Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 440 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 440 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei was waiting impatiently in the room, walking around anxiously. Finally, she could not wait anymore and walked out of the room. It was the first time she had been out of the room after so many days. She did not know why Mo Jue did not come for her and scolded him badly in her heart. Rubbing her hungry and flat stomach, Ye Wei pouted unhappily.

‘Mo Jue, where are you?’

She stared blankly at the long corridor. It was crooked and there were many rooms with beautiful decorations. There were exquisite crystal lights on the wall of the corridor and several pieces of work that seemed ordinary, but were, in fact, priceless, were hung. There were also bonsai on the low tables. They were all well designed in a simple but luxurious style. Ye Wei didn’t know where Mo Jue lived. She could only walk along the corridor. Turning the corner was the stairs. The hall on the first floor was hundreds of square meters, very big and resplendent. Under the big chandelier was a group of golden sofas with a retro vibe and nobility, which were so dazzling that they almost blinded her.

She went downstairs and the hall looked even bigger when she was standing in the middle of it. The lighting was excellent and the sunlight penetrating into the room paved the ground with gold. It was extremely beautiful.

“Why is there no one?” She knew that the mansion was always quiet, but it shouldn’t be so quiet. It was definitely inconvenient to tidy up such a large house, so there must be many servants around. It shouldn’t be only her and Mo Jue living there.

Ye Wei frowned in confusion. She had originally wanted to go downstairs to see if Mo Jue was there or ask anyone if they had seen him. However, there was no one at all.

She didn’t know where the kitchen was, so she stood in the hall for a while before simply walking out of the hall. At a glance, she saw a man in a black casual shirt and trousers standing beside the fountain in the atrium with his hands tucked behind him. The sun shone on him, making him look tall and straight. Ye Wei was elated and ran to him hurriedly. She had finally found him.

However, as soon as she came near, the man suddenly turned back and jabbed Ye Wei’s throat with his five fingers. Ye Wei was shocked and dodged away like lightning. Big Boss Mo attacked her the second time again. He was very quick, and his moves were smooth, sharp and full of energy.

Ye Wei didn’t try to fight back. Although she had lost her memories, her combat experience was still in her head. Her agility was no less than before and she dodged Big Boss Mo’s attacks flexibly.

After more than ten moves, he realized that there was no point in fighting if Ye Wei was only defending and not attacking. It was hard to win if he was attacking alone, but if Ye Wei fought back, she was definitely not Big Boss Mo’s opponent.

‘He is not Mo Jue!’

This was the first time she had met him. Their back view and facial features were very similar. However, his eyes were black, while Mo Jue’s were purple. To put it another way, even if their facial features or eyes looked exactly the same, she could recognize that he wasn’t Mo Jue. Big Boss Mo and Mo Jue had similar looks, but they were rarely mistaken for each other because of their different temperaments.

Mo Jue gave people a sense of elegance, while Big Boss Mo was aristocratically indifferent.

Ye Wei didn’t say anything but looked at him coldly. She was warier of this person as compared to Mo Jue since it was her first time meeting him. If Mo Jue’s eyes gave off a threatening vibe, then Big Boss Mo made people feel dangerous.

She stepped back quietly. Big Boss Mo raised the corners of his lips. “What are you afraid of?”

She didn’t answer him. Then, she heard someone’s footsteps. Suddenly, Ye Wei felt that her waist was tight and Mo Jue had already carried her into his arms. She struggled angrily before looking up and realizing that it was Mo Jue. Mo Jue looked at her with a serious look and she was confused. What had she done?

Mo Jue looked at Big Boss Mo and said, “Brother, don’t forget what you have promised me.”

Big Boss Mo spread his arms. In a cold tone that had a hint of contempt, he said, “You’re really great. I was just testing her skills. What are you nervous about? Don’t worry. I didn’t hurt your precious.”

“Brother…” Mo Jue shouted helplessly, feeling displeased.

Big Boss Mo waved and left calmly without turning back.

“Did my brother hurt you?” Mo Jue pulled Ye Wei over, skimmed over her body once, and was relieved to see no scars or injuries.

Ye Wei frowned at him. Her beautiful face was full of anger. She stepped on the back of Mo Jue’s foot and quickly stepped back. She only glared at him silently, expressing her anger with her gaze. She was furious.

Mo Jue knew why but still asked innocently, “Wei Wei, what’s wrong with you?”

Ye Wei’s lips were pressed into a straight line as if a storm was about to break out. Mo Jue felt that she was cute and couldn’t help pulling her hand. She shook him off but Mo Jue did not give up and forcefully pulled her hand again. This time, she wasn’t able to shake him off anymore. She glared at him intensely. Mo Jue pulled her over to the stone bench, squatted down, and wrapped her hands tightly with his. He softened his voice. “Wei Wei, can I tell you something?”

The purple eyes of Mo Jue seemed to be always covered by a layer of light, giving off a feeling of cleanliness. If one ignored his temperament and only looked at this pair of eyes, one would feel that he was an angel who would not lie or conceal the truth. One would not bear to hurt someone who had those eyes as well.

Ye Wei turned her face away, reluctant to answer him. In fact, she had many questions for Mo Jue, but she didn’t know where to start. Hence, she decided to just keep quiet. It was in her subconscious to protect herself. She was always alone and didn’t care about others. There would be less harm if she lived in her own world.

He turned her face toward him forcefully and asked monotonously, “Why are you ignoring me?”

She was sitting down while he was half-squatting. She was unhappy about the way he ordered her around and how he looked at her. No matter which Ye Wei she was, she was rebellious. The more she was asked to do it, the more stubborn and reluctant she was. She realized Mo Jue was angry and she kicked him hard on the chest. However, Mo Jue caught her and he looked fiercely at her. Somehow, she was a little afraid and dared not look at him again.

Mo Jue stood up and hugged her in a fit. He pulled her close, clasped her body, leaned down, and kissed her lips violently. This was what he had wanted to do for a long time. Ye Wei was stunned and slapped him hard on the chest. She was anxious, frightened, and flustered. Mo Jue clasped her tightly and kissed her even more aggressively. She bit her teeth to keep him from breaking in. However, Mo Jue was determined and bit her hard on her lower lip. Ye Wei cried in pain and Mo Jue took the opportunity to go in deeper. He held her head firmly and tasted her sweetness aggressively, sucking on her tongue endlessly.

Ye Wei was angry and a little afraid of this feeling. She wanted to hit him but Mo Jue quickly clasped her hand. He spun his body around and they landed on the lawn together. Then, he turned over and pressed against her hard, wrapping her mouth and tongue with his without giving her a chance to reject.

She resisted desperately and shook her head to avoid his kiss. Mo Jue didn’t pin her down forcefully but used his body to press against her. He kissed her face constantly and brought the hot kiss to her earlobe and neck, leaving kiss marks on her fair skin. He even bit her shoulder when he felt emotional.

“Ah…” Ye Wei cried in pain and Mo Jue restrained himself rationally. He looked up at this beautiful face which used to look enchanting and elegant, but pure now. She gave off a feeling of rare purity but was still as attractive when she was furious. No matter how Ye Wei was like, angry Ye Wei was the most beautiful and brightest.

The woman under his body had disordered hair, angry eyes, and a red face. Her lips were swollen from the kiss and it made her look extremely gorgeous. At the moment, he just wanted to pin her down and do her right on the spot.

His slender fingers caressed her lips, and Ye Wei was numb all over as if there was a current running through her back. She looked at him in panic and fear, extremely rejecting the feeling of not being able to control herself.

The man who was on top of her was trying to hold back. She was at a loss…


“Wei Wei, don’t reject me. Don’t reject me again…” Mo Jue kissed on her lips with every sentence he said. His voice was so soft that one could barely hear if one did not listen carefully. He murmured, “Don’t reject…”

He stopped being so aggressive and was only rubbing her gently and patiently with his lips. Ye Wei’s tensed body miraculously eased slowly. The world was so quiet that they could only hear each other’s heartbeats.

‘Why the sudden change?’

Unknowingly, her arms were wrapped around his neck. Two slender bodies were overlapped under the blue sky and white clouds. That scene was very beautiful. The floating clouds and green trees were reflected in her eyes as if everything had changed.

Ye Wei was shocked when she realized that her arms were wrapped around his neck and she desperately wanted to put them down. Mo Jue definitely wouldn’t let her be and he bent down to kiss her suddenly. In a panic, she allowed him to enter her lips, and it felt like… She didn’t know how to say it. She just felt that her heart was beating so hard like thunder and her face was burning like fire.

“Wei Wei, close your eyes,” Mo Jue said softly. Ye Wei stared directly into his purple eyes and closed her eyes gently, letting him kiss her eyes, nose, cheeks, and lips. He had been gentle like the spring breeze at first but suddenly restored his predatory nature and kissed her even more passionately.

She should have resisted—or so Ye Wei thought. However, the wild kiss had made her lose her mind. She didn’t like intimate contact, but her body reacted otherwise. She was actively responding to his kisses.

Suddenly, she felt that Mo Jue’s body was stiff and something was on her lap. He rubbed it unconsciously and kissed her hard and fiercely. Ye Wei couldn’t help but moan. She couldn’t even match his speed and could only let him do whatever he wanted. Her tongue had become numb from the kiss.

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