Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 453 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 453 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei and Meng Lianling were enjoying the scenery on the sea. The morning scenery was not as good as the evening scenery. Meng Lianling was planning to go to the surrounding islands with Ye Wei and buy some things. One of the islands sold accessories that were ocean-themed, slightly rough and beautiful. Meng Lianling took a liking to them, and she felt that those accessories would suit Ye Wei extremely well.

Ye Wei had no opinion about it. She had been cooped up for days. Feeling the sea breeze and open skies for once made her extremely comfortable. She decided that she ought to suntan and enjoy the sea breeze. Since they had a lot of time, she decided to quietly wait out on the sea as it was extremely comfortable.

Meng Lianling could only yield to her. She changed into a swimsuit and jumped into the sea. Ye Wei was alone on the deck, watching the scenery. As Ye Wei enjoyed the sea breeze, she was suddenly in fear as though somebody had her throat in a choke hold. Somebody was screaming her name in her mind. Although she was under the warm sun, she broke into a cold sweat and a chill ran down her spine.

She subconsciously called out Eleven’s name. She then panicked and could not help but turn away from the sea breeze and leaned against the railings so that Mo Jue could not tell that she seemed amiss. Wei Wei looked down. Who was this Eleven?

Why was she calling her name this sadly? She tried to recall everything related to this name but discovered that she could not recall anything. She had no recollection of anything.

Ye Wei closed her eyes and struggled to recall. Even the call that flashed through her was no more. Was she making things up?

She flung her head around. Apart from Meng Lianling and her, there was nobody else on the boat. She looked out. There were no other boats, so how could she hear somebody call her? Her instincts, however, were that accurate. When she heard that voice, her heart was clearly in sync with somebody else’s heart. She became sad for no rhyme or reason. How could her mind make such things up?

She thought about it, but she could not understand what happened.

Should she ask Meng Lianling?

When she turned around, she saw Meng Lianling come up. After she had swum a lap, Meng Lianling was much livelier. Ye Wei saw her come up, but she did not ask Meng Lianling anything. Perhaps it was because her identity gave her some reservations.

The Mo brothers did not leave her with a particularly good impression. It was probably because they were too smart and gave her the feeling that they were up to something. She would rather make sense of everything by herself. While Mo brothers were amiable and of good character, they were not extremely good friends and she would naturally not openly talk about things.

“Hey, why do you look so troubled?” Meng Lianling smiled as she wiped away the seawater on her face with a towel before drinking from a bottle of pure water she opened. She was very good-looking and lively. While she was quiet most of the time, she seemed a tad brave and capable at times.

“It’s okay. I was engrossed with seeing the scenery.” Ye Wei smiled and looked at her with praise. “You have an excellent figure.” She deftly changed the topic.

She wore a swimsuit that covered little, and Ye Wei felt that her swimsuit did not stand out. Instead, it perfectly complemented her petite figure. While she was not tall, her figure was quite perfect and she could have been said to have the golden ratio. The blue swimsuit on her emphasized her skin tone.

“Wei Wei, to have a woman compliment your figure can become a joke.” Meng Lianling smiled as she wiped her hair dry elegantly. Ye Wei took a look at her figure and realized something weird. Her skin was completely intact and did not have the slightest injuries.

When Ye Wei first showered, she realized she had many injuries on her back, chest, and abdomen. As the wounds had long healed, there was a slight hue of pink to them and were not easy to tell out. It was only upon a closer look that one could tell numerous injuries from before, save fresh injuries on the wrist and chest. She was initially shocked and did not understand why she had so many healed injuries from before.

As killers, how did Meng Lianling remain unscathed?

Women loved their looks. Nobody would wish for ugly scars on themselves. Killers, however, were the exceptions. The wounds were a mark of honor as their accomplishments, death-defying missions and the test of time left their mark on them throughout the ages.

The same could be said for Ye Wei and Eleven. Given Bai Ye’s excellent medial skills, were there scars that he could not remove? Ye Wei and Eleven originally had many scars to the point Black J and Bai Ye could not bear to see. They forced the two ladies to apply scar-removal cream on their bodies except for those areas the ladies feel they should not. Bai Ye decided to preserve the scars, but the colors of the scars have faded so much to the point they were almost the same color as the skin and could not be identified unless closely observed.

Meng Lianling felt strange.

“What are you looking at?” Meng Lianling smiled as she curiously asked.

Ye Wei said, “I admire your skin. I have many scars on my skin, and it isn’t as good-looking as yours.”

Meng Lianling turned around to wipe her hair. She paused for a moment and said, “Some cream will be able to remove the scars. If you want to, I can give you that cream.”

“That won’t be necessary.” Ye Wei politely refused. She did not dislike the scars on her.

Meng Lianling did not say anything else and continued drying her hair. She entered the cabin and changed her clothes. Ye Wei looked at Meng Lianling’s silhouette and did not say a word. Did a malicious and insidious glaze flash through her eyes? Or was she making something up? Such a lively and animated person should not have that gaze.

She flung her head and did not bother with it further. Since she had many things to make sense of, she could not afford to rush her way.

Meng Lianling changed her clothes and came out. She stood next to Ye Wei and asked her curiously,” Wei Wei, is there anything you want to ask me?”

“Is there anything I should ask you?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“Like say, your past?” Meng Lianling tried to probe her.

Ye Wei shook her head. “Since I am already in this predicament, I have to be content. Mo Jue is correct in saying that whether my past is true, I should treat it as one possibility. When I have to recall it, I will be able to recall it, so why should I ask trouble for myself when each one of you tells me a different version of my past? I am afraid that I will become confused.”

There was a slight mockery in her tone that Meng Lianling was able to pick out. Meng Lianling, however, acted as though she did not hear it and smiled. Meng Lianling was shocked at how open she was. That was hard to come by.

“I’ve known the Mo brothers for years, and this is the first time I see Brother Jue caught in a bind because of love. You sure are impressive,” Meng Lianling said without praise. “Ye and I always assumed that he would never take a liking to women for his entire life.”

Ye Wei’s lips curled into a smile as she coldly said, “There are two types of men in the world. Those who do not like women must like men. I think he and his brother would make quite a good match.”

She absolutely despised how he was filial to a fault!

“…You sure are humorous,” Meng Lianling said.

“Am I? I think so too!” Ye Wei rambled along.

“Can we be friends?” Meng Lianling asked her with a smile. “For all you know, we may eventually be family, so I got to ask that you look out for me.”

“How could that be the case? You’re older than me, right?” Ye Wei asked. She did not seem to be in her early twenties and should be about twenty-five to twenty-six. How would she need her care? Besides, Big Boss Mo doted on her to the point somebody would be scapegoated if she were to slightly frown. She could save the concern lest it take her life.

“Oh, I am about three years older than you.” Meng Lianling smiled. “Haha, you are observant enough. Few have been able to tell my age. It seems like our age gap isn’t too huge after all.”

“Big Boss Mo and you have been together for a while. Why aren’t you married?” Ye Wei directly asked. To put it differently, she was somewhat deliberate.

Meng Lianling was stunned and she looked down, somewhat displeased. Ye Wei sure cut through the chase and was expecting Meng Lianling to reprimand her in displeasure. Little did she expect Meng Lianling to not flare up but smiled instead. She said, “When two people have lived together for a while, getting married or not is not important. The brothers have many things on their plate, and marriage will have to wait until they are done.”

“Things such as?”

Meng Lianling looked at Ye Wei in the eye and smiled. “Such as destroying First Terrorist Organization and Dragon Gate.”

Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and shrugged unintentionally. She said two words coldly and callously, “Oh, men!”

“Yes, those men indeed.” Meng Lianling smiled. She knew for certain that she did not remember anything because she did not react when First Terrorist Organization and Dragon Gate were mentioned.

If that was the case, who was the other person? Meng Lianling pondered on whether she should probe her.

“The Mafia is pretty much dominating one side. Big Boss Mo is surely ambitious enough and will not settle for less. There is this saying that one’s insatiable desire can result in one losing everything,” Ye Wei coldly replied.

“I believe that they can do it!” Meng Lianling firmly replied. “If you understand what the brothers are capable of, it is merely a matter of time.”

“Maybe. Let’s talk about something different. I am not interested in these.” Ye Wei leaned against the railings lazily. “I’m hoping that we can leave here and move around.”

To hang around at the same place was stifling!

The biggest reason was that people became bored!

“Wei Wei, can I ask you about somebody?” Meng Lianling chuckled as she smiled and asked. “Do you have any impression of ‘Eleven’?”

Ye Wei was slightly shocked. A somewhat familiar face flashed through her mind at the mention of the name, but she could not clearly make out who the person was. Was she related to her? While Ye Wei was shocked, she did not express anything. She said in self-mockery, “I can’t remember anything. The people I know are the Mo brothers, you, Doctor Claire, and that’s it. Who is Eleven? Do I know her?”

Meng Lianling said, “Both of you have quite a bit of history. Both of you are killers, top killers. You should be familiar with her.”

“Eleven? And she is number one too?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and said with a slight mockery. “Am I that good?”

“Yes, you are very good.”

“Who’s this Eleven, and how is she related to me?” Ye Wei asked.

Meng Lianling pondered and said, “Your enemy.”

“My enemy?”

“There cannot be two top dogs. How could there be two female top killers in the world of killers? The two of you are people who would fight and would naturally challenge each other and even kill each other so as to dominate the world of killers.” Meng Lianling smiled. Her smile was especially lively and touching under the sun. “Besides, the two of you belong to different organizations and you cannot live with each other. She is the person whom you most want to kill.”

Ye Wei broke into laughter, and Meng Lianling was puzzled. “What are you laughing at?”

“Nothing. I just felt like suddenly laughing,” Ye Wei said. “It seems like I did want to kill a lot of people in the past. Even Gorgeous Mo Jue told me that I was out for his blood too. Now there’s this Eleven whom I want to kill. Gee, what a killing machine I am.”

“If a killer does not kill, how could one be considered a killer?” Meng Lianling said. “It’s an occupation. Your accomplishments leave many in envy.”

“Could I ask something? Do I really want her dead?” Ye Wei asked.


“Just for the title of top killer?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. “Lianling, I am not such a person.”

“Wei Wei, truthfully speaking, we are often forced into unfavorable circumstances. If you do not want to kill me, she will kill you. If you do not want the title of top killer, other people want it badly.” Meng Lianling smiled.

“Are you saying that she wants to kill me?”

“That is correct.”

Ye Wei grunted with arms akimbo. Meng Lianling’s lips curled into a smile. “You don’t trust me?”

“That is not the case. I am just curious because you are asking me about Eleven when we are rivals who wish each other dead, no?” Ye Wei asked as she looked at Meng Lianling.

“Because you were the last person she saw,” Meng Lianling replied. “You encountered each other in London and fought it out. That fight was the cause of your memory loss, and she landed you in this predicament. You were saved by Brother Jue and brought back to the island. Eleven has gone missing, and many people are searching for her.”

“I lost my memory because of her?” Ye Wei frowned.

“Yes!” Meng Lianling said. “Brother Jue does not want you to recall the past, so he did not tell you anything. You have to understand him because he does not like his wife to go on killing sprees. He hopes to be able to retire from the world of killers peacefully.”

Ye Wei looked down at her toes as two conflicting images filled her mind, one of Eleven desperately screaming and the other of Meng Lianling claiming she and Eleven were enemies. The two images intersected each other in chaos.

Her heart felt heavy.

When she looked up, she saw Meng Lianling looking at her. She asked quizzically, “Why are you looking for her?”

“I want her life!” Meng Lianling smiled. She sounded gentle and her cold words somewhat sounded lively. It was as though killing, to her, was something elegant that was neither bloody nor ugly.

“You want to kill her?” Ye Wei clenched her fingers when she saw a hidden hatred flash through Meng Lianling’s lively eyes. She was slightly taken back. There was a wave of hidden anger.

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