Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 439 - Compromise
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 439 - Compromise
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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For the next three days, Mo Jue used such a method to communicate with Ye Wei. He would give her a set of healthy breakfast in the morning and asked if she was not feeling well. He did not force her if she did not reply and left quietly.

In the afternoon and evening, he would send lunch and dinner and continue to keep quiet. Sometimes, when she was hungry at night, he would send some light supper, taking care of her meticulously.

Not just that, Mo Jue gave her a big box of new clothes and shoes and some clothes essential for women. He even prepared underwear for her and the clothes filled up the whole wardrobe. Ye Wei was always wary of him even though he sent her food every day and would talk to her. But, Ye Wei had never spoken to him and just stared at him like a stubborn little monster.

Mo Jue was never patient when it came to Ye Wei, but it was surprising that he was very friendly this time and did not flare up in front of her. He would always come and go quietly, never shocking or forcing her.

Ye Wei felt weird and she opened the wardrobe once Mo Jue left. She saw that there were sweaters, dresses, casual wear, shirts, jeans, and all sorts of accessories. Ye Wei really liked the style of the clothes and felt that it would suit her. But, she also discovered that there were men’s clothes in the wardrobe other than her clothes.

It was either suits or casual wear, but all were black and there were not many clothes. The clothes seemed little when compared to the big wardrobe, but Ye Wei’s clothes seemed to dominate the wardrobe and took up his space.

Ye Wei guessed that this room belonged to him as the style was similar to him. The clothes in the wardrobe proved her guess, but who was he? Why did he let her stay in his room? Where did he live then?

Ye Wei was at a loss and did not like to let her imagination go wild like this. Mo Jue was the only one on her mind, although she could see people bustling around on the beach from the balcony.

However, she could not see their faces and Mo Jue was the only one she could remember given her blank memory. She could not help but guess his and her identity and thought of countless possibilities. She really wanted to ask Mo Jue but she stopped whenever she wanted to ask. She did not want to ask and wanted to avoid him subconsciously.

Mo Jue felt that her reactions were good and this was the kind of effect he wanted. He purposely asked everyone to leave and appeared in front of her every day just so that he could leave a deep impression on her.

She could only remember him and no one else.

This was his persistence and he could even disobey Mo Ye’s instructions and did not want to leave this island. He must let Ye Wei fall in love with him as this was his only belief.

Every time he looked at her wary and lost look, he would pity her, but he never regretted it. He did not know if he would regret it in the future, but at least, he was satisfied at the moment.

He made a cup of coffee and sat on the sofa while looking at Ye Wei from the screen. She had such vivid expressions and real blinking, which made him satisfied. Moreover, she was just next to him and it only took him a few minutes to walk over. Nothing was more satisfying and exciting for him than this, and these were his true feelings at that moment.

Happiness felt heavy!

But at least, it was better than none, wasn’t it?

This morning, Mo Jue did not send her breakfast on purpose and she woke up on time. Mo Jue would usually bring breakfast for her after she had washed up.

He would ask her to go over and have breakfast although she did not talk to him. But, he would not force her and leave the room politely and only come in to clean after she finished the food. There was a period of time where she wanted to ask him if he was her maid.

If not, why would he be in charge of her basic needs yet not talk to her? However, she knew that such an assumption was impossible.

She did not see Mo Jue after she washed up and she felt uneasy. Her imagination started to run wild. Why was he still not here? Her most honest thought was that she was hungry.

Maybe something cropped up for him. Ye Wei tried to comfort herself and sat on the bed as if nothing had happened. She casually took a magazine to read and it was a western entertainment magazine in pure English. She could understand and slowly get interested in reading it. She happened to see the wedding photo of Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya, but she just took a glance and said to herself softly. “They are well-matched!”

Mo Jue supported his chin as he looked at her actions and knew that she was looking at Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya. But he did not stop her. In fact, he did it on purpose. Ye Wei’s indifference was within his expectation.

Doctor Claire had said before that it was almost impossible for her to regain her memory unless a miracle happened. He had always been confident of Doctor Claire’s skills as he was an expert in this field.

But, he only knew that the surgery was really successful after looking at her reactions. She looked at Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya as if they were just a normal couple that was getting married. She was neither sad nor happy for them.

He curled the corners of his lips in askance and his deep smile seemed a little like he was sneering. It was obvious that he was not in a very good mood. He was not very excited although this was what he wanted.

It was an indescribable feeling. It was as if the heart was covered in many layers of silk and it was difficult for him to breathe.

The only thing that made him happy was that he had finally heard her talk. It was not easy to hear her talk for the first time after so many days as she was always silent and wary of everything.

Ye Wei was a smart person. Although she had lost her memory, she still had exceptionally high intelligence and knew what was best for herself. Therefore, she was always silent and wary of him, spending more time observing her surroundings.

For example, she would look at the people at the beach enjoying themselves without commenting. She would eat the food he gave her quietly without asking any questions and always would observe with curiosity and precautions.

He understood what she was thinking. Therefore, he did not send her breakfast today exactly because he understood her.

She finished reading a magazine and it had been an hour since the timing that Mo Jue would usually come. Ye Wei started to feel anxious and her big black eyes kept looking at the door like a child yearning for protection. Her gaze made it difficult for people to reject her, but Mo Jue tried very hard to endure.

Ye Wei put down the magazine and walked around in the room irritably. Why was he not here yet? Did something happen? Was he ditching her and not going to take care of her anymore?

She panicked as he was the only one she knew. What was she going to do if he ditched her? Although she was envious of the people playing at the beach, after all, she was unfamiliar with the place.

Although she was wary of Mo Jue, he was the only one she was familiar with.

Mo Jue looked happily at how Ye Wei was anxious. He enjoyed the feeling of being needed by her and the more anxious she was, the more it meant that she would remember him. This would make Ye Wei feel that she could not live without Mo Jue.

This was his motive!

There was an example of an animal tamer and a leopard in the field of psychology. The animal tamer isolated the leopard and fed it every day and even brought it out to play and enjoy the fresh air. Two weeks later, the animal tamer changed his usual routine and locked the leopard up, not feeding it any food or water. The leopard was deprived of freedom and banged its head against the cage until it bled. The animal tamer finally let it out to continue his taming job and the leopard was very obedient ever since.

This example was similar to them.

He was the animal tamer and she was the leopard!

Mo Ye went into the room and saw Mo Jue staring at the screen and looking smug. Mo Jue was too engrossed just now and did not realize that Mo Ye was near him. Mo Jue turned off the screen and turned on the small screen on the computer. “Brother, why are you here?”

“You’re so promising that you only know how to look at a woman every day. Do you really want me to kill you with one punch?” Mo Ye might not be so angry if he had not witnessed this scene.

He was extremely angry. He had pampered Mo Jue too much.

“I have my own plans!” Mo Jue replied and looked at the screen to make sure Ye Wei was still there. He asked, “What’s up, brother?”

“How many days has it been since you last worked?” Mo Ye asked solemnly and pulled a chair to sit opposite Mo Jue. “How much time do you want to waste? Little Jue, I’ve let you keep her and wash her memory, but it doesn’t mean that I will continue to pamper you and let you waste your time by accompanying her.”

“What do you want me to do?” Mo Jue said flatly.

Mo Ye frowned and was slightly unhappy. “Don’t forget that you are the godfather of the Mafia. I am the real one while you are the one behind the scene. Do not just ignore everything. Do you think it is appropriate for you to be like this just for a woman?”

Mo Jue leaned back in a relaxed manner and chuckled. “Brother, you can manage the Mafia very well even without me!”

“Nonsense!” Mo Ye sneered and narrowed his eyes dangerously. “Little Jue, do you know what this means? You want to leave me?”

Mo Jue did not hesitate and shook his head. “Of course not!”

“Then, what do you mean?” Mo Ye asked solemnly. He knew right from the start that the woman would disrupt his plan. As expected, his brother had already lost his ambitions.

Love was indeed a poison and could even sell away a person’s soul!

Damn it!

He regretted letting Mo Jue keep Ye Wei here as Mo Jue would rather look after her even though she had lost her memory.

“Brother, don’t worry. I know what I should and should not do,” Mo Jue said lightly. “I can’t possibly not take a break. Just take it as you’re giving me a year of break.”

“Hmmph, excuses!” Mo Ye was extremely unhappy.

“I’m serious.” Mo Jue repeated and looked at Ye Wei from the screen. “I just want to let her accept me and I’m going to achieve this soon. I don’t want to give up halfway.”


“Brother, don’t worry. I will do what I need to do,” Mo Jue said flatly. “I will never betray you.”

Big Boss Mo stared at him. He was not worried that Mo Jue would betray him as they had been relying on each other for survival for so many years and he knew Mo Jue’s personality best. Mo Jue would not betray him because of a woman.

He just minded Ye Wei’s existence and how Mo Jue ignored him because of her. It felt as if the two brothers used to have a close relationship growing up together, but it had changed ever since Mo Jue knew Ye Wei.

He was a little jealous of Ye Wei for stealing his brother away. He had always doted on Mo Jue and Mo Jue always listened to him. Mo Ye was unhappy that there was suddenly a woman appearing, especially when he felt that his younger brother was perfect, but Ye Wei kept hurting his beloved younger brother. Big Boss Mo felt that Ye Wei should not be forgiven and therefore did not like her.

This was like the feeling of his baby being snatched away.

“Let’s not talk about this first. This woman has not forgotten her skills, right?” Mo Ye asked.

Mo Jue clenched his fists secretly. “What do you want to say, brother?”

“I’ve asked Doctor Claire and he said that she would only lose her memory but it will not affect anything else. I’m thinking of using her after she falls in love with you and that would be perfect. It’s a good idea to deal with the terrorist organization by making use of her.” Big Boss Mo’s usually expressionless face looked even calmer as if he was talking about something unimportant.

“No way!” Mo Jue replied subconsciously without thinking much about it. Big Boss Mo stared at him with a sharp gaze and sneered. “Why are you against it? This idea is good.”

“Brother, don’t do this!” Mo Jue said faintly. “We already have Silver Face. We don’t need Wei Wei… We don’t need Ye Wei. Moreover, she has forgotten everything and she is of no use to us. Let Silver Face do the killing.”

“You are unwilling to let her do it?”

“No!” Mo Jue’s purple eyes looked firm. “It’s not that I’m unwillingly, but I don’t want to!”

“Little Jue, she snatched away my brother and caused my brother to be idle all day long, wasting his time to look after her. I have to get back something from her as nothing is free in this world. You have to give up something to gain something,” Big Boss Mo said coldly.

“She had already paid the price!”

“No, she did not as it is just to you. To me, she snatched away my younger brother but she did not lose anything.” Big Boss Mo sneered and crossed his arms in a royal-like manner.

“Brother…” Mo Jue shouted faintly and raised his eyebrows. “Can’t I just have a longer break?”

“Do not mix yourself up with her. If Ye Wei and Eleven could be used by us to deal with the terrorist organization, we can save at least three years’ worth of time.”

“No way!” Mo Jue looked at Mo Ye stubbornly and said, “Tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it!”

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