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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 429 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Rong Yan kept herself low and watched Mo Jue carry Ye Wei into the car without moving. She was so nervous her palms were sweating, and she had no idea what to do. The castle suddenly lit up and was as bright as day. The sinister feelings of earlier were removed. Rong Yan felt even weirder. What was actually going on? Who was the man who was carrying Ye Wei?

Since they were not far from the castle, Rong Yan did not dare to make a careless move and hid in a dark corner. There were too many people below and she was afraid she would not be able to escape had she startled them. As this was not something Rong Yan wanted, she could only head back.

The silence in the small space allowed her to hear her tense and nervous heartbeat.

Seeing Mo Jue carry Ye Wei into the car and leave, Rong Yan felt even more uneasy. Where was Eleven? Why didn’t she see Eleven? Rong Yan’s heart leaped to her mouth. Regardless of whether Eleven was dead or alive, news was what confirmed it.

Ye Wei and Eleven were always inseparable, and it was impossible for one to be carried away whilst the other was left behind unless one of them was dead for good. As Rong Yan thought of this possibility, her face turned pale.

And her heart thumped even more quickly. Mo Jue had already driven and brought Ye Wei away. Rong Yan did not dare to make a move, and she saw Count Henry lead some men out after half an hour. She was too far to clearly hear them speak, but she could somewhat hear Count Henry give them instructions before leaving after a moment.

The castle became peaceful once again.

The wind blew and waves lapped in the dark night. She felt a little cold but waited for another twenty minutes. She did not see anybody handle bodies, nor people enter or leave the castle. Rong Yan hesitated for a moment before flooring the gas and driving downhill.

She thought of several possibilities but refused to think about the possibility of Ye Wei being captured and Eleven being killed. She could only console herself nonstop that everything was fine and that they could have left through another path.

There were multiple ways to access the mansion, and they could have left by sea.

‘Stop scaring yourself.’ Rong Yan consoled herself nonstop as she drove toward the headquarters of the terrorist organization. Once she stopped the car, she ran in and grabbed a man and asked, “Where is Brother Chu?”

“In the conference hall.”

Rong Yan let him go and rushed toward the second floor. When she turned by the stairs, she saw Chen Yang and Fang Ying talk to each other in hushed tones. Chen Yang, as though he was convincing Fang Ying to leave, showed an extremely awkward look.

He sharply saw Rong Yan and frowned. His face sunk and he asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Is it of your business?” Rong Yan coldly smiled. When she just followed Chu Li years ago, Chen Yang was extremely good-looking but had a fiery temper and somewhat childlike. Five years had passed and he had clearly matured.

He, however, fancied Fang Ying and was hell-bent on getting together with Fang Ying. Chen Yang always thought that she was the third party who sabotaged their relationship and was extremely biased against her. Since he was Chu Li’s right-hand man, Rong Yan did not want to make things difficult for Chu Li and rarely mentioned to him about how Chen Yang made things difficult for her.

As she walked past them and headed to the conference hall, Chen Yang raised his hand out to stop her. He said, “Miss Rong Yan, Brother Chu has given instructions that nobody is to approach the conference hall.”

Rong Yan’s face turned cold and she took a look at Fang Ying. She noticed that her face was extremely pale like a withered rose. She secretly wondered why she had yet to recover and the scene in the afternoon appeared in her mind. While she felt good, she was worried about Eleven and Ye Wei and impolitely mocked, “Ah Li’s ‘anybody’ includes her, but not me.”

The few of them would never avoid her.

Fang Ying naturally knew what she was saying and coldly laughed. “Rong Yan, you are too self-confident. When Wei Wei said she would not avoid you, are you assuming that everybody will not avoid you? I have followed them for so long, and they never allowed me to take part in their conferences. Even Zhou Zheng, Jiang Qing, and Chen Yang are not to approach. Who are you to think that you are something? Do not forget that he had chosen me over you in the afternoon.”

As she reached the end, she was somewhat pleased and could not conceal her bias and irritation for Rong Yan. Pushing away the gentleness of days past, love rivals encountering each other would certainly end up as such. She had always thought that she and Chu Li would have long been married had it not been for Rong Yan.

Rong Yan’s heart slightly ached. When it came to rebutting, Scheming Chu was sometimes not her match, let alone Fang Ying. Rong Yan was not in the mind to tangle with her. She pushed away Chen Yang’s arm and walked away. Chen Yang bellowed, “Miss Rong Yan, if you are going to barge in, do not blame me for being impolite.”

“I want to see how impolite you can get.” Rong Yan had her way and pushed him away. Chen Yang, in a rage, slapped Rong Yan. As Rong Yan was not a skilled person, she did not steady herself and knocked against the wall.

Fang Ying coldly laughed. Rong Yan squinted and said, “Chen Yang, you sure have the gall to hit me. However incompetent and unhelpful I am, I am not somebody you can just hit. Get out of my way!”

She could wait to settle the score with him.

As she was about to force her way through, Chen Yang acted again. Fang Ying secretly mocked her without the slightest sympathy. Suddenly, there was a strong gust of wind and somebody held Chen Yang’s hand when he was about to hit Rong Yan. Chu Li embraced Rong Yan with his other hand and grabbed Chen Yang’s wrist with his other hand. His eyes were sinister and his anger spiked.

“Ah Li…” Rong Yan was at ease whilst Fang Ying’s face slightly changed as she gritted her teeth in hatred.

“Brother Chu, I…” Chen Yang did not know how to explain his predicament. He could not say that he did not want to entertain Rong Yan and deliberately hit her on Fang Ying’s behalf.

“Chen Yang, I have warned you before that I will cripple you if you dare to lay a finger on her. Did you treat my words as nothing?” Chu Li flatly replied. Rong Yan, in his embrace, could feel his undulating anger.

“Brother Chu…” Chen Yang was in fear and his wrist ached even more. Chu Li turned his hand and broke Chen Yang’s arm with a tug and pull. Chen Yang’s agonizing scream filled the second floor.

His two other right-hand men, Zhou Zheng and Jiang Qing, hurried over.

Chen Yang was sweating buckets from the pain but endured it. He did not dare to believe that Chu Li would be this vicious toward him for the want of a woman. Chu Li was one who protected his brothers, and he, Zhou Zheng, and Jiang Qing had followed him for close to ten years. They had always trusted each other and rarely had such conflicts. To think that Chu Li would break his arm because of Rong Yan…

“Brother Chu…” Jiang Qing and Zhou Zheng reached but did not dare to help Chen Yang. Zhou Zheng looked at Fang Ying sternly. Fang Ying’s face turned even paler. She looked at Chu Li in a daze and was about to collapse.

“Jiang Qing, bring him downstairs and patch him up after he has ached for a few hours. Zhou Zheng, guard this place,” Chu Li flatly replied and turned to look at Fang Ying. “Little Ying, you are unwell. Go back and rest.”

When he finished his words, he led Rong Yan into the conference hall.

Bai Ye and Black J watched on at the door and raised their eyebrows without saying a word. Bai Ye showed Jiang Qing a gesture for Jiang Qing to bring Chen Yang to a private doctor. Jiang Qing nodded in panic and led Chen Yang down.

Zhou Zheng coldly looked at Fang Ying and quietly guarded the conference hall.

Fang Ying, utterly humiliated, clenched her fists. To think that he treated her as invisible right before other people, and how could he treat Chen Yang this way because of Rong Yan? How could he, how could he? He had never treated Zhou Zheng and the others this way. They were, apart from Bai Ye, Black J and Jason, his most trusted brothers.

Jealousy, like a poisonous snake, gnawed at her heart. Fang Ying looked at the conference hall in hatred before walking away in anger. He trusted Rong Yan, but not her. He actually trusted Rong Yan…

Fang Ying turned around at the stairs. She leaned against the pillar and her eyes were wide open. The moonlight gently poured down through the window. Her pale face seemed even more terrifying under the moonlight. Her eyes were filled with anger, jealousy, and a tinge of… viciousness.

It was as though all her strength was sapped from her and she could not move. As she leaned against the pillar, she gradually lost her strength and collapsed onto the floor. Tears poured out of her eyes. She had accompanied Chu Li without regrets or complaints for those ten-over years and through his darkest and worst parts of his life. She comforted him when he was battered and bruised, and even gave him all the gentleness she could.

She had treated him with all her care and concern without hoping for anything in return. She only hoped that she would be able to spend the rest of her days watching over somebody whom she loved. Too many things happened later on, and she had no choice. She had, from the beginning to the end, loved him deeply.

Why did he treat her this way?

The feelings of the past caught up with her, but she could not erase the image of him with Rong Yan. Ever since Rong Yan returned, he was distracted even when he was with her. He would occasionally talk about how Yan Yan was, how Yan Yan…

She absolutely hated it!

Would he only take a look at her after Rong Yan died?

She could feel Chu Li become further and further from her to the point he was out of her grasp.

As Fang Ying thought about it, she felt even more agonizing and her gaze became even more sinister. Since that was the case… She looked at the moon outside the sky…

Fang Ying had never been this certain that she wanted Rong Yan dead more than anybody else!

As they entered the conference hall, the few of them, including the regal Ross, were present. Chu Li asked, “Are you injured?”

Rong Yan, having just recovered from her shock, looked at him. He was one who absolutely trusted and protected the three of them. She did not expect him to clip Chen Yang’s wings for her.

“Are you in a daze? I am asking if you’re injured.”

“No!” Rong Yan shook her head. Bai Ye asked, “Yan Yan, is there something urgent?”

“Yes. Something happened to Wei Wei and Eleven.”

“What did you say?” Everybody was shocked. Jason got up from his seat and quickly sat next to Rong Yan. “What’s going on? What happened?”

Rong Yan completely described what she saw tonight, and they were the only ones who could save Ye Wei and Eleven.

“You didn’t see Eleven?”

“No, I didn’t. I only saw him carry Ye Wei as he left.” Although the two of them were identically dressed, the ornaments on their wrists were different. She naturally knew that was Ye Wei.

“It’s Mo Jue!” Chu Li exclaimed.

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