Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 447 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 447 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Killings were already inevitable!

Silver Face was responsible for assassinating Chu Li and Bai Ye, which was what Mo Ye had ordered him to do, and it was an undefiable order. He wanted Chu Li and Bai Ye to die. Letting Ye Wei and Eleven get rid of the obstacles was what Chu Li would usually do in the past. This time, he merely retaliated. It was an eye for an eye.

He was in charge of contacting Silver Face. He hadn’t entered London, but there was already news that he would assassinate them. No one could keep a secret as long as Ye Ningyuan was in the terrorist organization.

Their defense would be tighter and there would be fewer opportunities to take action. To be honest, it was hard to say if he could even enter London now.

To him, Ye Ningyuan’s relationship network was like a silk net that even ants couldn’t climb over. Anyone who crossed it would be stuck on the net. He could locate Silver Face accurately and even detect how lethal the weapon that Silver Face had on him was without the need to be in contact with him. If he wanted to get close to them, he had to spend more time distracting the young kid.

Mo Ye was the well-known Mafia godfather while Mo Jue worked behind the scenes. Big Boss Mo had been trying to occupy more territories to expand their influence, while Mo Jue specialized in doing dirty things that could not be brought to light.

Distracting the young kid and letting Silver Face enter London successfully were his main tasks now.

Mo Jue looked at the screen calmly and exchanged information with Silver Face. Without his command, Silver Face had not entered London for the time being. Silver Face had a strange character. He wasn’t afraid of danger, but he had many considerations. As a killer, he thought that he was not as competent as Ye Wei and Eleven. It was not because he was not bold. He had both the speed and strength of a killer, but he lacked enthusiasm and the desperation to win. Ye Wei and Eleven would not worry about what tactics they could use to win in the face of a strong enemy. Instead, they would act immediately without thinking too much, as too many considerations might cause them to lose the best opportunity to kill their target. In other words, as a killer, one had to think of the target more than themselves. However, Silver Face thought more about himself.

For example, now, Silver Face wanted Mo Jue to help him cover up his identity and make sure that he didn’t attract anyone’s attention so that he could sneak into London. Mo Jue found it funny. If it was Ye Wei, she would never do so. Even if it was dangerous, she wouldn’t let the people of the organization help clear the way for her behind the scenes. The job of a killer was lonely, whether it was their personality or the way they killed.

However, everyone has their own style. He might just be biased to Ye Wei.

What should he do so that Silver Face could get near them without fail? He just needed one day. Actually, he just needed time, even if it was a few hours.

The tracking and anti-tracking skills of the young kid had reached a level that no one could surpass. The internal defense system of the terrorist organization was watertight and had no flaws at all.

In the past, he was still able to create confusion, steal information, and deceive them with false information. Now, the tables had turned, and he had to worry about whether the young kid would attack him with the same method.

After getting in contact with Silver Face, Mo Jue didn’t directly ask him to take action. Instead, he asked him not to enter London first and wait for his cue. Silver Face didn’t question him and completely obeyed his order.

He rubbed the point in between his eyebrows and was a little tired. He decided to put Silver Face’s matter aside for the time being and dealt with several assassinations cases in the Middle East.

The feeling of fighting hard to survive was the most frightening. Mo Ye was under great pressure as he had to ensure the power of the Mafia and fight against the terrorist organization at the same time. Now, even the Dragon Gate had started to pressure them. The Mafia was in a very unfavorable situation and the problem could never be solved in a short period. Instead, it would grow gradually. Considering how ruthless he was, killing had become the fastest way to help him clear the obstacles.

The time passed quickly. He had a late lunch and wasn’t very hungry at night. It was the beginning of the Lantern Festival and the performances on the island at night had livened up the atmosphere. The passionate music could be heard from afar, giving off enthusiastic vigor and liveliness. The torch lit up half the sky. Mo Jue knew that they were having a bonfire party.

This island was free of all the troubles in the world and life was peaceful. Although the Mo brothers were the owner of the island, not all residents on the island were part of the Mafia. Most of them were ordinary people who did not know what the Mo brothers did for a living, let alone knowing that they were from the Mafia. They were enthusiastic, unrestrained, and would plan campfire parties and various large-scale banquets every now and then, which livened up the island.

He didn’t like to be in a lively atmosphere, but he enjoyed watching others being happy. He had a kind of unspeakable feeling.

After locking up some important documents, Mo Jue turned off the computer and made sure there was nothing left on the desk before leaving the room and locking it. He was not afraid that Ye Wei would come in as he knew that she was just curious. However, he would never let her know anything that she shouldn’t know.

Ye Wei had been sleeping in her room all afternoon as she wanted to save enough energy to fight against Mo Jue. She couldn’t stop him from sleeping together with her anyway. It was better for her to think of other ways to avoid contact that she didn’t want.

She was unhappy, extremely unhappy. She even wanted to run downstairs and escape from the mansion. ‘There are so many people outside, but why is it so empty here? I guess I’m stuck with a pervert.’

In the end, she didn’t do that and only stayed in the room.

She knew that there was a bonfire party on the island because the music was so loud that she could hear it clearly from such a distance. Standing outside and looking into the distance, she could see countless torches flashing and hear people cheering. She could imagine a scene of people singing and dancing.

Suddenly, she envied such freedom and being unrestrained.

“What are you looking at?” Mo Jue appeared quietly behind her. His voice had always been calm. He didn’t turn on the lights and was like a ghost, which gave Ye Wei a shock.

She turned her head and glared at him angrily. “Do you know that people could be scared to death?”

“Since when have you become so timid?”

Ye Wei sneered, pointed to the bustle in the distance, and asked, “What are they doing?”

“Singing and dancing!”

“You don’t say!” Ye Wei felt that she had a serious generation gap with Mo Jue and it was as if they were talking without communicating. “Why is it so quiet here and so busy there?”

“I like quiet!” Mo Jue said calmly.

“You must have a bad relationship with others. Mo Jue, let’s go and have a look, shall we?” Ye Wei chuckled. It was better to go out and breathe in fresh air than to be alone with him.

“Do you want to go?” Mo Jue looked at her with a deep gaze. His eyes in the dark were beautiful and gentle. Ye Wei nodded involuntarily. She had never stepped out of the mansion.


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