Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 452 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 452 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The two of them ultimately did not breathe a word or exchange looks. Eleven gave him the cold shoulder and silhouette whereas he was as cold and somber. The atmosphere in the glass room was solemn.

Ding Ke and Claire watched from outside. They saw Mo Ye’s tall silhouette almost cover everything and there was nary a sound. Ding Ke and Claire were somewhat uneasy for a full twenty minutes.

Nobody said a word, and Ding Ke felt that he really did not understand Mo Ye. While he did not quite understand Mo Ye when the latter faced Eleven, he did not know why he showed a shade of pity toward Eleven. Ding Ke felt a sense of familiarity toward Eleven, but he could not quite put a finger on it. Having followed Big Boss Mo for almost ten years, he knew Big Boss Mo’s affairs extremely well and did not miss a thing. He, for some reason, felt that the woman inside was long related to Big Boss Mo, but he could not recall when he had seen her before.

It could be because he admired the woman inside as he had never seen a woman had her way before Big Boss Mo and was that fearless, save Meng Lianling. Big Boss Mo doted on Meng Lianling and would not get angry at her. It was not the case for Eleven, and the two of them, Eleven and Meng Lianling, were clearly different.

He did not forget the first time he saw her bound on the island but was able to escape the chains he could not even escape from. She gave her all and tried to escape.

He witnessed her exchange blows with Big Boss Mo, and her body that was already jabbed with the most toxic drugs still fought Big Boss Mo to a standstill in a short time. Her arrogance and tenacity were never seen in other people.

She wanted to live, to escape, and every move of hers clearly emote her strong desire for them, along with her disappointment and hatred for Big Boss Mo. Her character was so strong to the point that even the slightest flaw could not be tolerated. Whether she was jabbed with toxins, she would never be able to overcome Big Boss Mo, but she never admitted defeat and would rather be subdued by Big Boss Mo than ask for mercy.

Given that Big Boss Mo had punched her so forcefully, he thought that Big Boss Mo would kill her as he seemed to wish he could. He eventually imprisoned her in a dungeon because she had a body that was immune to toxins. Big Boss Mo wanted to use her to create an antidote for Meng Lianling.

While he did not agree with Big Boss Mo’s methods, he did not cough a word as he thought that Big Boss Mo would not show him face and hit him if he dared to cough out the slightest dissent. He hence chose to remain silent.

The glass room was monitored and beamed images directly to the seaside mansion. He also knew that Big Boss Mo would occasionally watch the surveillance footage, and so did he. She was extremely calm for the first two days and tried to hit the glass door. Once she was sure that she would not be able to shake it, she did not waste any additional effort.

Claire and all had her injected with toxins, and she did not seem to care the slightest. Her face never showed any emotion and was typically cold. As the terrifying—by the standards of mortal men—toxins were injected into her, along with the toxin in Meng Lianling’s body, her eyes did not blink. Ding Ke felt that she, whose body was immune to many toxins but was unable to stand up to such torture, was extremely brave.

When he saw the toxins wreak havoc in her body and how she was tortured, it was a night where Meng Lianling had met with slight trouble and Mo Ye left the island on a plane. He watched the surveillance camera footage and saw how terrible she was as she tortured in the glass room.

A beautiful woman became wrecked by this agony and became a living devil whose eyes were filled with bloodlust. He thought she would go berserk. Claire and all saw her like that guinea pig in the laboratory and hoped for the slightest reaction. She, however, knelt in a corner with her back facing the camera. They could not see her face, only her back.

She was weak, skinny, and shivering. He clearly saw that her fingers were frozen stiff and she had to move her bones in order to move. She, however, remained kneeling in the corner and slowly sat down, gradually becoming calm.

When the next day came, she turned around. Apart from her lip that she had bitten, her eyes were filled with blood and she became normal. The experts were extremely disappointed. Her blood had absorbed the toxins, metabolized them, and infused it into her body. The experts’ experiments had failed again. Since Mo Ye was not present, he was able to call the shots. The group of experts said that the toxicity was insufficient and the dosage had to be amplified. As Eleven was a hard to come by guinea pig for them, even Claire did not object to it. The experts, who were hoping to reach a new level in their research, were unwilling to spare her. They were even more in favor of increasing the toxicity further.

When he heard it, he was extremely angry. It was clearly her immense willpower, which they chose to ignore, that helped her tide through it. He could not make a decision, or to put it differently, he did not want to see her tortured beyond recognition and hence stopped the experts. He said that Big Boss Mo would make a decision when he returned.

Some of them were unwilling and insisted on making a decision there and then. Ding Ke raged and said that she was different to Big Boss Mo.

This statement halted them. As he had followed Mo Ye for so many years, he could somewhat make out Mo Ye’s thoughts. Mo Ye was not as cold and ruthless toward Eleven.

He thought that Mo Ye would disagree.

Lo and behold, when Mo Ye returned, Meng Lianling was injured and it caused the toxins in her to act up. Since Meng Lianling almost lost her life, Mo Ye could not stand the fact that Meng Lianling could die anytime and ordered Claire and the experts to formulate the antidote at all costs.

He gave the order while watching the surveillance camera footage. Eleven broke the surveillance cameras at that moment—perhaps out of telepathy. Big Boss Mo, at that moment, flew into a rage and quickly went to the dungeon. He could clearly hear them argue from the outside, and the typically cool and calm Big Boss Mo was utterly enraged. Big Boss Mo ordered Claire to enhance the dosage that very night.

He wanted to convince Big Boss Mo not to go overboard and cause an unsalvageable outcome. He was, however, also clear that he would not listen to him because Meng Lianling was injured and saved. Big Boss Mo was just in shock, and he went berserk for Meng Lianling. Hence, he would not listen to anything anybody else said.

Since then, Big Boss Mo never mentioned Eleven. As a faithful and loyal subordinate, he would neither mention nor ask. Until today, he could never guess what was on Big Boss Mo’s mind, but he was certain that he would not bear to see that woman’s look of desperation.

Until Big Boss Mo came out, he never heard her say a single word. When he came out, he had a malicious and insidious look and was visibly displeased.

“I want results as soon as possible.” Mo Ye’s voice carried an unquestionable order and nothing had changed. The glass door closed and blocked out all the blurred images.

Ding Ke’s heart sank. He said, “Big Boss Mo, have you indeed made up your mind?”

Mo Ye nodded, and Claire sighed deeply. “I understand!”

When he finished talking, he did not turn back and took strides forward. Ding Ke, out of no choice, could only follow him. When they were about to leave, they suddenly heard the sound of heavy objects crashing onto the ground. Mo Ye paused and shouted for them not to look around. He, however, stopped and turned to look into the glass door.

Eleven had fallen onto the floor. To better know what was going on, sounds in the glass room could be clearly transmitted to the top through instruments, let alone outside it. The special design of the mirrors amplified sound. It sounded like bone hitting against the mirror and the sound of flesh colliding against the mirror.

The toxins in her body had begun acting up since he was in the room. She had endured it and did not want to show the slightest pain before him.

Once he had left, she felt her entire body relax. As her body relaxed, the pain became even more evident and felt like several knives slashing around in her body, on her bones, on her organs… She could no longer endure the utter pain, collapsed onto the ground, trembling, and curled her body. It was extremely painful…

Because the sounds were amplified, the people outside could feel her extreme pain and desperation…

As though a light flashed through his eyes, Mo Ye’s eyes slightly contracted and then became calm. She was a stubborn and strong person who would grit her teeth without making the slightest sound despite enduring such immense pain.

Mo Ye flatly asked, “What is going on?”

“First master, as I had said, the toxins in her body are wreaking havoc on her. She is unable to resist them,” Claire said as though he was curious about his sudden temper. Should he have expected it from long ago?

If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t be in such a predicament.

Mo Ye’s gaze sunk. “How long has she been like this?”

“Four to five days?”

“For how much longer?”

“I do not know. While formulating the antidote for Miss Lianling remains a problem, the antidote might not even be formulated and she is already about to give way.” Claire chose to honestly reply. This first master had chosen to turn a blind eye to some things and assumed that things were as he assumed them to be. Things often did not go the way one hoped.

Mo Ye flew into a rage. “Didn’t you say that her bed was the best incubator?”

“Yes. I also mentioned that the odds are extremely small and her life will be in danger,” Claire flatly replied.

“Ahh!!” Eleven suddenly roared and punched against the glass mirror for her dear life. Her already bloodied hand became wounded on top of its previous wounds. Fresh blood poured out. Her amplified voice contained a hoarse pain, and it was as though there was a huge rock that pinned her heart down. It contained desperation she could not quite describe, along with the sound of bone shuddering. Those who heard the amplified sounds were shook.

“Let me out… Let me out…” Eleven suddenly stood up and quickly ran to the mirror and pounded against the glass door nonstop. Her hair was unkempt and she was as pale as a ghost with bloodshot eyes. Her features were distorted from the pain and she seemed like a lunatic who was imprisoned for eleven years instead of the under-twenty woman she was.

“Let me out… Let me out…”

As she screamed and hit the door with hoarse desperation, the glass door was covered in bloodied palm marks that burned the eyes of those watching it. Ding Ke was shook and could not bear to watch it any further. He turned to look at Mo Ye and hoped that he had that shred of compassion and stopped this torturous game.

There was nary an emotion on Mo Ye’s face.

At that moment, her heart-rending desperation that drove home was the only sound in the glass room. Ding Ke could not help but turn to look as he could not bear to see her lose control of herself. She must have been doing this because the pain caused her to lose her mind.

Mo Ye quietly looked on like a passerby as some stranger endured life-death torture before him. Moments later, he then asked, “Will she harm herself?”

“Extremely rarely!” Claire calmly replied. “While she may have lost her mind and gone berserk, she has a bottom line and will not harm herself. She has an extremely strong will to live and will not lose this will despite losing her mind.”

Ding Ke could not bear to see it any further as he felt that it was too cruel even for some typical person, let alone a tough woman. “Big Boss Mo, can’t you bear it anymore?”

“What did you say?” Mo Ye coldly harrumphed.

Ding Ke said, “If not, why are you so concerned about whether she lives or dies?”

Claire felt that Ding Ke was too daring. Unless one was tired of living, one would never speak to Mo Ye in such a tone.

“Ding Ke, how presumptuous of you!” Mo Ye waved and kicked at him. Ding Ke clutched his abdomen which Mo Ye had kicked and only steadied his footing after several steps. Mo Ye coldly said, “If she is dead, who will neutralize the poison in Lianling?!”

Ding Ke remained silent as Mo Ye harrumphed. He said to Claire, “Get the sedative, damn it!”

“On it!”

When Mo Ye opened the door again, Eleven, who had lost her senses, flung a punch at him crazily. Mo Ye dodged quickly since she was injured and could not punch quickly nor strongly enough. It was easy for Mo Ye to subdue her. He held Eleven’s wrists in three moves and held her in his embrace with a reverse grip. When he looked down, he saw Eleven’s bloodshot eyes. Eleven, to him, was no longer a person.

But more so like a wounded beast who was struggling in desperation. She was unable to change her fate, or to put it differently, she knew that death was around the corner and hence gave it all as though she was desperately fighting for herself.

As though this was Mo Ye’s first time knowing her, he was stunned. Eleven…

Her crazy look became even more deranged, and Eleven’s palms landed on his chest. He was stunned whereas she tried to break free of his grip. Her moves became even quicker and all her successive moves landed on Mo Ye’s chest. Mo Ye did not retaliate, or Eleven suddenly entered overdrive and he was too slow to react to her burst in speed and strength. He took several blows from her and coughed out blood, his lips turning a bloody red.

While Ding Ke disagreed with Mo Ye on Eleven, he was still extremely protective of his master. Although he subconsciously wanted to protect Mo Ye, he stopped after taking a few steps. Eleven was unable to overcome Mo Ye, and Mo Ye was merely caught off guard. Given how he treated Eleven, he owed Eleven a few punches. Besides, all that he did could never be repaid with those few punches.

He instead chose to watch the fight.

Everybody knew that Eleven had lost control, and she only had one thought as she looked at the door—to escape. As she rushed toward the door, Mo Ye suddenly stood up and blocked her. The two of them got into a fight, and Mo Ye had no reservations about fighting with her. He landed several punches on Eleven and sent her flying. Eleven crashed against the glass door and was flung back. She coughed out blood on the ground.

The physical pain seemed to nullify the pain from the toxins ravaging her. She regained her sanity and curled against the floor with her back to Mo Ye. She was in intense pain and trembled.

It was as though she was utterly injured, both inside and outside.

Mo Ye!

She utterly hated the name and struggled to stand up. She forced herself to hobble toward him, wanting to face him. Without saying a word, she flung a punch at him.

Mo Ye pinned her against the wall with a few moves. He coldly looked at her reddened eyes and ruthlessly said, “Stop fighting like a wounded beast. You are not going to win against me or get out of here!”

Eleven screamed crazily and reached out against him. Mo Ye, pinning her down, took a few steps backward and avoided her claws. Eleven, however, managed to rip his shirt apart and reveal his chest…

The shredded fabric lay on the ground. Eleven wanted to fight again. Mo Ye, getting impatient, was about to knock her out, but her claws suddenly stopped at his chest. She looked at his chest with her reddened eyes.

There was a huge and gorgeous tattoo of a rose on his left chest. Eleven suddenly shuddered and she slowly looked up into his cold eyes. There seemed to be tears in her reddened eyes…

Mo Ye was shocked. Eleven, for some unknown reason, clutched her head as her fingers trembled. “Ahh!!” She shouted crazily.

As Mo Ye was shocked, she broke free of him and backed away. There was an unfamiliarity and panic in her eyes as she hid in a corner and collapsed onto the floor, trembling. A tear trickled out from the corner of her eye…

“Wei Wei… Wei Wei…” It was as though she could not feel anything and could only shout out Ye Wei’s name subconsciously.

The sudden change left Mo Ye and Ding Ke scrambling. Her hoarse and desperate calls of Wei Wei made their hearts ache. Even a hardened man like Ding Ke felt tears well in his eyes.

Ye Wei, who was enjoying the scenery on the sea, felt a pain in her heart. A chill ran down her spine.


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