Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 491 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 491 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“First Master, you have to leave now. She has already gone crazy.” Claire, who had followed Big Boss Mo for so many years, naturally knew what Big Boss Mo was capable of. He had never seen anybody who was able to wound Big Boss Mo this gravely in a short time.

It was already difficult for anybody to cause Big Boss Mo to miss a blow or two, let alone draw blood from him.

“Gone berserk?” Big Boss Mo had a malicious and insidious look that reeked of bloodlust. The man, whose shirt had traces of blood on it, was stubborn and cold. He would never throw in the towel this easily.

Especially when he was going up against… her.

“You sure leave me surprised,” Big Boss Mo coldly looked at Eleven as he broke into a cold smile. “Eleven, you are never going to stand up to these ten-over guns here however capable you are. You may be insanely fast, but still human. What are your chances of walking out alive?”

As he spoke, the ten-over gunmen were itching to act. All it took was a mere disturbance to set them off. However quickly one moved, one could avoid no more than two bullets, let alone the ten-over bullets fired from different angles.

Mo Ye was certain that she would not be able to avoid it however capable she was.

“First Master…” Claire shook his head.

As he spoke, Mo Ye looked at him sternly and he did not say another word. He could only quietly watch the man and woman face off each other coldly. One was lusting for blood, the other cold and ruthless.

They were evenly matched.

He knew, for whatever reason, that Eleven would be able to dodge all the bullets. As he recalled how she moved as swiftly as a ghost earlier, he was absolutely certain she would be able to avoid the bullets.

As a medical practitioner, his emotions were mixed as he ended up hurting somebody when he ought to save them.

The mutations in the woman made her no longer a normal person. She became a cyborg that experts sought to create. He unintentionally changed the world, and knew that this was not out of his professional knowledge but because of Eleven’s unique constitution.

To put it differently, her mind was always clear and she fought against the viruses that encroached on her body so that they would not transform her. They had forced her into a corner, and that was when she opted to take her chances.

Which was what led to Eleven as she is.

As this was a result of both parties’ maneuvers, his emotions were mixed. He did not want to transform a good woman into this predicament, and nobody knew what else would happen to her in the days to come.

He felt that he had committed an unpardonable sin if she became an emotionless killing machine.

He recalled his many colleagues in the laboratory, Big Boss Mo, Ding Ke and the twenty one others. He had a feeling that today would mark the end of their lives.

Her hatred for Big Boss Mo and them was enough to wreak havoc over and over.

Given how strong she was, nobody else who could stop her came to Claire’s mind. As it was never his intention to kill them, he had a complicated look.

He regretted it for the first time.

He ought not to have used her as a guinea pig to neutralize the virus in Meng Lianling.

Such a task was simply too much to ask for, and he had told Big Boss Mo that long ago. Big Boss Mo’s obstinacy led to what happened today, and nobody could shirk responsibility. This was probably… It IS karma.

The wind from the side rustled Eleven’s long and dirty hair and drew a line on his face. Her rustling hair revealed her bloodshot eyes and mocking smile.

“Did you say, them?” Eleven turned to the men in black around Mo Ye who seemed perked up and able. They were the best of the best.

Those who followed Big Boss Mo were nothing short of competent.

As Eleven looked at the calm men, they felt a chill run down their spine as it was extremely terrifying. While she seemed extremely weak, her gaze was able to intimidate a battle-hardened man.

Everybody would be intimidated by her.

Eleven’s lips were extremely pale and had a slight pallor. As Mo Ye saw her, he felt a little of an… eyesore especially when her cold gaze landed on him.

He thought to himself that she ought not to look at him this way.

But if she did not look at him this way, how should she look at him?

“Mo Ye, I’ll show you whether I can walk out of here,” Eleven coldly replied. As she raised her eyebrows, her bloodlust flashed past everybody and she moved her feet. Everybody only saw a white shadow leap at them…

As the men felt that Eleven was too fast for them to respond, they panicked and instinctively pulled the trigger to protect themselves. Since Big Boss Mo had said that she would not make it out alive, they guessed that firing at her was not inappropriate. Nobody dared to let their guard down as they went up against such a terrifying woman.

Gunfire rang out…

“Stop!” Big Boss Mo loudly replied. The ten-over gunshots sounded like ice cubes in his ears that pounded on his heart. He was shocked and wished he could gun down all of them.

He did not want them to fire, but could not stop them.

Ding Ke was in shock and bellowed for them not to fire, but it was too late. Gunfire rang as several of them fired at her several times…

“Those bastards!” Ding Ke raged.

Claire was surprised.

As the situation was tense, all that was needed to set it off was a ruse. When Eleven leapt at them, their self-preservation instinct kicked in.

Everybody instinctively fired!

With the weapon safeties off, all that was needed was to point the weapon at her and fire. While Mo Ye was used to gunfire, his eyes burnt as he never felt that gunfire was this heart-stirring.

These idiots!

As Big Boss Mo never really wanted to shoot her, he was enraged. While he was calling her bluff earlier, they misunderstood him. That, along with how quickly Eleven moved, gave him no buffer.

He knew that Eleven had become strong, perhaps even more than him, and he was somewhat uncomfortable with that thought. He had, after all, been at the top for very long and somebody had just surpassed him.

He was naturally not going to give in and was thinking about really duking it out with Eleven once again. Little did he expect this to happen.

He suddenly could not bear to see her lying in a pool of blood.

He was imagining himself killing her.

Big Boss Mo suddenly clenched his fists as his veins throbbed. He did not realize he was full of fear, and did not understand why a person’s life (or death) could stir his emotions so intensely.

Amidst the gunfire, somebody suppressed his worries beneath his eyes so that he would not be betrayed by them.

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