Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 466 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 466 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Doctor Claire was in a fluster. The experts around him did not dare to speak and quietly looked at each other instead. When Mo Jue looked around sternly, their gazes betrayed a panic in them. While they were huddled together discussing something, Mo Jue separated them and they got busy and listed what happened.

According to what he knew, the mountain top mansion was rarely utilized. Was it for the toxins in Meng Lianling’s body? Who was the person below? Who was screaming this sadly?

“Second master…”

“Open the door!” Mo Jue’s voice dispersed amidst the air that had the scent of medicine. Seeing Doctor Claire hesitated, Mo Jue coldly laughed and mockingly smiled. “Mister Claire, I do not want to repeat myself.”

Claire heard the anger in Mo Jue’s voice, and he sighed before opening the door for him. Apart from Mo Ye, nobody would stop Mo Jue, who was insistent on having his way. The hoarse voice rang out again, and it was even duller and hoarser than before. As Mo Jue followed the steps down into the dungeon, he had a bad omen.

The person below gave him the shock of his life.

Mo Jue was baffled. His purple eyes opened wide to see a woman inside hitting the glass door in insanity and anger. She had long, unkempt hair and her body was bloodied, not to mention her reddened eyes. She was so skinny to the point her skin wrapped her bones and nobody could tell how beautiful she once was. She hit the glass door crazily and desperately, painting the glass door with bloodstains. Her features were utterly contorted by the extreme pain she was in.

Although he was a cold person, what he saw sent a chill through him and he could not help but take a slight pity on the person inside. He was, however, more shocked than shaken.


How could it be?

While he honestly did not associate what he saw with Eleven at first glance, her features were still present despite their contortion and he managed to make out Eleven’s identity.

The thought of that hardy woman becoming so scorned and despised never crossed his mind, and he failed to make the association for a moment.

“Claire!!” Mo Jue suddenly roared. He looked around the dungeon in anger. Claire did not follow Mo Jue down, and he was the only person in the dungeon.

What had they done to her?

What Ye Wei had dreamed of was all real.

“Ahh!!” Eleven screamed crazily as she looked at Mo Jue with her bloodshot eyes. “Mo Ye, let me out… Let me out…”

Mo Jue entered the code and opened the glass door. Eleven rushed at him madly and threw a punch at him. Mo Jue frowned and caught her arms in a grip. As Eleven had struggled for long, she had little strength left in her and was not particularly offensive. Mo Jue was able to hold her easily. Had it been somebody else who dared to throw a punch at him, and said person was not Ye Wei, he would have broken the other person’s elbow in a reverse grip. Whether it was his hidden compassion at work or simply because Eleven was Ye Wei’s closest friend, he did not break her arm and instead held her hand and prevented her from moving.

She seemed to be insane, and she had a weird odor on her as though she had not showered for days. Her hair was unkempt and dry like wilted grass. Her face was insufferable, and she had many bloodstains on her clothing, both old and new. This stench, combined with the smell of medicine mixed with the fresh stench of blood, was extremely unbearable and almost made him vomit. Mo Jue frowned and looked down at this woman he was not familiar with.

He had a scant impression of her. When she was with Ye Wei, she was not as eminent as Ye Wei and hence did not draw attention to herself. They worked extremely well as a team as one was eminent and the other much withdrawn, like yin and yang. Most people would focus on Ye Wei and ignore her. His impression of her, from the beginning, was that she was Ye Wei’s closest sister.

His only deeper impression of her was when she was in pursuit of Mo Ye and pointed her gun at him while he watched quietly from a distance. Although she had a good opportunity to disrupt their operation in City A, she hesitated and lost her chance.

Mo Ye asked him who that woman was. His answer: Eleven.

Mo Ye described her as a weird woman.

He did not understand why Mo Ye described her as weird but did not pursue the question further. It seemed that Mo Ye saw Eleven, and he did not know that Mo Ye had always liked Meng Lianling. He thought that his brother wanted to win over some new woman, somebody who could catch his brother’s attention. That was his deepest impression of Eleven.

But why did she become like this?

Human, yet inhuman.

Devilish, yet not devilish.

‘Brother, what are you up to?’

She was clearly inhumanly tortured.

Eleven struggled and suddenly grabbed his collar while her bloodshot eyes revealed sadness and intense hatred. “Mo Ye, why? Why are you treating me like this?”

Claire, who was upstairs, was in shock. This was the first time, apart from her mad screams, Eleven spoke in these ten-over days. She asked once again in a hoarse voice, “Why??!!”

The voice, while sounding sad, carried her signature toughness and pride.

“I am Mo Jue!” Mo Jue looked down at the bloodied marks Eleven left on his shirt. Eleven’s fingers were bone-thin. Mo Jue frowned and reached out to cover her eyes. “I am Mo Jue.” He punctuated his words.

Eleven had been jabbed with toxins by cold-looking people in gloves for a long time and she had never felt the warmth of a person since. She waved his hand away and seemed to regain some of her faculty.

She let go of Mo Jue’s hands and then grabbed them again. “Wei Wei, where’s Wei Wei?”

“She is extremely fine!” Mo Jue said as he felt her loosen her grip on his hand. He saw a hint of ease in her bloodshot eyes. He felt his heart being thumped on hardly as a dull pain fell upon it. She was still concerned about Ye Wei despite being in such a condition?

And Ye Wei actually dreamed of the pain that she was in.

“What happened?” Mo Jue asked. “Why did they do this to you?”

“F*** off!” She softly and coldly evicted him. As she turned away from him, the physical pain she was in made her slightly tremble.

Mo Jue quietly stood behind her. What else could he do?

Spare her?

As there was no movement after a long moment, Eleven could not bear it. The physical torture chipped away at her hardiness and her stubborn streak. She tried to preserve herself but it was to no avail…

The toxins in her started to spread and clash against each other. The toxins tore at her body, and she endured a horrifying pain.

The pain went directly to her head. She suddenly looked up and roared.

“Ahh!!” She suddenly threw herself against the glass wall violently, and there was a fresh bloodstain on the wall. Mo Jue, sensing that something was amiss with her, frowned. What did Claire inject her with that turned her into this mess she was?

As they were of a kind, they understood each other better. For people like them, they would never allow themselves to slip into insanity or display their weaknesses before their enemies unless they were in extremely unbearable pain.

But, if they were unable to endure said pain, what kind of pain was it?

When Mo Jue was about to go over to stop her, he suddenly heard footsteps. Almost at once, Eleven regained her sense and attacked Mo Jue crazily. As she hit him, her facial features grew utterly contorted. “Why?? Why??” She asked in rage.

She sounded low and deep, her vocal cords seemingly wrecked. “Mo Ye, you ingrate… I will f***ing kill you!! I will f***ing kill you!!”

She mistook Mo Jue for Mo Ye once again, and her vision was clearly chaotic. She neither punched hard nor fast, but doggedly. The hatred in her eyes was so intense it inspired fear.

Mo Jue dodged aside and looked outside the glass door. Mo Ye was already present, and he coolly stood outside as he watched Eleven mistake Mo Jue for him and crazily attack him while swearing she would kill him.

Mo Jue frowned. Eleven went insane and there was that slight perplexity in Mo Ye’s cold gaze. Eleven was finally speaking to him although she was speaking to the wrong person. She had never asked him why he treated her this way but repeatedly asked why amidst her madness this time.

She vowed she would kill him.

Kill him?

She hated him!

Given that he tortured her into this predicament for no rhyme or reason, how could she not hate him?

“You utter ingrate! How cold and unscrupulous can you…” Eleven lost her bearings and screamed crazily. As she tried to land a hit, she ended up hurting herself. Mo Jue wanted to stop Eleven, but she instead held his collar and hit him crazily. “You f***ing ingrate, cold and unscrupulous… I really hate… not killing you then.”

Mo Jue looked at an insane Eleven in shock. “Eleven, I am not Mo Ye!” He roared.

“Yes, I know you are not. If I knew that things would turn out this way, I should have killed you and not spared you back then!” Eleven still sounded deep despite using all her strength to speak.

Mo Ye was shocked. ‘Kill him long ago’? What was her basis for that? She simply had no chance to.

“The farmer and the snake… Haha… Why was I so foolish?” Eleven laughed madly and slapped Mo Jue hard. Mo Jue dodged it and Eleven, seemingly crying and sad, said, “I hate you!”

Mo Jue could not stand Eleven this insane and was about to knock her out. Mo Ye suddenly pushed his hand away and help Eleven’s shoulders tightly. “What do you mean?”

He realized that there was something amiss with Eleven, but how could one take an insane person seriously? He wanted to know exactly what she meant.

Eleven coldly laughed. “Mo Ye, I f***ing hate you. You’d better not keep me alive. If not… I will take your damn life someday.” Eleven punctuated her words.

“I am asking you what you f***ing meant!” Mo Ye barked at her.

Eleven smiled at him mockingly. “Why? Why are you injecting me with toxins?”

“I was f***ing asking you what you meant!”

“Why?” Eleven asked as though she did not hear him.

“You want to know why, huh? Fine. I’ll tell you!” His uneasiness and panicking heart made him cold and brutal. “Lianling is poisoned, and she needs your blood in order to create the antidote.”

“Lianling… Lian…”

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