Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 473 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 473 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Arthur was angered as Mo Jue’s actions meant that he was supercilious and had disregarded Arthur. Arthur looked around the casino and felt more confident as the place was filled with his people. He tried to endure and did not flare up. He sat down in a way that he thought was elegant and sexy and smoked a cigar before blowing out a smoke ring.

Ye Wei’s eyes were all smiles. She was glad that she wore sunglasses and Arthur could not see her expression. Arthur was extremely funny as he was like an apprentice that wanted to be the manager and he would be neither fish nor fowl.

The only advantage he had was the number of people. However, if they really fought, it was not difficult for the two of them to settle the hundreds of people.

“Second master, why is Big Boss Mo not coming here to negotiate with me? He had always been the one in charge of this,” Arthur asked in a frivolous manner before elegantly crossing his legs.

“Let’s talk about the deal!” Mo Jue said coldly. “I can give you two options. One, return the places that you have snatched away. Two, withdraw from the competition for the interest in Bogota’s casinos.”

The few large-scale casinos that the Mafia owned were all in Bogota. Arthur controlled the casino business in the whole of Bogota and even snatched away the three biggest casinos and frequently created scenes at the other casinos. He had already affected the core interest of the Mafia and Mo Ye would not allow such a situation to continue. Mo Ye had already sent an order to kill Arthur, and no matter what roundabout tactics Arthur used, he would die without a doubt.

Mo Ye would never allow someone to step above him and yet not did anything about it. What a joke.

“Second master, you’re really humorous. Anyone doing business would use these few methods. You guys also snatched the casino businesses from Old Black and all I did was to snatch it away. This is a lucrative business and it belongs to whoever snatches it away. As for withdrawing from the competition for the interest in Bogota’s casinos… Haha… All the casinos in the southern area of the Middle East belong to me and so does Bogota. Who are you asking me to withdraw for no rhyme or reason?”

“You’d better not regret it.” Mo Jue smiled coldly and his manner was even more arrogant. “So what if you control all the casinos? The Mafia controls the whole underworld. Casinos, drugs market, smuggling of cultural relics and jewelry are all controlled by us. Even if there is a profit to earn, you have to see if you have the life to get the money.”

“Second master, who is the one that will not have the life?” Arthur pointed at his subordinates arrogantly and his ferocious face looked even more menacing. “Are you sure that you can walk out of this place alive?”

“Are you sure that you are capable of capturing me?” Mo Jue asked without expression. Nobody could stop Mo Jue from going where he wanted to go. Similarly, who had the ability to prevent him from leaving if he wanted to?

That would be biting off more than what one could chew!

Mo Jue always spoke with no emotions and he gave off an eerie feeling. He was sneering at that moment and looked more like a devil. It was rare for people to not be afraid of him.

Even Ye Wei realized that Mo Jue was different from his usual self.

She knew that Mo Jue was ruthless. He was always angry in front of her because she was not gentle and did not pay much attention to him. Therefore, his words sounded ruthless. After that, he was gentler to her and did not look like he wanted to break her leg or kill her, although he still looked fierce.

She had never seen him like this.

Ye Wei felt that something was strange. Why was one of the Mo brothers called Big Boss Mo, while the other was called second master? No matter how she looked at him, he did not look like a master.

A master was someone that was gentlemanly, but he did not possess any of those traits. He did not even have the gentle look of a master. It was really… puzzling.

Arthur was perturbed by what Mo Jue said. He thought that no matter how brave Mo Jue was, he would not barge into his place with a woman as Mo Jue would have known that this meeting was set up to kill him. Could it be that Mo Jue came prepared?

Mo Jue had made himself clear. He was using the Mafia’s underworld power in Bogota to threaten Arthur as no one could deny how strong the Mafia was. Although the Mafia was currently being attacked by both the terrorist organization and Dragon Gate, they could still destroy Arthur.

Arthur could not help but look at Ye Wei longer. The sunglass hid half of her face and he could not see her clearly, but Ye Wei looked weak.

“Second master, are you trying to scare me?” Arthur sneered and the atmosphere suddenly became tensed with a smell of gunpowder in the air.

Mo Jue did not reply and his eyes darkened. Ye Wei looked at the four well-equipped men and a trace of cold gaze flashed past her beautiful eyes. They seemed eager to start a fight.

Under such a situation, it was easy for conflict to happen at any time.

Suddenly, a phone rang and disrupted the tense atmosphere. The sound was very funny as it was a tender love song and the person’s voice sounded like he was in a drunken stupor.

Ye Wei was crept out by this red-haired stocky guy that looked ferocious. But, he actually had such a tender ringtone and this style made people…

Want to complain!

Ye Wei raised the corners of her lips. Even Mo Jue’s face had signs of his expression changing.

Arthur picked up the call. He was originally crossing his legs but he suddenly became very respectful. His ferocious face was suddenly filled with a toady smile. He just kept saying, “Yes, yes. I got it, I got it.”

Mo Jue’s eyes darkened even more and Ye Wei was curious by who he was talking to.

All the men standing around seemed to think that it was alright for their boss to be so gutless. None of them changed their expressions. After Arthur finally ended the call, he looked at Mo Jue and Ye Wei and cleared his throat. “I have something important to do now. Let’s talk about this another day.”

He waved his hands as if he were an emperor asking his concubines to kneel and greet him. Ye Wei wanted to laugh again and Mo Jue did not move at all. Arthur felt embarrassed again and slammed the table. “Second master, do you have an ear disease?”

Ye Wei could not endure this time around and curled up the corners of her lips. He indeed had problems and even asked if Mo Jue had an ear disease in a gentlemanly manner. This Arthur was really funny.

Mo Jue was expressionless.

Arthur seemed to have something urgent going on and said, “How about this, second master. We shall use three rounds of gambling to determine who wins or loses. Whoever loses shall withdraw from the competition. How about that?”

Mo Jue paused for a while and smiled coldly. “Sure!”

Arthur was shocked, as if he did not expect Mo Jue to agree so easily. He hesitated for a while. “Three days later, we shall meet at the casino to determine who wins.”

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