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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 451 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The room was like a cell. It was empty and its walls were shiny and smooth as though many mirrors were encrusted into the walls. Even the floor was slippery and smooth. The room was utterly empty without a single bed. It was about 1,500 square feet and not particularly big. A thin and frail woman who stood in the room alone made the room seem big to the point it was suffocating.

The room was special, ingeniously designed. One would be able to see their own helter-skelter image that inspired shame and fear as the walls reflected all of one’s emotions through the various mirrors all at once and allowed one to see how they were like. The room, intended to imprison important convicts, was specially designed to prevent convicts from escaping. One who was unable to endure the mental stress would be tortured to the point of breaking down in such a room and dying.

This was a room that killed the souls of people in them.

There were bloodstains on the glass door, and there were many bloodstains that covered the room. Eleven, whose back was facing him, was still dressed in the same sporting attire as she was ten days ago. Her hair, which was previously tied in a ponytail, was let loose and her back seemed somewhat fragile yet exceptionally strong. She clenched her hands tightly and did not move them. With the countless injuries on her fists, anybody could imagine how she had once crazily pounded on these impregnable glass doors.

He squinted and remained silent. The air was filled with a bitter coldness, and the coldness from her became even colder as though she had been soaked in ice water. Her back gave him the impression that she was extremely cold and distant.

She knew that he had come and could not avoid him. The mirror was special enough to clearly reflect his image into her. If she could see him, he could also see that scorned her from the mirror.

She knew much better than anybody else what happened to her body. Although her body was immune to many toxins, all the toxins injected into her were like harmless chemicals that would not kill her. While she was still made of flesh, the toxins that ran amok in her body would somehow harm her. Even her special constitution could not withstand the probing, research, and harm done by the machines.

Her immunity was decreasing, and even the slightest poison would send her into a coma. While the toxins would not kill her, her blood would require an extremely long period of time to metabolize these toxins. Before her body could metabolize and excrete toxins, another wave of toxins would be injected into her. Her body was much slower to react.

Eleven was not innately immune to toxins but developed to be immune to them. All that she had eaten and used years ago were laced with toxins that changed her from the inside out and made her the Eleven who was immune to toxins.

Apart from Ye Wei and Old Witch, nobody else knew of that. She, as a child, had a close brush with death once too many as she endured it. She had experienced all of the toxins in the world and the most potent drugs. While she had knocked on death’s door several times and almost died, she had tried to commit suicide at her most painful moment as she did not want to endure this suffering anymore. She, thankfully, endured it.

After that was successful, she went several years without poison. Since consuming poison in the long term was not feasible, Old Witch, in conjunction with experts, came up with a customized diet for her that would allow her to live a normal life that did not alter her constitution and yet did not require the consumption of toxins.

This was her second agony that was akin to cold turkey. As her blood was used to the longer-term consumption of toxins, her not consuming them for a day felt like a sharp agonizing pain as though her muscles were tearing from her bones.

This period of three years was even more agonizing than consuming toxins, and she had finally kicked her reliance on toxins to maintain the toxicity level of her blood. She was finally able to live a normal life.

It was as though she had died twice, and she was thankful she managed to persevere through it. Her special constitution saved her life and the life of her companions on special missions and dangerous occasions.

She had hence always felt that all the agony she had suffered years back was worth it.

Nowadays, Mo Ye fed her with toxins day in and day out. It was like killing her a third time. She would not be this lucky to endure it. She felt that her blood became much slower at metabolizing the poisons and the pain became even clearer. She was still able to endure the pain when she was younger, but now, she struggled from slipping into madness only to fail as she had lost control of herself once too often.

Old Witch had warned her that she would die from a third toxification regime. Old Witch had especially warned her not to allow anybody else to know she had such a constitution. As she was unique, people envied her and she would not be as fortunate as she was on the island.

Mo Ye would utterly destroy her body.

Mo Ye’s ‘experts’ could not be compared to Old Witch’s experts in any level or way. Old Witch’s experts were able to control the dosage of toxins and spent years weathering the tide with her just to keep her alive. On the other hand, Mo Ye’s ‘experts’ did not have free rein in the area. To them, she was just a test subject in an area where they were willing to take their chances and could not care about her life. Her life was none of their concern.

They did not have a complete understanding of her constitution and merely experimented, and experimented on her… which accelerated the degradation of her body.

This was extremely dangerous and the situation did not seem optimistic. If they kept this on, she could die! Her body of flesh was not as before, and she might not even recover despite having ten years to recuperate.

Mo Ye inflicted all these pain on her.

It was deeply etched in her mind!

This was Mo Ye’s second time in the dungeon, and she had a close call one too many here. Every time she was carted off the operating table, she was dumped here and it felt like a close call every time. She secretly swore to herself that she had better not get a chance to escape. She had better not have a chance to escape…

If not, she would bloodbath the place and leave nobody alive!

Including Mo Ye!

As Eleven was no saint, their faces were all etched into her memory and she was vicious enough to repay them tenfold what they inflicted on her.

Besides, she would never spare those who harmed her. If she had a chance, everybody here would die!

‘Mo Ye, you’d better pray that I die quickly. If I do not, you will die.’

She clenched her fists even more tightly. A hatred that could no longer be tamed with words filled her eyes.

Because she looked down, Mo Ye could only see her cold face but not the hate in her eyes. He, however, could guess from the previous time that she did not make any effort to conceal her hatred for him.

It was deeply seared in his mind. He once dreamed of this pair of eyes in the night and was sleepless. A chill ran down his spine.

How could somebody have such a pair of eyes?

They were filled with absolute hatred!

Eleven had smashed all of the surveillance cameras inside, and as long as she was inside, nothing could go wrong and she was absolutely unable to escape. Mo Ye frowned and was wondering when her blood would react to those toxins.

When he saw her like this, he hoped that things would draw to a close soon. Since she was immune to toxins, she should be fine. Claire was exaggerating the risks involved, and he clearly saw that she was fine when she was injected with the most potent toxins in the market.

Mo Ye, who was a passive person, stood there for a full ten minutes. She did not say a word, and he was getting impatient. He was used to having people take instructions from him, and he was not one who would cling onto others. That explained why he did not start the conversation.

He had no idea why he simply stood there and observed her cold silhouette. He was not such a person. Did he start to take pity and have compassion for her when he saw her in this state?

He did not mention anything clearly, but he wanted to hear her say something. Eleven could not help but give him her cold back and her cold face in the mirror. She did not even look at him.

Mo Ye was feeling slightly flustered and he had no idea what exactly he wanted by going in there to see her and talk to her. Gee, he was no saint, and if he really sympathized with her, he would not have gotten people to use her to create medicines in cold blood.

Eleven’s body and blood were extremely special. While her blood was able to neutralize many toxins, that was, however, far from the truth. Claire had experimented with her blood ex vitro to create an antidote for Meng Lianling, but the results were far from ideal. As the temperature of the blood affected its freshness, processing the blood ex vitro was simply useless. Claire described her body as the best incubator.

Mo Ye hesitated for a moment and then let Claire use her body as an incubator for the antidote.

If she wanted to hate something, she just had to hate her special constitution.

Meng Lianling was a Russian operative who was controlled with toxins from a young age. She only had one opportunity a year to receive an alleviator so that the toxins would not act up. Ever since her commander died, nobody else knew the antidote.

The toxin was extremely effective and it grievously harmed anyone’s bodies. Mo Ye cracked his head and could only try to keep her alive. As she only had one year left to live, she would certainly die if there was no antidote present.

When he knew that Eleven was immune to toxins, he asked Claire, only for the latter to say that there might be a chance.

As Mo Ye was not one who would let even the slightest opportunity slip, he naturally took his chances at anything that would stop the potent and worrying toxin in Meng Lianling’s body which would kill her anytime.

He cracked his head, laid a trap, and maneuvered everybody into position. Mo Jue wanted Ye Wei and he wanted Eleven. Mo Jue and his aims were different. He wanted Eleven’s blood as an antidote for Meng Lianling.

In his heart, Eleven and Meng Lianling could not be compared side by side.

He still thought so even until today. As long as Meng Lianling could be saved, Eleven’s life was not particularly important to him. He had always thought so and even believed that she would not die.

People who had experienced one too many would not die that easily. Besides, her constitution was so special, and she had experienced so many baffling incidents to the point he was extremely certain Eleven would not die.

At least, she was still alive in the room! He chose to turn a blind eye to her outbursts of madness, wounds, and pallor!

Eleven had a desolate look on her face. She really wanted to kill him, and she would give it all if she had a concealable weapon or a gun in her hands. Having grown up to endure numerous upheavals, traps, and betrayals, she had never hated this deeply to the point she wished she would be able to perish with said person.

However, she did not have the means to kill him as there was not a single hidden weapon here. With her body this broken, her fists and kicks were no longer as strong and quick as before. If she was unlikely to even win a third-rate killer, let alone Mo Ye.

Eleven was typically calm and she did not do anything that was not helpful. She did not want to become a deranged lunatic and attempt something clearly impossible so that she became a joke to him. She did not want to show him her slightest weakness.

She wanted to die.

She had ways to kill herself. Simply knocking her head against the glass wall was one. Two days ago, when she was carted off the operating table, she had considered taking her life to end everything.

It was, however, a thought experiment. She could not bear to take her life.

She wanted to personally repay them bit by bit. She wanted to see how Mo Ye would pay for the harm he inflicted on her before she could rest in peace.

Seeking death was the weakest of expressions, and she was no weak person.

Ye Wei used to say, “Eleven, if we merely exist to kill, our lives surely have no purpose!”

A life without a purpose!

Haha, how could life be without a purpose? She used to have one, and that was for her second family to be peaceful and lead smooth-sailing lives as she protected them. She had another purpose in her life.

To hate Mo Ye!

This was the motivation that kept her going amidst all the torture. She would not spare him and would rob him of what was most important in his life. She would definitely do that!

If she did not have this hatred in her, she would have long given way.

Nobody else would know how much she hated Mo Ye.

She knew Mo Ye was behind her and probably had something to tell her. She had nothing to say to him, and he wanted her to show him the slightest reaction. Who would show that slightest reaction?

If he did not give her that opportunity, she would not give him that opportunity.

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