Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 42 - Declaring War
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 42 - Declaring War
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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This was Cheng Anya’s most nerve-wracking social engagement in the past few months.

She was skilled like a duck to water at social engagements after she became Klose’s and then Ye Chen’s chief secretary. This time, however, she felt that the air below the tip of her nose was thin.

It was not her illusion that Yang Zekun and Ye Chen seemed to be competing over something. Cheng Anya filtered through the data in her brain carefully, only to conclude that the two of them did not have any grudge against each other.

In the business world, even if they fought for their lives, both parties were willing to do so and able to admit defeat.

The atmosphere between the two of them was so eerie that Cheng Anya wanted to scream. If she did not have to maintain a perfect smile, she really wanted to go off in a huff.

She had no clue why Ye Chen asked her out.

To accompany him to drink?

Remy Martin Louis VIII… Each bottle of brandy was more than ten thousand yuan. Only the two of them could gulp it like plain water.

“Master Yang seems to be very close with Miss Cheng.” Ye Chen bantered. His delicate features had no expression and were deep like the sea. He smiled faintly as his eyes swept past Cheng Anya.

Cheng Anya pressed her lips. Since when did Pervert Ye care so much about who she was closed with?

Yang Zekun replied with his doting smile that he had for Cheng Anya, “Yes, it has been seven years!”

It was another ambiguous reply.

Ye Chen silently gulped down a sip of his liquor while keeping his elegant chivalry. He was so distinguished and handsome that many teenage girls would scream for him.

Seven years? Tsk, what’s there to brag about? Didn’t he know what a seven-year itch was?


The bar was a private one as the hefty price tag became a barrier for normal civilians. The people in there were all well-respected and it naturally included Ye Chen and Yang Zekun.

The two of them were drinking liquor as if they were friends, painting a mysterious color over the commercial war that happened a few months back.

“Too insidious…,” said magnate A. “Did they join hands to defraud us?”

“That’s right. Looking at this stance, it must be eighty percent true!” said magnate B. “They are so insidious and cunning. Third Young Master Ye alone is enough. It is unexpected that even Yang Zekun is so insidious. He is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Cheng Anya was silent!

Please! This older brother, even if senior wore a sheep’s clothing, he would still look pure! This older brother’s taste was too bad. ~(≧▽≦)/~

She could still ridicule him under such an intense atmosphere.

Cheng Anya went to the washroom once halfway through and when she was back, the two men who acted gentlemanly the whole night finally tore away their pretense.

Yang Zekun’s expression changed from his usual gentleness to being cold as a knife and he seemed indifferent. “Ye Chen, if you dare to touch Anya, I will make sure you regret it!”

The effect was more shocking when words that were cold like Yama[1.Hindu god of death and lord of the underworld] came out from someone so gentle.

The surrounding temperature immediately went down.

Cold and threatening.

Ruthlessness flashed through Ye Chen’s evil eyes and he sneered. “You still want to challenge me? Yang Zekun, I can destroy you with just one finger. If you’re so capable, then destroy me too.”

“What a big talk!” Yang Zekun stared at him coldly. “I’m afraid that you can’t afford to play with me!”

“I’m afraid that you can’t afford to lose!”

Two powerful glares collided, instantly creating intense sparks and filling the air with the smoke of war. Without Cheng Anya around, the plunder and malevolence burning between the two men were exposed.

When Cheng Anya came out, the two of them had already raised their glasses, smiled, raised their head, and finished the cup of Remy Martin Louis VIII!

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