Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 45 - Be My Girlfriend
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 45 - Be My Girlfriend
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Senior…” Cheng Anya wanted to push him away, but he hugged her even more tightly. She secretly had a wry smile in her heart. Senior was so unexpected tonight.

Was it the appearance of Ye Chen that disrupted senior’s serenity?

“You don’t have to speak. Just listen to me.” Yang Zekun hugged her tightly, as if he was trying to rub the fragrant body that he had loved and been tortured by for the past seven years into his flesh and blood so that they would no longer be separated.

“Anya, I love you. God can testify that I love you. I don’t care about Ning Ning. When I fell in love with you, I already knew about Ning Ning. But does it matter? I once thought of giving up. I’ve played a very difficult game and could never pass the last stage. I thought that I could give up on you if I passed that stage.”

“It’s been seven years. The game is no longer as difficult as it was back then and I’ve gotten to the last stage many times. Countless times, I could pass as long as I pressed the Enter key, but in the end, I didn’t press it as I did not want to give up on you.”

“If it is because of Ning Ning that I do not like you, then I am not noble at all. Anya, believe in my sincerity. For my whole life, I have only fallen for you.”

His gentle tone had a trace of hoarseness, sadness, and pain, rippling lightly in the dark night. The dark night seemed to be crying for the man’s affection.

So touched that it cried.

Cheng Anya had excruciating pain in her chest that felt sour and distended. A hint of pain spiked all over her body, making her so uncomfortable that she wanted to cry.

Her mouth was full of bitterness as this feeling was too heavy. She could not repay even with her whole life.

“Senior, I…” Cheng Anya did not know how to reject this heavy love. If it was any other man, she would have slapped the man and rejected heartlessly without any warmth.

However, this man was Yang Zekun, the senior who treated her in the same way for the past seven years, the one who silently contributed without asking for anything in return.

“Anya, if feelings were an investment, why not invest the energy and money on me? I, Yang Zekun, will make sure that you are happy forever.”

Cheng Anya opened her mouth and bit her lower lip without uttering a single word.

Seven years of feelings gushed out like a volcanic explosion, hot and furious. It would be a lie if Cheng Anya said that she was not touched.

Yang Zekun was a good man, but it was exactly because of this that Cheng Anya did not dare to hurt him with no qualms. If she agreed, it would mean forever.

“Can you carefully think about what I’ve told you?” Yang Zekun did not want to force her too much. His gaze changed from disappointment to a doting look. He changed the topic and said, “Anya, although I’m not in a hurry to get you to agree, can you help me with something?”

“Senior, please tell me. I will definitely help as long as I can do it.” Under such circumstances, even someone with a heart of steel would not reject his request.

“Can you temporarily pretend that you are dating with me for a period of time? Old Master has been forcing me to get married and I’ve had enough of going home every day to see an unknown woman waiting for me,” Yang Zekun said sincerely, albeit distressed.

Cheng Anya hid her wry smile and simply smiled while nodding her head. “Sure!”

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