Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 457 - Who’s The Most Important?
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 457 - Who’s The Most Important?
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei could not break free from the pain that seemed to spread in her bones. However hard she tried to break free from it, she could not. She cried extremely sadly and hit the glass door for dear life as she became hoarse.

“Eleven, Eleven, Eleven…” Ye Wei screamed that name for her dear life, afraid that she could not recall their relationship. She knew whom she was calling out to and how Eleven was important to her. Eleven was so important to her that she could not afford to forget her.

Her hand became bloodied from the hitting. Her blood was on the inside of the door, and Ye Wei’s blood was on the outside of the door. Ye Wei called out her name as she cried, and a smile broke across her face. She slowly said, “I heard it…”

“Mo Ye, you son of a b****! Let her out! Let her out!” Ye Wei roared hideously. She suddenly stood up and wanted to fight with Big Boss Mo. Big Boss Mo suddenly took out a gun, aimed it at Eleven, who was on the other side of the glass door and pulled the trigger…

Ye Wei’s eyes opened wide and she suddenly screamed. “No, Eleven! Stop!!”

Bang! The gun fired!

“Ahh! No! Eleven!” Ye Wei screamed and suddenly sat up from the bed in a cold sweat. “Ahh!!” She shrieked as she clutched her head.

The entire bedroom was filled with her shrieks.

The lights suddenly turned on, and a berserk Ye Wei was warmly embraced. Mo Jue’s voice penetrated the images and her terrible dreams, pulling her back to reality.

“Be good, be good. All is fine!” He was not good at consoling people and could only say ‘be good’ at best as though he was coaxing a child. He cultivated this habit when he was coaxing Xu Nuo, and then Ye Wei. Xu Nuo’s mood became better when she heard his voice, so he assumed that the method would work.

Ye Wei’s tiny frame trembled nonstop, and her sleepwear and hair were drenched in sweat. Her face was also covered in sweat, and her eyes were in shock and pain as she breathed heavily. It was only after a very long time did she catch her breath and hugged Mo Jue tightly. She rarely showed such a vulnerable side of herself, and she never did even when she was on the brink of death. Mo Jue’s heart slightly welled up.

Maybe Eleven was so much more important to her than anybody else and perhaps even him. Only Eleven could make her this nervous.

He realized that she was somewhat off-whack since just now. She had been tossing and turning, seemingly having a nightmare where she wanted to say something but could not. She was drenched in sweat and called her nonstop although she could not wake up and was in her dream. He eventually heard her shout for Eleven and shout ‘stop’. Did she dream of Eleven being in danger? What else did she dream about?

Mo Jue’s heart was in an utter mess. Did she recall anything? Or did she just dream about Eleven? He realized that he could not face this extremely calmly. If she had recalled something… Mo Jue’s eyes turned dark. He could not bear to leave how things were now. This was the life he had anticipated ever since he met Ye Wei and he could not afford to lose it. He would do even more vicious things for the want of this lifestyle.

If she merely dreamed about her, he could heave a sigh of relief.

Mo Jue hugged her and gently tapped her sweat-drenched back with his hands. He seemed gentle and loving from the side. One would think he was a gentle lover if one did not see the maliciousness and insidiousness in his eyes.

“Wei Wei, tell me. What did you dream of?”

Ye Wei shuddered in his embrace for a moment and then pushed him away. She sprinted toward the door. “I’m going to save her. I’m going to save her…”

She moved extremely quickly, and Mo Jue did not manage to grab her. He immediately followed Ye Wei off the bed and hugged her at the door. Ye Wei struggled in rage. She hit Mo Jue in the chest. “Let go, damn it!”

Mo Jue endured the slap and backed away but he still hugged her by her waist while enduring the dull pain in his chest. “Calm down! It’s just a damn nightmare!” He roared.

“It’s not a dream!” Ye Wei murmured to herself. She was extremely certain it was not a dream as it felt too real. “It’s not a dream. I…”

She did not know how to explain her predicament and instead turned back and stared at Mo Jue. “Let me go. I’m going to save her.”

“Where are you going to find her?” Mo Jue could not stand it and hugged her back onto the bed. When Ye Wei tried to stand up, he forced her back onto the bed and looked at her deeply. “Wei Wei, it’s just a dream. It’s just a dream. Calm down and look at me.”

His purple eyes seemed to have a charm that seduced people. Although she could not quite hear Mo Jue’s soft and gentle voice, she felt the sun and sea breeze lap at her and a beautiful image appeared in her mind. She felt this comfortable, gentle feeling, like water from the stream, cover her extremely comfortably to the point she felt like sleeping.

As she calmed down, Mo Jue asked, “Come, tell me. What did you dream about?”

He hypnotized her!

If he asked her upfront, she might not have answered. Mo Jue decided to hypnotize her instead.

“Big Boss Mo caught me and forced me to meet a woman who was imprisoned in a glass house. She was covered in blood and was calling my name. She was in pain, in desperation, and calling to me for help,” Ye Wei slowly said. “I wanted to save her, but I could not open the door, so I hit it until my hands bled. I pleaded with Big Boss Mo to release her, but Big Boss Mo shot her. No, no, that absolutely cannot be!”

She said all that extremely calmly, but she started to sound more serious and became panicky.

Mo Jue said some comforting words and calmed her down. He then asked, “Who is that woman?”

“Eleven! She is called Eleven!”

Mo Jue was slightly shocked. “Do you remember her?”

Ye Wei seemed to be at a loss. She was panicky, lost, and shook her head several times. Mo Jue quickly held her head and gently said, “Don’t panic, don’t panic. Do it slowly. Do you remember her?”

He was extremely confident of his hypnosis.

Ye Wei shook her head and seemed to be in immense pain. “I really want to remember her, but I cannot remember anything. I only know that she is called Eleven, but I do not know who she is. I only know that she must not meet with any mishap, and I want to protect her. Big Boss Mo must not kill her.”

Mo Jue squinted and his tense heart was at ease. Perfect. She did not remember anything and that was the best possible outcome. It was just their extremely deep relationship for the past ten-over years.

“Wei Wei, listen to me. It’s all a dream and it’s not real, you know?”

“It’s not a dream. It felt so real. My heart hurts.”

“It’s a dream. Dreams and reality are often opposite of each other. The person you dreamed of is living extremely happily there. Forget her. Just forget her.” Mo Jue sounded like a gentle wind that gently comforted her.

Ye Wei was speechless for a moment. “Was it a dream?”

“Yes!” Mo Jue decisively replied. “It’s a dream!”

He could not hypnotize Ye Wei for too long as it would take an immense toll on Ye Wei. He, however, wanted Ye Wei to forget what had happened. Mo Jue gently caressed her face. “Forget all these, okay? It’s just a bad dream. We are living happily on the island.”

“Okay, forget her. Just forget her…” Ye Wei murmured to herself.

Mo Jue suddenly remembered something. “Wei Wei, do you still think about her?”

“When we were out on the ocean in the afternoon, Meng Lianling told me that Eleven was my enemy and how Eleven and I were both top international killers. I found it funny and did not believe it at all because I could not agree to it,” Ye Wei smiled and said. “Did she lie to me?”

Mo Jue’s gaze sank. ‘Lianling, what the hell are you up to?’

“Forget everything. Just trust me next time,” Mo Jue said. There was an indescribable gentleness in his voice. “Just believe me, okay?”

“Just trust you?” Ye Wei murmured like a child who was at a loss.


“Okay!” Ye Wei replied.

Mo Jue was satisfied. When he was about to awaken her, he suddenly recalled a question. Since she was in a state of hypnosis, she would honestly reply.

Although the temptation was alluring, he had his doubts.

“Wei Wei, who do you like the most?” Mo Jue asked flatly. He seemed calm and looked at her, who was as calm, deeply.

“Who do I like the most?” Ye Wei shook her head honestly as she repeated the question. “I don’t know, and I don’t recall anybody either. I do not know who I like at all.”

Mo Jue’s face became sullen. She could not remember anybody? Hmmph! Wasn’t he human?

“You must tell me!”

“In that case, I like myself the most,” Ye Wei said. “I cannot remember anybody and I do not know who I like. Before that, I liked myself the most.”

Mo Jue, from enduring his anger, almost vomited blood. He looked down and asked again, “Apart from you, who else is the most important to you?”

“Apart from me?” Ye Wei pondered. “Mo Jue it is then!”

Mo Jue’s sullen face broke into a happy smile. Little did he expect Ye Wei to continue saying, “If it weren’t for him, nobody would prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me. Nobody would give me a comfortable and happy nap. He is, therefore, the most important.”

Mo Jue’s face went from happy to sullen.


He wanted to strangle Ye Wei. As he was thinking about what to ask, Ye Wei had become normal. She noticed his sullen face and was surprised. “What are you doing?”

“You forgot what you were doing?”

“Having a nightmare!” She could remember that she had gone berserk but had a distant memory of what dream she had. Ye Wei tried recalling it but to no avail. Her gaze deepened as she looked at Mo Jue.

Hmmph! Mo Jue coldly harrumphed and Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. “What are you doing?”

“I want to kill you!” Mo Jue roared uncontrollably.

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