Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 441 - : Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 441 - : Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Gradually, he was no longer satisfied with just simply touching. He stripped her and the two buttons on top were torn off by him. Followed by a wet and hot kiss, he went further down to her collarbone. Ye Wei was so uncomfortable that she wanted to avoid it, but her body didn’t obey her thoughts. She hugged him tightly and was a little upset. Under the blue sky and white clouds, everything was so beautiful, as if they had no flaws.

The morning glow on Ye Wei’s face gradually faded away and she turned pale. She hesitated for a while and asked, “Who exactly are you?”

“What’s my name?” Mo Jue answered with another question and gave her a serious look. There was still anger in his eyes that had not faded away, but he tried his best to conceal his feelings.

Ye Wei swallowed her saliva and answered truthfully, “Mo Jue!”

Mo Jue seemed to feel better and the anger in his eyes diminished gradually. He complimented. “Very good!”

She had finally remembered him. The effort he had put in during all those days was not in vain.

“Were we old acquaintances?” Ye Wei asked again with a little uneasiness and looked keenly at Mo Jue. Mo Jue raised his eyebrows and asked, “What do you think?”

“I have answered all of your questions, but why don’t you answer me when I ask? Are you guilty?” Ye Wei’s face sank with displeasure and she was no longer afraid. The Ye Wei who had lost her memory was indeed still Ye Wei.

Mo Jue spread his arms. “Yes, we are old acquaintances.”

Ye Wei looked at him doubtfully, as if she was considering if his words were true. Obviously, she didn’t believe him. Mo Jue asked, “If we weren’t old acquaintances, why would I take care of you so attentively?”

“What kind of old acquaintances?” Ye Wei was still doubtful.

“Guess!” Mo Jue threw the problem back to her cleverly.

Ye Wei had held back her temper and seemed a little impatient. She was irritated and even a little displeased that her questions weren’t answered. She didn’t like his attitude.

‘Yes means yes and no means no. Why is he always saying misleading things?’ Since she had lost her memory, she would believe everything he said, which made her feel that he was suspicious.

“Never mind!” Ye Wei said coldly. Mo Jue stood up and walked closer to her. When he came close, she panicked and tightened her clothes. She raised her voice suddenly and shouted. “Don’t come here!”

“I won’t do anything to you,” Mo Jue said calmly, squatted down beside her, and glanced at her. Her gaze was full of defensiveness. The eyes are the windows to the soul. One could judge a person just by looking into their eyes. It might take a long time to gain her trust.

He reached out his hand and helped her button her brassiere and the buttons that he had unfastened gently. Two buttons fell off, revealing the flawless skin on her chest. Her skin and the love bite on her collarbone was faintly discernible and attractive. Mo Jue swallowed his saliva and turned his face away as if nothing had happened.

He couldn’t look at her. If he looked at her more, he was afraid that he would turn into a beast again.

Ye Wei’s fading morning glow miraculously returned to her face. Even her ears had turned red. Feeling uneasy, she stepped away from him. One was squatting down while the other was sitting. They did not speak for quite a while.

Finally, Ye Wei broke the silence and asked him, “What’s my name?”

“Ye Wei!”

“Ye Wei…” Ye Wei whispered the name, trying to rekindle feelings of familiarity. However, she failed to do so. To her, she had no impression of Mo Jue, Ye Wei, or even some random passerby.

She had a jade pendant with the name on it. When he called her Wei Wei, she had guessed that she might be Ye Wei. But why did her name sound foreign to her?

She was puzzled.

Ye Wei seemed to be satisfied after getting the answer she wanted. There was nothing else to ask Mo Jue. Mo Jue’s face sank. “Don’t you have any more questions for me?”

Ye Wei was confused. What else should she ask? She thought about it and her eyes brightened. Mo Jue was all ears and his mood started to improve. “Is there anything to eat? I’m hungry.”

Mo Jue’s expression completely darkened. He looked at her as if he was planning to chop her in half. Ye Wei didn’t know what he was angry about and was so scared that she stepped back, trembling in fear.

That man had a bad temper and his mood changed all the time.

That was what she had thought of Mo Jue. Although he looked like a person who was difficult to get along with, he hadn’t gotten angry for the past few days.

Mo Jue gave a cold snort and went into the mansion angrily.

Ye Wei looked around in a daze. Did she say something wrong? She wasn’t lying when she said she was hungry. ‘Is it against the law to be hungry? He’s so odd.’ Ye Wei pouted her and looked up at the white clouds and the blue sky.

It seemed like everything was perfect with the palm trees nearby and the sound of the waves that could be heard from afar, but something seemed to be missing. She had seen the scenery when she was in the bedroom on the second floor. It was extremely beautiful. She suddenly had the urge to go to the seaside.

But first, she had to fill her stomach.

She got up and went into the mansion too. As soon as she went in, she smelled garlic. Ye Wei was stunned and she followed the smell, only to find Mo Jue busy in the kitchen downstairs. His actions were swift and smooth. Beside him was a bundle of washed vegetables.

The microwave oven was also in use. There was a warm fragrant smell in the kitchen, which frightened Ye Wei as she believed that Mo Jue was a man that could kill people without blinking. Him cooking in the kitchen with an apron on? She wouldn’t believe it at all.

She felt as though she was out of the world.

She couldn’t help but feel her forehead. Huh? She was not feverish. So what she saw was real? The corners of her lips twitched, but she was unresponsive overall. She stood there and watched him cook elegantly.

“Get out of the way.” Mo Jue growled. He didn’t even look at her.

Ye Wei hallucinated again and it seemed that her ears had turned a little red. Ye Wei was a little surprised and she blinked in bewilderment. She wanted to get closer to have a better look, but Mo Jue stopped her with his gaze that was as sharp as a laser. Mo Jue stared at her again and she retreated a few steps back, turned away, and laughed unkindly.

After a while, breakfast was ready. Toast, porridge, side dishes, fried eggs, sandwiches, and milk—there was both Western and Chinese food. Ye Wei sat quietly at the table and waited for him to bring them out on the table.

She was even hungrier after smelling the food. As expected, Mo Jue brought the food out. However, he had only brought out a bowl of porridge, some side dishes, and fried eggs. Sitting expressionlessly opposite Ye Wei, he started to enjoy his breakfast while reading the newspaper.

Ye Wei was dumbfounded and blinked. What about hers?

Mo Jue ignored her, and Ye Wei couldn’t help but ask, “What about mine?”

“Don’t you have hands or feet?” Mo Jue replied in an unfriendly tone. Ye Wei slammed her hands on the table and had originally wanted to return to her room upstairs. However, as soon as she reached the stairway, her stomach growled and she stopped walking.

‘Although it is said that we should have moral integrity in our lives, how much does it cost?’

Ye Wei struggled internally for about ten seconds before gritting her teeth and going straight to the kitchen. Mo Jue looked at her and smiled. Beauty Ye brought her Western breakfast out and specially sat at the seat farthest away from Mo Jue. It was as if she was biting Mo Jue when she bit on the sandwich.

After a sip of milk, she put it aside. In fact, she didn’t like milk, sandwiches, or toast very much. He had prepared those as breakfast for her for the past few days and she was already sick of them. If it wasn’t to fill her stomach, she wouldn’t have tortured her appetite like that.

Ye Wei was salivating at his side dishes, which smelled nice and looked delicate and colorful. Why hadn’t she eaten that before? Why would he only prepare those for her?

Ye Wei’s coveting eyes finally attracted Mo Jue’s attention. She ate her sandwich unhappily with her head down. Mo Jue raised her eyebrow. When he checked Ye Wei’s data, it clearly said that she liked Western breakfast, especially sandwiches and milk.

Was he mistaken?

In addition to acquiring the wrong information, Mo Jue didn’t realize how crazy it was for someone to have the same breakfast every day for ten consecutive days, especially for Ye Wei, who had a picky appetite.

Ye Wei felt wronged and ignored him. Mo Jue would not take the initiative to talk to her either. The two of them returned to peace again.

She looked at the cup of milk in disgust. She didn’t know if it was because the food smelled too great, but she felt hungrier as she ate. Ye Wei simply pointed to Mo Jue’s side dishes and eggs and said, “I want to eat that!”

“Then, what do I eat?” Mo Jue asked.

Ye Wei looked at her half-eaten sandwich and half-eaten toast and went silent. She had no choice but to give up. “I don’t want to eat this again tomorrow.”

“Don’t like it?”

“I hate it.” Ye Wei was sure that she didn’t like it.

“Okay,” Mo Jue said and went silent. Ye Wei said, “I want your food.”

“Why are you ordering food? Do you think this place is a restaurant?” Mo Jue said in a sarcastic tone.

Ye Wei, “…I’ll cook it myself if you don’t wish to.”

Mo Jue’s face sank and he looked sharply at Ye Wei. Ye Wei looked down shyly. What did she say wrong again? How could he turn angry so fast? She reckoned that their birth date characters were not compatible. Otherwise, it would not be so difficult for them to get along. Would it solve the problem if she had stayed quiet?

Then, the atmosphere at the dinner table was silent again. Ye Wei was still hungry and she couldn’t eat Mo Jue’s food, so she had to put the sandwich that she didn’t like into her mouth and drank the milk that she didn’t like.

Mo Jue raised her eyebrows and asked flatly, “Why did you stop talking?”

His tone sounded very unhappy. Ye Wei smiled. She could not stand him anymore the more she thought about it. She was furious. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you finding trouble with me whether I speak or not? Is that on purpose?”

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