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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 449 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei gently coughed. Given Meng Lianling’s looks and her background as a Russian operative, she was undoubtedly capable. Since she did not like Big Boss Mo, she felt that Meng Lianling being with Big Boss Mo was akin to a beautiful woman being married to an ugly man.

When Mo Jue saw her expressions, he could tell what was on her mind and his lips curled into a smile. “Do you really dislike my brother?”

“That’s kind of given, no?” Ye Wei rolled her eyes at him and plainly said, “He has this quality in him that brings out that dislike in people. Given how he looks like you, don’t you feel terrible facing a mirror day in and day out?”

“That’s my brother!” Mo Jue felt helpless at what she said. “We do not look the same though.”

“Save that pair of eyes, how else do you look different? If you wear contacts, there is no given that the two of you can be differentiated.” Ye Wei smiled as she exaggerated. While the brothers looked alike, it was not to the point where nobody could differentiate between the two of them, at least for her.

Mo Jue remained silent as he led her back to the mansion. Ye Wei was in an extremely good mood tonight and curiously asked him downstairs, “Why isn’t there anybody here? Do you do all the household chores yourself?”

“No!” Mo Jue replied.

Since he wanted her to get used to him and be the first person she remembered so that she could rely on him, he had everybody else disappear so that they had the space to themselves. That was still the case now, and he was intending for Ye Wei to be better and willing to talk to him before returning everything to normal. Since he did not want anybody to disrupt their lifestyle, he was extremely pleased with how things were.

The reality was slightly different from what Mo Jue had in mind. Mo Jue had initially imagined Ye Wei to be extremely defensive and guarded that she would not speak and became a totally different person. He expected Ye Wei, when she had recovered, to rely on him like a little girl and to never leave him. His plans had clearly deviated a little. Ye Wei had lost her memories and did not have the gorgeousness she deliberately displayed and that overbearing domineering streak. While she was slightly different from how he imagined her to be, her current character, which he was extremely pleased with, gave him a slight headache.

She ought to have been like this.

“As I was saying, how could one person stay in such a huge place? Where is everybody given these many rooms?” Ye Wei asked as she went to the kitchen to get some water.

“You do not like living with me?” Mo Jue lazily asked.

“That’s not the case.” Ye Wei put down the glass and replied teasingly, “I just do not want to eat the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.”

Mo Jue’s face blackened and he stared at her angrily before storming up the stairs. His footsteps sounded as though the entire floor was about to collapse. Ye Wei shrugged her shoulders. Some people just couldn’t handle the truth.

She remained in the kitchen for a moment before she could not help but look upward. Was he headed for the study room or the master bedroom? Ye Wei was not too sure. Although she partially doubted his words and not in total agreement with what he did, she could sense that Mo Jue did take some liking toward her.

If he did not like her, he would not have watched her tightly every moment. If he did not like her, his emotions would not have fluctuated immensely for somebody as calm as him. If he did not like her, he would not have thought of going on a killing spree even though he was jealous.

The feelings were too strong for her to overlook, and she could not deny that. He was, however, overly nervous and his occasionally off-whack actions made her suspicious. He might have done something that he could not face up to her in the past, and she really could not remember anything.

Maybe she should really give them a chance and eventually put down all her doubts about him liking her. If that was the case, believing him was a matter of when and she should not resist him and waste her effort from the onset.

Ye Wei leaned against the countertop and looked down, deep in thought. If a person whom she could trust could give her some suggestions, all would be perfect. Ye Wei mocked herself. She needed somebody to tell her who she was, let alone somebody she could trust.

One could say that the defensive Ye Wei would not even trust herself. She took the jade at her chest and looked at it. She seemed to have worn that piece of jade for more than ten years, and it had her name on it. If she was able to tell that the piece of jade was real, she could also tell the age of the jade and how familiar she was. She might not even be sure whether her name was Ye Wei.

After her thoughts ran wild for a moment, she did not reach any conclusion. Ye Wei decided to just go up the stairs. Before Ye Wei reached the master bedroom, she could hear movement in it. Mo Jue was indeed in the master bedroom.

She gave a long sigh. This idiot sure didn’t know what rejection meant. She had cracked her head and brought him out, only for nothing to change in the end. This was indeed… stifling!

She looked around the second floor and realized that there were several rooms on it. Many of the rooms were locked, and she had no difficulty opening them should she want to. She considered disappearing from his sight, but this was his turf and he would be able to easily capture her. Mo Jue was a person who would not stop until he accomplished what he set out to do.

Ye Wei hesitated and then pushed open the door. What greeted her was an extremely steamy scene. Mo Jue, who had just showered, had a few strands of hair on his forehead. Mo Jue, seeming much younger than his actual age, had water trickling down from his hair. He also had water on his face and seemed extremely lazy. His cold purple eyes seemed slightly blurry and good-looking and had a few hints of deadly attractiveness. A black robe covered his toned body, its belt loosely tied to reveal his taut bronze chest. Water trickling down his chest made for an extremely steamy scene.

Seeing Mo Jue facing the door and tying the belt to his robe, Ye Wei’s face flushed. Mo Jue turned around as though nothing had happened and attentively read a book on the bed, ignoring the stunned Ye Wei. It all seemed as though nothing had changed.

Gorgeous Mo Jue’s figure was nothing short of utterly sexy. Ye Wei swallowed her saliva. Ye Wei could never stand up to lust or sleep with Mo Jue. However, being utterly thirsty for him was not too bad an idea.

As she stood there without moving for a while, Mo Jue looked at her and plainly asked, “You’re not showering before sleeping?”

“Oh…” Ye Wei then responded, grabbed her sleepwear, and waltzed into the bathroom. She only responded after closing the door. What was she? Utterly thirsty? Did she just silently admit to wanting to spend the night with him?

F***! It shouldn’t have been like this! She had clearly lost her mind. Ye Wei pounded her mind in frustration and utterly regretted her thoughts. She seriously suspected Mo Jue deliberately pulled a beauty trap on her.

But she was clearly not up to her game!

Ye Wei gritted her teeth in frustration as she cursed herself in the mirror. She was really… innocent, thirsty, lusty…

When Mo Jue heard the sound of water in the bathroom, his lips curled into a smile. He managed to shut Ye Wei up, and he was extremely pleased with the outcome. His lips curled into a smile. She had already silently admitted to wanting him to stay, and that was a good start.

The beauty trap!

While many previous attempts did not work, she was still quite a connoisseur of good looks. Her dazed response earlier confirmed it all.

As his keen hearing picked up the sound of water in the bathroom, he could not quite read on. He, at this moment, could imagine how beautiful she would be. That pink skin, perfect figure…

As he fantasized about her, he felt a lusty fire burn through him and his little brother stood to attention. He was able to feign it really well as he read with a poker face without giving anything away. He knew that he wanted to rush into the bathroom and utterly tease her.

Mo Jue recalled the first time Ye Wei teased him when they were fighting it out. He felt his body burn even hotter. He was a real idiot then. When he returned and asked his brother about it, his brother laughed about it for a whole week and eventually sent three to four women his way. While the women did all they could to please him, he did not feel any stimulation at all. He did not have that impulse for them like how he did Ye Wei.

Mo Ye even said that Mo Jue was cold or abnormal. Whatever Mo Ye tried did not work. Given how much of an idiot Mo Jue was, Mo Ye could not help but give him books and videos as part of a complete sexual education. It was then Mo Jue knew what was going on, and he thought he really had some problems. It was only after seeing Ye Wei that he learned that his body only reacted toward her. If she knew it, she would tease him without end.

He really wanted her, but his reasoning told him that now was not the time. Given Ye Wei’s intense character, pushing one’s hand too hard would only backfire. Going easy on her, with the occasional teasing, would make her want him more. That was more important.

He could not rush it, and he did not want to ruin this uneasily achieved collaboration because of a moment of passion. They were just beginning. He did not want her to become too disappointed with him.

If not, they would end up like before she lost her memory.

As he recalled how they confronted each other and the games they played, the desire in Mo Jue cooled down and his boiling blood cooled down too. He was also less aroused.

Like a boat in a storm, he had to tread carefully.

Ye Wei finished showering and got into her sleepwear. Since she liked to sleep naked, she would either do so or wear simple nightwear. This time, she wore the most conservative sleepwear she could find and wrapped herself tightly.

When she came out, Mo Jue took a look at her and turned away. “What a tease.”

He sounded as ironic as he could, but Ye Wei smiled without caring too much. “The weather today is a little cold.”

‘Me letting you sleep here tonight is clearly a show of face, damn it!’

Mo Jue coldly harrumphed and said, “Relax. I am not interested in you.”

“That’s weird. If you are not interested, what are you doing sleeping here?” She did not want to think about it. To be disliked by people was one thing, but this was a problem about her ability to charm.

“You sound like you are really hoping for something.”

Ye Wei was at a loss for words.

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