Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 489 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 489 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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With a sudden bang, Eleven punched the hidden door in the study room open. Claire and all were at a loss and panicking. They did not expect Eleven to move this quickly to the point they ran up from below and dropping dozens of traps on her failed to buy them the minutes to escape. Little did they expect…

They had just come up and just managed to catch their breath. Somebody wanted to ask Claire what happened to Eleven, and they suddenly heard a loud sound.

Everybody’s legs jellied.

Their legs really jellied.

It was just simply too terrifying!

The baffling thoughts and shocking noise left them stupefied and unable to respond. Almost twenty of them, in shock, huddled in the study room and forgot to escape.

There was a huge hole in the wall, and the woman’s scorned face entered into their views amidst the sand that was kicked up. They all shuddered as they were in cold water.

They could not feel anything.

As the dust settled, Eleven gradually strode forward. Her hair, which had not been washed for days and gave off an odor, was messy and seemed dirty as sweat, oil, and blood were trapped in it. The sand that was kicked up rested on her hair and covered her face with a thin sheen of dirt that made her seem even more helter-skelter.

Her clothes were torn in several places. When she was in a coma for the past few days, Claire would send somebody to infuse her with nutritional fluids to keep her alive. As her clothes were excessively bloodied and torn in several places, he also had somebody change her into an oversized white shirt. The white shirt also had several blood stains and was dirty. Despite how helter-skelter she looked, she had a pair of dainty feet that stepped on broken glass. Although her feet were cut in several places, they could not see them and it seemed as though her naturally blessed feet were not injured in any way.

Her messy hair, white shirt, bloodthirsty eyes and beautiful feet… made for an extremely bizarre combination.

The murderous intent in her eyes was so strong it was devoid of reason. Claire closed his eyes…

They had finally met their doom.

As the thought flashed through his mind, Eleven zipped across like a phantom and grabbed a man with one-hand and threw him with a reverse-grip backwards with the man’s head pointed at the wall. Her other hand grabbed another man by the throat.



There was a shriek and grunt, and the man’s head was smashed against the wall. His brains and blood were splattered onto the wall as his body slumped against the floor. He made no further sound.

Eleven crushed the other person’s throat, and said person simply collapsed onto the floor.

Her bloodshot eyes were filled with an insatiable bloodlust that made her a bloodied God of war who killed everybody on sight. She moved as quickly as lightning and was completely different. As the rest of them saw a blur, two died.

Eleven had a cold smile on her lips. As one of them shrieked as he pulled open the door to escape, a needle shot out from Eleven’s hand and pierced his throat from the back…

Another one bit the dust.

Claire was shocked.

“You’d better not allow me to escape. Otherwise, nobody lives!!” Eleven’s deep and hoarse voice was not typically hoarse (as would be expected of a flu), but a hoarseness that arose from fatigue and tribulations that yet brimmed with immense murderous intent.

Nobody lives!

She enunciated those two words especially heavily, and those words heavily weighed down on their hearts.

Claire was guessing if she had lost her senses? He did not know how extensive her mutations were as he no longer had exact data to analyze.

Everybody could tell that the lady was not a killing machine. She had a special constitution because she was conditioned with toxins since young, which led to her slightly different constitution. Their experimentations, along with the introduction of viruses, utterly changed her constitution.

The Top Terrorist Organization ought to have realized that she had such a special constitution and hence not bring her up with toxins. They instead weaned her off these toxins as they clearly knew that nobody could tell what changes would befall her had they kept her on toxins.

They doted on her enough to stop it.

Weaning her off toxins only preserved her immunity to toxins and made her as “normal” as possible. What about them?

They did not show the slightest pity on her and wanted to exploit her to formulate the antidote and for their gratification and pride. As they did not have an in-depth understanding of her constitution and lacked experience, they turned her into an abomination.

In those ten minutes, Claire could tell that Eleven’s strength and toughness were beyond human. Her speed was clearly inhuman.

Those were the visible changes, and what about those unseen ones?

Did she still retain her sensibilities? Or did she become a killing machine?

“Eleven, let them go. I’m in charge of them, so you can kill me to vent your anger,” Claire stood before them and flatly said. He tried to buy them time so that they could escape and send word to the Mo brothers to escape.

He regretted not calling Mo Ye.

“Hmmph, who will return to me a normal body?” Eleven’s bloodlusting eyes had a coldness in them. “Everybody dies!”

As her sound fell, she became seemingly possessed…

The experts were unable to defend themselves and were all unarmed. They could only…

Meet their end.

Eleven – without her mutations – could kill them without the slightest effort, hence let alone Eleven in her current state. When Big Boss Mo reached, all his experts were already killed.

They all died grisly deaths, and Claire and all had no time to activate the alarm when they came up. As the mansion was extremely safe because nothing happened in the past few years, the bodyguards outside were unable to rescue them in time.

When Big Boss Mo came, they then realized that something had happened.

When Big Boss Mo reached, Eleven was grabbing Claire by the throat and about to snap his throat bone. When she saw Big Boss Mo, Eleven threw Claire, the only survivor, onto the ground with a cruel look.

As Claire’s call to Mo Ye was extremely rushed, Claire was unable to clearly tell Mo Ye what had happened, and did not understand why she broke out and went on a killing spree.

“Mo Ye, it’s your turn.”

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