Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 484 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 484 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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After Mo Jue was done cooking, the smell of the dishes wafted out of the kitchen. Ye Wei ‘s stomach growled at the smell of food and she rubbed her belly. She scolded herself for being a disappointment and for surrendering this easily just because of food.

“Gorgeous Mo Jue, hurry up. I’m hungry!” Ye Wei had no idea what shame was. She sat upright and judged him openly for being slow. Mo Jue didn’t even look at her, only facing her with his side profile coldly while stirring the braised pork.

His side profile looked extraordinarily cold. It would be terrifying if he was holding onto a gun. However, he was holding onto a spatula and wearing an apron, which looked… not very intimidating.

The two of them just had a quarrel in the morning, and Ye Wei had stopped being angry since a while ago. However, it was obvious that Gorgeous Mo Jue was still sulking. He was even more furious after seeing how Ye Wei acted like nothing had happened, unlike him.

Mo Jue was not like Ye Wei. He had a quick temper and was not a person that would stay angry for long. Actually, he was just feeling helpless.

The meal was prepared swiftly and was soon ready. After serving the food, Mo Jue filled a bowl of rice and ate it on his own, ignoring Ye Wei. Ye Wei glanced at him, put down the magazine, and went to the kitchen to have dinner as well. She filled her own bowl with rice and had a nice and pleasurable dinner.

Mo Jue didn’t say a word. Ye Wei was so annoyed that she didn’t want to talk to him in the morning, but her anger had disappeared and she was all smiles now. She looked lovely.

The happier she smiled, the worse Mo Jue expression looked. He really didn’t look at her at all.

“Gorgeous Mo Jue, are you starting a cold war with me?” Ye Wei asked him innocently, and she politely gave him a piece of braised pork.

Mo Jue seemed to not hear her, but he didn’t reject Ye Wei’s food either. However, he paused his chopsticks on the pork for a while before continuing to eat. It looked like he was really going to start a cold war with her.

Ye Wei moved her chair closer to him and smiled at him. With chopsticks in her mouth, she asked, “Mo Jue, who was always the first to patch things up when we quarreled in the past?”

Mo Jue did not reply to her.

“It must be me, right?” Ye Wei answered her own question. “I don’t think you would be the one, judging from your personality. Forget it. I’ll coax you just this time. Stop being angry after eating this meat. You are not a man if you continue to be angry.”

Ye Wei gave him a huge piece of fatty meat mischievously. Mo Jue didn’t like his food to be heavily seasoned, which was what Ye Wei had found out after spending a few days with him. However, most of the food he made was heavily seasoned. This was because she didn’t like her food to taste bland.

She had thought that Mo Jue would complain about it at least once, but he didn’t say a word and even ate the fatty meat that he hated most.

Ye Wei smiled. “Hey, you’ve eaten the meat. Say something.”

Mo Jue finally looked at her and sneered coldly. ‘There’s progress.’ Ye Wei thought. This guy had no sense of humor and was bad-tempered and violent. What did she like about him?

Did she fall for his gorgeous face?

Ye Wei was deeply confused. It was also a very complicated problem that men had no inner beauty.

“Tomorrow, you cook,” Mo Jue said, word by word. Ye Wei was stunned. Cook? Could she?

“Are you sure?”

“Forget it if you don’t want to!”

“I’ll do it. It’s nothing.” Ye Wei pouted her lips. ‘Isn’t it just a meal? I’ll coax you with it.’

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