Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 433 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 433 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Third Young Master Ye secretly wailed and forced Lisa away from his legs. Lisa was very affectionate and forced a few kisses on his cheeks, leaving two bright red kiss marks. Third Young Master Ye was irritated and his face darkened. Lisa had known him for more than a day or two and naturally knew about his temper. She saw his darkened face and knew that he was angry, so she pouted her lips and looked at him coquettishly. Her gaze seemed to be complaining about him being merciless, as if he was a heartbreaker.

Third Young Master Ye had always been dissolute and never rejected any pure beauty when he was in this country. He never rejected any hottie from overseas too. Lisa had never been treated like this and felt unhappy. “My dear, when will you invite me to your palace?”

“Lisa, why are you in the south?” Third Young Master Ye wiped away the lipstick marks on his face with a tissue and regained his usual elegant smile. Lisa was affectionate, pretty, and had a true temperament which was rare among all the women he had dated. Therefore, he did not detest her.

“I’m here to shoot MV as my next album is rushing to be released. The producer said that the MV was not nice. Therefore, I’m here to do a re-shoot. It’s so annoying. Damn perfectionist. I thought it was not bad.” Lisa complained and generously smiled at Cheng Anya. She asked Third Young Master Ye, “My dear, is this your new lover?”

Cheng Anya smiled at her sweetly and seductively too. Third Young Master Ye wiped away his sweat. Although he had no image to care about in front of Cheng Anya, this time, he really had no image at all.

Really unlucky.

He knew that he was doomed this time looking at her smile. He was still a little afraid when this woman really flared up. After all, his wife was the most important person now.

“Lisa, let me introduce my wife to you. Anya, this is Lisa, a famous singer and model in France.” Third Young Master Ye introduced the two women to each other without any expression.

“Miss Lisa, nice to meet you!” Cheng Anya smiled and greeted her. Lisa opened her eyes wide as if she was shocked and could not believe what she had just heard. She looked at Anya for a while before exclaiming. “Ah, I’ve seen you in photos before but I couldn’t recognize you as you look more beautiful in person.”

Lisa extended her hand affectionately and Cheng Anya extended her hand politely too and they were considered to have known each other. Cheng Anya could not help but think that perhaps only foreigners could be so open-minded. It was not awkward at all for the wife and mistress to meet.

“You’re beautiful too.” Cheng Anya praised her. She did not listen to French songs and did not recognize Lisa. But, in terms of looks, even someone picky like her felt that Lisa was very pretty in a delicate manner and every part of her was perfect.

“Thank you.” Lisa smiled. “Third master, I’ve heard that you’re married. Are you really well-behaved now?”

Third Young Master Ye smiled and nodded. Cheng Anya was silent. Did Lisa have to seduce her husband in front of her? Wasn’t it too flagrant? This beauty was really open-minded.

“That’s a pity.” Lisa smiled and waved her hands. “I have to rush to shoot the MV. Please continue to enjoy your meal.”

Before she left, she hugged Third Young Master Ye’s neck and inched toward his ear in an ambiguous position. “Your wife is really pretty.”

She kissed him before she charmingly left. Third Young Master Ye smiled bitterly and looked at Cheng Anya. Miss Cheng smiled at Third Young Master Ye calmly and it made Third Young Master Ye feel scared.

It was the truth that honesty begets mercy.

“Wifey, I’ve known her for very long. We are just friends.” Third Young Master Ye rubbed his nose and was honest. “We used to be together.”

Cheng Anya smiled and calmly said, “It has nothing to do with me.”

“Anya, let’s not be particular about the past. I swear that I have never cheated on you ever since I have you and Ning Ning.” Third Young Master Ye raised his hands to prove his innocence.

“I won’t know even if you cheated on me.” Cheng Anya continued to smile as if she did not mind. She was actually not angry as it was already things of the past and she was not someone petty. She was clear of what he was like in the past and there was no need to be angry. It was just that she was uncomfortable as they would bump into his ex-girlfriend even during a meal. Who knew how many more they would bump into in the future?

“Anya, are you questioning my loyalty?” Third Young Master Ye had a crying face and looked at her as if he was saying that he would jump down if she did not believe him. He was like a loyal martyr and looked very sincere.

Cheng Anya was amused by his expression and laughed. “Do you have loyalty?”

“Dear Anya, I can admit it if you say that I’m not handsome, but I will not admit that I am not loyal even if you beat me to death,” Third Young Master Ye said it with a serious face and tone.

Cheng Anya laughed again and leisurely supported her chin. “Ah Chen, I’m curious about how many women you have. It must be three-digits, right? I already know more than thirty of them and there are many of them overseas. There should be more, including those that you’ve ditched before I became your secretary. Tell me. I’m curious.”

Third Young Master Ye’s face darkened and became pale. This question was really awkward. He did not know how to answer and tried to answer evasively. “Dear Anya, this… That… I never counted before.”

“There must be too many, then? It’s okay. Let’s just talk about how many there are in France and the UK. I will give you a rough estimation.” Cheng Anya smiled and teased him, acting as if she was very interested.

Third Young Master Ye mourned. “Dear Anya, please let me off!”

Cheng Anya harrumphed and Third Young Master Ye had a crying face. He was too unlucky. From now on, he would have to check the whereabouts of certain people whenever he went.

She was not really interested in knowing how many women he had but was just curious. She knew that her face would darken if Third Young Master Ye really told her a number. She had to be prepared, knowing that she married such an attractive guy, especially one that was so dissolute.

“I remember that you heard a saying when you were chatting online yesterday. Thirty million concubines and the iron pestle will be ground into an embroidery needle. Do you think it makes sense?” Cheng Anya suddenly asked as she blinked her eyes mischievously.

Third Young Master Ye did not understand what she meant but was speechless after he understood the meaning. Dear Anya was too perverted and actually talked dirty to him…

London, the UK.

Chu Li, Bai Ye and the rest searched for two days but did not have any news of Ye Wei and Eleven. Everyone was very worried as if knowing that something would happen. All of them felt uneasy.

Chu Li informed Third Young Master Ye and the young kid to make use of Dragon Gate’s power to hunt down Mo Jue. It would not go wrong to locate Mo Jue and Mo Ye when Eleven and Ye Wei went missing.

Big Boss Mo was in Colombia but Mo Jue had disappeared. Jason rushed back to the Middle East overnight and he was in charge of following Big Boss Mo. The young kid used his own powerful network to locate them.

But it was as if Ye Wei and Eleven had disappeared out of thin air and there was no news at all.

Black J could not help but feel annoyed. There was no news on Ross’ side either. It was as if everything was planned in detail and there was no trace left for them to track down. They did not even know if those cultural relics had been shipped out of London.

It had been three days and there was still no news. Chu Li and the rest felt that something was not right. Ye Wei’s special communication signal had gradually become weak. It was a type of chip that was planted in her body and could be found out by the terrorist organization no matter where she was. But, an accident happened this time and the signal on both Ye Wei and Eleven had become weaker and eventually disappeared.

Everybody was shocked and the young kid was flustered. He had no choice but to look for Mo Jue online but there was no reply. Chu Li called Mo Ye and even said that as long as Ye Wei and Eleven were safe, they were willing to accept any condition. But, Big Boss Mo heartlessly rejected him and said that they were not in the hands of the Mafia.

The young kid finally got a reply from Mo Jue in the afternoon and the face on the screen still looked familiar, although he looked tired. There were traces of blood in his purple eyes as if he had not slept for many days. It was the first time he saw Mo Jue’s charming face look so tired.

“Where’s my aunt?” The young kid asked directly. His delicate face was filled with anger.

“I can’t tell you!” Mo Jue replied coldly. The young kid was checking his location while calling him and it turned out that they were still in London. But he quickly rejected this idea as Mo Jue must have faked the location. He knew that he was going to talk to the young kid and he definitely knew how to make a new location. Chu Li would definitely be able to find them if they were still in London.

“Mo Jue, we can give you anything you want. Do not hurt them,” the young kid said solemnly as he narrowed his eyes dangerously. The young kid did not look weak in front of the powerful Mo Jue. In fact, he looked even more imposing. “I can find you no matter where you are. It is just a matter of time.”

“You can try!” Mo Jue laughed arrogantly. “Let’s see if it’s faster for you to check or for me to kill them!”

“You!” The young kid was silent and angry. Mo Jue’s purple eyes looked ruthless as if he was persuading but also as if he was threatening Ning Ning. “Little boy, don’t compete with me in terms of who is more ruthless. You can’t win. I know you are strong and have the ability to track me down, but I have to warn you that you’d better be careful not to be discovered by me. Otherwise, they shall not live. Do you understand me?”

“Don’t be overboard!” The young kid gritted his teeth and felt pity for Ye Wei. “Auntie likes you so much. Why do you have to treat her like this?”

“Does she?” The corners of Mo Jue’s mouth curled up in a sarcastic smile that looked both sad and happy. The young kid could not comprehend which emotion it was but just felt that Mo Jue had changed a little. He was not like the usual Mo Jue anymore. Although Mo Jue was ruthless in the past, he was not so cold. Ning Ning felt that Mo Jue seemed to pamper Ye Wei in the past.

But now, no more.

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