Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 477 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 477 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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No matter what, he had to find a way to meet Wei Wei. He signaled Arthur to come over and whispered something in his ear. Arthur nodded in a hurry and took his men down.

Ye Wei was trying to play poker when Arthur came over with a group of his men and stopped in front of them. Ye Wei looked at Mo Jue and lost all interest. “Is this his casino? How disappointing.”

Arthur’s eyes fell on Ye Wei. He had just heard the conversation between Third Young Master Ye and Jason and could guess who she was. He didn’t expect her to be so amazing. No wonder Mo Jue dared to take her to dangerous places.

Mo Jue’s gaze darkened. “What do you want?”

“I see that the second master is having a good time. How about coming down to say hello and have a cup of coffee?” Arthur spun the ring on his finger. He was not as young and idle as before and was a little afraid.

Even if he had the backing of Jason.

“Are you forbidding us from leaving because we won some money?” Ye Wei asked with a smile. “Boss Arthur, aren’t you afraid of ruining your business if this gets out to the public?”

“Why would we forbid you from leaving? I just want to invite you to have a cup of coffee. Look at how generous and sincere I am.” Arthur spread his arms wide.

The crowd around them dispersed, and Mo Jue walked forward with Ye Wei in his arms after taking a glance at the place. Arthur smiled coldly. As soon as he left the hall, a man suddenly appeared around the corner and punched Mo Jue. Another man attacked him from the side, forcing him to let go of Ye Wei’s hand.

It was Jason’s bodyguards. They were sharp, aggressive and fast, but they were not as good as Mo Jue. After a few attacks, Mo Jue successfully punched them twice each.

Ye Wei stood still and didn’t intend to help. The two people were skillful but seemed to be far behind Mo Jue. When Arthur waved his hands, his men gathered and rushed to attack Mo Jue together. Ye Wei frowned.


‘Are they taking advantage of us because they have more people?’

She admitted that Mo Jue was very strong, but no matter how strong he was, it would also take a lot of physical strength to fight with these people who only had brute force. It was unavoidable for her to be angry and she didn’t like what Arthur had done.

“Arthur, what a sore loser you are.” Ye Wei smiled coldly.

Because Arthur knew her identity, he was a little scared and didn’t dare to offend her as he was afraid that she would put him in trouble. He ordered several men to stand in front of him in order to block him from her. Ye Wei sneered. ‘Kill him? The three-day deadline hasn’t arrived yet. Killing him will ruin Mo Jue’s plans.’

She felt a little imbalanced in her mind. If she had not gone through the robbery just now, she would definitely not care about Mo Jue when such things happened, unless he was beaten to death and could not move at all.

Otherwise, she would only watch Gorgeous Mo Jue from afar to see how strong he was.

But now, she couldn’t stand how so many people were surrounding Mo Jue and beating him up. Usually, skillful people like her wouldn’t fight with people who didn’t have the ability to defend themselves, lest her identity be humiliated.

It was a mess. No one exchanged fires. There were only kicking and punching. In a flash, several strong men were hit by Mo Jue. They lied on the ground and never got up again.

Screams could be heard all the time, and people were horrified.

More and more people surrounded Mo Jue and he was so surrounded that she could hardly see him. Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. The number could even squeeze him to death. Arthur looked on coldly and gave them an order to beat him to death.

Ye Wei couldn’t stay out of the business any longer. She grabbed the man who was nearest to her and punched him on the chest. He was defeated in just one move. Upon seeing her take action, Mo Jue smiled.

They cooperated very skillfully. Ye Wei hadn’t fought for a long time, and as soon she started to fight, she gave it her all. Those strong men were unlucky. They were like cats who had met Ye Wei, the tiger. They were not of the same level at all and were beaten up badly.

Ye Wei was trying to take out her silver needles to end the fight quickly when suddenly, somebody clasped on her arm. She looked down and saw a pair of noble and powerful hands clasping her. She turned her head and saw a delicate but evil-looking face.

Third Young Master Ye didn’t do anything else other than clasping her arm. He looked at her calmly. Both the brother and sister didn’t start a fight and only faced each other quietly. From her eyes, he saw a foreign gaze. He confirmed Chu Li’s guess. She didn’t remember him at all.

The silence lasted for less than ten seconds. Ye Wei smashed Third Young Master Ye’s face with a fist, fast and fierce. Third Young Master Ye avoided the hit and wrapped her fist in his big palm. He smiled gracefully. “Wei Wei, you even beat me?”

“What about it?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrow and asked. She broke free from him and punched him repeatedly to the wall. Third Young Master Ye just avoided her attacks and didn’t fight back.

Ye Wei was unhappy. She stopped and said, “Why don’t you fight back?”

“You really don’t remember anything?” Third Young Master Ye didn’t answer the question but asked instead, “Don’t you know me?”

Ye Wei frowned and narrowed her eyes. “Do you know me?”

“Wei Wei… What did Mo Jue tell you? Did he say that you are an orphan and have no family?” Third Young Master Ye asked with a smile and a loving gaze. Ye Wei’s heart sank. “Who are you?”

Third Young Master Ye laughed and didn’t say anything. Ye Wei suddenly got angry and sneered. “Don’t tell me that I am your wife?”

Third Young Master Ye could not help but laugh. He hurriedly waved his hands and said, “I have a wife, but unfortunately, she’s not you.”

‘Damn you, Mo Jue, how dare he lie to her. How… shameless.’ However, if he was Mo Jue and Wei Wei was Anya, he’s afraid he’d lie too and tell her that they were husband and wife. That way, it would be easier to take advantage of her.

“Who exactly are you?” Ye Wei asked angrily, clenched her fist, and punched him again. Anger flashed in her eyes. Third Young Master Ye clasped her fist and took her to the room next door. He then closed the door and shoved her against the door plank. His actions were smooth and quick. Ye Wei behaved abnormally and did not resist at all.

Maybe that was because she didn’t feel any murderous vibes from Third Young Master Ye, only love and protection.

“You are my sister,” Third Young Master Ye said in a deep voice. “I don’t know what Mo Jue told you, but Wei Wei, what should be forgotten shouldn’t be forgotten entirely. You have a lot of family members waiting for you to come back.”

“I don’t believe it!” Ye Wei resolutely shook off Third Young Master Ye’s hand and murmured to herself. “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

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