Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 446 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 446 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei had originally wanted to ask what his words meant, but having seen his gloomy and cold face, she didn’t dare to open her mouth. To be honest, Mo Jue’s face looked really frightening. A person with a slightly weaker heart would have fainted. Ye Wei had a keen eye and was observant. She smirked and pretended to be relaxed. “I was bored. I’m just here to see your room.”

Mo Jue stared at her coldly, and Ye Wei felt a little guilty and speechless. It was obvious that she was lying. She smirked, touched her nose, and said, “I’d better go back.”

Mo Jue crossed his arms and said, “Wei Wei, this is the guest room. Our room is your room.”

His tone was calm, but he emphasized the word ‘our’. Ye Wei froze, took a deep breath, and turned around. Mo Jue leaned against the door and his lazy posture had a certain nonchalant vibe that could mesmerize anyone who saw him, including Ye Wei. She was fascinated for a moment and then said awkwardly, “There are so many rooms here. Why do you want to sleep there?”

“Why not?”

“No!” Ye Wei’s face sank. She put away her stiff fake smile and looked at him with a cold expression. “I haven’t known you well enough.”

“But we are husband and wife!”

“That’s right, but I really don’t know you well. You think I know you well, but in my opinion, you and I have only spent less than one day together. We are strangers, okay?” Ye Wei was a little grumpy. She could tell that Mo Jue was the kind of person who wouldn’t change his mind easily. She had to work hard to change his mind.

It was really… very frustrating!

“This doesn’t change the fact that you and I are husband and wife, or the fact that you and I have known each other very well. It doesn’t matter that your memory is blank now. Getting along with each other is a new start for us. If we don’t get along with each other again, we will always be strangers,” Mo Jue said in a calm tone, but his gaze was sharp. The way he stood showed his aggressiveness and domineering personality completely.

Ye Wei was greatly displeased. “You are so funny. You should at least give me some time to adapt.”

Which woman in the world would sleep with a dangerous-looking man whom she had just known for a short time? It was not like she was crazy. She recalled what happened in the atrium and thought that her innocence would definitely be gone if they really slept together.

Wait, he said that they were husband and wife. Her innocence must have been long gone. Ye Wei became awkward, scolded herself for letting her thoughts run wild, and shook her head.

Mo Jue watched her reactions indifferently, and his smile became colder. “I’ve given you ten days to adapt.”

“Are you serious?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows in surprise. ‘Why is there such a bully in the world? Was that considered giving her time to adapt? He’s obviously lying through his teeth.’ Ye Wei was not satisfied. Mo Jue’s gaze darkened. She realized that her tone was too harsh and tried to change the topic. “I’m going to sleep here. You go back to the master bedroom.”

That was the most perfect solution she could think of. She could not live in the same room with Mo Jue as her heart might not be able to take it and she could die at any time.

Mo Jue’s expression darkened and he had a cold and stern look. “Wei Wei, I am healthy and mentally sound. I have no plans to sleep separately with you for the time being.”

“Mo Jue, will you be reasonable?” Ye Wei was sad and angry at the same time. She didn’t think that he was mentally sound at all. It was obvious that he was a pervert. “No woman would like to sleep in the same bed with others so soon. Don’t pressure me with the fact that we are husband and wife. I don’t know anything about the past at all. It could be that we’ve always had a bad relationship and you can’t wait to dump me. Perhaps you are the one who caused my amnesia.”

“What nonsense are you speaking?”

“I don’t care. Anyway, I can’t!” Ye Wei didn’t want to be outdone. Comparing their auras, she might not lose to him. She didn’t know how good their fighting skills were, but judging from how she was a killer, she might not be bad. But, he was the godfather of the Mafia, which meant he wasn’t too weak as well. If they fought…

“In that case, let’s decide who wins and who listens with our skills.” Mo Jue seemed to guess what Ye Wei was thinking and smiled coldly. “Let’s make the other decisions invalid as well. We’ll decide who listens to whom with Kung Fu. It’s the fairest way.”

‘Fair your head!’ Ye Wei growled in her heart. Seeing how determined Mo Jue was, she must have fought with him and lost to him before. How was that fair?

But if she put in her utmost effort, she might…

It was a tough decision for Ye Wei. Should she fight or not? He was obviously trying to provoke her. It meant that she admitted defeat if she didn’t fight him, and it would be embarrassing. However, if she agreed to fight, she would have to listen to him. It was a matter of dignity and she couldn’t do that as well.

“What’s the matter? Are you scared? Then, go back to the room. Don’t interfere with my work,” Mo Jue mocked her and said in a dismissive tone, as if he despised her.

Ye Wei was furious and clenched her fist. “You…”

She almost swore at him but she stopped herself, turned around, and left furiously, slamming the door behind her. Mo Jue smiled. That was the Ye Wei he liked.

Mo Jue went back to the room to look through the documents. Silver Face had gone back to London again without telling anyone. This time, he was responsible for the assassination of Chu Li. Bai Ye and Jason were already in Colombia, while Black J rushed back to North America. They took charge of their own market, ready for the arrival of a storm. No one dared to take the Mafia lightly.

While preparing for the worst, Chu Li strengthened his efforts on suppressing the Mafia. He had interfered in all the areas that the Mafia was involved in. Although the First Terrorist Organization and the international mafia were not close, nor were they as close as how the Mafia and the international mafia were, he was the absolute leader in the field of arms and money laundering after all. If he took action, few of the international gangs could afford to offend him. It was not a secret that Chu Li had fought three major international mafia gangs for a woman. Who would dare to offend him? As a result, all of them began to be in a state of extreme nervousness and all the major international mafia gangs drew a clear line with the Mafia. This made Mo Ye so murderous that he wanted to pay homage to the brothers and profits that he had lost with Chu Li’s head.

Chu Li had sent out his order, saying that unless Eleven and Ye Wei were safe, this situation would continue. His attitude was arrogant and his words were aggressive. It was as if he wasn’t scared of the Mo brothers at all. He seemed to have confidence that they would not harm Ye Wei and Eleven. After speaking to him on the phone, Mo Ye slammed the wine glass on the ground and it broke. Mo Jue knew that his brother seldom lost his temper. Once he was angry, there was bound to be bloodshed.

Killings were already inevitable!

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