Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 461 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 461 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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When Mo Jue left the mansion, he seemed extremely unhappy. He was about to drive back when a volleyball flew toward him. As Mo Jue was extremely vexed, he hit the ball extremely hard and the ball flew high and far into the clouds. The teenager exclaimed in shock and ran forward. The other teenagers stood rooted and looked at Mo Jue in fear because they were deeply afraid he would fly into a rage.

The teenagers were playing volleyball along the beach and were frolicking when they returned and accidentally hit the volleyball in Mo Jue’s direction. They knew that the Mo brothers owned the island and did not have the best tempers to boot. It was especially so for the Mo brother with purple eyes.

Big Boss Mo was the classic cold-looking person who was so indifferent one would be fine if they did not trifle with him. Second Boss Mo, on the other hand, had a sinister aura that made him seem much more vicious than Big Boss Mo despite his gorgeous looks and beautiful purple eyes. The teenagers on the island, while extremely rebellious, were extremely afraid of Second Boss Mo. While Second Boss Mo was not one who frequently stepped out of the house, the teenagers would avoid him when he left his home. Second Boss Mo’s mansion was a place the teenagers would especially avoid even though it was located in a decent sightseeing area. Said sightseeing area, in theory, bustling with life, was actually extremely quiet.

Nobody dared to play in the area for fear that they would be unlucky enough to run into Second Boss Mo, who was always in a bad mood. Those who dared were certain to die a graveless death.

Mo Jue was indeed displeased, and the volleyball did piss him off. He was about to find a punching bag to take his anger out on, but his gaze became sullen. Instead, he looked in the direction the volleyball flew whilst remaining silent.

The several teenagers, looking at him staring at the volleyball, could not tell whether he was angry or not. They secretly agonized and bawled their hearts out as though their close family had passed on.

The volleyball flew in the direction of the mountain dungeon which was located on the highest mountain on the island. There was a little mansion on the top of the mountain, and anybody anywhere on the island could see this little mansion. When Mo Jue looked at the volleyball, he naturally saw the mansion on the mountain. He then recalled the dream which Ye Wei described last night.

Eleven, the glass house…

He naturally knew there was a glass house in the dungeon, and did Ye Wei actually dream of what really happened? Mo Jue looked away and stared at the top of his car.

He did not know—or to be exact, could not be bothered about Eleven’s whereabouts. He only wanted Ye Wei from beginning to end and wanted nothing to do with Eleven’s fate. He knew Mo Ye detained Eleven but not where he did. He could not be bothered about what Mo Ye did to Eleven.


Why did he find Ye Wei’s dream so familiar? Did Big Boss Mo imprison Eleven in the mountain dungeon? If he did, why did he imprison Eleven there? To interrogate her? That couldn’t be the case as his brother was not such a person. His brother had one too many means to gather information and had no need to capture Eleven. According to Ye Wei’s dream, Eleven was utterly helter-skelter and definitely not in good shape.

Should he go and take a look?

As Mo Jue pondered, a chopper suddenly raced toward him and stopped in front of him in style. Ye Wei stylishly flung her hair and said, “Gorgeous Mo Jue, your stare will make holes in your ride.”

The teenagers were awed at her presence and seemed shocked. Mo Jue looked at them, displeased, and said, “What are you still waiting for?”

When they heard somebody’s cold voice, they disappeared without a trace. While that beauty was important, their lives were even more so. Ye Wei was at a loss as to whether to cry or laugh. Mo Jue looked at his beloved chopper and asked, “What are you up to?”

“Joyriding! Your darling ride is pretty awesome, damn I’m pleased!” Ye Wei gave a thumbs up. Since she was at Big Boss Mo’s place, she did not want to loiter for too long. She changed the gear of the chopper and asked, “Gorgeous Mo Jue, shall I give you a ride around the island?”

Mo Jue looked at the mountaintop mansion, but he walked toward Ye Wei and pointed behind her. “Sit at the back!”

“What for?”

“I’ll give you a lift instead!” Second Boss Mo ordered her overbearingly.

“No! I was having so much fun, and I’ll give you a lift. If you’re not cool with that, it’s a no-go.” Ye Wei was unwilling to move to the back as she had yet to have her fill of fun.

Mo Jue squinted and looked at her dangerously, trying to intimidate her with his gaze. While his gaze would have KOed others in seconds, it was entirely different for Ye Wei because she did not treat him seriously.

“Hey, are you going? If you are not, I’ll make a move.” Ye Wei hastened him with a seeming smile. “Oh, Gorgeous Mo Jue, are you embarrassed or what?” She teased him.

“Sit over and I’ll give you a lift instead!” Mo Jue repeated his insistence. While he did feel a little embarrassed that a woman was giving him a lift, and on his turf at that, he could not put his face down.

“I didn’t expect you to be so thin-skinned about it. You know, sitting at the back has its perks. You will get your fill of groping me to your hearts’ content. If you are not sitting behind me, so be it. I’ll have my fun, and catch up if you will.” Ye Wei was tired of playing along with him.

When Ye Wei floored the accelerator, Mo Jue stopped her and looked at her insidiously. Ye Wei elegantly smiled and tapped the back seat and teasingly said, “Dear little beauty, come on. Your master will give you a lift.”

She could not be pampered lest she crawl over his head. Mo Jue slapped her on the head despite fancying her when she was extremely cocky. What self-punishment!

When he looked around, there was nary a person around. He then got onto the motorbike and said, “Back to the mansion.”

The mansion was not too far and they saw very few people en route. Mo Jue was guessing that few would have seen him like this. Ye Wei’s lips curled into a smile and happily replied, “Yes, sir. Your gorgeousness’ wish is my command.”

Mo Jue grabbed her hair and said, “I dare you to repeat it!”

Ye Wei behaved slightly. As the pillion rider had to hug the waist of the rider, it was something that women would do to men and Mo Jue was naturally unwilling to do it. He hence put his hands on Ye Wei’s shoulders instead.

The chopper roared out as Ye Wei floored the gas. As choppers only felt good when ridden much more quickly, Ye Wei rode extremely quickly. The racer-caliber she was, the surrounding scenery zipped past them.

Mo Jue wanted her to ride slowly, but his voice was lost in the wind. Ye Wei rode extremely aggressively by deliberately tilting the motorbike to a corner and not slowing down at the bends. If Ye Wei weren’t riding that quickly, Mo Jue thought of kicking Ye Wei off the chopper, knowing that she was deliberately doing so. Ye Wei did not bring Mo Jue back to the mansion but instead went around the island. Ye Wei went for the crowded places on the island and never failed to capture attention. Mo Jue felt that the image he had built up was instantly torn by her.

He gritted his teeth amidst his frustration.

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