Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 437 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 437 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ever since that day, Ye Wei had not spoken to Mo Jue and just kept quiet. She slept in the cabin for a few days as she felt easily tired. She did not know what Mo Jue injected into her body.

She refused to speak to Mo Jue. Things had become like this and it was not important what she was thinking. She just wanted to escape!

But she could not escape!

She did not know where the ship was heading to or where they were currently at. She would see a vast view of the sea whenever she came out of the cabin as if she would be floating on the sea forever with no end. It was a torture for Ye Wei.

Mo Jue lived in the cabin beside her. There was no surveillance camera in her room and she knew that Mo Jue was sure that she would not be able to escape. They were out in the sea and she would drown even if she jumped into the sea. Ye Wei was not someone that would do stupid things like that and she could only see how things would go. Therefore, he was not afraid that she would escape.

As time flew by and the more tired Ye Wei felt, she would spend half the day sleeping. Sometimes, she would be half-asleep and half-awake as if she was drunk or entranced. She could no longer distinguish between reality and her dreams.

She was worried about her future and afraid that Mo Jue would really erase her memory. She was also worried about Eleven’s safety and wanted to have a good talk with Mo Jue. She wanted to escape and everything was tangled up, further causing her to lose her rationale.

She felt an unprecedented sense of loneliness and she could not understand why this ship could sail on forever. Was it not tired? Why did it not stop at a harbor? She would always go out of the cabin at night to take a look. The moon on the surface of the sea looked dreamy and the dazzling stars filled the sky. It was rare to see such beautiful scenery in the city now and it felt even more surreal since they were on the sea. However, she did not have the mood to enjoy the scenery. She only wanted to know when they would stop at a harbor so that she could see the land.

But there was no stopping!

Ye Wei started to feel anxious and irritable. She wanted to punch Mo Jue to vent her anger but she knew that she would not win against him. A lot of negative emotions were crushing her nerves, challenging her limits. She could no longer endure it and would often throw things around in a rage, creating a mess on the ship.

Mo Jue was just living beside her, but it was as if he did not hear Ye Wei vent her anger, showing the beauty of silence being gold. Ye Wei did not need him to tend to her. If he talked to her, she would only become more irritable.

Ye Wei thought that if there was some accurate health checking system on the ship, her physical indicators would definitely be unhealthy. It was rare for her to feel so irritable and anxious. She started to have insomnia at night and would always be half-asleep and half-awake.

She wanted to sleep but could feel the ship shaking and the water running, making people feel annoyed. Ye Wei was unhappy and the only way to vent her emotions was to kill people.

But there were only a few people on board and none of them could be killed. She was not someone that would kill the innocent and she could not win against the only one that she could kill. Therefore, she became harsher on Mo Jue. She wanted Mo Jue to feel uncomfortable too if she was not comfortable.

Therefore, slamming, throwing things, and shouting were things that she often did. She would not sleep at night and would bang against the deck to wake Mo Jue up so that he could not sleep too. She would lie down and rest when she was tired and continue when she could not fall asleep. She repeated this every night and he would be disturbed by her even if he had slept. A few days passed by just like this, with one creating a scene and the other keeping quiet.

Ye Wei had the urge to just jump into the sea!

However, given how precious her life was, she wanted to cherish it and gave up the idea. Sometimes, she would think of how to murder Mo Jue, but she realized that none of the plans worked whenever she played the scenarios inside her head.

Therefore, she decided to give up.

Both of them had a hard time, but the people on board had an even harder time as they had to be awake together with them until morning. It was very difficult for them and they wished to dock at a harbor as well so that they could escape from the two lunatics.

It was night time and Ye Wei was half-asleep and half-awake. She suddenly felt a warm hand cover her forehead and brush through her hair before gently touching her face. The gentleness and warmth made Ye Wei feel as if she had returned to her childhood where she was still with her mom and brother.

Children at that age would not have remembered much, but Ye Wei could still clearly remember everything that happened when she was a child. This was because she had lost her memory and it had only been half a year since she regained her memory. Therefore, the memories when she was a child were still clear in her mind.

She remembered that her mom would sing a lullaby for her at night or read stories to her. Her mom’s hands were not delicate but they were warm and doting as she touched Ye Wei’s soft skin. She was her mom’s little princess and could cry or throw a tantrum as she wished. She would not be beaten or plotted by others and it was the happiest time she had.

She really missed those times…

She suddenly felt like crying…

She did not know if she really cried, but she felt someone kiss her face and eyes repeatedly. It was very gentle and she was even more confused. She knew clearly that it was not her mom.

But, she was not willing to wake up. She hoped that the sun would not rise and she could sleep in the dark forever. She did not want to care or guess about anything and it might not be a bad thing.

Yes, she did not want to wake up and he did not want her to wake up too. She was really useless as she had not cried for many years but she cried once she thought of her mom. It was so embarrassing and Ye Wei swore that this would not happen again.

Someone said that crying and suicide were the most extreme emotions. No matter what reason it was that led people to cry and suicide, they must have suffered a lot of wrongs. Was she wronged?


She only opened her eyes after she felt that there was no one in the room. The corners of her eyes were still wet and she pulled the blanket over and hid in it. It was indeed a dream. Therefore, it only lasted for a while.

She stared at the wooden planks and was in a daze. Her eyes looked as if it was bustling with memories. There was sorrow and blankness…

It was destined to be another sleepless night and she only knew that the sun had risen after she saw the sunlight come through from the cracks between the wooden planks. She smiled bitterly and closed her eyes to rest before falling asleep in a dizzy manner.

She could not sleep at night and the situation was better in the day. She guessed that she must be afraid that the dark night would engulf her. She woke up and could not remember anything and could only hear Mo Jue talk some nonsense. She felt that the day gave her a safer and more reliable feeling.

Mo Jue opened the door and looked at her for a while before he closed the door lightly. He went to the deck and the captain asked him while trembling in fear, “Second Young Master Mo, Big Boss Mo is already rushing us. When are you going back?”

They had been circling at sea for the past few days and Big Boss Mo had already lost his patience. Big Boss Mo sent a death order to ask Mo Jue to come back soon. The captain was afraid that Mo Jue would kill him in a fit of anger.

Mo Jue looked at him calmly and said, “Let’s dock!”

“Yes!” The captain saluted him happily and almost worshipped him. The ship changed its usual slow speed and increased the speed by ten times. It was obvious that the people on board were very eager to go back.

Mo Jue stood with his hands behind his back and was silent.

The ship sailed for more than an hour and reached an island. It was not a lonely island. The weather was good, birds sang, and flowers gave forth their fragrances. Rows of tall palm trees looked really nice and there were colorful parasols on the beach. There were all sorts of majestic-looking European and Gothic style mansions.

There were already people on the shore waiting for them. Mo Jue went back into the cabin to carry Ye Wei. She was asleep and didn’t know anything. She must have been very tired after being on the ship for so long.

She might sleep for very long. Mo Jue was someone that would notice it even if a strand of hair had dropped. Therefore, he had calculated the timing accurately.

He carried Ye Wei into the luxury car. It was a normal-looking residential island and there were not many residents living here. But, their lives were harmonious and wealthy and they’re well-connected to the inland.

The car stopped in front of a majestic mansion and Mo Jue carried Ye Wei out of the car. Mo Ye stood firmly in front of the hall and was cold like ice. His face darkened when he saw Mo Jue carrying Ye Wei.

“You’re finally willing to come back?” He sneered.

“Brother!” Mo Jue greeted him without saying much. “I’ll bring her to the room first.”

“Stop!” Mo Ye sneered and he looked extremely cruel like Yama. “Who asked you to bring her back? Didn’t I tell you to kill her?”

Mo Jue stopped and looked back. “Brother, I can listen to you with regards to other matters, but this. I can’t!”

“Little Jue!”

“Brother, wait for me,” Mo Jue said flatly and carried her upstairs and went into his room. He put her down and covered the blanket for her. There was a man following him closely and waiting for him outside the door.

Mo Jue looked at Ye Wei and kissed her before going out of the room. He closed the door and asked solemnly, “Where is Doctor Claire?”

“Miss Mei Lin’s grandmother was ill and Doctor Claire went to treat her.”

“Send someone to get him back and prepare for the surgery.”

“On it!”

“You guard here and do not disturb her.”

“On it!”

After Mo Jue finished giving out his instructions to the man, he went downstairs. Mo Ye sat in the hall silently and looked on coldly as Mo Jue came down. Mo Jue sat opposite him and Mo Ye asked, “What do you have to say?”

“I don’t have much to say,” Mo Jue replied and his eyes darkened. “Brother, I’m sorry!”

“You know how to be sorry?” Mo Ye suddenly kicked the table that was between them and it slide toward Mo Jue, hitting against his legs. “I’ve asked you to kill her. Why did you bring her back?”

“I have no intention to kill her at the moment.”

“Why? Have you really fallen for her?” Mo Ye sneered.

Mo Jue looked up slowly and said stubbornly, “No!”

“Little Jue, you replied too quickly,” Mo Ye said coldly. “You’ve never cared about such questions in the past and you didn’t reply even if I asked. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that I will kill her?”

Mo Jue shook his head. “Brother, I know what I’m doing. Please listen to me this time around, alright?”

“No!” Mo Ye was angered. “Look at what you’ve become now! You’re ignoring my words just because of a woman? Are you going to kill me because of her in the future?”

“Brother, you know I won’t!” Mo Jue said calmly before he repeated in a low voice. “I won’t.”

“Little Jue, don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking. This woman is a disaster. I won’t care about whatever you do if she was someone normal. Do you really think I am afraid of her? You will ultimately be the one that gets hurt if you are together with her. I will never tolerate her,” Mo Ye said coldly.

Mo Jue said, “I know!”

“Why are you still keeping her despite knowing?”

“This is between the two of us and I have a wish that has not come true. Brother, don’t force me anymore. I promise that she will not hurt me or anyone else,” Mo Jue said.

Mo Ye raised his eyebrows. “Tell me more.”

“Doctor Claire had reached the island a few days ago and I’ve asked him to prepare for a brainwashing surgery. She will not remember anything after that. Are you at ease now?” Mo Jue asked lightly, his purple eyes looking at Mo Ye.

“Little Jue, are you crazy?” Mo Ye frowned. “Do you know what you are doing?”

“You can take it as I’m mad!” Mo Jue sounded cold and was expressionless.

Mo Ye was angered. “I should not have let you go to City A if I knew things would turn out like this!”

It was too late to say anything now.


“Little Jue, listen to your brother, she will ruin you sooner or later!”

“It’s okay!”

“Little Jue…”

“It’s okay…” Mo Jue said calmly. “I don’t care.”

“You don’t care?” Mo Ye tugged at Mo Jue’s collar and pulled him up. Mo Ye punched him but stopped right in front of that delicate face that he could not bear to really punch. Mo Ye ruthlessly pushed Mo Jue away and Mo Jue fell onto the sofa. Big Boss Mo looked very angry. “Have you really made up your mind?”

“Yes, I have!” Mo Jue replied and looked up at Mo Ye. “Brother, where is Silver Face and Eleven?”

“It’s none of your business!”

Mo Jue was silent for a while. “Then, you shall not mind my business too.”


“Brother, take it as you are fulfilling my dream!”

“You’re really hopeless!” Mo Ye stood up and left.

Mo Jue sat in the hall alone. The sunlight shone on the floor, adding warmth to a person. However, when this light was shone on Mo Jue, it seemed sorrowful.

He sat in the hall alone for a very long time and only looked up when Doctor Claire was back. “Doctor Claire, I’ll have to trouble you!”

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