always eat it during their meetings. Ye Wei was the greediest and could eat half of it every time.

“Left? Where did she go?” Ye Wei asked. “I’m looking for her to discuss something.”

“Yan Yan is still in London,” Bai Ye said. Chu Li stared at him fiercely and Bai Ye acted innocent. What did he do again? He had been stared at twice.

Eleven said, “Chu Li, what you did was not right. You went to save your woman, but why did you have to bring your ex along? To stir things up?”

Chu Li’s eyes were obscured and he kept quiet. Ye Wei laughed. “Who said it was his ex? Maybe Scheming Chu has always recognized Fang Ying as his woman. Poor Yan Yan… What did she do all this for?”

Chu Li’s eyes were darker. “Shut up!”

Ye Wei harrumphed and Black J said calmly, “He did not make his stand clear. Even I think that he wants Fang Ying and not Rong Yan.”

Jason’s eyes lit up. “Rong Yan has so many suitors and she was ruined by Chu Li. Her ex was good. He was devoted and looked better than Chu Li. He was talented and Rong Yan was sad for a few years because of him. They were very affectionate at that time as first love was indeed the most memorable one. Little Iron, is there anything about Brother Chu that can be compared to him?”

“None!” Black J replied calmly. Chu Li used the walnut as a secret weapon to hit their faces. Jason and Black J caught it calmly and peeled the walnut to give to Eleven and Ye Wei respectively.

Their actions were synchronized.

The evil tendencies in Chu Li’s eyes were growing. He glanced at them. “Are you guys teaming to talk about my sad stories? All of you shall wait. I will deal with all of you after this while.”

This time, everyone was silent. Chu Li had said that he wanted to deal with them and they had to keep absolute silence.

Bai Ye changed the topic. “Where’s the chip?”

“Destroyed!” Ye Wei said faintly. Jason was still worried and asked. “Have you checked whether it was real or fake?”

“Would I destroy it if I did not check whether it was fake or real?” Ye Wei rolled her eyes at him and laughed. “Eat more walnuts. It’s good for your brain.”

Jason punched her.

Chu Li asked in a sinister manner, “Did you meet anyone else after snatching this chip in City A?”

“All those who came for it had more or less been caught by Mister Brown,” Eleven said calmly.

“Really? But I heard something happened that night.”

“Even if something happened, it had been settled.” Ye Wei smiled and narrowed her eyes. Chu Li smiled in an even more sinister manner. “Did that stupid Marshmallow find you?”

“He did, but the two of us could not win against him, so we ran away,” Ye Wei replied as if she did not care.

Chu Li harrumphed and Bai Ye said, “The mafia has Silver Face now and we still don’t know how capable he is. We actually wanted the two of you to fight him so that we could know about his capabilities. But, it seems like Mo Jue was calm.”

“What happened?” Eleven heard that Bai Ye’s tone was not right and asked worriedly.

Chu Li stop acting like he was sinister and said calmly, “There is news spreading that Silver Face has received an order from the Mo brothers to kill us.”

Ye Wei’s face turned cold. She thought of Mo Jue’s last message and her heart sank. Was he declaring war on them?

Everybody looked at Ye Wei and she slammed the table, angry. “Why are all of you staring at me?”

Everybody was shocked by her and was all speechless. Bai Ye touched Ye Wei’s long hair. “Be calm, be calm.”

Everybody expressed that they were innocent. Wei Wei, you were too doughty.

“Has anyone fought with Silver Face?” Eleven asked calmly.

Chu Li shook his head. “My data did not show anything. I only know that he was recruited by the Mo brothers. A few hours ago, I’ve sent Ning Ning the news so that he could check. This person had disappeared for two years before reappearing. He definitely will take revenge.”

“One thing for sure is that he can’t win against the Mo brothers,” Ye Wei said calmly. “If he can, he would not be willing to be their killer.”

“Is it one on one or fighting the two of them?”

“I don’t know!”

Everybody was silent. “Shall we stay in London to protect all of you?”

“There’s no need. This is not the first time we become assassination targets,” Black J said. “We are not persimmon that will be squashed easily.”

“Little Iron, you have backbone!” Ye Wei praised him.

Ye Wei suddenly looked at the door and saw a strikingly beautiful lady. “Hi, Yan Yan, why are you so late?”

Chu Li’s eyes brightened, but he hid it quickly and regained his serious and cool self. He even stared at Rong Yan angrily.

“Rong Yan, why are you here?” Black J was surprised too.

“I’m here to meet Wei Wei and Eleven.” Rong Yan smiled and walked over to sit down with them. There was an empty seat beside Chu Li and Bai Ye, but Rong Yan sat beside Bai Ye without even thinking.

Chu Li looked at Bai Ye as if he wanted to kill him for the third time!

Bai Ye’s eyes twitched. Was it his fault?

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