Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 43 - Choosing
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 43 - Choosing
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The three of them walked out of the bar and Cheng Anya felt awkward.

“I’ll send you back!” Ye Chen and Yang Zekun said in chorus. They glanced at each other before looking at Cheng Anya.

Both Ye Chen’s coldness and Yang Zekun’s gentleness were so tough that it did not allow anyone to interfere.

Compared to his gentleness when he was in the bar, Yang Zekun seemed more carefree now and said, “Third Young Master Ye, we shall not trouble you with such a small matter. What do you think, Anya?”

Yang Zekun whispered beside her ear, his warm masculine breath surging behind her ears. In the eyes of outsiders, it seemed like Yang Zekun was kissing her ears and they were very intimate.

Cheng Anya was thunderstruck. Her body stiffened, face reddening and whitening like a child who did something wrong. She was at a loss…

What did senior say?

Ning Ning?

What did he mean?

Ye Chen’s eyes narrowed and insidiously skimmed over. The two of them seemed familiar and intimate with each other. He could not interrupt at all.

“Boss Ye, it’s late. I shall not trouble you. Senior will send me back.” Cheng Anya tried to remain calm and avoid eye contact with Ye Chen before getting into Yang Zekun’s car.

The black Lamborghini sped away. In the dark night, Ye Chen’s eyes were malicious. He kicked the car ruthlessly to vent his anger.

The perfectly elegant coat was finally torn in the dark night!

The expensive Rolls-Royce silently endured its owner’s fury and vibrated three times.

It was silent throughout the journey. Knowing that Yang Zekun realized something, Cheng Anya was nervous. Her heart thumped and wondered if it was too late to deny.

At this moment, she couldn’t help but hate Ye Chen’s perverted genes. Ning Ning looked seventy percent like him. His tender features were like those of Ye Chen’s younger version.

Indeed, if one was a pervert, even his genes would be perverted, causing her to lack confidence in denying.

Could it be that senior had already known about it a few years ago?

Why didn’t he mention it before?

The car stopped below Cheng Anya’s apartment. She really wanted to escape from the awkward atmosphere as soon as possible. However, why would Yang Zekun be willing to let her off?

“Ning Ning is Ye Chen’s son?” It was not an inquiry, but an affirmation.

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