Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 490 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 490 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ding Ke hurried over to help Claire to a side to rest. Claire’s neck had two extremely visible bruises that seemed especially terrible. Eleven stood barefooted and looked at Mo Ye with a murderous intent.

Her murderous intent became even more intense.

“What’s going on?” Mo Ye flatly asked Claire as he looked at Eleven.

Claire, who was on the brink of death moments earlier, took a while to regain his senses. As he briefly described what had happened, Ding Ke and the bodyguards that followed were utterly shocked.

Claire sounded terrified, and he even hinted that Mo Ye quickly leave and not hang around lest he died. For Claire to hint that Mo Ye leave spoke volumes about who they were going up against.

They could not imagine it.

As the experts simply had no means of self-defense, Doctor Claire was probably cooking things up – and so they felt.

If Mo Ye could not hold up against her, who would stand a chance to walk out of here alive today?

Wouldn’t they all die here?

They felt that luck was on their side as Eleven seemed like somebody who was about to die – she was skinny, looked terrible, and was frail as she was imprisoned away from the sun for a long time. She seemed extremely pale, and those along with the wounds on her that came out of self-abuse made people pity her instead of fear her.

As Mo Ye heard Claire’s words, there was a slight shock and doubt on his face as he looked at Eleven with a deep and complicated look. He did not know how he felt…

He felt his heart wrench, and then relieved.

He did not sleep the whole of last night.

Claire told him Eleven was certainly going to die, and he froze for quite a moment as the thought of Eleven about to die repeated in his mind. He was flustered, and even hated himself for being unable to save both their lives.

While he had The Mafia in his grasp, and in the process of annexing parts of the international underworld, he was however unable to save two women. The virus in Meng Lianling troubled him for many years whilst Eleven, whom he had to sacrifice, gave him hope.

He did not feel any less conflicted than others, and even considered leaving it all to fate the night before.

However long Meng Lianling could live, so be it.

When he saw her smile, and how she joked about hoping to be by his side for the rest of his life, he was shaken and doted on her for those past few years. Removing the virus from her became a key goal in his life that was as significant as his career.

He almost did nothing in this period of time. Despite The Top Terrorist Organization heaping pressure on The Mafia, he was unfazed and put everything else down for the want of removing the virus from Meng Lianling.

That was what was most important to him, and even more so than The Mafia.

How could he give up after trying so hard? How could he?

Habits were terrifying. If he had calmly made a decision, then so be it. But Meng Lianling was by his side, and he – out of habit – would do all he could for her.

His uncertain heart became resolute.

He was however unable to sleep the whole night and smoked until dawn broke.

The woman in the dungeon filled his thoughts.

That would probably be the last night he heard news about her. When Claire broke news about her, he was mentally prepared. Therefore, when the phone rang, he thought he would hear about her death.

He never expected Claire to tell him to rush up to the mountain as Eleven had broken out of the glass house and the situation was critical.

In that second, he had to admit – however much he did not want to – that he heaved a sigh of relief as she was still alive.

But very quickly, his coldness got the better of him and he realized that something was amiss. As he looked at Eleven’s bloodshot eyes, he knew that he had lost control of the situation that he had a perfect grasp on.

Man’s plans, however intricate and meticulous, would never triumph over Heaven’s plans. Little did anybody expect the virus to fuse with Eleven’s body and cause a mutation.

Was she still human?

In such a situation, the thought of killer robots came to Mo Ye’s mind first.

“You wanna kill me?” Mo Ye flatly asked.

“Duh!” Eleven suddenly clenched her fists and moved her feet. As she spoke, she zipped before Big Boss Mo and punched Big Boss Mo in the chest…

She hated him!

Eleven moved extremely quickly, and Big Boss Mo responded extremely quickly as well. Unlike the defenseless scientists, Big Boss Mo was able to dodge Eleven’s attacks. Eleven coldly smiled and continued to madly punch at Big Boss Mo.

While Big Boss Mo was already top-form, he could only hold out ten-over blows from Eleven. Even so, Big Boss Mo did not avoid all ten-over blows, of which two of them landed on his chest. Eleven punched so hard and so forcefully that he almost thought she would shatter his breastbone.

Thankfully, he was experienced enough to minimize the impact from her blows so that he would not be grievously wounded. But he already knew that…

Eleven was no longer human.

However fast and strong men were, they would peak. Mo Jue and him were exceptions as they had peaked and could not improve further.

Eleven, in the past, and Ye Wei were so.

Eleven and Ye Wei would lose to them not in terms of their moves, but because of the inherent differences between men and women. Agility was never sufficient.

And today, Eleven seemed to have improved fivefold from her base performance.

She punched so fast her punches were blurred.

Eleven extremely hated him and showed no mercy. Her quick, accurate punches left Big Boss Mo staggering back. As another punch viciously landed on Big Boss Mo’s chest, Big Boss Mo could not take it and backed off again.

He suddenly hit against the wall and coughed out blood from the hard impact.

As this was the second time Ding Ke saw Big Boss Mo being routed, he was in shock. The bodyguards behind Big Boss Mo pulled out their guns and aimed at Eleven.

They moved in unison and flipped off their safeties. Once Big Boss Mo gave the order, they could immediately fire and make a sieve out of Eleven. Eleven broke into a cold smile.

She seemed to be mocking and looking down on them…

Her inordinate arrogance sent shivers through them.

Big Boss Mo wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth. He was previously careless, but now… outmatched.

A few hints of bloodlust flashed through his eyes.

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