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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 438 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The sky was bright again when Ye Wei woke up. She looked at the surroundings in a blur. It was a room with a black and white theme. Black and white marble, black curtains, and a black and white bedsheet—the design was simple, elegant, and the position of the drawings showed the owner’s taste. It was simple decorations but felt very artistic as if it was a museum. But, it was really a room.

Her head felt painful and she closed her eyes. The temporary headache was gone when she opened her eyes again as if nothing had happened. Ye Wei lifted the blanket and sat up straight to look at herself. She was only wearing a thin layer of white sleeping gown and her collar was open. She gathered her collar together and tightened the ribbon on her waist.

Where was this?

She tried hard to recall but her mind was blank. She looked at her own hands which were bigger than normal girls. Her fingers were slender and there were thick calluses on both her middle and index fingers.

‘Who am I? Why am I here? Where is this place?’ A lot of questions went through her mind, making her head very painful. She was uncomfortable and hugged her own head as she rested her head on her knees. She moaned in pain. Why, why…

She didn’t know what was happening but she felt desperate. There was a pair of hands in the darkness that was dragging her down. Ye Wei’s body was cold and she shivered, not knowing what to do.

She must have family members and she wanted to shout at them to protect her in such a difficult time. But, she could not recall their name. She knew she had family members but she could not remember who they were.

There was no voice in her mind or any memory at all, not even a bit of illusion. She was like a blank piece of white paper, not knowing anything.

Ye Wei hugged her head and lied on the bed, curling up her body. This was the posture that she subconsciously had when she was beaten up or hurt when she was young. She slept in this position for a long time until she became stronger and was sure that no one would hurt her before she changed such a sleeping position.

“Ah…” Ye Wei shouted in agony as she hit her head forcefully as if she was mad. She could not endure such a blank memory. The traumas she had been through remained although she had lost her memory. She felt that she had no protection at all when she was at a loss, waiting for people to hurt her. This was the trauma left on her as a killer.

One could lose everything, but they had to be strong. Otherwise, they would be eliminated. This was a world where the strong rule over the weak.

Lost, fear, and desperation surged up Ye Wei, making her on the verge of breaking down.

Suddenly, she felt warmth on her hand and her shivering body was hugged by a warm person. That pair of warm hands comforted her patiently again and again, patting her lightly on her back. He did not say anything, but it made her shiver even more.

Who was he? The first question she thought of in her fear was if he was her family member. Or was he her friend? Why was he not talking?

Ye Wei was like a timid baby as she looked up but dared not look at him. She tried to look at him but she pushed him away after glancing at him and sprung out of bed swiftly. She hid in the corner at lightning speed and hugged herself, looking at him in fear.

Mo Jue looked at her silently and was slightly upset. A person’s instinct could not be erased even if her memory was erased. It would be more perfect if she was disabled.

The corners of his lips unknowingly curled up.

Ye Wei’s face was pale and her hair was in a mess. The white dressing gown looked big on her, making her look small. Her beautiful big eyes were no longer as seductive as the past nor look smart. She also lost the domineering aura she once had. She was afraid, at a loss, and timid as she looked at this world. Because of her instinct, she felt out of place in this world as if someone was about to kill her.

She felt worried, anxious, and dared not get near anyone.

Ye Wei had never had such expressions on her face and Mo Jue’s heart was overwhelmed with emotions although he did not show it on his face. He just looked at her quietly and did not say anything.

Ye Wei did not speak either. She just looked at him and dared to get close to him. It was cold on the floor and she was not wearing shoes. Her white feet seemed extremely pretty on the black and white marbled floor.

Mo Jue did not say anything to comfort her but instead, got up and left!

Ye Wei heaved a sigh of relief. He had finally left. She was afraid of him. That man’s eyes had a strong threat to normal people as if he was a leopard waiting for its prey.

The atmosphere in the room became eerie once he came and she felt more relieved once he left.

Ye Wei patted her own chest and her face seemed happy. The door suddenly opened and she was like a rabbit that was shocked. She had already reached the bed but retreated to a side quickly.

Mo Jue carried the food in and put it on the table. He looked back and said flatly, “Wei Wei, come here to eat.”

Wei Wei? Was that her name? Ye Wei was at a loss and thought that her name was nice. She looked at Mo Jue in precaution. He did not know how to be gentle and his tone was already the softest he could go.

But to Ye Wei, he was brimming with threats.

She looked at him in precaution and sometimes would drift and look at the sumptuous meal, not hiding her craving for the food. She was hungry and could not help but touch her own stomach and pout unhappily.

Mo Jue saw this scene and he immediately became gentle as she was too cute. The two of them were like a small rabbit and a big wolf. The wolf threw a carrot to the rabbit, telling the rabbit to eat it. The rabbit was extremely hungry but did not dare to go nearer as it was afraid of the wolf.

It was afraid that it would be eaten by the wolf after it ate the carrot.

Mo Jue did not force her and got up and walked out of the room. Ye Wei’s ability as a killer remained and she could hear that he was far away. She rushed over to the scrumptious meal excitedly.

She did not even sit down and was already using the fork and shoving the steak into her mouth without caring about her image. The food was still piping hot and delicious. Mo Jue was very detailed and prepared a sumptuous meal. There was even a cup of juice. Ye Wei ate the meal and drank the juice as if she was someone that had not eaten for years.

Mo Jue was at the room next door, looking at the screen and the corners of his lips were curled up in a happy angle.

She could actually eat without caring about her image, or maybe she was too hungry since she had slept for seven days and the nutrition needles were not enough. The more he looked at her, the cuter he thought she was. Mo Jue looked at the person on the screen in a greedy manner.

It was alright that she was afraid of him now. It was just her instinct. It would be alright after she trusted him and he had the time to wait for her.

He had already ordered everyone in the mansion to temporarily move somewhere else to stay and no one was allowed to be near the place. Even Mo Ye was so angry that he had moved to another mansion and the big building was only left with the two of them.

He was the first person that she saw and he wanted her to remember him clearly and never forget him. It was alright if she had lost her memory. He just had to leave a deep mark in her memory.

She finished three-person worth of food and even drank all the juice. Mo Jue had not seen her talk yet, so he could only wait.

Ye Wei touched her bulging stomach and she felt comfortable after she ate and she smiled. She heard footsteps coming and immediately stood up and hid in a corner, looking at Mo Jue in precaution as he walked in.

The image of her binging on the food was already in his mind, but he still could not help but smile after looking at the messy table. Ye Wei felt embarrassed as she looked at the table and blushed, although she was still stubbornly wary of him.

“Mo Jue is my name, you’d better remember!” Mo Jue said flatly before he cleared the table and brought out the plates.

Ye Wei looked at his back view in confusion. Mo Jue? How was he related to her? She could feel that he was threatening, but he did not harm her. Why did he not tell her who he was?

Ye Wei’s mind was filled with a ton of questions but she did know who to ask. She went to the balcony on the second floor and there were a table and two sofas. There were an ashtray and a silver figurine on the table.

She could see the sea from the balcony and the sea breeze was blowing gently. The rows of palm trees were tall and beautiful and there were colorful parasols on the beach which looked like colorful pearls from a distance. There were many people on the beach, some were playing, some were getting a suntan, and some were playing in the sea.

The sun was bright and she could not see their faces clearly, but it made her feel much more at ease. She felt that places of people were safer as there was not only Mo Jue around and she did not feel so scared.

She comfortably looked at the people playing and tried hard to remember this scene. Because her mind would not be so blank if she remembered this and she would not be unable to recall anything.

At least, she knew that there was a man called Mo Jue, a bunch of people playing, and an island with picturesque scenes.

Far away, Big Boss Mo was lying under the parasol, but his telescope was aimed at Ye Wei, who was at the balcony. He looked at her for a while and asked Doctor Claire who was beside him, “Are you sure that she cannot remember anything?”

“Yes!” Doctor Claire replied solemnly.

“Good!” Big Boss Mo looked at the sea with no expression and narrowed his eyes dangerously. “She still has her skills and intelligence. It will be an added strength for me if she could help me.”

Doctor Claire was startled before he smiled lightly. “Second young master will not agree to it.”

“Hmmph!” Big Boss Mo sneered. “Little Jue is really crazy!”

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