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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 442 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Jue looked up and glanced at her. He turned the pages of the newspaper in his hands, raised it, and blocked Ye Wei’s vision with it to avoid looking at her angry face.

Ye Wei stared at him furiously. How she wished she could glare through the newspaper and make a hole through it. She was enraged. ‘What was that? He dares to bully the good but fear the evil? Why is he keeping quiet now?’

There was no point for her to stay angry. Ye Wei did not want to be hard on herself. She drank the milk in one shot and went upstairs immediately. What she didn’t see couldn’t hurt her.

Mo Jue raised his eyebrows and watched her head upstairs without looking back while smiling. He put down the newspaper and ate his porridge calmly, as if nothing had happened.

After finishing half of his breakfast, Mo Jue cleaned up, went upstairs, and switched on the computer. Ye Wei sat on the windowsill alone, looking at the blue sky and white clouds outside. The expression in her eyes was elusive, looking a little confused, a little melancholy, and a little sad. Mo Jue felt that his heart was numb and painful, as if it was bitten by an ant, but he ignored it deliberately.

He had received some emails. He stopped looking at Ye Wei, opened them, and dealt with business matters. The room was quiet. Only the old clock could be heard ticking, which urged the time forward. Other than that, there was no sound at all.

Those artifacts had already been sold successfully long ago. The buyer was a big shot in the United States and the price given was reasonable. With this fund, Big Boss Mo could link his capital chain, which would not be broken. To do anything in this industry, he must have a huge sum of money.

In addition to the artifact trade, Mo Jue was also responsible for the drug and arms trade, and the drug trade went smoothly.

The business that Mo Jue was in charge of had been running smoothly. It had rarely caused big fluctuations as he always had the means to exit and enter the country and hand over safely, and he knew how to employ people according to their abilities. He had a lot of experience in this aspect, and this time, he had found out that it was the terrorist organization that had messed around with him.

In the arms smuggling market, no one could avoid the First Terrorist Organization. Jason, Chu Li, and Black J had occupied seventy percent of the whole market, which was almost the whole market share. The original arms market had flourished when only one person could occupy the share of one place. Even in the Middle East, there were three or four people sharing the market equally. No one had ever been so horrible and scary as the terrorist organization, which forced most of the arms tycoons out of the market and robbed all their businesses.

After the brothers came to power, Chu Li and Jason further suppressed their market and completely blocked the path of their business, which caused them a great loss. Not only that, in terms of money laundering and diamond smuggling, Chu Li had also put in more effort and did not allow the Mo brothers to cross the line.

Mo Jue and Mo Ye could only choose to give up on the others and focus on smuggling and issuing counterfeit money. Because the terrorist organization had been conquering the dark kingdom for a long time, and since many people in the arms industry couldn’t intervene, they needed a huge sum of money in order to establish a broader network.

To be fair, no matter what market it was, it would be at its best when many people were flourishing at the same time. Only competition could lead to development. Otherwise, people would only be jealous and full of hatred. Jason, Chu Li, and Blackjack were not idiots and they understood this, so they were active mostly in the arms industry. Money laundering and diamond smuggling only occupied a small share and they left the other dark businesses to others. In the black market, this was considered as a kind of flourishing as well.

It had caused dissatisfaction among the major drug lords of various countries this time once the First Terrorist Organization was involved in the drug market. If they were involved in something, they would take over the top spot in it. Once Chu Li had blocked their path, he released news for people to fight against the First Terrorist Organization.

Because of this, the major international mafia gangs and the major drug lords were angry with Chu Li and Jason. Some of them even called them too ambitious as they wanted to share the stock market again, which had caused chaos and troubles.

A few years ago, there was also a time when it was chaotic in the arms market. Gunshots were exchanged and several major forces had to change their leaders. Countless people had died. They would never want to go through such a tough experience again.

Mo Jue deeply understood that their current force wouldn’t be able to compete with the terrorist organization, but since the other side had been desperately suppressed, and they still had difficulties in survival and development, he was very wise to gather the leaders of major gangs and drug lords to fight against the First Terrorist Organization together. He sent Silver Face to carry out assassinations and incited hatred between the First Terrorist Organization, the major international mafia gangs, and the drug lords deliberately.

It was hard to make clear the right and wrong in the underworld. The First Terrorist Organization was so huge that they could not possibly manage all the major and trivial affairs. The conflict was originally very trivial, but it had snowballed gradually, and nobody could tell who was right or in the wrong.

It was a life and death battle to alarm Jason and Chu Li. Almost all of them shared the same hatred and had fought against them together. A simple way to kill people with the hands of others could at least help the brothers survive.

This was the plan agreed by him and Mo Ye after discussion. Silver Face had started to take action and it would be a mess again. Ye Wei and Eleven were missing while they were surrounded. The First Terrorist Organization’s vitality was bound to be hurt again.

Mo Jue raised the corners of his lips coldly. In fact, it was the most direct way to assassinate Jason, Chu Li, and Black J. It was not too hard to assassinate a person with Silver Face’s skills, but… Mo Jue looked at Ye Wei on the screen. He told himself that the time was still not right.

Mo Jue did not expect that the business had been targeted. He had thought that the transaction was going well. If Jason wanted to destroy it, he could only steal his customers and make it hard for him to sell his goods. But, he didn’t think that the Interpol would be involved in this. He could only temporarily stop the transaction, inform the other party to cancel the transaction, and hide the large number of drugs in the local area.

At first, he thought it would be okay as they just needed to avoid contact with people and delay the trading. However, in the evening, news came from the Asian branch that the Interpol had caught the mafia gang who was supposed to collaborate with them.

Mo Jue was in shock. He couldn’t figure out who had the courage and ability to find evidence in such a short time and wiped out such a major gang. He didn’t have time to think about it too much, so he had to let his people evacuate quickly and let go of the drugs. They could only wait until everything was settled down before they could take action again.

He informed Mo Ye about this matter immediately. Mo Ye was not too surprised. He smiled and said, “It is not wise for Jason and Chu Li to fight with us in person. They are not stupid. Naturally, they would make use of the Interpol to suppress us. After all, evil can never prevail over good, right?”

“Brother, did you say that they had betrayed us?” Mo Ye’s voice sank. The most taboo thing in this industry was to join hands with the police. In their own field, it didn’t matter how they fought and how they killed. Once they joined hands with the police, they would be blacklisted, and no one would think about cooperating with them again, unless the other party was an adventurist. It was like how their own family fought was their own business, and outsiders shouldn’t interfere.

“It’s hard to say!””Mo Ye said calmly. “They have someone on their side in the Interpol. Check it out and we’ll know.”

The two exchanged more information. Mo Jue then hung up the call and began to contact the undercover in the Interpol. His position in the Interpol was not trivial. He had been serving the Mafia since Louis had taken over. If there were no records, they would not have thought of it at all.

This time, it was also him who had given them the news so that they could evacuate quickly. Otherwise, all of them would have been caught. After Mo Jue had informed him to find out the situation, he suddenly added an order. “Check who is the undercover of the terrorist organization.”


Mo Jue hung up the call and sneered coldly. Since the Mafia had undercover agents, the First Terrorist Organization definitely had them too. If not, how could they have contacted each other this fast?

Almost at the same time, the young kid contacted Sir and said with a smile, “Dear Sir, can you help us find out who is on the Mo brothers’ side in the Interpol?”

“Shit, you obviously know that that’s not under my control. I’m an anti-terrorist elite. Do you understand what I mean by anti-terrorist? I’m here to catch people like you.” Sir clamored.

The young kid put the phone further away from his ears. Sir really spoke with energy and was so loud as if he would pierce through his eardrum. He smiled and continued. “Sir, since you are an advocate for world peace, you would interfere with anything related to world peace, right? Think about it. Except for the inner spy, all of you should be ashamed.”

“How did you know that there’s an undercover?”


“Little brother, let uncle tell you. You should do things based on facts and data. Intuition is bullsh*t.”

“Uncle, are you going to watch us start a fight again?” The young kid smiled. “Jason has a hot temper recently. The Mafia had offended him in many aspects. He is now worried that there’s no place for him to rant. Sir, if you want to really work for world peace, you should be brave and proud to take on this task.”

“F*** you, terrorists! I will kill all of you one day!” Sir growled. He snorted unwillingly and said, “Okay, you all had better behave.”

“Alright. I love Uncle Police the best. I’ll behave.”

“I’m not a policeman!” Sir yelled. “I am the anti-terrorist elite!”

“Well, anti-terrorist elite it is. I got it!”

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