Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 479 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 479 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Third Young Master Ye and Jason were shocked. They didn’t even notice that there was a man behind them.

The bullet brushed past Jason’s shoulder and scratched his shoulder. It hurt so much that the pain ignited his anger. He was furious. “Damn it, Mo Jue, come at us directly if you dare. What do you stand to gain by attacking us secretly from behind?”

Ye Wei seemed all tensed up. It was obvious that Mo Jue had defeated nearly a hundred people outside, and no sound could be heard. Third Young Master Ye hinted at Jason not to be too impulsive, but Jason didn’t care at all. Mo Jue pulled the trigger lightly and said coldly, “My bullets have no eyes.”

Jason was forced to stop. Mo Jue’s eyes fell on Ye Wei, and he said in a cold tone, “Come here!”

Third Young Master Ye and Jason both looked at Ye Wei, and Jason said angrily, “Wei Wei, use your brain and think carefully! Why do you believe in that monster instead of us? We are your real family.”

Ye Wei smiled. “I can’t. I don’t remember anything. He and I are the closest.”

It seemed logical for her to say that, but Jason was furious. He roared. “It will never be his turn to be ranked at the top of your close friends’ list even if he queues to the Mediterranean Sea, you little traitor!”

Third Young Master Ye was stunned into silence.

‘Uh, Jason, you are exaggerating!’

He obviously forgot what Chu Li had told him and was just focused on being angry. He was really the type to forget everything when he got angry. Anybody who provoked him now would be dead meat, especially when he simply couldn’t do anything with Ye Wei.

“I can’t help it. This is the truth.” Ye Wei smiled and approached Mo Jue slowly. Mo Jue was relieved. Fortunately, he had placed the right bet and decided to bring her there. It was indeed the right choice.

He was not afraid that Ye Wei would find him suspicious. At least, at this stage, she belonged to him. This was beyond doubt.

“Wei Wei, you have really pissed me off.” Jason was furious. “Where has your backbone gone? Why would you go over to him just because he told you to? Why are you so obedient? Are you his dog?”

The more Jason thought about it, the more unconvinced he was. If he dared to order Ye Wei like this in the past, Ye Wei would have hooked her finger and demanded him to go over instead. The treatment was really different.

‘Who exactly is her real family?’

Once again, he was sure that Mo Jue, the evildoer, must have drugged her.

“He said that I am his wife!” Ye Wei seemed to be happy about it, as if trying to anger Jason deliberately. Her expression was provocative, like she wanted to see how angry he could be.

“Bah, what wife? Nonsense. You wouldn’t marry him unless the sky collapses.” Jason cried. “Wei Wei, if you want to marry someone, you can marry Little Iron. Marrying this evildoer? Do you not want to live anymore?”

Mo Jue’s expression darkened, and murderous vibes flashed passed his eyes. Little Iron? Who was that? It seemed that he had something to do with Wei Wei. He only knew that Ye Wei once chased Su Man, but he had never heard of anyone else. However, Su Man was not considered as his enemy since he didn’t like women. Hence, Mo Jue didn’t care too much about him, but other people…

Third Young Master Ye was afraid that Jason would be too agitated and say the wrong things. He said in a hurry, “Wei Wei, you can not believe us, but don’t you regret it in the future.”

Ye Wei laughed and didn’t speak. Regret? She looked at Ye Chen and Jason, and then at Mo Jue. The three men were very calm. In fact, she had a gauge of who was the most important and who was not.

She was someone who would rather agree with the people she was the closest with instead of agreeing with the people who were right. She would protect whoever was the closest to her. She was always like this.

Mo Jue suddenly reached out and held Ye Wei’s hand. Third Young Master Ye frowned. The situation was extremely unfavorable to them. If he forcibly took Ye Wei away, he was bound to fight with Mo Jue. He had never fought with Mo Jue before, but he was confident to defeat him if he joined hands with Jason. But what about Wei Wei?

What if Wei Wei attacked them because of Mo Jue?

“Jason, I advise you to stop whatever that had happened in the casino, or you will be responsible for the consequences.” Mo Jue stopped pestering him unnecessarily and went straight to business. “Arthur does not have the ability to compete with me. If you didn’t have his back, he would have absolutely no courage to fight against me. We can’t compete with you in the arms industry, but it’s hard to say for the rest. What do you want to do in three days? I’ll know who you are waiting for. I acknowledged it, but it doesn’t mean that I will definitely go. If you agitate me further, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to survive in Colombia anymore! Of course, if you want to get rid of a capable lieutenant yourself, I will not stop you.”

He brought Ye Wei to this casino to confirm if Jason was backing Arthur up. If Ye Wei was with him, Jason would show up if he saw her, and everything would be brought to light.

It was more effective for him to come and talk to him in person rather than asking someone else to pass the message.

“So? If you have the ability, you can take it back. Are we going to fight? Let’s see who is stronger. Do you think that I have never threatened other people before? Even Louis couldn’t outplay us. You and your brother? All of you are in the same mess. I don’t think you can handle it.” Jason was furious. “See who drives who out of Colombia!”

Mo Jue looked down. Jason angrily pointed to Ye Wei. “Young brat, you are good. Involving our Wei Wei in your treacherous plot? What are you thinking of? Letting Wei Wei take the bullets for you? Are you even a man?”

Ye Wei was a little stunned, while Mo Jue frowned.

Third Young Master Ye laughed in his heart. Jason had said so much, and this sentence had the most impact. He seemed to have forgotten that he used to require Ye Wei and Eleven’s protection when he went to dangerous places as well.

Mo Jue was angry. Everyone could feel his anger. Third Young Master Ye was afraid that things might get out of control and quickly said, “Mo Jue, you know that if you really start a fight, everyone will be hurt. The Mafia also needs time to recover. Why don’t you step back?”

“What do you want?” Mo Jue asked flatly. Third Young Master Ye was right. He didn’t want both sides to suffer.

“Very simple. Let Eleven go,” Jason suddenly said. He pointed to Ye Wei and said, “We’ll hand you this little traitor if you want, but release Eleven first.”

It seemed like Ye Wei was living well in Mo Jue’s hands and he might not have the intention to hurt her. Moreover, she believed Mo Jue’s words instead of theirs. They could only wait for her to recover her memory, but it’s not the same for Eleven.

To Jason, she was the most important!

From the moment they were missing until now, everyone could see that Ye Wei had been leading a great and nonchalant lifestyle, but what about Eleven?

No one. Nobody knew if she was dead or alive.

“She’s not in my hands!” Mo Jue said flatly. “You have asked the wrong person.”

“Mo Jue, don’t go too far. You still dare say that you don’t know where she is? What did you do to her? I warn you. If she is hurt, I will blow up the Mafia for the second time!”

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