Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 450 - Who’s The Most Vicious?
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 450 - Who’s The Most Vicious?
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei and Mo Jue carefully kept a distance from each other as they remained fully alert and vigilant. While their beautiful eyes occasionally blinked, they were not tired at all. Mo Jue read his book attentively, whereas Ye Wei looked at the cover of the book. The book was actually the chronicles of the Mafia. Ye Wei’s mouth became a straight line. A person is indeed what he reads. What was so good about that book? The book was about the previous godfathers of the Mafia, and most of the events were cooked up by the author and not facts.

She paused and wondered how she knew. She could not think of a reason and gave up thinking. She then curled up to sleep, hugging her blanket. She was not tired, and the light was too bright.

She turned and tossed around, wide awake, and Mo Jue was still reading attentively. She, out of a false impression or careless, did not discover that he did not even flip the pages of the book. Ye Wei wondered whether he was even reading the book. She was not used to an additional person on the bed and it felt extremely convoluted. As she turned and tossed, she became agitated and her face became sunken.

Mo Jue was still reading his book calmly when Ye Wei heard sounds outside of the window and realized that the partying had ended and it was all silent. It was obviously extremely late. Why was he still awake?

She never saw him sleep during both day and night. He was seriously running on diesel.

Since Ye Wei was in a bad mood, her thoughts wandered and she eventually succumbed to the temptation of sleep and soundly fell asleep. Mo Jue then put down the book that he had not flipped for the past three hours, turned off the light, and gently hugged her.

The curtains were not drawn, and some moonlight poured onto the carpet and into the room. The moonlight complemented Ye Wei’s gentle face. Mo Jue looked at the woman in his embrace sideways. Even as Ye Wei slept extremely soundly, she subconsciously frowned. He gently caressed her frowns. She should have been happy and not worried about what he would do to her when she was asleep.

She seemed to feel somebody touching her face and slapped his hand away, displeased. She subconsciously scooted closer and contentedly snuggled against him, her natural heater. Mo Jue raised his eyebrows and suddenly grabbed the remote to turn the temperature in the room to the lowest. His typical poker face, like a playful teenager, seemed somewhat pleased and happy.

Ye Wei felt cold a few moments later and snuggled even closer into his embrace and reached out to hug his waist. She almost rested her head on his elbow and had a hidden smile as though she enjoyed this temperature.

Mo Jue had expected this to happen, and he was extremely satisfied, his lips curling into a smile.

Ye Wei was the type of beauty whom people would not get tired of looking. Her features were delicate and few could match up to her gorgeousness. He had few chances to draw close to her and hugged her to sleep when she had fainted. He was thinking about their relationship and how he should conquer her. He had never taken a good look at her, and she, in his impression, was merely shockingly beautiful. It was only upon a closer look that he noticed she had extremely enviable looks and good skin that was smooth to the touch.

He could not help but hug her tighter, and his typically cold heart melted into a puddle.

“Wei Wei, let’s keep it this way. Just this way.” Mo Jue did not know how to express his longing for her and could only repeat those words as he gently kissed her lips and sucked on it. He could not bear to break the kiss.

He was also unable to remain awake and drifted into sleep as he hugged her.

When Ye Wei woke up the next day, Mo Jue was already awake. While she fell asleep with comfortable room temperature, she woke up to find the room colder in the morning. Ye Wei wore a robe and took a look at the remote next to her. Since everything seemed normal to her, she threw the remote aside and entered the bathroom to wash up. A man’s toiletries and sleeping robe were in the bathroom after a night.

Ye Wei gritted her teeth. Since they had already slept together, she decided to let it slide. She would be duplicitous if she decided to pick on him for that.

When Ye Wei went down the stairs after washing up, she heard Meng Lianling’s laughter at the staircase. Meng Lianling saw Ye Wei come down the stairs and waved to her. Ye Wei, unable to bear hitting Meng Lianling, smiled and nodded instead.

“Good morning!”

“Wei Wei, you looked stunning yesterday but innocent and cute like a college student today. It’s little surprise that Brother Jue is so into you. There are so many sides to you that people adore.” Meng Lianling naturally praised Wei Wei like how Mo Jue did.

Ye Wei did not mind the praises. She was in a pink short-sleeve shirt and white track pants. Her hair was tied into a ponytail and she seemed youthful. She seemed five to six years younger than the erotic dancer last night.

“Thank you!” Ye Wei sat aside as Mo Jue brought out breakfast. He prepared seafood porridge and some delicate dishes for her. Meng Lianling looked at Mo Jue teasingly whereas Mo Jue remained emotionless as though these were business as usual.

“Brother Jue, I have yet to have breakfast.”

“Help yourself to it in the kitchen,” Mo Jue replied. Ye Wei quietly ate her porridge as she looked at them with raised eyebrows. Gorgeous Mo Jue was clearly gentlemanly enough and even Meng Lianling was used to his style. She laughed.

“What brings you here first thing in the morning?” Mo Jue asked.

“I’m here to spend time with Wei Wei,” Meng Lianling said, blinking playfully. “You’re not going to allow me to find her to play?”

“Does brother know?” Mo Jue’s face turned cold as he flatly asked. Given his understanding of Mo Ye, the latter agreeing to Meng Lianling looking for Ye Wei was akin to men who were able to give birth.

“I am myself, and he is himself. He can’t decide for me.” Meng Lianling smiled and turned to Ye Wei and asked her, “How about I bring you out for some sightseeing after breakfast? You’ve been cooped up here for ten days. Let’s go out to play since Brother Jue is such a boring person. The sea is extremely beautiful, and the islands in the area are special in their own ways.”


“I will not allow that!”

Ye Wei and Mo Jue almost spoke at once. Meng Lianling laughed. Mo Jue looked at Ye Wei maliciously and insidiously as though Ye Wei had committed some unpardonable crime. “Gorgeous Mo Jue, I want to go,” Ye Wei said callously.

She was not asking for his opinion, but simply informing him.

“I’ll bring you wherever you want to go,” Mo Jue coldly replied. Ye Wei smiled and shook her head. “You’re too boring and I want to go out with Miss Meng,” Ye Wei honestly replied.

“Wei Wei, you’re too courteous. You can call me Lianling.”

Mo Jue’s razor-sharp gaze turned to Lianling with a warning. Meng Lianling, as her name implied, was extremely still yet nimble. She had this aura around her that would dissolve any anger directed at her. Mo Jue could not remain angry for much longer.

“Brother Jue, you’re simply too nervous. Relax. I’ll bring your darling out and return her intact. She will definitely be happy. Since you and Mo ye will be busy and won’t have time for us, Wei Wei and I can have each other for company since we do not really have friends. Wei Wei, is that right?” Meng Lianling smiled at Ye Wei.

Meng Lianling was right, so Ye Wei nodded. Since she did not dislike Meng Lianling, she could treat Lianling as a friend. Save Mo Jue, she had no friends. For all she knew, Lianling could become her confidant.

Meng Lianling had the ability to want people to draw close to her, and given her aura, made her extremely likable. If it weren’t for Mo Jue telling her, she would not have learned that Meng Lianling was a Russian operative.

Whether in terms of individual quality or organizational strength, the Russians had the top international clandestine organizations.

Mo Jue’s rage burned. He grabbed Meng Lianling and said, “You, come out.”

Meng Lianling ached from how Mo Jue grabbed her. Ye Wei looked at their disappearing silhouettes and shrugged her shoulders before digging into her breakfast. Whether Mo Jue agreed or not, it had nothing to do with her decision.

The fountain, central atrium.

“Lianling, what are you up to?” Mo Jue’s face was aghast. “If you were not my brother’s men, I would not have spared you because of what you said.”

Meng Lianling broke into laughter and said, “Brother Jue, why are you overreacting? You and I know who she is, but she does not. I will not say what I should not, so relax.”

“I do not mean that.” Mo Jue’s anger burned. “Scram!” He decided to simply evict her.

“Brother Jue, I should not call you out on this, but are you sure that the two of you will be even closer to each other like this?” Meng Lianling wiped her smile off.

“What do you mean?”

“If you want Ye Wei to love you, watching her day in and day out will not help,” Meng Lianling quietly replied. She was not afraid of Mo Jue’s anger-laden face and said, “You incarcerating her will not make any difference. She is already familiar with you and used to you. What you have to do is to get her to trust you and love you. If you are simply going to incarcerate her and watch her, Ye Wei, given her intelligence, will suspect if you have an ulterior motive and will not trust you. She is not with you, and you have to respect her and give her freedom even though she has lost her memory. That will be of great help. Trust me. If you keep on incarcerating her, she will become unhappy and all that you have done will have lost its meaning. Give her some freedom. Let her make friends and be familiar with your social circles. With knowledge comes understanding, and that is how she will understand you better. Get it? Gee, you’re such an idiot.”

Meng Lianling’s words did not touch his heartstrings, but he took heed to something she said. If she was unhappy, all that he had done was for naught.

Would she be unhappy?

Mo Jue recalled her panicking and lost a few days ago, and he actually had an answer that he was unwilling to believe. She was unhappy because of him. Maybe giving her that little more room would help her to really…

As a kite flew in the sky, holding its string tightly would keep it before one’s eye. If the string is released, it could break and the kite would never return. Or, the kite would happily return.

Could he afford that risk?

“Lianling, why are you so nice to her?”

“That is such a funny question from you. When was I nice to her? I just want to bring the two of you together. Once you are together, Mo Ye will then be happy. Surely you don’t want to get into a tight spot with your brother because of her, and I really do hope that Mo Ye will not lay a hand on her and create conflict between the two of you. At the end of the day, it’s still for the two of you.” Meng Lianling gently smiled. “Relax. I know what to say and what not to say so that your image will not be ruined.”

Mo Jue looked at her glumly and seemingly believed her. He pondered for a moment and then said, “Very well then!”

The two of them returned as though nothing happened. Ye Wei had already finished her breakfast. Meng Lianling invited her out with a smile and Mo Jue did not seem to stop her. Ye Wei, not seeing him mind, followed Meng Lianling out.

A moment after they left, Mo Ye reached the mansion. He asked, “Where’s Lianling?”

“She went out with Wei Wei,” Mo Jue plainly replied. Mo Ye’s face changed and he squinted. “You agreed?!”

“What’s bad about that?”

“Little Jue, if Ye Wei hurts Lianling, I’ll not give you face despite the fact we’re siblings.”

Mo Jue looked at him and his face slightly sank. “Given Lianling’s over-the-top smarts, nobody can harm her.”

Mo Ye walked away and Mo Jue returned to the study room to continue with his work. Outside the mansion, Ding Ke, Mo Ye’s subordinate, and the driver were waiting for him. Mo Ye got into the car, and the driver noticed Mo Ye looking unhappy. He threw a glance at Ding Ke, who asked, “Big Boss Mo, shall we return to the seaside mansion?”

Mo Ye pondered for a moment and shook his head. “Go to the dungeon on the mountain.”

“On it!”

As the sedan headed up the mountain, Mo Ye ordered. “Ding Ke, call Doctor Claire and ask him where he is.”

Ding Ke called and reported. “The old doctor is in the dungeon.”

Mo Ye acknowledged and remained silent after that. The car quickly climbed the mountain and stopped before a little mansion. Mo Ye alighted and led Ding Ke into the mansion. The small mansion was built along a cliff that faced the sea. As they were at the highest point on the island, they could see everything below the island.

The terrain was treacherous.

After Mo Ye and Ding Ke entered the mansion, two rows of men in black nodded in respect. Mo Ye led Ding Ke through them and reached a study room. Mo Ye pulled up a drawing on the wall which revealed a secret compartment. He opened it, flicked the switch, and a door in the wall opened to reveal a direct path underground.

As Mo Ye and Ding Ke followed the stairs down, the walls closed behind them and the painting went down. They were in a small underground research lab with ten-over medical experts in white robes. Doctor Claire was amongst them.

“First master, Mister Ding.” Doctor Claire came out to welcome them and politely greeted them. Ding Ke had immense respect for Doctor Claire and politely greeted him in return. He was full of awe for Doctor Claire, whose medical skills were top-notch.

“Do we have any results?” Mo Ye flatly asked.

Doctor Claire shook his head in apology. “First master, I am afraid we will have to wait for a few more days to determine its feasibility. I am also uncertain as to whether I can give you a perfect outcome.”

Mo Ye looked down and said, “Claire, I do not care how you do it. I want that outcome at all costs.”

Claire still remained casual as he asked, “What if that lady’s life is threatened?”

“She is not important!” Mo Ye coldly and meanly replied.

Ding Ke was slightly shocked and did not dare to look at Mo Ye’s expression. He felt a chill run through him.

Doctor Claire nodded and said, “I understand. I’ll do what I can.”

“I do not want effort. I want a confirmed result. You know what to do.”

“First master, you are imposing on me. I am a doctor whose responsibility is to save. I can’t bring myself to take a life.” Doctor Claire smiled. Mo Ye recalled how he brainwashed Ye Wei and coldly harrumphed and said, “How unnecessary.”

Claire, not replying, thought he would hence leave. Little did they expect him to say, “Open the door. I’ll go in to take a look.”

Claire was stunned. “Okay!”

They passed through the small research laboratory and reached the dungeon. The air in the dungeon was extremely cold, and even somebody as fit as Mo Ye felt the cold air. Ding Ke slightly shivered.

It was extremely quiet below and the dungeon was modernly designed. There were four to five doors from top to bottom that were all fitted with electronic surveillance equipment and had complicated passcode locks. Apart from those, there were also self-destruction mechanisms.

The three of them reached the lowest floor. This was a sealed room and only had a glass door. The glass door in question was specially-made and could not be destroyed with explosives. The door also had a special function. The people outside could see through the door to see what was inside, but those inside could not see what was going on outside.

Ding Ke looked at Mo Ye, slightly terrified. The bloodstains on the glass door almost blurred their vision of what was inside. He could imagine how the person was injured and bled from pounding the door so hard out of desperation from being imprisoned.

“What is going on?” Mo Ye looked into the room for a moment. He slightly frowned and resumed his normal look. “What is with her?” he asked Claire.

“There are two different medicines which are destructively interfering with each other in her. This interference causes her to lose control of herself and she tried to escape,” Claire honestly replied. One could see the woman’s blurred silhouette and the bloodstains around her.

Ding Ke guessed that she must have been through excruciating pain.

The person he saw a few days ago was ice-cold and calm enough to not do something to no avail. She must have lost control of herself to the point she would injure herself in such a manner.

“Open the door!” Mo Ye ordered. Claire opened the door for him.

Ding Ke panicked and was about to say something, but Mo Ye had already closed the glass door.

“Mister Claire, will she die?” Ding Ke asked.

“That I do not know. That will depend on what your master wants. Although her body is extremely resistant to many toxins and is specially constituted, forcibly using her blood as a basis for formulating the antidote will gravely harm her body to the point she may never recover for life. If first master gives the order that no expense is to be spared, I am afraid…” Claire shrugged. “I can’t guarantee anything, you know? Miss Lianling did not endure for more than a year, and I am guessing that first master will choose to expend her. He, after all, did say that she is not important.”

A chill ran through Ding Ke’s heart. Did this really have to happen?

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