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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 468 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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As the Mo brothers left the dungeon, Mo Ye asked Claire about progress on the development of the antidote and Mo Jue quietly listened. Once the two of them left the mansion, Mo Jue grabbed Mo Ye by the collar and pinned him against the roof of the car. “Brother, are you f***ing out of your mind!?” Mo Jue roared.

Mo Ye slowly reached out and pulled Mo Jue’s hand off him. He straightened his collar and coldly said, “What brings you up here?”

Mo Ye had always personally managed the mountain dungeon, and Mo Jue did not seem to visit it in the past few years. When he heard that Mo Jue visited the mountain dungeon, Mo Ye subconsciously thought that Mo Jue discovered where Eleven was.

Who told him?

Mo Jue frowned and sounded much colder. “I came up at the spur of the moment, and little did I expect something this sensational. Brother, how the hell could you do this?!”

He naturally could not tell his brother that Wei Wei’s dream of Eleven was similar to the latter’s current situation in the dungeon. He simply wanted to take his chances but did not expect such an outcome. If Mo Ye knew that Ye Wei had dreamed of the place, he would become suspicious toward Ye Wei and put Ye Wei in a disadvantageous situation.

Given his brother’s character, his brother would not show the slightest mercy at somebody who sabotaged his plans.

“I thought somebody leaked information. Hmmph!”

“Your movements and plans have always been watertight, so why are you afraid of information being leaked out? You’ve hidden your plans so well to the point you told me nothing.” There was an indescribable irony in Mo Jue’s voice as he looked at Mo Ye steely. “Brother, aren’t you afraid that she would die?”

“You’re afraid of her dying?”

“No! I’m afraid you’ll regret it.” He did not care about Eleven’s death but his only brother. How could one be so unwilling and conflicted?

“I will not regret it!” Mo Ye suddenly said. “She is Lianling’s final hope, and I cannot regret what I did.”

“What if you can’t save her and she dies?” Mo Jue sharply pointed out the contradiction. He had just heard Claire mention Eleven might not endure the seven-day experimental period. If Eleven did, there was an eighty percent chance the antidote could be formulated. If she did not manage to endure it, she would most likely die.

“Little Jue, that’s my own problem and I’ll see to it. Keep your damn hands out of it!” Mo Ye warned him as he looked down the mountain. Even though Mo Ye saw many houses were lit up, what reflected in his eyes were not the lights but a chilling coldness.

“Brother.” Mo Jue sighed. “Allow me to disagree with your approach.”

“Are you blaming me for being merciless?” Mo Ye asked with a whisper of cold laughter.

Mo Jue chose not to answer. Mo Ye asked, “What if Ye Wei was put in such a predicament someday, and there is that other woman who can save her? Even if the odds of the woman saving her are one in a thousand, will you take that chance and save Ye Wei? Or are you more concerned about whether that other woman makes it? You have no basis to blame me for anything, and it just so happens that this woman happens to be your lover’s sister, which explains why you find me cruel. Xiao Jue, if she were some small fry, you couldn’t be the least bothered. You are just worried about Ye Wei being upset. If that is the case, did you even consider how I feel? Lianling has less than a year to live.”

In the night, the sea breeze blew and diffused Mo Ye’s voice. There was some hatred in his anger, and he could not quite put through what he felt. If he had a way, would he choose to sacrifice Eleven?

Mo Jue remained silent, knowing that Mo Ye was telling the truth. He had no basis to blame Mo Ye for what he did, and if he were in Mo Ye’s shoes, it was afraid that he would have done so too. Eleven just happened to be the most important person to Ye Wei.

And it was so.

He knew that he could not convince Mo Ye, so only two things could happen. It was either both Eleven and Lianling lived, or both Eleven and Lianling died. As Mo Ye’s brother and Ye Wei’s lover, he naturally hoped for the former.


“Brother, didn’t you have… the slightest hesitation toward her?” Mo Jue asked. His gaze was clearly akin to stabbing him and made him seem tenfold more painful.

Why was he so ruthless despite his words?

“No!” Mo Ye decisively replied, his cold silhouette seeming even more desolate against the night sky. He was ruthless, and even if he was not, he would not allow others, even Mo Jue, to sway him.

If he admitted his hesitation, wasn’t it akin to admitting that his heart had softened and that he had made a mistake?

No, how could he admit it?

How could he regret making a mistake?


“Little Jue, stay out of this!” Mo Ye suddenly interrupted Mo Jue and got into the car angrily. He slammed the car door and drove down the hill.

Mo Jue looked at the car disappearing like the wind and frowned. Such a Mo Ye was clearly out of character, and didn’t Mo Ye realize that? Having been brothers for twenty-something years, despite being hot-blooded and full of life, he never saw Mo Ye lose his cool in such a manner before.

The two brothers, one cold and the other quiet, understood each other extremely well. He could tell that he did not mean what he said.

He suddenly recalled the weird words Eleven said: ingrate, heartless, blind… Having been a person who had endured much highs and lows, how could she not have seen these? Also, given the tensions between the terrorist organization and the Mafia, she should not have any grievances about how his brother treated her. Why did she, bafflingly, accuse him this harshly?

And if he weren’t Mo Jue but some other bystander to the problem, he would have felt that Eleven and Mo Ye knew each other from long ago. That was impossible.

Something was definitely amiss.

Even as Mo Jue cracked his head, he could not figure out what was amiss.

He stood on the mountain for a moment before driving away. Once he returned to the mansion, he saw the lights in the master bedroom were still on. His lips curled up involuntarily and he felt heavy.

‘Wei Wei, if you know Eleven’s situation now, I am afraid you’ll duke it out with him!’

After he killed the engine, he received Mo Ye’s call. “Little Jue, there’s a fight for the Bogota casino that I want you to settle on my behalf.”

“What’s going on?”

“Arthur has been fighting for a share of the pie of the Colombian casinos, and uses Colombia as a stepping board to have the casinos in the Middle East to himself. We’ve lost three major casinos there. Reclaim these casinos for us. Waste Arthur and take over his casinos so that the profits from the Middle Eastern casinos go to us.” Mo Ye flatly ordered him.

“Brother, I’m not responsible for them,” Mo Jue retorted.

“You’ll travel there tomorrow!” Mo Ye hung up the phone as though he did not hear him speak.

Mo Jue was slightly flustered.

Mo Ye clearly wanted him away so that he could not interfere with Eleven’s problem. This also removed all opposition and obstacles to his plan. Mo Ye wanted him to leave not out of a lack of trust, but to keep Ye Wei away.

Lest Ye Wei throw a spanner in his works.

He clearly knew that he could not leave Ye Wei behind on the island alone.

Mo Jue laughed bitterly. ‘Brother, you are indeed…’

Crazily prepared.

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