Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 48 - Girlfriend
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 48 - Girlfriend
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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When Yang Zekun called, Cheng Anya was about to go to the cafeteria to eat with her colleague. Ning Ning slept and woke up late today. Therefore, he did not make lunch for her.

Cheng Anya declined her colleague’s invitation and went down.

The black Lamborghini was parked below the MBS tower. Yang Zekun held a big bouquet of roses and leaned against the car’s door, smiling lightly and gently.

Feeling embarrassed, Cheng Anya ran over with small steps. “Senior, why are you here?”

She was really embarrassed as he even brought such a big bouquet of roses. It was lunchtime. There were MBS employees walking in and out of the building, looking at them in surprise and ambiguity.

She could guarantee that rumor would exist everywhere.

It was no secret that Yao Hua and MBS had been competing for many years. They usually competed secretly, but in public, they seemed like they stayed in their own lane.

For the past two years, Master Yang and Third Young Master Ye had brought the competition to the light and it was war everywhere. Therefore, the competition between the two families went from private to public.

Although the two families were competing, they were on friendly terms in a very special way. Nobody could grasp the relationship between the Ye and the Yang family. It was the first time in history when Master Yang stood in front of MBS tower so brazenly.

Yang Zekun’s girlfriend was Ye Chen’s secretary. This news was definitely sensational.

“To fetch my girlfriend for lunch!” Yang Zekun smiled gently. His gaze was so doting that water could almost drip down. He gently shoved the bouquet into Cheng Anya’s hands.

Holding on to a big bouquet of bright red roses, Cheng Anya did not know whether to laugh or cry. Yang Zekun smiled. “I have something to ask you. It’s Old Master’s birthday today, and I want to invite you as my dance partner. Come, let’s talk while we eat.”

“Master Yang, what a rare visitor!” Ye Chen’s car was parked beside the two of them. He rolled down the window and looked at Cheng Anya. “Miss Cheng, the company is a place to work. Change the location if you want to date. Do not affect MBS’ corporate image as the news between the Ye and the Yang Family is already enough.”

Cheng Anya put on her signature smile. Damn it! His annoying tendency to play the field had already caused MBS to lose its image long ago. She should be the one worrying about MBS affecting her pure image.

Yang Zekun laughed and asked, “Third Young Master Ye, did MBS state that the employees cannot eat a couple’s meal during lunchtime? I’m just here to eat lunch with my girlfriend. Mixing public and personal affairs is not Third Young Master Ye’s style, right?”

Ye Chen’s slender fingers knocked on the steering wheel elegantly and rhythmically. Cheng Anya’s heart thumped and she pulled Yang Zekun’s sleeves, indicating that they should leave.

“President Ye, we shall go first and not interrupt your time with Miss Yun.”

“Miss Cheng, prepare yourself for tonight’s Old Master’s birthday banquet. I hope you can really be scrupulous in separating public from private interests.”

After finishing the sentence, Ye Chen stepped on the accelerator, vanishing from their sight.

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