Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 485 - The Deal Between The Two Women
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 485 - The Deal Between The Two Women
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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At night, by the sea.

When Meng Lianling arrived, Ye Wei was already waiting for her. Mo Ye’s mansion was close to the seaside, only a few hundred meters away. Ye Wei rode Mo Jue’s chopper over and parked it on the beach.

Meng Lianling saw the woman standing on the beach coldly, facing the sea. From her point of view, she could only see her slim figure and her long hair scattered in the sea breeze. Under the gray and white sky, she looked a little solemn and quiet, as if a storm was about to break out after the calmness. At the same time, the sea was also calm.

“Lianling, hypnotize me!” Ye Wei didn’t look back. Her voice was scattered in the sea breeze and it was unclear when it reached Meng Lianling’s ears. She didn’t move or turn back at all, as if she had just said something unimportant.

The waves were rippling gently, and the sea breeze suddenly changed direction, which messed up her long hair and blurred her vision. The gray sky in front of her seemed like it would stay gray forever.

“Wei Wei, why do you want to be hypnotized?” Meng Lianling asked. The request was so sudden that she didn’t know how to react at all. She had received Ye Wei’s call for her to go to the seaside when she was about to rest at night, saying that she wanted to go to the night market with her.

Mo Ye had always disliked her hanging out with Ye Wei. Ever since what had happened to Eleven, she thought that Mo Jue would never let Ye Wei be alone with her. On the parking apron that day, Ye Wei was very indifferent to her. Hence, she thought that Mo Jue had told her something that made her no longer friendly.

She was surprised to receive her phone call. She wasn’t dumb. Meng Lianling was someone with a quick and thoughtful mind, and she knew that Ye Wei wasn’t really asking her to go to the night market with her. If Ye Wei wanted to go to the night market, she would ask Mo Jue to go with her. Even if Mo Jue was busy, she could have gone there by herself.

Mo Ye asked her why, and she told him truthfully that she was going to accompany Ye Wei. He didn’t agree to it at first, but he gave in after being persuaded by her.

Hypnosis. She didn’t expect Ye Wei to mention that.

Ye Wei turned around, back facing the light. It was too dark for her fair face to be visible and her hair was messed up by the wind, which hit and covered half of her face, only showing her cold big eyes.

Like obsidian, black and pure.

Meng Lianling felt chills down her spine. She was a person who was vastly experienced and got a grip on herself quickly. She guessed all the possibilities in her mind but still couldn’t figure out what she was thinking.

Ye Wei said, “I think I might have been hypnotized by Mo Jue. I want to remember what I forgot.”

Meng Lianling smiled gently as if Ye Wei had told her a joke and approached her. Her clear voice was comfortable to listen to. She said, “Wei Wei, how can you seek help if you are unsure? Besides, if Brother Jue had really hypnotized you, how can I help you? I like you very much and would very much like to be friends with you, but I can’t betray him, can I? Moreover, you said he ‘might’ have done it, which means that this could be only your guess.”

Ye Wei smiled faintly. With her face covered with her dark hair, she looked less beautiful and gloomier. “Lianling, don’t you want to know where Eleven is? Help me and you might get the answer.”

Meng Lianling was shocked. Her eyes widened in shock and she looked at Ye Wei, feeling flustered. Even someone as calm as her had lost her cool. “You…”

‘Did she regain her memory?’

‘Impossible! It’s impossible!’

Ye Wei sneered. “What are you flustered about?”

“Do you remember where Eleven is?” Meng Lianling couldn’t guess what was on Ye Wei’s mind and could only ask her that. Since Ye Wei was smart, she might be testing her. It would be stupid for her to tell her the truth accidentally before confirming what exactly Ye Wei had remembered.

Ye Wei shook her head. “I’m not sure. I did remember something that day, and I saw Eleven in my dreams. Unfortunately, I failed to recall it soon after. Although it was just a dream, it felt so vivid to me. I’m afraid that I’ve forgotten about it because Mo Jue hypnotized me.”

That afternoon, when she fell asleep, the scene of Mo Jue holding and hypnotizing her suddenly flashed in her mind. Connecting that to her dream, Ye Wei realized that Mo Jue might have been afraid that she would remember something, so he hypnotized her in order for her to forget that dream.

He was lying to her. She didn’t like the feeling of being lied to.

She should have asked him during dinner at night, but when she went downstairs and saw such a lovely Mo Jue, she suddenly lost the courage to question him. She then knew that she was really interested in Mo Jue, which made her subconsciously deny the fact that Mo Jue had lied to her.

So, she was reminded of Meng Lianling.

She tried to behave as if nothing happened so that Mo Jue would be fooled by her, believe her, and calm down. Then, she purposely asked Meng Lianling to accompany her to the night market so that she could seek help from her. She didn’t want to doubt Mo Jue, but she couldn’t help wanting to know the truth.

Only Meng Lianling could help her.

She wanted to know where Eleven was, and she was the best person that Ye Wei could seek help from. Not only would she agree to help, but she would also not tell Mo Jue about it.

“You are saying that you dreamed of her?” Meng Lianling smiled bitterly. “Wei Wei, how can we take things that happened in our dreams seriously?”

“Maybe it wasn’t a dream but my old memories. Who can tell if it was a dream or a reality? If it was a dream, why did Mo Jue erase the memory of my dream? Can’t he even tolerate one dream?” Ye Wei asked sharply.

Meng Lianling was stunned for a while. ‘Indeed, how should I put it?’

‘Is it true that Brother Jue wants to erase her memory?’

Meng Lianling was gambling on her choice.

“One word, are you going to help me?” Ye Wei asked flatly, not giving her time to consider it.

“If Brother Jue really hypnotized you, it would be a bit risky for me to reverse it for you.” Meng Lianling thought carefully and said, “Our hypnotisms are not the same. If something goes wrong, you…”

“It doesn’t matter!” Ye Wei interrupted her without waiting for her to finish her sentence. “You just have to help me remember that dream, the clearer the better.”

Meng Lianling looked at Ye Wei and thought about it. She gritted her teeth. “I can help you but with conditions!”

“Name it!” Ye Wei’s drooping eyes covered the coldness in her eyes. Needless to say, she knew what Meng Lianling’s so-called conditions were.

“If you remember, tell me where she is.”

“Of course, if I remember.” Ye Wei agreed readily.



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