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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 434 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The young kid was in a bad mood. He had always had the right to speak on the negotiation table. No matter what weakness of his the other party had gotten hold of, he had never compromised. Even when his father and mother’s whereabouts were unknown because of Louis, he was still in the most favorable situation. No matter what happened, he had never let himself be in an inferior position. This was the first time he had felt helpless.

He had no way to deal with Mo Jue. There were only a few ways to negotiate, using fame, reputation, and weaknesses. He had already lost the upper hand since Ye Wei was in his hands.

He might be able to argue with him if he had the weakness of Mo Jue, but he couldn’t find any. This time, he was entirely lost on what to do. He could not threaten him to bombard the Mafia as well.

After the war, they were in a peaceful situation for a period of time. Whether it was internally or internationally, nobody would want war to happen. Once a war was provoked, it would be unfavorable to them.

Moreover, the terrorist organization had suffered heavy losses this time. They really couldn’t stand to start a war once again. Mo Jue was determined that he dared not do so. It was a bit hard for smart people to negotiate as both of them knew each other too well. Even if the young kid said that he would blow Mo Jue up, Mo Jue knew that he was only bluffing.

Mo Jue had no weakness and was at an advantage in the situation.

“Mo Jue, you will regret it one day,” the young kid said firmly with a serious look, one word at a time. “You might only be sad for a while regarding Nuo Nuo’s death, but for me, I will feel sad and regretful for a lifetime. Someday, you will have the same feeling as me. Only more, not less.”

Mo Jue didn’t make a sound and just sneered as though what the young kid had said was ridiculous and not worthy of his refutation. There was a deep color in those bright eyes. It seemed that his eyes were covered by a veil and nobody could understand them.

Regret? Mo Jue lifted the corners of his lips contemptuously. He never regretted what he did!

The young kid leaned back and smiled coldly. “My auntie has a nasty temper. She offends other people easily. If the situation now is that both sides would suffer, then you can’t salvage it anymore.”

“Mind your own business.” Mo Jue appeared to be a little impatient. He shouted at the young kid coldly and warned him to talk less.

The young kid was not afraid of him. His smile turned even colder and the corners of his lips were raised, looking sarcastic. “Are you guilty? Don’t tell me that you don’t know about this despite having known my auntie for so long. If the person you held hostage of wasn’t my aunt, I would not have the right to talk about it today.”

“Huh, held hostage? Whatever you say. I have come to you on my own initiative just to ask you to stop tracking me. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!” Mo Jue gave him a warning coldly.

“I don’t believe you’ll have the heart to kill my auntie,” the young kid said flatly. The person he could contact now was only him and he could only talk to him as much as possible to find out Ye Wei’s situation.

“You’d better believe it. If I can’t get her, I’d rather destroy her.” Mo Jue’s tone was harsh and he looked extremely bloodthirsty. “No matter if it was Ye Wei, the Mafia or the terrorist organization, if anyone dares to butt in on my affairs, they would crash and burn together with me.”

The young kid was shocked. Mo Jue was really cruel to say that. He felt that he was unworthy of his auntie. She liked Mo Jue, but how did Mo Jue treat her?

He obviously liked his auntie as well, didn’t he?

He totally had no idea what love was. The relationship between his parents was very strong and his father would never do anything that would hurt his mother. Although he would occasionally say some hurtful words orally, he would never bring himself to hurt her physically and would rather get hurt himself.

About him and Xu Nuo, Xu Nuo had hurt him to keep his dignity and to protect him from more harm. If Xu Nuo was alive, he would never hurt her no matter what she did to him or even if he would die. He would want to hold her tightly in his hands forever.

Wasn’t love always like this?

But why was it totally different when it came to Mo Jue and Ye Wei? They were clearly in love, but they were upset with each other. He really did not understand them.

“Kid, children shouldn’t be involved in adults’ affairs. You warn them. If they want them to live, they’d better be smart and don’t mess around. I hate those tracking satellites circling my head all day long. If you don’t want me to blow up your headquarters, you’d better leave me alone.” Mo Jue had lost his patience. After saying the last sentence, he ended the video coldly and the screen turned dark.

The young kid was stunned. He stared at the screen in astonishment and hastened to check his whereabouts. However, he failed to find out where he was. ‘Are we really going to shut down the satellite?’ If he did shut down the satellite, he would lose Ye Wei and Eleven completely.

But if he didn’t shut it down, Mo Jue would do as he said. Would he really…

There was a knock on the door, and the young kid came back to his senses. Jiang Lixue pushed the door in, carrying a glass of milk, a plate of snacks he liked, and a small plate of fruit cakes. The young kid smiled. Jiang Lixue said, “Ning Ning, come and eat something. Grandpa asked you to go downstairs to play chess with him.”

“I’ll go in a minute. Thank you, godmom,” Ning Ning said with a smile, took the tray, and put it on the table. He pinched his meaty face and joked. “Godmom, at this rate, I would turn into a little pig.”

When he entered the Zhang family, his happiness and weight increased with each passing day, but he didn’t see his height rise. He was developing horizontally instead. Regarding this, the young kid was very torn, but he couldn’t resist the temptation of the cakes.

“You’ll be the most beautiful little pig ever.” Jiang Lixue smiled and told him, “Come downstairs when you’re done. They’re all in the living room. If you’re too busy, godmom will go down and tell grandpa.”

“Nothing. I’m not busy.” The young kid did not plan to tell her more. It was still a secret.

Jiang Lixue hesitated for a while before she said, “Ning Ning, you should be better to Xing Xing.”

“What’s the matter?” The young kid was in doubt.

“Yesterday, I saw her crying in the garden and Wanyan was comforting her. It seems like you have made her unhappy.”

The young kid recalled what had happened yesterday. He didn’t do anything overboard. Yesterday, he was on the phone with Anya and Xu Xing had been revolving around him for a long time. In addition, he was frustrated when he heard that Ye Wei was missing in London, so he couldn’t help but have a serious tone. However, he didn’t say anything hurtful. “Girls are troublesome. They are crybabies and are annoying.”

Jiang Lixue covered her mouth and smiled. “Haven’t you heard of it? Women are made of water. Crying and coquetry are our patents.”

“Who said so? My mommy, auntie, and Nuo Nuo never cry.” The young kid pouted.

Jiang Lixue chuckled, sat down, and said, “The Xu family and our family have a deep relationship. I was good friends with Xu Xing’s mother when we were studying and I got to know your godfather because of her and Wanyan. When I first married into the Xu family, I liked Xu Xing very much. It is okay for her to be squeamish since she is from the royal family, and everyone is used to it. I think she likes you very much, yet you have always ignored her. What godmom is trying to say is that she is our guest and we are the host. We shouldn’t make the guest unhappy, right? It’s the way to treat guests.”

The young kid smiled. He liked Jiang Lixue as a godmom very much. She was gentle, magnanimous, and knowledgeable. Moreover, she treated him like her own family. He didn’t feel foreign at all as if they were really mother and son.

“I understand!” The young kid put both of his thumbs up and promised before complaining unwillingly. “She’s really a crybaby.”

Jiang Lixue smiled and got up. “Get busy. I’ll go downstairs first.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in a moment.”

After Jiang Lixue went downstairs, the young kid contacted Chu Li and told him what Mo Jue had said, exactly word for word. Bai Ye, Black J, and the other people were there as well. They discussed together and decided to remove the satellite tracking devices for the time being but still sent their best agents to trace their whereabouts.

“Chu Li, please contact Jason to discuss how to suppress the Mafia and control their power within a certain range. It can’t be expanded anymore,” said the young kid.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Li was puzzled. The Mafia now was much weaker than when Louis was in power. Even the Dragon Gate was close to catching up with them, let alone the First Terrorist Organization.

“Intuition!” the young kid said flatly. “The Mo brothers are much more difficult to deal with than Louis, and they will certainly expand their influence. Once they expand, it’ll be too late for us to control them.”

Bai Ye said calmly, “I have long planned to curb the Mafia. They mainly rely on international gangs, counterfeit money, arms, smuggling, and drug trafficking. Since we have gained control of the arms and smuggling sector, they are relying on producing counterfeit money and drug trafficking. We have not participated in those two, but it’s not impossible for us to gain control of them by other means.”

Chu Li nodded. “I see. We’ll have a meeting to discuss the specific plan. I’ll let you know later.”

“Okay. I’ll leave if there’s nothing else. I’m going to play chess with the old man,” the young kid said goodbye, switched off the computer, and went downstairs.

London, the UK.

The young kid had guessed something wrongly. The address he found was correct. Mo Jue was still in London, which was unexpected to all. London was the headquarters of the terrorist organization and the area was under their control.

As soon as Rong Yan broke the news to them, Bai Ye and Black J sent people to mark all the accessible roads in London. All the ports, checkpoints, and airports, including all the private tarmacs regardless of their sizes—all the possible routes to get out of London were blocked by them. The inspection was very strict as well. The special infrared inspection process was programmed with Ye Wei’s fingerprint and she would be identified even if she was disguised as somebody else.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for Mo Jue to take Ye Wei out of London. She could only stay in London.

The organization searched everywhere for Ye Wei, but they didn’t expect that Mo Jue was right in front of them. In fact, it was inevitable and logical for people to assume that Mo Jue and Ye Wei had left the country since they could not find them after two days. However, it was this common sense which had made them lose the best time to find Ye Wei.

It was not that they didn’t believe in their own networks and technologies, but that the Mo brothers had always intimidated them with their strong vibes. Everybody had almost forgotten that even god-like figures like them wouldn’t be able to get out of London unless they could make themselves invisible.

He was just living in the city of London, in the rich people’s area not far from the London port. The tall and beautiful locust trees and maples surrounded the whole mansion. It was very secretive. One definitely couldn’t see the panorama of the mansion from the outside unless one went right in front of the mansion.

This mansion was registered under the name of an ordinary Mafia employee. He was a lawyer, a standard office worker, with a mysterious identity. Under his cover, Mo Jue had escaped the inspection of the terrorist organization.

He seemed to have never stepped out of the house. There were people who prepared food for him and he didn’t lack anything. It was safe for him to not go out and hide quietly at home.

He had just hung up the phone call with the young kid. It was afternoon in London and the sunlight was bright. Mo Jue made a cup of coffee and brought it back to the room. Ye Wei was on the bed, sleeping peacefully. The curtains in the bedroom were tightly drawn and the sunlight couldn’t penetrate the room at all. Mo Jue turned on the light, went onto the bed, and lay obliquely beside Ye Wei. He then held her in his arms.

She had slept very quietly, weirdly quiet. Her face was pale, her breath was long, and her lips were bloodless. It was worrying to see. However, Mo Jue played with her hair as if nothing had happened, occasionally stroking her delicate face. She was different from her usual enchanting charm. She looked lovely and cute fast asleep, very much like the good girl next door.

He looked down at her and thought to himself, ‘If only she were like this all the time!’

But the world was not so perfect.

If she had been like this, then she would not be Ye Wei. Then perhaps, he wouldn’t be this crazy!

Mo Jue played with her hair while reading a book. A quiet woman and an expressionless man. This scene looked strange but normal at the same time.

If one looked close enough, there were many syringes and bottles of transparent solutions on the table beside the bed.

After reading the book for a while, Mo Jue disassembled a new needle and filled the test tube with the solution in the bottle. He injected it into Ye Wei’s body. At a close look at her arm, there were many traces of injection…

After the injection, Mo Jue left the needle tube on the cabinet at will and covered Ye Wei with the quilt carefully. It seemed that he was afraid that she might feel cold. Then, he hugged her as if nothing had happened and continued reading. It seemed that all of those had not happened at all.

When doing those things, he was also expressionless. Her purple eyes were calm as well. It seemed like Ye Wei was just sick, and he was just a doctor in charge of saving her, giving her injections.

But if one saw it with their own eyes, they would wonder who the sick man was.

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