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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 463 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Meng Lianling was the nicest name he had heard. It sounded extremely lively. He then wondered that she must have been extremely good-looking. When he just woke up, she did not seem to be in the best of moods. Both of them shared a room and she often did not speak and he was silent. When did they start talking to each other?

He was hungry and it was said that he had fainted for two days. For those two days, she gave him water that came from the snow. When he woke up, he was extremely hungry. She was extremely mean back then and would not say a word. If it weren’t for her occasional cough, he would have thought that she had left. If he did not take the initiative to speak to her, it was afraid that she would simply ignore him.

He was blind from the food poisoning back then and could not see anything. He had also been shot thrice and could not move freely. Enemies searched for him high and low, and they were trapped in that little place where they were far from villages or shops.

He was indeed extremely famished and he urged her to look for food as he was blind. The two of them were hungry for two to three days, and she was also extremely hungry. She probably took pity on him and mercifully went out to look for food.

All froze over and a cold wind blew on them. He felt that he had been imprisoned in a dark place for an extremely long time. As he could not see, time seemed to pass extremely slowly to the point he thought she had abandoned him.

He was at ease after he heard coughs. The river had frozen over, but she managed to catch a few fish and made fish soup using water from the snow. The two of them made it past their extreme hunger.

As searches were extremely frequent and thorough in their area, they had to always worry about being discovered.

He was responsible for taking down terrorists from Eastern Europe back then. When he was poisoned out of his own carelessness, he thought that he was unable to complete his mission and hence jeopardize Mo Jue’s operation.

As he regained strength from eating, he wanted to continue the mission he had yet to complete. He was instead viciously mocked, and she coolly told him that she would help him settle everything. She did not do it out of goodwill. Those people happened to piss her off.

Mo Ye was extremely surprised and asked her who she was. She did not reply, and he did not directly ask. When she said ‘settle’, it probably meant a single person eliminating almost three hundred soldiers.

He would not necessarily achieve it, let alone a woman. When he regained his vision and came out of his difficulties, he then learned that she was telling the truth.

Once the terrorists were taken care of, what remained were the comrades of the drug lords who were searching for them. As she was gravely ill and he was blind, they could only hide and do nothing. Her condition did not improve after the fourth day.

Mo Ye was hot-blooded then and she was not the most polite. Both of them had some communication challenges and often argued. When he looked back, he could not believe that he would argue with a woman over the banalest of things.

As they argued, she somehow started treating him better. After three days of having fish soup, she made him porridge and took care of him despite her illness. The most memorable incident was when they once had to avoid a search, and she dragged him in the snow for half a day and fell about four times. She then resolutely carried him and walked. As the weather was extremely cold, she felt some difficulty walking, not to mention carrying him who was about sixty kilograms. He had immense admiration for her perseverance and started to develop unknown feelings for her. They might have been there, but he did not want to admit it.

One of them was blind, and the other was clearly unwell. They felt that they were in the same boat. He was extremely thankful to her, and the answer innocent him had from her was ‘I do not want to be impeded by you.’ Mo Ye was so angered to the point he almost walked out on her and secretly cursed her for not knowing customs.

In the cold night, both of them were unwell. One was unwell and the other was aching, and both of them could not fall asleep. The weather was bizarrely cold, and the two could only draw close to each other and keep each other warm.

What was most stifling was how both of them were not in much sporting attire to endure the cold. Mo Ye decided to simply hug her and huddle up against the corner of the wall. The two of them even seriously discussed issues such as whether men and women should be intimate with each other. They often bickered with each other and eventually reached the conclusion that the weather would have become too cold by the time they reached a decision. They could not take the cold and eventually huddled together.

He once mused that it was God who would pick them up instead of their enemies.

Her reply was, “If you die, don’t implicate me.”

He was in an especially good mood those few nights. However she bickered with him, she still yielded to the weather and tightly leaned into his embrace. The two of them occasionally talked, and both of them could not quite keep a conversation going. What was strange was that he talked a bit more when they were together and how she would slap him to shush him when she was impatient.

As it was the first time he was slapped, he was aghast and wanted to slap her back twice in anger. Little did he expect her to lie against him with closed eyes, and his anger simply subsided.

She was not one who would pursue a problem to its very root, and she never asked him about his past. It seemed as though she was so used to arson and murder that there was nothing particularly shocking. She did not even ask who he was, and it wasn’t then he realized how much of an idiot he was because he was taking the initiative to talk to her and she would not take the initiative to talk to him.

There was one day he could not bear it and asked her why she never asked him who he was.

She coolly replied, “What was your name?”

As she was simply going with the flow, he pinched her elbow out of frustration. She was weird and did not like people drawing close to him. He would definitely be beaten up if he tried anything funny with her. He could never remain angry with her as she would simply hit him for no rhyme or reason. He even pinched her even harder as he feasted on her looks.

She got tired of resisting and let him have his way. He was utterly pleased.

Once he was done pinching her, she felt that she was a little cold and then asked him what his name was.

He would never, in anger, say that he was Master Blackface.

However, that was his first time hearing her laugh heartily. She said that he had the face of a woman and was called Master Blackface. She was just so funny.

When he heard her say that he looked like a woman, Mo Ye would grab her by her hair and bully her. She could not be blamed as Mo Jue and his face were simply too gorgeous. Nobody had seen how they actually looked like. For some special reason or other, he always wore a specially-made synthetic mask when he was outside.

The masks made of human skin were made by people in his organization and they were extremely intricate. The reasoning behind the masks was that they were unisex so that beauty traps could be employed. Mo Jue and he could not be spared.

These human-skin masks were extremely special and nobody could tell them, including her. If Mo Ye had some reasoning faculties, he would have removed his mask and told her that he looked like a proper man.

They had bickered about it, and what his name was was no longer important to her. He was thinking of slowly explaining everything once he regained his vision as it was never too late.

Things in the day were much better, and she went to get things and cook soup. Both of them drank it to keep themselves warm. They talked about things under the sun rather than about themselves. They talked about their trades, developments in Eastern Europe, the rise of the First Terrorist Organization, and how new powers grew whilst the older powers declined.

The day, in comparison, was a tad bearable and less terrifying than the night. Back then, he looked forward to the night because he wanted to experience the chilling cold and hunger and because he could get to hug her. Even if he didn’t say anything, passing time like that felt idyllic to him.

He did not know whom she was waiting for, and he did not ask. One day, she went out and returned with some herbal medication for him. She crushed them and applied them to his eyes. He hated the smell of the herbs and wanted to vomit. She, however, had him endure it and not touch it, saying that it was to be removed after two to three days.

He was extremely surprised and asked her where the herbs came from as there were simply no herbs in the region. She claimed that a doctor friend of hers with excellent medical skills was in the area and helped. She confidently told him that he would recover, and so he endured the numbness and stench of the herbs.

He accidentally touched the gauze wrapped around her elbow and then learned that she had injured herself. She was okay before she left but returned injured. He wondered if she became injured when she had to break free of the encirclement to get those herbs for him.

Even if she did not say a word, he knew it.

He secretly swore to himself that he must treat this woman extremely well for the rest of his life.

He was blind, and given how the Eastern Europe drug lords were hot on their trail, she would be unable to escape with him. He had to take his chances and recover from his blindness. The other reason was that he wanted to see her.

He wanted to see how she exactly looked like.

The second day after the herbs were applied, his eyes were at a crucial moment when she received a message. She hurriedly informed him that if she did not return by the next day, he would have to go to a bridge that spanned the Volga River in Tver Oblast. The bridge was an hour’s journey by car from where they were and it was not far. Before he could say anything, she had already left in a rush and did not return. As he was blind for almost ten days, he was jumpy. He heard occasional gunfire in the area and knew that too much time had passed thanks to his keen senses. He, out of worry for her, ripped off the herbs. He had, thankfully, regained his vision.

The gunshot wound in his leg had largely recovered and he was not as inconvenienced. He was extremely thankful that he had regained his vision and wanted to search for her. Just as he stepped out, he saw Meng Lianling.

She said that she had returned, albeit a tad more hoarsely and she seemed sick. After she said that, she did not say much else and collapsed before him. He was shocked and went over to realize that she had taken a bullet to her back. The blood from the wound had almost dyed her shirt red completely.

In his hurry, he could not be bothered about anything else and carried her back. The team from the drug lords that searched for them had been completely liquidated, and there were only bloodstains left on the site.

When Mo Jue came, the crisis was defused.

Since then, another person, Meng Lianling, entered his life.

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