Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 476 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 476 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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In the monitoring room, Third Young Master Ye and Jason stared at the two figures—Ye Wei and Mo Jue. Mo Jue changed money for chips, both of which were in Ye Wei’s hands. They were recognized by Ye Chen’s men right from when they stepped into the casino.

Jason and Third Young Master Ye looked at each other with a serious look. Third Young Master Ye asked Arthur to let his men point all the cameras on Mo Jue and Ye Wei and ignore the others temporarily.

Arthur didn’t dare to disobey. Only in a few moments, the screen was filled with Mo Jue and Ye Wei.

She was laughing happily and pulling Mo Jue around the casino at will. When they reached the roulette, Ye Wei told Mo Jue to make a bet. Mo Jue shook his head and said, “Why don’t you play!”

“You’re at the table, not me.” Ye Wei pouted her mouth, gave him the two chips in her hand, and urged him to bet. Mo Jue still refused.

“Didn’t you say that you would show me your true capabilities?”

“That’s what you said.” Mo Jue retorted.

“But you said okay.”

“Well, you play first. I’ll win back whatever you lose,” Mo Jue said calmly, being indulgent. He liked seeing her in high spirits. Ye Wei advised him to play once more, but he wasn’t willing to. She didn’t insist either and proceeded to make a bet herself. Mo Jue stood by her side silently.

“If you will only play after I lose everything, I don’t think you’ll have a chance to bet.”

Ye Chen frowned in the monitoring room. ‘What’s wrong? Is Ye Wei crazy?’ Even though he had heard from Ning Ning that there might be something amiss, how could she act so intimate with Mo Jue?

But, it was totally a different matter after seeing it with his own eyes. It was shocking.

“F***, what medicine did Mo Jue give Wei Wei?” Jason was furious. Ye Wei looked so happy. It seemed that she had forgotten all of them. He was too angry to fight at all. This was unacceptable.

They had been so busy just for her, but she was having fun and living an extravagant life with that devil of the Mo family. ‘This is too much, really too much…’ Jason was furious.

For some reason, Arthur didn’t dare to make a sound and stayed at the side quietly. For him, everything was well if Jason didn’t get angry with him. He was especially afraid of Jason.

“She must be drugged.” Third Young Master Ye even had the mood to play a joke on his sister. Ye Wei had made a bet in front of the roulette.

Everyone knew that gambling depended on luck. At least, that was what most people thought. But, only real gamblers knew that luck was something trivial, and skills were the absolute priority.

So was the roulette. Ye Wei only started to bet after watching three or four rounds.

After seeing her bet, Mo Jue asked, “Have you played this before?”

“How would I know?” Ye Wei smiled and answered him with a rhetorical question.

Mo Jue paused and stopped talking. Indeed, she didn’t know, but he knew that she would win the game. She was good at it.

He had familiarized himself with Ye Wei’s information and even knew what colors of clothes she liked and what she liked to eat. But whether she knew how to gamble, he really didn’t know.

However, on the gambling table, the rookie’s luck was always better than a veteran’s.

Ye Wei gambled for two rounds and won both. She was in a good mood as she didn’t expect that her luck was this good. So, Ye Wei bet for another seven or eight rounds. Surprisingly, she had won all of them.

“Gorgeous Mo Jue, am I impressive?” she asked smugly.

“Very impressive.” A smile could be heard in Mo Jue’s voice, although he was expressionless. Ye Wei laughed and pulled out a big chip with great confidence. “Here’s your reward.”

Mo Jue’s lips twitched a few times and he received the reward from her, feeling speechless.

Ye Wei lost interest in the roulette after she had played it for a few rounds. Therefore, slot machines, poker cards, dominoes, baccarat, and dice became her new targets. Ye Wei played almost everything and had a 100% win rate.

She had won whatever she played. She and Mo Jue had bought chips with high values from the start, and their capital was only a hundred thousand US dollars. In less than half an hour, Ye Wei had turned it into more than a million US dollars.

Arthur’s face turned green. At other times, if someone had won so much money, he would have already sent his men down and took action. However, this time, he could only watch Ye Wei and Mo Jue take away his money.

He gnashed his teeth with hatred, but he didn’t dare to say a word.

Because Jason’s expression had also darkened. Ye Chen glanced at Ye Wei, who was in high spirits. He felt angry but also found it funny. He was glad that she had not been abused and was also very happy to see that she was feeling happy, as he did not expect Mo Jue to treat her well. If she had really lost her memory as they guessed, would it be good or bad for her to regain her memory?

He did not know that it was true that she had lost memory, but the happiness that she had felt then was also genuine. After recovery, a smile like that might cease to exist.

Even when she was in City A, he had never seen his sister this happy. The reason why she could be so unbridled and happy now was because of the man who loved her, doted on her, supported her, and who could do anything for her.

He had mixed feelings toward Mo Jue. Since he liked Ye Wei, why did he do things that could hurt her and the people she cared about? If Ye Wei chose to be with him, all of them would give their blessings, even if they did not agree with her.

Now, he was controlling her while killing the people of the terrorist organization. He really didn’t understand what the man was thinking. Perhaps he felt that everyone’s life was worthless except for Ye Wei’s. But, how could he not know that Ye Wei would never be with someone that had hurt the others?

Then, why?

Jason gnashed his teeth and looked at the screen, feeling angry and annoyed. He cursed in a low voice. “Damn, look at how that little traitor is laughing so heartlessly.”

Third Young Master Ye shook his head. Well, what he was thinking about was obviously different from what Jason and others were thinking of. Although Jason was angry and called her a ‘little traitor’, what he said actually contained his mixed feeling toward Ye Wei as well.

In fact, if Ye Wei really betrayed them, they would not blame her. This was the message that Third Young Master Ye had received from Jason, Chu Li, and the others.

They were the public enemies of the whole world, terrorists that everyone wanted to wipe out. However, they were also huge forces that governments of all countries conspicuously wanted to wipe out but also secretly gather. Who didn’t want to have them by their side? The leaders of the group were also righteous and evil at the same time. When they were ruthless, they were crueler than anyone else. However, they regarded righteousness and family members as more important than anything. They were all hotheaded men.

“Why did Mo Jue bring Ye Wei here?” Third Young Master Ye frowned. “He couldn’t be unaware that this was Arthur’s casino. He would definitely alarm Arthur if he came here. It’s unreasonable.”

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